Stephen A. reacts to Josh Norman jumping over a bull | Pardon the Interruption

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Stephen A. Smith and Tony Kornheiser react to Josh Norman jumping over a bull and weigh in on how the Washington Redskins should feel about Norman’s off-the-field activity.
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Jul 12, 2019




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Comments 893
Artem Ryabtsev
Artem Ryabtsev 2 months ago
Steven a is no fun
Ian Tunon
Ian Tunon 3 months ago
Why do they need to delve into player’s own life! I kinda pisses me off
big frank
big frank 3 months ago
I better not? Then you let him ask you so you wouldn't say you have mad hops? Smh Stephen
Woman 4 months ago
They better up his jump rating in madden
csharpbnatural 4 months ago
So...it sounds as though Stephen wants to be an “Owner” (master): (If I were in charge...) “I pay you x-amount of dollars and you’re doing [whatever]?...What the hell is wrong with you (slave/commodity/property)???” Just because someone is paid above-average blue/white collar wages doesn’t mean they are property.
William Watson
William Watson 4 months ago
Me being a redskins fan I was hoping he didn’t clear the bull so we could cut his overpaid ass
Codie Mc Neil
Codie Mc Neil 4 months ago
Great jump !!! TERRIBLE decision as a "BUSINESS MAN".
William Webster
William Webster 4 months ago
Redskins have have lots of problems norman not one of them just country as he'll y'all no he's from missippi area😜🕵🤓
aarongdukey 4 months ago
There’s 3 types of people in this world. Guy not going near the bull. Guy waiting till the bull is near to run. And then there’s Josh Norman.
NOSTRADAMUS TVBlog 4 months ago
Cmon Guys he made or safe so.whats the issue; 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Kodjo Swole
Kodjo Swole 4 months ago
That bull was amazed like “WTF?!”
Arkeio Craig
Arkeio Craig 4 months ago
Slave talk
gphillimo 4 months ago
Josh a weird dude
Sean Mariani
Sean Mariani 4 months ago
Shut the fuck up Stephen A
Antwain Dungy
Antwain Dungy 4 months ago
Lmao “should they have in the contract no holding poison snakes in a tent revival “ 😭😭😭
Israel 4 months ago
These guys are clowns
Dmarea Robinson
Dmarea Robinson 4 months ago
1:28 Why is Donald Glover in the background though?
Payton Duran
Payton Duran 4 months ago
Man you gotta live before you can’t function from all those concussions. Let the man live life, he’s giving his body and possibly his mind to a game that will cut him tomorrow or the next day. Gotta live
Omar Gay
Omar Gay 4 months ago
Vito Andolini
Vito Andolini 4 months ago
The guy can do what the fuck he wants on his free time, let him and stfu
Chris Lindsey
Chris Lindsey 4 months ago
Damn my nigga can’t have fun shit y’all basically already have his life in a contract like damn
The Watcher
The Watcher 4 months ago
C U 4 months ago
Stephen A face🤣
LouisTheSpartan 4 months ago
Stephen A is the type of dude to lick his finger before turning the page on his iPad
FuK Da Narrative
FuK Da Narrative 4 months ago
Steven is a pussy
ppdrawings 4 months ago
If this guy would grind and go hard for his career . . . he would be an all time great.
Trustyourself 4 months ago
He just jumped over a bull No big deal man yall acting like he murdered somebody
the truth activate the mine
He's a grown ass man living his life what the f*** is this have to do with football contract or no contract you cannot tell somebody what they can do point blank.
DP 4 months ago
The man can do what he want and live his life how he want he can spend his millions how he wants just because you work for a company doesn't mean you can't have a life
Mad Hops???? GTFOH with that "trying to be hip" BS....
No Blood No Foul
No Blood No Foul 4 months ago
Bull: so yall bringing black ppl now...Not fair!
Leezy 4 months ago
Josh Norman is chunky! Damn has that guy gained weigh since he left Carolina. Dude definitely needs to shed 20-30 lbs.
I Pleedafif
I Pleedafif 4 months ago
Next video they'll be talking about how NFL teams treat their players like property. His life is still his choice during off season.
Malik Jones
Malik Jones 4 months ago
Next task, leap over potential blockers and make a Game saving Tackle!! 😂😂😂
Axel Mendoza
Axel Mendoza 4 months ago
How high was that jump?
Bobby Brown Black
Bobby Brown Black 4 months ago
Mannnn they don't own him he can do whatever the fuck he wants....as can they but they have honor whatever is in the contract
UrbanSipfly 4 months ago
This of Josh Norman jumping a cow is not news for one to get bent out of shape about -- not really! The real story is 2 over 600lb people jumping over Josh Norman and coming an inch of missing his family jewels...
When i became the sun..
Who cares as long as hes enjoying life. Has enough money to do that every year for the rest of his life.
B.a.d.a Logic 100M views
Don't realize he IS the bull.
VLVentureWorx 1
VLVentureWorx 1 4 months ago
No guarantees on contracts, ENJOY YOUR VACATION!
David Bassa
David Bassa 4 months ago
Soooooo ESPN gave Lavar Ball all that flack but did this guy just say; “Bull Goring like when you go on the DL” ??????
Sergio Robles
Sergio Robles 4 months ago
Josh Norman a foo he got mad hops😂
Emeron Jackson
Emeron Jackson 4 months ago
Mo Milla... strongman dance..... rhaaaaaak
Melvin Sprewel
Melvin Sprewel 4 months ago
Steven A needs one more Job, and that's take what ever air time Ryan Hollins gets...
X X 4 months ago
Stephen A aka Uncle Ruckus. No relation
MC. STORM 4 months ago
Norman bout to snap this year yall dont even understand he just feeling it rn man is on fire. Yall bout to get burned
illwill704 4 months ago
u know stephan a. can't wait to hate on a black man
HayabusaJudah 4 months ago
Josh. Bruh. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Agent Smith
Agent Smith 4 months ago
Bull: what the f nigga! You don't have to do me like that!
Keyboardhero 4 months ago
Fuck them all, let the man enjoy life
Big Norm
Big Norm 4 months ago
Patrick Mahomes was told he can’t play basketball but this nigga can jump over bulls okay nfl😂🙄
angelo collins
angelo collins 4 months ago
Come on man when u lying all the time u can work 24 hours a day remember ur boys b8in the day u know he is lying but can talk about that lie all day and night lol so it dont fell like work to them 😁😁
YoungFree Mj
YoungFree Mj 4 months ago
Great Jump 💯
Trill Mane
Trill Mane 4 months ago
Stephen A collects checks left and right
Daz555Daz 4 months ago
He should be fined for his involvement in animal cruelty.
badhabits21900 4 months ago
Stephen House Nigga Smith, ESPN always keep the ones they can control
Eddie Anderson
Eddie Anderson 4 months ago
I love Stephen A. Smith's pic on this thumbnail for this... He's like "Nigga please" 😄
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez 4 months ago
Steven a please come back to first take man
Yeah 4 months ago
Chicago bulls
ARBJ85 4 months ago
Stephen A. Hey Mon how many jobs you have....In Living Color
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