Stephen A. lists the pros and cons of the Russell Westbrook-James Harden Rockets | SportsCenter

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Stephen A. Smith breaks down the pros and cons of Russell Westbrook being traded to the Houston Rockets to play alongside James Harden, and what the two stars playing together means for Houston's playoff chances in 2020.
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 299
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas 4 months ago
Stephen A the MVP of ESPN
kent mautes
kent mautes 4 months ago
If Russell Westbrook comes back with a three ball and still has his athleticism and James harden could share the ball they will be equal with the LA teams but I doubt it
Drew Dollazz
Drew Dollazz 4 months ago
Stephen A Smith is the Lebron of ESPN the way he carries this network
Paul K
Paul K 4 months ago
Buzz Lightyear is there to remind everyone how ESPN is working Stephen A to infinity and beyond
Jrock420blam 4 months ago
They will be unstoppable in the regular season but man come playoffs... Two of the biggest chokers in the modern era on one team during the playoffs....
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh 4 months ago
rockets should just hire chris Paul as the coach because dantoni can't and don't coach. or get Jeff van gundy and Tracy McGrady to coach the rockets!
Youngking Tv
Youngking Tv 4 months ago
Stephen a stack up them Racks and quit espn and make your own shows 💯💯
Culture Cultivator
Culture Cultivator 4 months ago
Stephen A. needs equity in ESPN, they are nothing without him
R Sahota
R Sahota 4 months ago
Match made in hell, both play for themselves and personal stats
Dave Stafford
Dave Stafford 4 months ago
Y’all bitchin and moanin about sas working all the time, he gotta get that bag, a brotha gotta eat!!!!
Npc 2000
Npc 2000 4 months ago
Ppl still listen to this racist?
Tim Sterling
Tim Sterling 4 months ago
Steven A is the LeBron of 2017/18 cavs
Jorge Munoz
Jorge Munoz 4 months ago
Great trade for h town
Shawn Brown
Shawn Brown 4 months ago
Stephen A is going to make a power move at some point...Idk what it is...or what’s it’s going to be but he’s the highlight of the network...with 10 mil/yr in start up money...we witnessing the glow up 💯
Markis Brissett
Markis Brissett 4 months ago
After saying all of that, Stephen A had to cap it off saying there still not going to win a championship what a savage😂😂
chubphucka 4 months ago
Stephen A. has all these Jobs and Skip Bayless only has 1 and still makes more money then Stephen A. Lol
QUEEN BEE 4 months ago
Chris Paul is a better shooter better ball handler Better passer don't sleep on him when he gets traded again
Hyena laughing matter
westbrook can ball? lmao
- Jol2don -
- Jol2don - 4 months ago
Stephen A the only one on ESPN to not hate on harden/Russ combo and focus on what the real problem is mike dantoni. None of us no how any of these new formed duos are going to play together. I think Russ/hardens game is a better match than Lebron/AD tbh.
ron burgundy??
ron burgundy?? 4 months ago
Either shes got a resting bitch face or shes somewhere between the age of 28 and 40
Let There Be Truth
Let There Be Truth 4 months ago
At this point Stephen A needs a Max contract and a signing bonus
Allen C.
Allen C. 4 months ago
This trade has changed the whole discussion about who's dominant in the West. There's maybe 5 teams that can win the western conference title, injuries will be a major factor in determining the outcomes of those 5 teams. The conference crown won't be "won on paper" to quote boogie cousins.
Marq Cole
Marq Cole 4 months ago
so basically when the rockets fail again Stephen A will just automatically blame D'antoni instead of acknowledging the fact that Russ and Harden is a terrible combination..
Mike taerte
Mike taerte 4 months ago
SASPN. Stephen A stands still, everyone else comse
Alen Saric
Alen Saric 4 months ago
If Stephen A doesn't become the CEO of ESPN one day then he got scammed
Dubs Up
Dubs Up 4 months ago
Stephen A the OVP of ESPN! No, not OVer Paid😂 the Only Valuable Personality 😂😂😂
Layton McCoy
Layton McCoy 4 months ago
I guess smith is getting paid more than everyone like 10 millions reasons why no days off
Johnny RD14
Johnny RD14 4 months ago
I feel bad for D Anthony
iRated Gaming
iRated Gaming 4 months ago
I'm happy to hear that there is actually pressure in a coach. Donovan was horrible for OKC but Presti kept him and lost PG and Russ in the process
Junlue Zhao
Junlue Zhao 4 months ago
LeBron is to Skip Bayless as D'antoni is to Stephen A Smith
Tracy Bishop
Tracy Bishop 4 months ago
I love that the pace will pick up.
Tracy Bishop
Tracy Bishop 4 months ago
Russell gonna have to play like LeBron at pg....Cut.. kickout or slam.
Luck Fove
Luck Fove 4 months ago
They doing this man filthy 😩😩😩😩
Fotosynthesis858 4 months ago
D'Antoni is trash
Naruto Uchiha
Naruto Uchiha 4 months ago
buzz lightyear in the background...
NIPUN CHAWLA 4 months ago
Nyaint vinnina championship
Moses McCree
Moses McCree 4 months ago
James Harden: wide open in the corner Russell Westbrook: "Y'all hear sum'um
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 4 months ago
Espn sucks Will cain, Stephen A max kellerman suck
TalentOnTheBeat 4 months ago
🔥🔥 Just Imagine If Rockets Got Russell AND Steven Adams !! SHEESH 🔥🔥
Randy N
Randy N 4 months ago
Russell Westbrook is such a hypocrite. Blaming Durant for leaving OKC, then he does the same. Douchebag
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