Stephen A.: Kevin Durant 'was not feeling Steve Kerr - at all' | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on Stephen Curry’s reaction to Kevin Durant’s criticisms of Golden State on his way out. Stephen A. also reports on KD’s relationship with coach Steve Kerr during his time with the Warriors. (6:03) Former Warriors sideline reporter Ros Gold-Onwude offers insight into Steph and KD's dynamic.
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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 2 550
Kage Express
Kage Express Day ago
Kd and KI are emo bitches
jgfc1208 6 days ago
That little girl KD, so spoiled little cupcake.
chel marba
chel marba 7 days ago
I love Steve Kerr the best coach good character I dont know about KD cant say anything 😂😂 or he need attention 😂😂
YK_Beats 7 days ago
Kd weird af
Luke Enno
Luke Enno 8 days ago
Steve Kerr is a self-absorbed Phil Jackson type. All about Kerr and nothing else.
orionh3000 8 days ago
chaosmos24 12 days ago
KD *did* thrive in the Warriors system which makes his decision all the more baffling if you believed what KD said about his motives.
chaosmos24 12 days ago
Not sure why Kerr is to blame here for not "cultivating" a better relationship. Relationships are two-way streets, and it seems pretty clear that KD is impossible to please.
Ikid2groove !!!
Ikid2groove !!! 12 days ago
Both kyrie and KD are injury prone
youwitwho 16 days ago
My nephew Steph Curry#30 is so over this. KD moved on so why give this anymore energy. ManyBlessings KD and the Warriors are moving forward.
Erwin Aquinde
Erwin Aquinde 17 days ago
Well, better on a losing team than having players with ego like this.
rockin robin
rockin robin 17 days ago
Left over absentee daddy issues ?
Doron Sharel
Doron Sharel 17 days ago
KD "even though I won a championship I never really felt like a champion"
renan david
renan david 18 days ago
KD is the common denominator... he’s just a 7 feet B”:;()!
Christian Mendez
Christian Mendez 18 days ago
Molly is horribly.. don’t know why she’s even on the show. So much better without her!
mrpostman730 19 days ago
KD sound like a Head case to me I’m just gonna say it.
Morten Olsen
Morten Olsen 19 days ago
Kevin Durant acts like a teen girl whose mind is all fucked from hormones.. I lost alot of respect for him, he should just keep his mouth shut till he grows up...
Daniel Barea
Daniel Barea 20 days ago
Durant: Diva.
Rajen Panikkar
Rajen Panikkar 21 day ago
Idiots...KD joined the Warriors to get Rings, for himself that is and not for Curry nor Draymond etc etc. He wouldnt have any if he didnt have Curry, Klay et al though. Didnt want to be this era's Barkley, Malone, Ewing, and a whole bunch of other HOFs
Fernando Bravo
Fernando Bravo 21 day ago
He went there cause Nike didn’t want under armor gaining anymore ground
i'm wifin' justina valentine
KD just wants to prove he's the best.... Kinda sad.
lekobemcgrad y
lekobemcgrad y 21 day ago
this type of behavior makes no sense to me.
Truth Man
Truth Man 21 day ago
Why compare Mark Jackson to Steve Kerr because of that KD clown? KD cheated, cut the biggest corner and now he's not happy. Let that be a lesson. Him and Kyrie are going to be a mess.
bluezune1 21 day ago
Same things max praised Steph for is the same things they knock Lebron for smh lol
Jim 83
Jim 83 22 days ago
I used to think KD got a raw deal from the media and was unfairly being called out all the time but I was wrong... He’s the type of guy who would complain constantly no matter what situation he’s in.
Alvin K.
Alvin K. 22 days ago
mark jackson is toxic af and his offense is static af
Robert Rucker
Robert Rucker 23 days ago
Holy Schnikees! LOL Was she impressive or what!!! Nicely Done!
Alan Tam
Alan Tam 23 days ago
Dude...he is already out and signed with the Brooklyn. Get over it now and watch the 19-20 season
Tope Adefala
Tope Adefala 23 days ago
SAS, KD didn't tell you anything personally stop lying. Sometimes you are worse off than Max when you talk about KD or an athlete you like. You lot make drama from everything, it's the business anyways and you get paid millions for that.
The Dizzle
The Dizzle 24 days ago
I didnt know much about kd's personality too much when he was in OKC ...but I heard about him and I ALWAYS liked and wished kd never went to Oakland. They didnt need him, they were fine without him and look now. Hopefully gsw wont have to go into a massive rebuild over the next couple of years.
Ken Fresno
Ken Fresno 24 days ago
Of course he didn't like Kerr. KD is a spoiled little baby and Kerr actually yells at his players. This dude will never win anything ever again, and never would have won anything in the first place if he didn't join Steph's team. I'm also befuddled when people act like the Warriors even wanted to keep KD. Literally no athlete in the history of professional sports has ever been great again after tearing their Achilles. If they're lucky, they get back to being somewhat productive. Kobe couldn't do it, and Kobe is the second or third greatest player of all time. Gordon Hayward has now spent 2 years looking like less than even a shell of his former self. So what's the upside with KD? Maybe by 2022 he'll be able to average 15 points a game again? Sounds to me like the Nets have, yet again, crippled their franchise with a terrible signing.
Bob L
Bob L 24 days ago
Steve Kerr: Who is the basketball player and coach who only one because he had the best players around him or being coached by him
Knight Oyin
Knight Oyin 24 days ago
KD is a big baby, always over emotional and throwing tantrums. He will never feel at home anywhere and will keep searching for only God knows what till his career is over. He claims to be a seeker, but there are more downsides to that lifestyle than there are upsides.
Cj 25 days ago
You're good after demi god collemore cant play 🥶🥶🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🧠🧠
9thEvo Wow
9thEvo Wow 25 days ago
Hard to fit in when you are a crybaby! Life isn’t perfect, deal with it. No one stopping your happiness, don’t be blaming others!
O'lando Wilson
O'lando Wilson 25 days ago
What’s going on here? Am I suppose to feel bad for KD? If you didn’t feel like you were on the team give the rings back. If Not FOH
I CROSS 25 days ago
KD didn't feel at home. KD didn't like Steve Kerr's Offence. Blah! Blah! Blah! Oh, please! What did KD want Kerr to be like one of his fans, worshiping his every move. Kerr is a 5 X NBA Champion as a player and a 3 X NBA Champion as a coach. He has played with the person considered the greatest player in the history of the game, Michael Jordan. He has coached a player who using his system became one of only nine 2 X back to back NBA season MPV's and the only unanimous one ever , Steph Curry. Kerr's offence has given him the best season win record in history of the NBA and given KD 2 championships which eluded him for years in less than 3 years. With these stats the problem looks like it's KD's nor Steve Kerr or his offence. KD has a lot of growing up to do. I'm sure playing in NY will wake him up!
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 25 days ago
Kevin durant is a fkn headcase....hes a garbage human being...he is THAT GUY at work everyone hates...but everyone still has to pretend to like him cuz he's talented...he and kyrie deserve each other and of course they wont get along once season starts
TOP JUDAH 26 days ago
I don't believe anything ESPN says or these NBA players that love the system and involved with that MK Ultra stuff KD is not with that satanic lifestyle I have no issue with that at all and if people don't think the NBA and this demonic system does not go hand and hand then they are straight-up naive and remember Kevin Durant got baptized as an Israelite his mind and purpose has been opened but of course most people on this post don't even understand anything like that they just think it's all about sports and nothing else should matter bunch of sheep blindless sheep at that
TOP JUDAH 26 days ago
Draymond Green is an emotional effeminate male I don't like men like that
ILL BOMBER! 26 days ago
Billy Somboune
Billy Somboune 26 days ago
Biggest plot twist: KD is actually a trump supporter and this makes way more sense
Fly One
Fly One 26 days ago
Is KD talking bout the same system that kicked him out of the playoffs?
ararebreed jones
ararebreed jones 26 days ago
At this point I just feel like KD is searching for happiness and contentment beyond what Basketball could ever fulfill
Wayne Egli
Wayne Egli 26 days ago
Kevin wants to be the Alpha Dog but does not have an Alpha Dog persona. Westbrook was OKC's Alpha, Steph Curry is the GSW's Alpha. Will he get to be the Alpha in Brooklyn? I hope for Kevin, but it won't happen until he steps into it.
Joshua Snyder
Joshua Snyder 26 days ago
If you can't jive with Steve Kerr, that is on you KD. By career's end you will be unsatisfied and feeling disrespected no matter what.
Jonathan Wick
Jonathan Wick 26 days ago
Im starting to get the feeling on KD that he'll never be happy anywhere he go 🤔
David McCrea
David McCrea 26 days ago
The bottom line Steph Curry and KD both look like boys but Steph is a man and KD is still a boy
citiroccer 26 days ago
@ 2:00 Max trying to cover up his farts again 😂🤣😂
Penguin Brothers
Penguin Brothers 26 days ago
Ros is the queen
Hayden Eden
Hayden Eden 26 days ago
Steve Kerr got annoying face
Black Yob
Black Yob 26 days ago
Yeah, lets remind sports fan of the NBA.
Anthony Preciado
Anthony Preciado 26 days ago
Kd is just soft
Existent David
Existent David 26 days ago
Kevin Durant his stories are funny. I enjoy this trash talking.
KidJV 26 days ago
this show is better now!
Anteup Nelson
Anteup Nelson 26 days ago
KD will find a problem everywhere he goes because he is a cry baby. Talented player but dude is emotional.
Patrick Simmons
Patrick Simmons 26 days ago
GOATS dont like Steve Kerr, ask MJ, KD more like MJ than I thought... and Max is right its about Steph Curry not Steve Kerr
Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Smith 27 days ago
Another millionaire who wants all the money, all the bitches, all the food, all the kool aid, and everyone's love and attention....no sharing! Oh, he wants your allegiance too
Jon Spikes
Jon Spikes 27 days ago
He'll regret it!!!
Jon Spikes
Jon Spikes 27 days ago
Like they say remember where you came from remember where it all began!!!
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