Stephen A. How many more pieces do Lakers need? after destroy MIN 114-110 | First Take 11/8/2018

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How many more pieces do Lakers need? after destroy MIN 114-110
Lakers def. Timberwolves 114-110; Chandler: 2 offensive rebounds in final 42 seconds
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Comments 100
Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder 5 months ago
Ahh....114-110 is "destroy?" Na-uh.
Robert Glasspool Jr.
Why does LeBron need all this help? Lonzo, Rondo, McGee, Chandler, Beasley, Ingram, and Kuzma? Come on.
Leon Bolden
Leon Bolden 5 months ago
Lakers need a guard wing shooter bring LeBron to shooting and a Pau gasol or lamarus Aldrich and they set they got like 5 dudes they can't get into rotation fire Iuke Walton let me coach
Danny Boy Beats
Danny Boy Beats 5 months ago
I could only imagine how much spit is on that table.
Can we stop with this kd 💩 this is all for tv. That man ain’t coming there
Josh Gaspar
Josh Gaspar 5 months ago
Kobe comes out of retirement to play with Bron.
keshawn lilly
keshawn lilly 5 months ago
I'm still yet to see the excellence that Max is talking about in Jimmy Butler. Why trade Ball and KCP when you can get a great player in the off season??? I think Stephen is high.
SOLISDEUS 5 months ago
Stephen A....tune it down preacher. Fire and brimstone approach is tiring.
Kurt Kobaine
Kurt Kobaine 5 months ago
What kinda superstars needs assistance every season? I thought once he named Beal, Bron and Kuz he was saying that’s a squad.. he’s saying that should be used to attract Kawhi or AD 😂 The west isn’t even deep anymore, Steph ran the west back to back when there was about 4-5 championship squads in the west.. there’s only 1 and a possible now! Sheesh, Bron’s legacy won’t stand the test of time.. next gen gone see this and rip it to shreds smh
S Walker
S Walker 5 months ago
Anthony Davis is going to Boston if Boston is willing to give Tatum. Next year that is. Brown looks horrible so it has to be Tatum, rozier and couple top picks
Sylvia Dunn
Sylvia Dunn 5 months ago
O Fasho 5150
O Fasho 5150 5 months ago
Stephen A is annoying
Diosdado Ricafrente
Diosdado Ricafrente 5 months ago
I agree with Max. It's not worth to trade for Beal. I'd rather wait for A Davis to be available just incase.
Laxatives Dre
Laxatives Dre 5 months ago
How bout first take trade molly for Joy and a first round pick
King Beef
King Beef 5 months ago
MOLLY Is so fucking annoying, shut up and let the man talk.
Tim Riggins
Tim Riggins 5 months ago
Why does everyone all of a sudden think that LeBron James isn't capable of getting his team to the playoffs when he has carried teams all the way to the finals before?? Another "superstar" for the Lakers isn't the difference between making the playoffs or not, but the difference between a championship team or not. LeBron didn't become a scrub just by going to the Lakers
scardem wurldz
scardem wurldz 5 months ago
make up your mind Stephen .A should they trade igram or keep him cause every week you change you mind...
Ernest Taylor
Ernest Taylor 5 months ago
Molly is so cringy Women should be in the kitchen
Kwame Sekyere
Kwame Sekyere 5 months ago
Who else heard ‘coming in hot’ at the end 👀
Drake Brunette
Drake Brunette 5 months ago
From 2011-2018 Lebron James has been in 8 straight NBA Finals appearances! And every single time you can see that he aligned himself with a super star guard (Wade/Irving) and an all star forward (Bosh/Love). Its given him so much success over the last decade so of course he's going to want to replicate that formula in LA....He's already got 2 forwards tapping on the door of being all stars (Kuzma/Ingram). So I believe Max is absolutely right! Get 1 super star guard and we'll likely see this reign of King James continue.
Kold Kickz
Kold Kickz 5 months ago
Molly needs to stfu
Rowel Ruiz
Rowel Ruiz 5 months ago
Stephen A.....thats the best move.... trading B..I and A...B be the best move for the lakers... lakers you said we need to win now!!!! Not tomorrow not next year now... make a move now before its to late....
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Marshall 5 months ago
Ayyy I hear Comin In Hot by Lecrae and Mineo in the backgrounddddd. Okay okay
Team HMOA 5 months ago
trade stephen a and max kellerman for chauncey billups and paul pierce, jalen rose on this show. this hollering stepen a and max kellerman the supposed intellectual is beyond tired smh lol
Matthew O
Matthew O 5 months ago
Anthony Davis,,,!!??? They already have two centres with huge personalities, they are not All Stars, but they have hug heart and experience, too many roosters in the chicken barn, they need a All Star guard
Heruy Kiros
Heruy Kiros 5 months ago
I guess ESPN is resorting to click bait now. A four point win is clasified "destroy." C'mon ESPN you're brand is way too strong to stoop to this level. 🙄
龚產党 5 months ago
Vendrix 5 months ago
jesus this show is utter garbage filled with trash people. Get this shit off the air.
Trouble 13
Trouble 13 5 months ago
Hire Phil and let him do the moves he needs to make the lakers win a championship
Ashane McPherson
Ashane McPherson 5 months ago
No one watches this show because of molly and Stephen A
ZThe Real
ZThe Real 5 months ago
Sorry but the clippers are getting Durant, Kawhi, or even Irving next season
QURAN ʜᴅ 6 months ago
They need to trade Lonzo for some other point guard.
David Araujo
David Araujo 6 months ago
stephen is right, bye bye ball
JADiaz10 6 months ago
Gonna be KD or David cause Kawhi doesn’t want to team up with LeBron
cris caballero
cris caballero 6 months ago
I thought with only adding LBJ can make Lakers a better team, but adding more only proves that LBJ is not that great to carry a team.. Even KD sucks in carrying a team..
Dylan Patterson
Dylan Patterson 6 months ago
Kyrie to l.a
Dylan Patterson
Dylan Patterson 6 months ago
Max is really on top of his shit this year. He is right on point, gotta love Stephen A’s passion too , but Bradley Beal isn’t the answer.
Mark Lester
Mark Lester 6 months ago
That girl can go, we don't need her
jamal parker
jamal parker 6 months ago
nope 🍌 hey barry
jamal parker
jamal parker 6 months ago
three comments inna row lol
Guardian 6 months ago
Beal tho? Lol fuck that go balls deep get Wall fym but don’t trade Ingram or lonzo no matter what
neetrab 6 months ago
1:56 - Max, Jimmy Butler is a great shooter. What are you talking about?
The Irish Elk
The Irish Elk 6 months ago
Look if Brandon Ingram stops smoking a blunt before game I bet he would do much better
The Irish Elk
The Irish Elk 6 months ago
Molly shut your ass up like uggh smh
Ben Dizon
Ben Dizon 6 months ago
They aren’t one piece away.. they are all the youngsters elevating themselves and growing up
Fukyu All
Fukyu All 6 months ago
Lol did she say this nigga so dramatic ?
iran lassninja
iran lassninja 6 months ago
Personally I'd rather Kawhi join the Lakers instead of kd, the defense would be top 5
Bantonio Tv
Bantonio Tv 6 months ago
John wall to the lakers... BY BY LONZOOOOO!
jack kossoudji
jack kossoudji 6 months ago
stephen A just stats straight fax.
Josh Jenkins
Josh Jenkins 6 months ago
KD. is getting more realistic
Ivo De Gortari
Ivo De Gortari 6 months ago
Molly is the best smd
Lukas Helmhart
Lukas Helmhart 6 months ago
Boy she looks so annoyed🤣
Wilson Rodriguez
Wilson Rodriguez 6 months ago
If I see one more Tai Lopez ad I'm gonna off myself
GHOST BUCKLEY 6 months ago
They do need another All star. Brandon Ingram is a decent player but not as great as people preach. He hasn’t had a 30 point game since high school. A guy like Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal or John Wall could help out a lot.
Ephers 6 months ago
Kuzma has a higher ceiling than Beal come on
Quinton Major
Quinton Major 6 months ago
I can't stand that damn woman
Erica Cai
Erica Cai 6 months ago
fire molly
Dwain Trent
Dwain Trent 6 months ago
114-110 beating someone by 4 points is destroying them now?
Pretty Feet
Pretty Feet 6 months ago
Julius Waldon
Julius Waldon 6 months ago
I hate him talking sometimes like he dont look like he know what he talking about🙄🙄🙄
David Moore
David Moore 6 months ago
B.i needs to come too
Saint Nemesis
Saint Nemesis 6 months ago
Rose bar! Lol.. on H st?! Food good drinks wayyy to high and it's to small inside lol
Ferus Olan
Ferus Olan 6 months ago
I love Stephen A Smith. Just something about him when I see him on tv, man.
Yellow Boi
Yellow Boi 6 months ago
Somebody jam a Dick in that whore Molly’s mouth to shut her talentless ass up!
Coach cleats
Coach cleats 6 months ago
everybody know what Stephen A is talking about except that dumb bitch!! Bitch..shut the fuck up!!
Cofresh 6 months ago
Anthony Davis
LET TRY MORE 6 months ago
Fuck I hate this show
Randyy1 6 months ago
"destroy" "114-110" - choose one.
Evictus M
Evictus M 6 months ago
I get it! Set it up, to make/ influence the next star to come to LA. Nice....
Miguel Bean
Miguel Bean 6 months ago
I hate when Kellerman stars his take off with that we aren’t talking about it’s just a bunch of bluff. Get to the point.
Andrew thorpe
Andrew thorpe 6 months ago
LeBron Help Help again!!!what about every other team that need help...
JonSavCal 96
JonSavCal 96 6 months ago
Why don’t they try starting lance 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mr YellowDickSwagger
molly shut the FUCK UP
Mace Beats
Mace Beats 6 months ago
Does anybody know what that beat is at 8:25 ???
Cameron Dixon
Cameron Dixon 6 months ago
KD to the LAKERS💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Ger Ald
Ger Ald 6 months ago
After jalen aint nobody wanna pop that Molly!
Aileen Chapman
Aileen Chapman 6 months ago
Lakers need a better Guard.. I'd trade Lonzo Ball ASAP
wildtrace 6 months ago
Stephen A, say it, don't spray you loud mouth summamabatch.
Trap Don
Trap Don 6 months ago
SSG  Jusblow
SSG Jusblow 6 months ago
That's sounds smart of both teams get better
YnRJRod 6 months ago
bruh the trade shit is so annoying. lebron said its a process and we're not even 20 games in and these mf are like TRADE INGRAM AND BALL for an established star WTF
Eric Fisher
Eric Fisher 6 months ago
I've never understood why people have such a visceral hatred of Molly? She's fine. She is allowed to speak.
Court 6 months ago
The lakers need Kobe
djfocused 6 months ago
Molly always trying to sedate Stephen A ... Let him be great lol
Ronald 6 months ago
Max doesnt understand basketball
Elbert Santos
Elbert Santos 6 months ago
Now now think back boys, did Kobe asked for another star after shaq? Why all of the sudden you guys talking about another star with lebron.who would play with lebron and win a champ? That's your conversation now? So if he need another star in order to win then he is not fit in the debate of the goat. Kobe won w/out a star player 2 times
Norran Radd
Norran Radd 6 months ago
Stephan A is way too animated and I change the channel everytime he starts talking. show the lady some respect and let her speak and get a point in. you can obviously see he doesn't like her for some reason.
don rio
don rio 6 months ago
Can they pirate joy taylor, molly is getting annoying everyday....
Floamyy !
Floamyy ! 6 months ago
Beal too inconsistent to be lebrons side kick
Kelly Fetters
Kelly Fetters 6 months ago
Hell nawh yo throwing shots cause we all know Beal is not like that
Chappy 6 months ago
Define destruction for me if 4 points is considered destruction lol
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 6 months ago
The media: "Let's just dump every hall of fame inductees, today's current superstars, Trump and WNBA superstars on LA." Absolute joke!
Dhillon Vlogs
Dhillon Vlogs 6 months ago
Carmelo Anthony is going to fit
Troy Addict
Troy Addict 6 months ago
That women is fucking bad asf 👌🏾is she Latina Oh I forgot this NBA but anyway my lakers are ok they just need a big man we don’t need no star player just a decent big man that controls the paint and pick in rolls and that can post up shots ....let’s get gasol back we got shooters we got star player we got good mid range shots we just need the big mans just like always with lakers always had 2 great big men down there controlling it all
Cali Kevin
Cali Kevin 6 months ago
Trade Molly for Will Cain
Michael Dougall
Michael Dougall 6 months ago
People only wants to see LeBron James get a ring too validate his comparison to Jordan or to confirm that he's supposably better than Jordan but even if he were to get 3 more rings he will steal never be better than Jordan Jordan took what he had around him and help mold shape and create his own legacy and Dynasty with the bulls he didn't need to have Superstar Talent from other teams around him he help create Superstar Talent with the team he already had people only one to see the Lakers bring back Showtime Lakers and validate Magic Johnson being a great player as well as a great basketball executive and not only all of these facts but it has been almost 9 years since the Lakers last championship and you know the NBA it's not going for that
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 6 months ago
@Michael Dougall Thank you! That's the only reason why the media wants to see Bron win another ring. Jordan won with what he was given and never asked for more help.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 6 months ago
Shut up meg oops I mean molly
James S
James S 6 months ago
Scalabrine to the rescue!
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