Stephen A. gets annoyed with Max Kellerman saying the Browns are Super Bowl contenders | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith does not buy Max Kellerman's argument that the Cleveland Browns are Super Bowl contenders.
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Published on


Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 791
Bada Bing
Bada Bing 3 days ago
0:26 the look I give to every Max take
Ty Bostic
Ty Bostic 17 days ago
Week 4..Browns just spanked the Ravens.
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas 25 days ago
This didn't age well for Max lol
Donny Villainas
Donny Villainas 25 days ago
I wish I can meet max and place bets. I’d make a killing off of max kellerman.
Dennis Williams
Dennis Williams 26 days ago
Land on deck Steven a.. stay hating on cle💯💯
ReinVa 27 days ago
*Molly:* dO tHeY eVeN- *Me:* SHUT UP
Gaming Madness
Gaming Madness 27 days ago
Baker is just a sober johnny manziel
James 27 days ago
Patriots cut AB
Damien Mesta
Damien Mesta 28 days ago
No no no. They don’t have a defense, they have Myles garret lol that’s it
EtelorveHc49 28 days ago
Did molly just call a bunch of men sexy ?? Sexual harassment. Ban her
Eric Zap
Eric Zap 28 days ago
They need to start drug testing ESPN employees for real
Aaron Beaulieu
Aaron Beaulieu 28 days ago
Browns would be 0-2 right now if they played a half decent team Monday, you play that sloppy and make as many dumb mistakes as they did in the Monday and you become the team that loses by 20 in the playoffs
a b
a b 28 days ago
They have too many leaders. Maybe next year.
America 1776
America 1776 28 days ago
Can’t deny the passion that SAS brings..... 😂🤷‍♂️
Stefan Kosikowski
Stefan Kosikowski 28 days ago
Do not get mad at an idiot like Max... he can't help he is dumb as a rock.
17th WhitePrince
17th WhitePrince 28 days ago
Isn't every quarterback good when the receivers are OPEN lol 😂 I guess the second half teams that they'll face will just sit on their hands lol
Adam Van Blankers
Adam Van Blankers 28 days ago
Jd Hendrix
Jd Hendrix 28 days ago
There just trolling stephen at this point lol
Moe Money
Moe Money 28 days ago
All it takes is for Max’s “boyfriend “ obj to make one play Nd he thinks there Super Bowl champions lol
jacjr6193 28 days ago
Last I checked to be a super bowl contender you need to make the postseason. If the browns are capable of doing so then they would classified as “super bowl contenders”. They might not be the favorites but then again neither are the ravens or bills through the first 2 weeks.
Q Horton
Q Horton 28 days ago
Im a CLE fan. A lifer. We are NOT a contender, let alone a playoff team right now. Key words RIGHT NOW. Like Max said, Kareem Hunt returns. Callaway will return.
DryAssChicken 28 days ago
Honestly the Browns will be on a losing streak up until week 10. They might beat the 49rs but to go to Foxburo then Denver back to back that is crucial
Slowbro 28 days ago
The browns have a good chance of being 1-5 going into the bye week.
ajolsen121 28 days ago
Browns have to beat Baltimore twice then have this conversation
- TTMTBWF 28 days ago
So they are SB contenders because of OBJ?? Jarvis is completely overrated and trash af.
Leman Kurtz
Leman Kurtz 28 days ago
Max should be ashamed giving all these Browns fans false hope
Mitch Nelson
Mitch Nelson 28 days ago
Browns finish 9-7, missing the wildcard spot, calling it now. Theyll be 2-6 or 3-5 at midseason. The Brown's year to be good is next year, where they'll probably have enough cohesion to reach 11-5 or 12-4.
Mitch Nelson
Mitch Nelson 28 days ago
Browns Omegalul
Enzo Alvarenga
Enzo Alvarenga 28 days ago
0:26 This is the face my teacher makes when I tell her “I forgot my homework at home”
Jordon Donaldson
Jordon Donaldson 29 days ago
The way Stephen A is looking at Max in the thumbnail KILLLLLLLSSS ME 🤣🤣🤣
Rain Man
Rain Man 29 days ago
Max was the only one who said the raptors would win.
Rain Man
Rain Man 29 days ago
Stephen a is a salty baby
Mexican Zeppelin
Mexican Zeppelin 29 days ago
Just a thought: Foxboros are 15-0 and week 17 they entertain (at zero degrees) the 0-15 Miami Dolphins. Who wins?
Not My Problem Brah
Dude the Bills are deff gonna beat the Browns. They been playing better this year. I think the browns only win 5 games this year that’s it. Bills aren’t the same sucky team that they always been. They a better team now. Then there’s the team with nothing to lose always seem to win sometimes. And that team is the dolphins. What if the browns play the dolphins and they end up losing. Just saying what if. Not saying it will happen but you never know.
Lane Rose
Lane Rose 29 days ago
Everyone gets annoyed*
STAY/DEDICATED 29 days ago
The browns gonna lose their next 5 , they’ll finish the season off 6-10
SABER-JOCKY 29 days ago
What I find ironic about all this is that over the past few years the same argument was used of other teams, "You just beat the Browns. What does that really prove?" It proves to me that the Browns are definitely making positive gains and are not a team to be taken lightly.
CohD3 29 days ago
Stephan A looks like 🐵
Daniel able
Daniel able 29 days ago
Shut up why you guys keep on over hyping a team that ain’t got no type of chemistry at all right now or ever they will loss more then they win
Jesstin De Leon
Jesstin De Leon 29 days ago
i don’t hate baker it just sucks how he’s doing terrible rn and idk if it’s the oline or WRs are getting locked but they were struggling to move the ball
MrTekneon 29 days ago
Max looking like a dog who ate the cookie without permision in the thumbnail
Thomas Hogencamp
Thomas Hogencamp 29 days ago
0:25 His reaction says it all 😂
Lil Grizzz
Lil Grizzz 29 days ago
These people really get paid big bucks just to speak their opinions .... I love it
Complete Controll
Complete Controll 29 days ago
Me and 10 guys from on my street could probably beat the Jets, are we Super Bowl contenders Max? One of us is 48 and weighs a non athletic 280....and he’s one of our best players.
Evan Fagerty
Evan Fagerty 29 days ago
The Clowns aren’t going anywhere ever!!!
Cam 29 days ago
*Browns shut out the jets* *aRe BrOwNs SuPeR bOwL cOnTeNdErS*
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 29 days ago
Max said “🤡”
Chris Munoz
Chris Munoz 29 days ago
Yeah...on madden
Roger Leikness
Roger Leikness 29 days ago
Hard to make playoffs if you only have 2 sure wins in first 8 games
superbowl super browns
I cant wait till the browns shut Steaven A mouth.
Duane Johnson
Duane Johnson 29 days ago
Stephen A still shot😂😂😂 here’s why y’all wrong!!!
Matthew Burke
Matthew Burke 29 days ago
What a stupid narrative. Newsflash browns fan. You have to win a playoff game TO BE A SUPER BOWL CONTENDER. You haven't played a playoff game since 2002 and haven't won the division since 1989. You wonder why y'all get ragged on around the league. It's because you sound retarded saying we're winning the super bowl when you just got a new head coach. You may have talent, but talent alone doesn't win. You need great coaching and your coaching severely lacks experience.
nathINSANE 29 days ago
Browns Fan here I don't know who we are and I am nervous every game. No consistency with our play calling outside of it being bad right now. Titans game everyone looks at the final score but don'tn not how close it was even with 300000 penalties til the 4th where they just gave up. It was a good lesson for the Browns and hopefully won't be repeated. Rams will be a true test
chibulls 1
chibulls 1 29 days ago
“dO tHeY eVeN kNoW wHo ThEy WaNt To Be??????”
Julian Campbell
Julian Campbell 29 days ago
You just beat the jets.....
Chris Painter
Chris Painter 29 days ago
Will the presses ever be stopped?
YELLO____ 29 days ago
Max was scared to look Stephen in the eye saying that🤣 We had the same face
MrSQUMP 29 days ago
Why is Max talking so loud? You need to calm down kid. Relax. Shut your fuc*ing mouth. That being said, I wish Max and the team nothing but the best
Jacob Dipietro
Jacob Dipietro 29 days ago
Stephen a smith is always wrong, so I wouldn't be surprised if Cleveland wins the superbowl
nicolas charriez
nicolas charriez 29 days ago
How are the quarterbacks you play have to do with the defense that you are playing?
Stephen Pamphile
Stephen Pamphile 29 days ago
Because it's about the whole team.
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