Stephen A. agrees with Deion Sanders calling for the Jaguars to sit Jalen Ramsey | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Ryan Clark and Max Kellerman react to Deion Sanders’ tweet calling for the Jacksonville Jaguars to sit Jalen Ramsey.
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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 631
4 7
4 7 16 days ago
Ramsey is staying in Jacksonville. He's going to have to play. He can get hurt, it's cool it'll make it easier for Jacksonville to keep him if he's hurt. You can still buy you a Jalen Ramsey edition Chevy Camaro if you'd like to.
S Razvan
S Razvan 23 days ago
He would push a dude 100😂😂😂😂
Donnie Lee
Donnie Lee 24 days ago
Is every opionated black man angry we got to know your place
John 25 days ago
Titans need a DOG on their roster.
Shay Perry
Shay Perry 25 days ago
Heading to the NATION RNFL!!!!
Ruben Murillo
Ruben Murillo 25 days ago
Atlanta wouldn't be a bad place for him
Ryan H
Ryan H 26 days ago
Giants should get him so that they wont have the worst defense in the leauge anymore.
Bro james
Bro james 26 days ago
Why would they sit him?? He still getting paid lol.
baca baca
baca baca 27 days ago
Fire molly
Patrick Stephens
Patrick Stephens 27 days ago
Ryan Clark always heated
Randy Cowart
Randy Cowart 27 days ago
Steven A. is the consummate ANTI AUTHORITY regarding caucasian coaches & management dealings with a premadona black player...g.t.h.o.h. 🖕🖕🖕🖕
ThisGuyJamal 27 days ago
ayeeeeeee I'm the NFL 33rd pick
ThisGuyJamal 27 days ago
ab signed with the vancouver warriors
Theodore Crawford
Theodore Crawford 27 days ago
I don’t watch the show live that much, only the clips on USvid. What’s up with Molly?
Thomas Hayes
Thomas Hayes 24 days ago
I only watch the show for Molly so I'm out. Worse decision they ever made was bringing in Kellerman. With all of the sports guys and girls out there, this is who they picked?
Leon Frederick
Leon Frederick 27 days ago
Did ESPN trade molly!?!?!
Damion Copeland
Damion Copeland 28 days ago
Stephen A. is such a duffus, if the team is still paying the guy he should play. That's a dumb question.
BlacK Bull
BlacK Bull 28 days ago
Why do I not like Ryan Clark..
Music_Man_40 28 days ago
I just saw a video clip where both Stephen and Rosalyn where arguing and had switched positions on Ramsey. Just funny how that's done
Welcome JR!! YOU have been a RAVEN then and NOW!
Martin Hawkins
Martin Hawkins 28 days ago
Marcus Mitchell
Marcus Mitchell 28 days ago
Jags not gonna trade Ramsey
B. Weatherspoon
B. Weatherspoon 28 days ago
Khan family cheap af, they paying more for the AEW contracts than they are football players right now
James Henry
James Henry 28 days ago
Why is Molly getting so much hate?
A Rios
A Rios 28 days ago
Dion should tweet to get Kap a job.
Mutah Keeno
Mutah Keeno 28 days ago
Jalen is the last piece Greenbay needs for a shut down defence.
Nick Pettitt
Nick Pettitt 28 days ago
I feel like this is espn doing there political stuff to let player now demand trades in the NFL when they still under contract the Jaguars dont have to be a food team to keep they're good players wuit acting like they've done something wrong they just not good
Frank Mischler
Frank Mischler 28 days ago
I hope he comes to philly
Playboi Polo
Playboi Polo 28 days ago
I made a video getting Jalen Ramsey X factor activated in madden 20
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 28 days ago
What happened to Serena and coc gauff ESPN? Why y'all not nut-hugging on the other young black players?
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta 28 days ago
Mason Patterson
Mason Patterson 28 days ago
They cant stand titans so will do anything to win. Just like 2017 when jags could've sat their starters week 17 against titans.. they didnt cuz they wanted to beat them so bad but couldn't
Jojo Cottrell04
Jojo Cottrell04 28 days ago
This dumb asf no one knows anything it’s all speculation in all honesty he could be a jag forever or end up playing for an even worse it’s really just who gives him the money and if the jags are willing to let him go
Jeff Cavanaugh
Jeff Cavanaugh 29 days ago
It’s crazy how much SAS can make sense and sound like a crazy homer sob on a day to day basis.
chinniwonkenobi 29 days ago
Molly's last straw was last week when she interrupted max and he had to ask her.. "can I finish?", as Marcus Spears threw his hands on his head and rolled his eyes at her. That was it.. hopefully
WILLIE OSBURN 29 days ago
PrettyBoy23 29 days ago
Why don’t y’all like Molly?
Jack Mock
Jack Mock 29 days ago
If he thinks Deion Sanders was the best player in football he needs a mental evaluation.
Sean G
Sean G 29 days ago
Tom coughlin seems like a pretty stubborn dude. I find it difficult to believe they give him up unless the compensation is crazy.
Joe I
Joe I 29 days ago
Why does Ryan Clark always look like he wants to hit somebody
Deonte Morant
Deonte Morant 29 days ago
prevent a injury and get draft pick for 2021 season
Deonte Morant
Deonte Morant 29 days ago
Pittsburgh steelers
Joey Bowen
Joey Bowen 29 days ago
Get em in Texan
jcatchable 29 days ago
Please keep this baby and get Molly tf outta here
Book of shadows contributor Brian
554rd comment 👍🖐🏼👅
JohnieBeGood12 29 days ago
Ramsey Please Go To The Packers
Doug Reynolds
Doug Reynolds 29 days ago
Get it done chiefs!!! Dudes the best DB in the league.
Ruthless Johnson
Ruthless Johnson 29 days ago
Really wish I could see him on the Seahawks but we play zone so..
New Melo City
New Melo City 29 days ago
Bye Molly
Really Now
Really Now 29 days ago
Philly please get him
Arkeio Craig
Arkeio Craig 29 days ago
Who cares
Alexander Langue
Alexander Langue 29 days ago
Ryan Clark always looks so intense
Christopher Autry
Christopher Autry 29 days ago
oh my girl is back love it
Zach Lee
Zach Lee 29 days ago
1:34-1:45 middle of the screen is me when my mum asks me if I’m seeing any girls
Daniel Christmann
Daniel Christmann 29 days ago
Deon is the best!
Michael W Dagle
Michael W Dagle 29 days ago
I can't stand Max Kellerman
Trey Hopkins
Trey Hopkins 29 days ago
Keep RosGold First Take!
James Burns
James Burns 29 days ago
He should go to the Bears or Raiders
drip 29 days ago
I hate being a jags fan 😒
Juan Soto
Juan Soto 29 days ago
Imagine Kevin king jaire Amos savage and Ramsey shut down secondary with a above average pass rush man the packers would that be a force in the league
Devlins10 29 days ago
Doug Morrone needs to be ran outta Jacksonville. Good Job on getting the best corner in the league to not wanna play for you. Embarrassing.
Bro james
Bro james 26 days ago
Corners overrated anyway. Patrick Peterson been in Arizona forever and it never made much of a difference. Trade him and start over. Finally find a good QB. Get rid of Fournette next
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