STARSET - MANIFEST (Official Music Video)

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STARSET - MANIFEST (Official Music Video)
From the album DIVISIONS - out now
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Producer: Luke Arreguin
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Executive Producer: Ryan Huffman
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Fall in and fall away
This love is in retrograde
Fall in and fall away
I can see the darkness
I pull on you,
Close enough to rendezvous
You come to me and then you slip right through
I'm in the solitude
Why's it always touch and go?
Now we'll never even know what it’s like.
Left me in the afterglow,
Till I'm falling through space and time.
Starlight star bright,
You got your missiles flying through the air tonight
And it's alright alright,
I think I'm getting used to the fire-fight
Cause you fall in and fall away
This love is in retrograde
Fall in and fall away
I kinda think you like this
Fall in and fall away
There’s something in the hate we make
Fall in and fall away
I can see the darkness
Every time I'm on to you
You change it up, you always do
So tell me why you gotta bring your guns?
It's Armageddon
Why’s it always touch and go
Now we'll never even know what its like
Left me with no place to go
Till I'm falling through space and time, time
Starlight star bright
Every night you're dimmer, have you finally fell?
You said it's alright, alright
But I've been getting ready for the bombshell
Cause you fall in and fall away
This love is in retrograde
Fall in and fall away
I kinda think you like this
Fall in and fall away
There’s something in the hate we make
Fall in and fall away
I can see the darkness
Is my fate silver-lined?
I always was the optimist
But I never thought of this
Stuck in this state, misaligned
Trapped inside the looking glass
Tell me when it all will pass
Oh how I hate the silver line
Never could taste your life
Never my place and time
Left behind
Never your state of mind
Never in phase with mine
Cause you fall in and fall away
This love is in retrograde
Fall in and fall away
I kinda think you like this
Fall in and fall away
There’s something in the hate we make
Fall in and fall away
I can see the darkness


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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 4 071
gonzo aquino
gonzo aquino 5 hours ago
Muy buena canción "" saludos desde 🇲🇽 mexico
Minix Lemonade
Minix Lemonade 2 days ago
I like the sound of this better. Their second album was reaaaally repetitive and had lots of forgettable songs. I think this album will be more enjoyable.
Kerem 2 days ago
Random Person
Random Person 3 days ago
Hi, I’m a random Skillet fan who happened to click on this song. I gotta say, this song is sick. The chorus is a bit too soft for me but the part where he says “MANIFEST” in the deep voice is super awesome. The fans of this band seem pretty nice too
Christopher Johnson
Thank you @lukeholland for blessing the album with your drum skills... perfect fit. Love the album guys
Ryan Thundrr
Ryan Thundrr 3 days ago
This is more like it, loved carnivore and my demons singles, their first album was ok but stopped listening after that. Always wished they would go back to making more downplay song, but this....this is more like it!
Alvaro Vix
Alvaro Vix 4 days ago
Loved it! It's so close to the sound of bands i really like, something like Chevelle mixed with Art Of Dying, and some Breaking Benjamin and a little of 10 Years all of that with that little electronic touch.
The Crucifier
The Crucifier 4 days ago
That Chorus Man. Infectious.
Isaiah Nichols
Isaiah Nichols 4 days ago
This song slaps
Corey Malek
Corey Malek 7 days ago
So genre bending and groovy and original. I love it.
Majo Moreno
Majo Moreno 8 days ago
Pero qué joyita de canción!! 🖤
Izzy the Trashposter
me: wow so pretty. have i heard this before? idk but i like it song: *_M A N I F E S T!!_* me: wow
Madden Hub
Madden Hub 9 days ago
how bad is society when hippity hop and Justin Beiber type crap gets tens of millions of views and this song has only less than 3 million? Unreal
Damion Gunter
Damion Gunter 9 days ago
Man, I still love this song!!
True fire maker
True fire maker 10 days ago
new voice? --
Christopher Ramos
Christopher Ramos 12 days ago
The World Needs More Starset
Jeff Hatfield
Jeff Hatfield 12 days ago
Awesome song
Kr4yT 12 days ago
Copyright ?
EvIsCeRaTeD !
EvIsCeRaTeD ! 13 days ago
Stegosaurus 15 days ago
From someone who likes Slipknot, Lamb of God, Slayer, DevilDriver and Amon Amarth: This band is fucking amazing
Lena Otaku
Lena Otaku 16 days ago
I just came here to check on them because childhood
Joel Clifton
Joel Clifton 16 days ago
Huh, just noticed. The lyrics say "tell me when it all will pass" but in the actual song he says "Tell me, when will all this pass?" Nitpicky, I know, either way works as well.
Britt Clower
Britt Clower 17 days ago
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis 17 days ago
Jamie Kouba
Jamie Kouba 18 days ago
I can't help but comment on this amazing song. I know what the meaning of this song is intended but to me it explains my marriage to a narcissistic woman exactly. Its unbelievable! Fall in and fall away, ready for the bomb shell.... If anyone has been in them shoes they know what I'm talking about. Nice work Starset!
Александр Шамшура
На 1.08 мне показалось, что ребята запели на Русском языке)
Imperial Goon
Imperial Goon 19 days ago
For some reason every time I listen to this song I hear the voices in my head. It's quite odd
《Spaz 》
《Spaz 》 19 days ago
Arknights baby!! Im glad I found this band!!
Frosted Flakes
Frosted Flakes 20 days ago
Starset has blown up since the last time I listened to them damn. Still sound amazing
PurpleBikini_s 21 day ago
;o arknights
Deuce Treyz
Deuce Treyz 22 days ago
So sooo good (:
Ghostily 22 days ago
detroit ??? become human????
Rus Dubov
Rus Dubov 23 days ago
Огонь! Аранжировки отличные, очень слушабельно и мощно.
Myles Daniel
Myles Daniel 23 days ago
Hi all. New listener here. I have a confession to make.. I bookmarked this band a couple months ago and I finally got around to checking them out.. And I am so unbelievably upset with myself that I didn’t listen to them sooner you have no idea.. As an obsessive musician who has listened to thousands upon thousands of artists over the years, I am absolutely blown away by this band. This is some of the most incredible music I’ve ever heard. All the comments are true - it is literally impossible for them to make a bad song. Manifest is just hilariously good and I’m absolutely crushed that I missed their US tour. Thinking about experiencing this song live just gives me goosebumps. I can tell you right now, I will not be missing them next time.
Amber Rasbury
Amber Rasbury 17 hours ago
Then get ready... they're touring again in just a couple of months!!
RAJESH MAHATO 23 days ago
I love this song. 💓💓😍😍
Manuel 24 days ago
Maya Luna
Maya Luna 24 days ago
Did you guys inspire Arknights or did they inspire you?
《Spaz 》
《Spaz 》 19 days ago
I'm glad the game introduce me to these guys. I'm guilty I haven't found them sooner
Sikk Spook
Sikk Spook 25 days ago
August 15th is my birthdays
- 26 days ago
Cami's 26 days ago
Música de Qualidade ✅
星野カービィ 27 days ago
Benvelic 28 days ago
Liked it. Leaving some, taking some: usvid.net/video/video-t3x5ogKEhfI.html
Anthony AA
Anthony AA 28 days ago
AAAAA 700.000 FANS😭🤘🌍🎵 THE BEST BAND #1 #StarsetIsLove #StarsetIsLife
Николас Other Worlds Than These
700,000 suscriptores
Wither the Tide
Wither the Tide 28 days ago
If you enjoy Star Set, please give us a listen: usvid.net/video/video-C7w95heYzN4.html
Rey Aragón
Rey Aragón 28 days ago
Just dream
Marat Gvazov
Marat Gvazov Month ago
First 2 albums were better, far and away. I confirm.
Sig H.
Sig H. Month ago
This song is going to be in so many “classic songs of 20..” playlists
Ian Montgomery
Ian Montgomery Month ago
Making ohio proud awesome song.
RedDirtSoldier Month ago
Love you Starset community ✌🏽
Omar Yañez Zavala
Love this song
Omar Yañez Zavala
Shelley Daughtery
This Is A Creation Of Musical Fusion 🔥🔥
may nostyl
may nostyl Month ago
Looking forward to seeing them in feb in Manchester
Zamin Month ago
Finally Starset is back with some ass kicking and thankfully they've improved their live performances too
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