Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser

Star Wars
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Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


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Apr 12, 2019

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Comments 68 353
GATSBY 18 minutes ago
Every generation has a legend, and with thiis trilogy we are going to completely screw with yours!
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 35 minutes ago
Cuando se estrena
Mixterix230 Hour ago
Star wars episode IX: The palpatine's laugh
Peter Glide
Peter Glide Hour ago
*Emperor Palpatine shows up* Me: A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
'No one's ever really gone.' *Stormtrooper runs in and bonks his head on the door*
Gramarson95 2 hours ago
I don’t understand why people support companies that bash their consumers
Keyitta Dawsey
Keyitta Dawsey 3 hours ago
John Boyega is my boyfriend,
evilphil 4 hours ago
EMPEROR: [Evil Laugh]
Zeus-artiste Titi
Zeus-artiste Titi 5 hours ago
We are your Jack banks 😂😂😄😂😄😂😄
thebobhollyband 6 hours ago
I loved Star Wars so much that Disney made me hate it. I guess I'm a hater now.
thebobhollyband 6 hours ago
I seriously believe that Thomas Bludis was hired by Disney to try and change peoples minds about these terrible films. Oh no, I am a man baby. Goo goo gah gah, I hate everything that is too smart for me.
@Thomas Bludis I am not whining, I am standing up for something that I love. If you want to be heard, and you want to make a change you have to use your voice. I strongly feel that Disney disrespected the original cast, and are writing movies based on numbers not good stories. Where do you think Star Wars came from?
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 5 hours ago
thebobhollyband because I love the franchise and I like the new films and the fandom has been whining about TLJ for over a year instead of moving on with their lives. I’m not saying that you aren’t allowed to hate TLJ but at some point you just gotta move on with your life. For example I and many others absolutely hate the last airbender film. But did I waste my time all day crying about how m. Night Shymalan ruined avatar? No I just moved on with my life. See where I’m coming from? So tell me, why can’t you and many others do the same?
thebobhollyband 6 hours ago
@Thomas Bludis Why do you have to defend a greedy franchise that supposedly is doing good?
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 6 hours ago
No I’m not hired by Disney. There’s a term called defender.
makiska official
makiska official 6 hours ago
pls dont end Star Wars!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
not jonzky
not jonzky 9 hours ago
Far Fetched Theory: The person repairing Kylo's mask is Sheev Palpatine
Gauhar Khan
Gauhar Khan 10 hours ago
Disney: the saga comes to an end George lucas : palpatine laugh....no one is really ever gone .
wishvesh chaturvedi
wishvesh chaturvedi 10 hours ago
They are gonna tell how the Emperor created Anakin!
Gramarson95 11 hours ago
Oh, I’m afraid the boycott will be quite operational
Stogie2112 4 hours ago
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 11 hours ago
Star Wars “fans”: We don’t like being labeled as haters, we are just giving valid criticism toward TLJ. Also Star Wars “fans”: You are a Disney shill if you like TLJ!
Kevin Eontrainer
Kevin Eontrainer 11 hours ago
Mary vs Darth Sidious
Blane Walker
Blane Walker 11 hours ago
The father is CP-3PO
Blane Walker
Blane Walker 11 hours ago
Is Bernie Sanders in this one?
uber goober
uber goober 12 hours ago
Kind of pathetic that Disney is willing to run this franchise completely into the ground.
Dieselnaut 5 hours ago
@Thomas Bludis It could have been a lot better. I mean a lot
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 11 hours ago
Kind of pathetic that Star Wars “fans” are still complaining about a movie that happened over a year ago
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan 14 hours ago
Return of the Jedi Revenge of the Sith Rise of Skywalker. The last episode of each trilogy begins with the letter R.
AgénT Hour ago
Holmes is that you?
Numb nuts McGee
Numb nuts McGee 15 hours ago
Luke: “ no one is every really gone.” Karen comes back with the kids
After the last piece of garbage i won't pay nothing to see the next one. Maybe download a few month later....
Андрей Шурочка
Why they didn't make gap 3 years to create something like TCW for sequels?
Johnny Strife
Johnny Strife 16 hours ago
Wow, how come Disney isn’t scrubbing the comments section for negativity the way they do on Rotten Tomatoes when anyone gives an honest review of their films?
thebobhollyband 6 hours ago
@Thomas Bludis Wow, what a corrupt and bought out system.
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 15 hours ago
Disney did not delete the captain marvel ratings. Rotten tomatoes did because they were from captain marvel boycotters that didn’t see the movie. Rotten tomatoes has verified ratings for a reason.
Tsedek Ogun
Tsedek Ogun 16 hours ago
Spoiler Alert: Rey beats Palpatine with no training.
Star destroyer
Star destroyer 4 hours ago
Oh no, that was so unpredictable. Thank you for ruining the movie I wasn't planning to pay money to see
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 16 hours ago
No ones ever really gone, Mesa Back
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 16 hours ago
Iv been looking forward to this
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 16 hours ago
Its a trap
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 16 hours ago
Ahhh Nubian we have lottsa thatuhh
bigboy broudus
bigboy broudus 18 hours ago
No one's gonna question how she has the same lightsaber that exploded last movie?
Stogie2112 8 hours ago
She may have just built a new lightsaber that looks just like the old one. A lightsaber is just a tool, a mechanical device. There is nothing magical about it.
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 11 hours ago
She probably fixed it using the Jedi texts
Gary King
Gary King 19 hours ago
Just a friendly reminder that nobody cares about your tomato brigades and imaginary boycotts.
thebobhollyband 6 hours ago
I think Disney cared when they lost millions from solo, tons from toy sales, and even more from galaxy's edges small crowds.
KingNoob 21 hour ago
Yes! Lando
DIEGO ARRIAZA 21 hour ago
Can't wait for a sith Rancor with a giant red laser axe
The Republic of Bridger
This looks like a fanmade trailer...
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 15 hours ago
Collin Earley TFA teaser, TLJ teaser, infinity war teaser, and endgame teaser would like to know your location.
Collin Earley
Collin Earley 19 hours ago
@The Republic of Bridger I mean. Teasers are always trash
The Republic of Bridger
@Collin Earley sorry sorry sorry, you're right, you're right. This teaser looks fanmade...
Collin Earley
Collin Earley 19 hours ago
It's only a teaser
Zambletons 23 hours ago
They played Princess Leia's theme Q_Q
The Two Two Late Show
More excited for the mandalorian. I guess explaining the heros as complete failures in a loop against the same threat. . Is just sad.
The Two Two Late Show
Well fox went out.of bussiness tells you how great thise movies are..
The Two Two Late Show
@Thomas Bludis ok. Where did I say anything about wolverine??? Are you high????
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 11 hours ago
They did the same stuff with wolverine. Why is this any different?
Akatskee 23 hours ago
Can Rey just get her own lightsaber she’s starting Wars because it’s frikin Anakins lightsaber and Disney claims it as Rey!
Breken Darrington
Breken Darrington 23 hours ago
is palpatine ALIVE
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 15 hours ago
primrose ribbon
primrose ribbon 23 hours ago
Mayank Dewangan
“No one’s ever really gone.” except this trilogy would go to a dumpster for sure .
Kent's Garage Gym
And in some weird franchise loop, Rey turns to force ghost Luke and says, "Luke.. I .. am your Grand MOTHER!!"
Giga Bowser
Giga Bowser Day ago
I absolutely LOVE the music here! What an epic rendition of Leia's Theme. Thank you, John Williams!
Seth M.
Seth M. Day ago
Still waiting for a Bounty Hunter movie with Bossk as the lead.
Андрей Шурочка
ann-ohnyme Day ago
RENMARIE message 3 "Look at the light and admire its beauty. What you saw first is not anymore. What you will see after is not happened yet."L.Da Vinci.
Amin K Saputra
Rey needs new guru...Keanu Reeves with light saber??
Inkedhulk Day ago
I hope it flops. Boycott Disney starwars. 👎👎👎
thebobhollyband 6 hours ago
@Thomas Bludis That's because they haven't seen it yet. The last Jedi trailer looked better then this, and the movie sucked!
Thomas Bludis
Well guess what buddy, based on the 553k likes this trailer has its gonna be successful. 👍
Olivia Nothing
That laugh always gets me
Rafael Sierra
I love all these prequel memes in the comment section
Thomas Bludis
Well, the prequels are known for their memes.
Stogie2112 Day ago
Disney’s 2019 D23 Expo is set to run August 20-25. We can speculate that the next trailer will be released then.
Kanthak Borkar
2B movie....😊
Fanzero 12
Fanzero 12 Day ago
no new ideas ? let's get Palpatine back.
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