Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Trailer - Xbox E3 Briefing 2019

EA Star Wars
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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars 14 days ago
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019. x.ea.com/58682
Talon Diwisch
Talon Diwisch 19 hours ago
Greg Nersesian They’ve done that plenty already. You will never be happy. Check out Battlefront II.
Talon Diwisch
Talon Diwisch 19 hours ago
Samuel Thompson There’s been plenty of women lately. This is refreshing.
Muzza25 Day ago
this game might actually be good if there are (and i cannot stress this enough) NO INGAME PURCHES OR PAID DLC/CONTENT
Shrek’s Swamp
Is it just single player story mode or is it online aswell
WcHDICE 3 days ago
is Star Wars comes with Surprise Mechanism
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu Hour ago
DICE: We have Droidekas in Star Wars Battlefront 2!🤫💥 Respawn: We have a good Star Wars Story game with " GOOD GRAPHICS "!😠
That Video Editor Guy
it's like the force unleashed but smoother from what I've seen
Fabio Mesquita
Fabio Mesquita 7 hours ago
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order won't allow human dismemberment. Starting to ruin the game in 5, 4, 3 ...
Owen 8 hours ago
Star Wars:Disney Unleashed This could be one of the best Star Wars games ever.
BIGBAD562 12 hours ago
Riley O’neal
Riley O’neal 19 hours ago
The new purge troopers sound like they were ripped straight out of the og battlefront and og battlefront 2.
Hayden Fowle
Hayden Fowle 22 hours ago
1:31 The Jedi version of Vader's hallway scene
Hayden Fowle
Hayden Fowle 22 hours ago
They even got Forest Whittaker to reprise his role as Saw
Mirror Nightmare
Darth Lisitsyn
why can't you make a similar game on SWKOR and SWKOR2 ?! Game No. 1 in the Star Wars universe, all you need is for the game to be perfect, make an open world and add a system for extracting and changing clothes (armor) of weapons and linking to the graphics and combat system SWJFO. (fans will be more if there is no boring linear plot)
Is it only available on xbox one because depending on how they handle with the game (you know) i might purchase this game
Суперкентек 002
Что это за том холланд?!
My god the main protagonist looks like Cameron mcgonahan
What consoles
Assassine Mike
Shrek’s Swamp
Is it multiplayer or is it just a story
Shrek’s Swamp
FN Danmark thanks :), ewww I’m definitely not gonna get it, on the other hand if Luke skywalker was the main character I would buy the best edition 😂😂
FN Danmark
FN Danmark Day ago
Shrek’s Swamp Only singleplayer
steak motion
steak motion Day ago
Am i the only one who doesn't want the main guy to have a droid/comic relief.
Bob Yasm
Bob Yasm Day ago
It looks bad
SommeR 4tw
SommeR 4tw Day ago
Can't wait to play this on the only real platform with the only real controls. PC and M+K , thanks.
Milk Tub
Milk Tub Day ago
if we have to play as that douche bag im gonna be pissed
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton Day ago
Milk Tub Get over it. It’s for Story Telling.
NinjaArmy36 Day ago
I swear if you mess this up EA....not only will I hunt you down...so will Disney. DON'T SCREW IT UP
Makalloos 17 hours ago
now disney messed this up
Rouge Guardian
Well they already did and 5 months before release no Less, I don't remember who exactly but it was announced that the game will contain loot boxes or "SPECIAL MECHANICS"
Fliegender Pegasus
cool ! I can not wait
The Advocate
The Advocate Day ago
Everyone that is complaining about this game cause it's from EA, listen up. RESPAWN is the team behind this game. They made Titanfall 2, which is undoubtedly one of the best shooters I have ever played with the best campaign ever! The game only costs $5-$10 and the campaign by itself is worth more than that. All I'm trying to say is that if you see this game through the EA hate glasses, then all you'll see is all of the bad aspects of the game. I trust Respawn.
TheTownPedo Day ago
Lol already nerfing the game
Ethan Price
Ethan Price Day ago
Can we have collector items like his lightsaber or droid or something like that.
Litteraly all I do is write comments
Everyone: Yay no lootboxes! EA: BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!
So awesome looking
Anakin Skywalker
When I saw Xbox as a PS4 player “oh I have a bad feeling about this”
Anakin Skywalker
Looks promising, reminds me of force unleashed in some parts
Waхer 2 days ago
When DLC for bf2 looks more interesting than new game
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu Day ago
Droidekas in Star Wars Battlefront 2 sounds cooler than Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order!
Samjamhawkeye 2 days ago
Looking good man
Parsifal 2 days ago
BlueSam034 2 days ago
0:18 Whoa! Republic Gunship!
hell yeah
hell yeah 2 days ago
Hey EA, remember to put ‘surprise mechanics’ into the game, eh ?
Hafizh Alfatah
Hafizh Alfatah 2 days ago
Why the hate man.. give this one a chance.
Evil Insecticon
Evil Insecticon 2 days ago
It's the Force Unleashed III: Redux
zokme Egg
zokme Egg 2 days ago
100 Dollar just for the hd dlc
breezy sugar
breezy sugar 2 days ago
I got shadow of the colossus vibes at the beginning
Sir. Fun
Sir. Fun 2 days ago
It seems there isn't enough stormtroopers when you encounter the enemies. Get inspired by previous star wars games: star wars The force unleashed
dnbtrooper 2 days ago
I realy wish he didnt have that particular droid or same boring way of opening doors as Bf2, meaning the "slice that"
yfn_bryan 2 days ago
Is there multiplayer
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton Day ago
yfn_bryan No.
Palomino Elrey
Palomino Elrey 2 days ago
Graphics are meh
Y wing pilot2
Y wing pilot2 2 days ago
So many new stormtroopers!!!!!
ZeyCore 2 days ago
Guys, let's get signatures to change this, let's try to get the dismemberment chng.it/rdK97KtmYF
gamer dude
gamer dude 2 days ago
O.D.S.T The Rookie
Im confused why is there a LAAT
Michael Hester II
I'm excited for this game, looks fantastic!
Spartan MC
Spartan MC 2 days ago
Wait it’s saw and his sister can’t wait for this
Tyler Seever
Tyler Seever 2 days ago
So glad they won't have loot boxes in this game... Too bad they'll end up with surprise mechanics.
Bäckis 3 days ago
dark solo - joel 2019
BillPinkNye 3 days ago
No loot boxes? So, surprise mechanics then?
Jun Lee
Jun Lee 3 days ago
Yooo From Rogue One that freaked me out lol
jay d
jay d 3 days ago
nightzeroAX 3 days ago
Careful there might be surprise mechanics ingame.
Jeremy Ingalls
Jeremy Ingalls 3 days ago
Preordered mine 🤘🏻
Lego boy465
Lego boy465 3 days ago
SAW GERRERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Kim
Alex Kim 3 days ago
Y can’t we play as REY
Valentus 3 days ago
0:30 New AT-AT, who dis?
patthemightymat 3 days ago
Just do another force unleashed please
Rhino in a suit
Rhino in a suit 3 days ago
if i hear the word "Hope" one more time in star wars, I'm gonna get so pissed off.
The Enclave Guy
The Enclave Guy 2 days ago
Rhino in a suit What do ya expect it’s the Rebels they can’t go 2 minutes without saying it 🤣
ken kaneki
ken kaneki 3 days ago
Sabry Alawal
Sabry Alawal 3 days ago
looks like a wicked game but am i the only one who thinks the graphics could be a tad better
Joshua Hopkins
Joshua Hopkins 3 days ago
Sabry Alawal I think the graphics (especially the faces) will be a lot better at release; this is only alpha footage! Really hopeful for this game
Captain Rex
Captain Rex 3 days ago
0:30 I think sog was bad a commando blaster
Greg_KSG 4 days ago
Sa promet
Metaludio 4 days ago
I hope is it open world And is the game a singleplayer?
FN Danmark
FN Danmark 3 days ago
Metaludio it’s sorta open world. Well you can go to the planets you like and as you level up you can access new areas on those planets. And yes it completely single player
Blaziken YT // BlazikenGaming 2133YT
Why do people hate ea? Their games are good
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton Day ago
Blaziken YT // BlazikenGaming 2133YT Their Games used to be Good until changes.
TEAM FRANCAIS 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu 4 days ago
Respawn: We have a good Star Wars Story game!😍 DICE: Hold my Droidekas and capture a Command Post!😎🤫💥💥
No Pun Intended
No Pun Intended 4 days ago
The pathetic situation in which you are was caused by you and you only with your scammy and shady practices. What now? Is it logical to answer this by being even more scammy and greedy? Is that clever? Or is that just pathetically stupid like pretty much everything you did in the last few years?
Saint Mayhem
Saint Mayhem 4 days ago
Any chance of maybe getting the theme song on Spotify or here or something. It sounds so good.
Rouge Guardian
Rouge Guardian 4 days ago
The Jedi are personally my favorite thing about star wars, so yes whenever a new star wars game featuring a Jedi gets announced I get excited, I loved TFU, Jedi academy/outcast ECT. But EA hasn't kept there promises so I'm skeptical.
Looks like Tom Holland 😂
Will G
Will G 5 days ago
1:12 R.I.P K-2SO, again.
The Nightmaric Senpai
1:26 *badass Star Wars music plays*
JLF Gaming
JLF Gaming 3 days ago
The Nightmaric Senpai so right
Bluewaternebula 5 days ago
Me looking at ea logo: "I don't want it."
Gunners Game
Gunners Game 5 days ago
EA made mass effect, dragon age, battlefield 1, 4,3 and Plants vs Zombies games. I trust them to make awesome games every year. They are great company. Just stop following the hate and have your own opinion. Dont listen to haters.
Der Geffert
Der Geffert 6 days ago
I hope EA did learn from their mistakes in the past. And i'm absolutely glad to see, that so much people here lost their blind trust in false promises and overhyped trailer announcements from EA. Im so excited to see if that game will be a good one or just another try to scam us.
RAY 2 days ago
@Benmf most of it is in engine and gameplay footage.
Benmf 5 days ago
hopefully thats the actual gameplay, and not a render for a great cinematic view ( They always do a great job on cinematic )
Ehrenmann mit Rolex
Congratulations, you have successfully installed 'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order'. Start it now for only $ 49.99 and become a Jedi yourself.
andyenid2 6 days ago
Away saw
Don Joe Targaryen
Me: This isn't the game for microtransactions you are looking for EA: This isn't the game for microtransa... wait.
Chris DiFalco
Chris DiFalco 6 days ago
Does anybody else feel like this is a rip off of The Force Unleashed? I mean it looks pretty interesting and I might get it, but it looks extremely similar to TFU
Ernest Colvin
Ernest Colvin 6 days ago
i just noticed that Cal is using BB to ride down that zipline at 1:22
Nicolas SH
Nicolas SH 6 days ago
Tzyai 6 days ago
was dah wall-e
Helikaon 6 days ago
I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment watching this video.
Amaranth Nokarukuta
Понятно. Форс Анлишд 3.
Jshaw71 6 days ago
I think Respawn may have just saved Star Wars games...
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu 2 days ago
@Jshaw71 Ok thanks bro!😊
Jshaw71 3 days ago
@Kerim Gürsu I dunno what battlefront 2's story is, I think it's a fighter pilot defects from the Imperial Navy and joins the rebelion, that's about all I know
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu 3 days ago
@Jshaw71 No I mean from Battlefront 2!😅
Jshaw71 3 days ago
@Kerim Gürsu The story takes place sometime after ep 3 after order 66 was given, while the Empire is still forming
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu 3 days ago
@Jshaw71 The Gameplay was cool in the Campagne but I dont understand the story!😐
Maxwell Houston
Maxwell Houston 6 days ago
[Insert edgy comment criticizing EA here.]
Decardo 9
Decardo 9 3 days ago
[insert normal comment criticizing EA here]
AT ThinkTank
AT ThinkTank 6 days ago
everyone can write can write a great jedi story, except for disney, some how disney always fucks up a good thing.
W BR 6 days ago
Can't wait for the $2.99 lightsaber color pack
Be4stLy 7 days ago
Star Wars Jedi:Fallen Order. Nice! And its by respawn (looks on the right,every one is suspicious)Me: hope is not yet lost!
Samjamhawkeye 2 days ago
Be4stLy literally me
Commander Ned
Commander Ned 7 days ago
This little droid suck.
Cameron Bleecker
Cameron Bleecker 7 days ago
Friendly reminder to not pre-order this game, and to wait at least a couple of weeks before it releases to buy it! Sincerely, another guy who’s been screwed over by EA’s lies before💙
Patas F11
Patas F11 7 days ago
1:40 ---> EA:Yeah, we are ok(new game) You all right? Fans: 😑 💭Pay to win💭 EA: No we are not doing that again 😈
Sleepy Dreams_
Sleepy Dreams_ 7 days ago
Bring back fov for battlefront 2 on console.
Bne Bnecker
Bne Bnecker 7 days ago
Pretty cool looking game but.. "gAmEs LoOk bEsT oN xBoX oNe" LMFAO xD
EA Jedi lightsaber: 75$ Force power:50$ Gameplay:100$
Cam Playz
Cam Playz 7 days ago
This better be the next force unleashed
Ben Crossley
Ben Crossley 7 days ago
At least he is carrying the lightsaber the right way around thank God.
Влад Милоста
1:09 зачем сражаться с ситхами, когда можно изрубить дроида?
Sans The Skeleton
Why is the main character looks like tom holland?!
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