Sports Burst - Valverde out & Quique in 🤯

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Valverde out & Quique in for FC Barcelona 💣, reactions from the Real Madrid C.F. camp & we hop on the Transfer Train 🚂 for our daily dose of rumors and rampant speculation!
Join Gabrielle Amado & George D. Metellus as the G-Unit tries to make sense of all the madness on #SportsBurst
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Jan 14, 2020




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Comments 88
quality Month ago
Yankees,, Leave football alone!
Michael A
Michael A Month ago
I disagree with you, if Guardiola can try to play tiki taka with Bayern and City I’m sauté Barca can play tiki taka again with Sergio, DeJong and Arthur sand Messi. We also have Puig. VAlverde first of all isn’t a great coach and is too pragmatic and defensive. Setien will bring tiki taka back and And it’s what we want. I know this guy mentioned about being vulnerable defensively playing tiki taka, but ball retention is first of all a form of defence. Sorry guys I think you need to comment on American football. Well what is Anaki gonna tell you “oh I think Barca will beat us will Setien?”. But your show was interesting and I like it it’s all that matters.
Madre EsLoca
Madre EsLoca Month ago
I am sorry.. Who are u again?
mphumuzi Gule
mphumuzi Gule Month ago
There are talking shit...don’t waste your time watching this...
Hepkjana Month ago
RM fan who speaks huh IÑaki
Gbolahan Afolayan
Someone is definitely not doing their job properly Either it's the pundits or their reporters or who ever. This is a very terrible analysis of this Barcelona situation You people should at least do your research before coming out to talk about something
Rod96 Month ago
What an idiotic comment. We don't have Xavi or Iniesta but neither does City, and they play better and win basically the same as Barcelona under Valverde.
Rod96 Month ago
We just want to play good. This idiot pundits don't understand Barcelona fans.
Rod96 Month ago
This pundits are clueless. Barcelona has only won playing tiki-taka. No other style has produced results for Barcelona.
Rod96 Month ago
She is clueless thats why she says "soccer".
vicetox Month ago
to be fair, what did Valverde ask of Messi and Suarez?
toobalkain Month ago
who are these people, they haven't got a clue. If you're shocked that Valverde got fired, you haven't been paying attention. What happened in Barca is the lunatics took over the asylum, that homo diva Messi, he was running the show, not Valverde, he may not have been making purchasing decisions but it was him that made sure Sergi Roberto not only stayed but was a starter. First thing any coach has to do is clip Messi's wings, he's a great player but the hierarchy is there for a reason, buses have drivers, we don't let passengers drive, do we?
John Blessed
John Blessed Month ago
Valverde should of been sacked a long time ago
Thisal Lakpura
Thisal Lakpura Month ago
stupid mf pundits
BeIn should just fire these two, they really don’t have enough knowledge of la liga or Barcelona
skarpio2000 Month ago
i am the 100th like...
Foiz Ahmed
Foiz Ahmed Month ago
When anybody or everybody turn out to be football pundit and talk about top most football clud or fooball players like an fake expert.
rionniel viray
rionniel viray Month ago
These pundits doesn't know anything about laliga. They are only watching big teams. These doesn't know that Seties build a relegation team from scratch with minimal budget, then did the same thing and brought Betis to European competition and all are playing good football and attractive football.
Emmanuel Ohene
Emmanuel Ohene Month ago
He beat realmadrid
Jithin meruga
Jithin meruga Month ago
I think quique is the kind of guy who does anything he needs to do to play good football. He does not need to win anyone over. It's the other way around, players should win over the coach. Do you guys even know anything about football?
Aakash Bhavsar
Aakash Bhavsar Month ago
dude, how are these people getting paid ?
Pragati Mhatre
Pragati Mhatre Month ago
There haven't been a single match played and they have already made assumptions that he won't win. we will see
Pragati Mhatre
Pragati Mhatre Month ago
We have dejong and Arthur. Both like to play in same way as iniesta and Xavi they can't be next Xavi or iniesta, but they will be only dejong and Arthur at barca. Forca barca
bolongi ekofo
bolongi ekofo Month ago
How stupid is this! Do Manchester City with Pep or Arsenal with Arteta have Xavi and Iniesta?? How do they play attractive, possession-based football? The B team of Barcelona themselves play that brand of football, do they have Xavi and Iniesta at their disposal? Incredibly ludicrous argumentation. This "Xavi - Iniesta cult" has to stop once for all
SalsaLoverTO Month ago
Same fricking "Philosophy" without any flexibility or creativity! The best system is the one that utilizes the players most efficiently.
EL Tiburon
EL Tiburon Month ago
She has No clue about Football. She should be dancing and holding one of the poles in Vegas instead 😂😂😂
EL Tiburon
EL Tiburon Month ago
She is like Queqe Setien was walking with Cows. BITCH translate things as she heard them. What the man said: he was at his back country farm house attending to his cows when the message came in and he is at club same day. These are some of the big memories that remain for people like that. BITCH wake up and smell the corn I meant smell the Cows 😂😂😂
Senator Aguolu
Senator Aguolu Month ago
What is that black dude saying? Please shut Up! You haven't given our new coach a chance yet. Saying we can't play tika taka football without Xavi & Iniesta. Just watch out & see.
Jobin Jose
Jobin Jose Month ago
19:50 Its truly incredible how stupid they are. Does this idiot know that setien already destroyed real madrid three times at bernabeu with las palmas & real betis? Imagine what he can do with barcelona.
Potato Skewer
Potato Skewer Month ago
Two fools saying we can't play beautiful football without Xavi and Iniesta. So he had both of them at Betis and Las Palmas?
Bubble Pop!!
Bubble Pop!! Month ago
lol right mate. this clueless pundit know nothing but joke. maybe they didnt know puig, de jong and arthur also barca player.
Jobin Jose
Jobin Jose Month ago
Exactly. He managed to play tiki taka with ricardo carvalho lol. Made kevin prince boateng look like a world beater
The life of Eli
The life of Eli Month ago
The guy really needs to find a new job because he obviously doesn’t watch fútbol. Obviously looks at the Table and says “wHy DiD tHeY sAcK vAlVeRdE tHeY aRe ToP oF lA LiGa” whats the point of winning games if you lose the most important one!?
Gadgetify Month ago
Valverde should have been fired after Roma. It's not just the style that was the problem. Some of our away performances, some of the capitulations were embarrassing. No doubt Barca's squad needs work and the recruitment has been bad. Spending money on players that don't fit. Maybe Setien, however he does, opens peoples eyes what Barca needs to do with their squad in the future
ras power
ras power Month ago
The guy really dont know football
ras power
ras power Month ago
Messi dose track back
Navid Bakhshi
Navid Bakhshi Month ago
This is another Tata Martino lol
Navid Bakhshi
Navid Bakhshi Month ago
Barcelona should stop buying overpriced and overrated players like Dembele,Cutinio,and Griezmann.
Golden Striker
Golden Striker Month ago
No lol
Reinhard Gayle
Reinhard Gayle Month ago
Bullshit dont forget setien destroyed Madrid at home with real betis
Riddick1946 Month ago
we have de jong and arthur?? are you actually stupid we have one of the youngest best midfielders in the world and you say we cant play like that shows how much the yanks know about real football
Reinhard Gayle
Reinhard Gayle Month ago
Right not to mention the puig and all them and if pique not performing todibo is there who fits perfectly with that style play.
Abdifatah Omar
Abdifatah Omar Month ago
15:25 people said the same after the cruyff team and pep did it with what people could disorganized Barcelona
Francisco Alvarado
Barca fans are honestly just wanting them to play better
Abdifatah Omar
Abdifatah Omar Month ago
13:19 the reason he is the coach and not just amateur analyst
Naveed syed
Naveed syed Month ago
Biggest club in the world Barcelona? My cats are also laughing at this joke
Bubble Pop!!
Bubble Pop!! Month ago
your life also joke. can i laugh?
Isaac Mineros
Isaac Mineros Month ago
Naveed syed you and your profile pic is a joke
Jerry Didier
Jerry Didier Month ago
G! G! G Unit 😂 😂🙌🏾
Elias Rangel-Ballerini
Success is getting back to our roots, playing good attacking football and trust in la Masia. This Barca squad is filled with talented players, we spend millions every season. The excuse that we don’t have talented players is a complete lie. We have de jong, Arthur, puiq, and under a good coach busquets. Our midfield is stacked and under Valverde our team has become stale and not dynamic. Under this coach this will all change. Love the decision. Valverde should’ve been sacked after Roma.
tevin stvalle
tevin stvalle Month ago
Mark my words they will miss valverde
Bubble Pop!!
Bubble Pop!! Month ago
yeah i will. as a meme
Devanshu Kapoor
Devanshu Kapoor Month ago
No we won’t
Raghav Kandubai
Raghav Kandubai Month ago
i fear this too
D Nice
D Nice Month ago
Success would be champions league and Copa! Dont care about la liga.. They've won la liga many times
FragBoy Stewie
FragBoy Stewie Month ago
Finally someone that'll bench players like Suarez, Busquets and Pique if they don't perform!
Jobin Jose
Jobin Jose Month ago
Pique really deserves a boot up his ass for his lack of focus this season
CiaoSkywalker Month ago
Aye! G-UNit!
Zee Zee
Zee Zee Month ago
Nobody cares about Suarez
Jon Pool
Jon Pool Month ago
Every club is the best in the world when you're employed by them.
mithaq ali
mithaq ali Month ago
Arthur de jong and puig will light shit upp
nefosu Month ago
As a Barca fan I always expect to win the treble but with 6 months and the way the club is rn I rather win Champions than la liga
Native Mind
Native Mind Month ago
What constitutes success is playing football based on the ideology of Cruyff. That for Barca ,unlike any club in the world, is what makes it unique. Quique Setien took a 17th placed Las Palmas to 12th spot in half a season and took a 14th placed Real Betis to 6th place. Beat Valencia, Barca, Real Madrid and Atletico during his spell there. Trust me, all these UCL coaches will fear Barca because at Camp Nou it's practically impossible and away they will show no fear to any opposition. Barca can go toe to toe with any opposition, not many teams can say that. Reckless and rock and roll football it may be but Barca have a better shot at higher leverage games than they did under both Valverde and Enrique.
Giron Creations
Giron Creations Month ago
@Native Mind lol u smoking crack
Jon Pool
Jon Pool Month ago
@Native Mind you talk a lot of foolishness and I responded appropriately
Native Mind
Native Mind Month ago
@Jon Pool Go watch 10 mins of football maybe then you can "base" a coherent response to what I said
Jon Pool
Jon Pool Month ago
Love your optimism baseless as it is
Visual Lust
Visual Lust Month ago
These pundits lacks decent la liga knowledge
Haunted Month ago
Visual Lust you can’t be serious
Be Yourself
Be Yourself Month ago
It's very simple in Barça. More fitness, faster in moving the ball, more aggessive in defence and dominate the middle! That's it and this is the way to winning after winning till the UEFA cup is up on Barça heads
M B Month ago
useless pundits rem Xavi and Iniesta did not fall from heaven...we still have Lamasia talent
Jobin Jose
Jobin Jose Month ago
Underrated comment. Xavi wasn't even that good before gaurdiola came in and turned him into one of the best midfielders ever. Great managers turn average players into world class players
marinerphil xavi
Quique won't mind to sub out Messi or a player like Suarez if they don't press or do what he asks them to do. Nobody is bigger than a club.
ARJUN LM10 Month ago
@marinerphil xavi he won the game for barca stfu
Sandip Roy
Sandip Roy Month ago
@marinerphil xavi Everyone but Messi. He can rotate each and every player but Leo, he just can't. No one can bench him unless he's injured or there's an important game coming up. I know Leo does not press but we all know why he doesn't. He preserves his energy for all the crucial moments to produce his magic. I know it gets frustrating to watch him not press, but unfortunately this is what it is. I want him to bench Suarez really bad though. He should be a super sub from now on. He can no longer play the full game.
marinerphil xavi
@Sandip Roy Now i see you are also Messi dependent 🤣. Squad dept/rotation is important too you know. What if Messi or other important players got injured? Quique has to get the whole team to be comfortable to play at anytime in any condition.
Sandip Roy
Sandip Roy Month ago
Though this is what it should be like, but sub out Messi? Nah. Not happening. 😅
Jobin Jose
Jobin Jose Month ago
That's the best part. He is the kind of guy who won't request them to work but demand it. If they still say no, he'll walk.
Suwadith Srithar
I'd rather watch tiki taka and enjoy while loosing 4-3 in a CL quarter final than playing defensive minded shit like football like before and loosing/choking 3-0. This is a great choice. He should've been appointed right after Enrique.
I’m So Peng
I’m So Peng Month ago
“It is what it is”
Riddick1946 Month ago
Eric Matengu
Eric Matengu Month ago
That voice though 😒
Dr Otta Dheere
Dr Otta Dheere Month ago
Valverdi Out I am So Happy Tiki take Comeback it's time to enjoy Barcelona
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny Month ago
Counter attack may work for some (it’s boring) but as you saw with valverde anything but tiki taka or just anything but possession for Barca won’t work we will have to see though
Kamaal Month ago
Counter attack is more effective
Kevin Lima
Kevin Lima Month ago
Dr Otta Dheere tiki won’t work
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