SpongeBob SquarePants "Sweet Victory" Performance 🎤 Band Geeks | Nick

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SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick and Squidward give you all the feels at the Bubble Bowl when they sing SWEET VICTORY! 🎤 Catch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.
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Dec 3, 2018

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Comments 12 601
Nickelodeon 12 days ago
Jace Gibson
Jace Gibson 2 hours ago
They are, people are signing something so that they can do it.
Zee Nuis
Zee Nuis 6 hours ago
Quartz Universe
Quartz Universe 18 hours ago
Ikr! One of my favorite moments from Spongebob of all time!
Guilshad Joseph
Guilshad Joseph 20 hours ago
+Coll Manson true
Shade 12 minutes ago
Thank you Stephen Hillenburg,for showing us that even the worst band can have a sweet victory. May you rest in peace.
Juan Navejas
Juan Navejas 32 minutes ago
2019 Super Bowl half time show
Golden Tree
Golden Tree 36 minutes ago
Don’t forget to sign the petition on change.com please we need this for the super bowl and we must honor Stephen Hillenburg the king of many of our childhoods.
FaZe panda
FaZe panda 46 minutes ago
Only 90s kids would remember this masterpiece of a song
HH Garcia
HH Garcia 48 minutes ago
Play this at the super bowl
Yup Daddy
Yup Daddy Hour ago
Super Bowl 2019 here we come
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps Hour ago
Better be at the superbowl
Young Bull
Young Bull Hour ago
Did anyone else sign that petition to get this played at the Super Bowl??
There is still hope for this world 😩👏
Zachthemaster 1
Sign the petition to play this at the Super Bowl
Squawk Dog
Squawk Dog Hour ago
Damn...I miss having a bowl of Frosties and watching Sponge Bob every morning
Nuke 2025
Nuke 2025 Hour ago
Yo sponge bob what a singer also Patrick’s small drum solo is amazing
Thy Overlord
Thy Overlord 2 hours ago
If they were to play this at the superbowl and they showed a screen with spongebob and the bubble bowl episode with new scenes for the entire song, I'd shed tears.
Sam Oreszko
Sam Oreszko 2 hours ago
I miss being a kid😓
Cake 2 hours ago
Kyle Knight
Kyle Knight 2 hours ago
This is by far my favorite episode from Spongebob, I remember looking forward to whenever they aired this episode and got so excited when they did
Jonathan Saavedra
Jonathan Saavedra 2 hours ago
This needs to be played that the next super bowl
Misael Hernandez
Misael Hernandez 2 hours ago
Top 10 Super Bowl Half Time Shows
Ethan Bump
Ethan Bump 2 hours ago
Please please PLEASE play this at the super bowl in memory of Hillenburg!
Daavid The schlumped gaaad
Super Bowl pls just do it
Mario The plumber
Mario The plumber 2 hours ago
R.i.p Steven hillengburg
#1 Phan Trash
#1 Phan Trash 2 hours ago
Matt Halbrook
Matt Halbrook 2 hours ago
Who actually played this? Was it based off another song?
Jake Feinerman
Jake Feinerman 3 hours ago
1:43 proof the earth is round, take that flat-earthers
Kami Sama
Kami Sama 3 hours ago
Personally, i prefer they not announce that it will be performed at Superbowl. Just when it half time, let it be quiet for some time, then have bunch of people coming up the stage wearing a red marching band outfit different instruments let there be silence then..... 0:32
The Harambe Reviews
Let's see you copyright this Viacom
donduran öküz
donduran öküz 3 hours ago
adamsın squidward işi biliyorsun
Morty B
Morty B 3 hours ago
Super bowl
Firefox EA
Firefox EA 3 hours ago
Imagine paying to watch a sponge sing
Derk 3 hours ago
It’s been confirmed that it’s happening this year bois
bagnome 3 hours ago
Awe man, that background image just screams 90s. hah
Marcus G.
Marcus G. 4 hours ago
Steve Hillenburg would be proud.
Random Night Lord
Random Night Lord 4 hours ago
Petition to play this at the Superbowl
Wortblume 4 hours ago
It was about time, Nickelodeon!
JVPM 4 hours ago
My idea for Super Bowl 2019: 🔶 SpongeBob animators recreate this scene (just like it was a video panorama), 🔶 They put a dome in the stadium where the super bowl will happen (as in that scene), 🔶 Inside the dome,put two big screens (one pointed to the west sector and another to the east sector), 🔶 Puts the scene on the two big screens, 🔶 The stadium goes crazy.
Awes567 4 hours ago
Band Geeks is the best episode by a mile
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 4 hours ago
Mad respect for Nickelodeon for posting this. Thanks for respecting Stephen❤️
Ruben Olivas
Ruben Olivas 4 hours ago
Didn’t Mercedez Benz post this on Twitter?
Mesmetail :3
Mesmetail :3 5 hours ago
*Monstro não chora*
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 5 hours ago
I only listen to real music.
Killa Milla
Killa Milla 5 hours ago
Are they gonna play it at the SuperBowl tho...
WALTR 6 hours ago
And this is the perfect response to youtube rewind
Christopher Sherrell
This song would be better if some people didn't try to play with BIG, MEATY CLAWS.
AauZag 6 hours ago
자막이 필요하다 I need subtitle
Frankie Dibartolo
Frankie Dibartolo 6 hours ago
Best kids show that will probably be ever made
alfred chavez
alfred chavez 6 hours ago
But is mayonnaise an instrument?
Volcryn Darkstar
Volcryn Darkstar 6 hours ago
Who else watching this in their 20s for the nostalgia?
Touka Kirishima
Touka Kirishima 7 hours ago
Which season and episode!????
Kokkie Monster 69
Kokkie Monster 69 7 hours ago
Imagine if they preform this at the SuperBowl this coming year
dyl pikl321
dyl pikl321 7 hours ago
Bruh they legit turned off the sun
Estevan Garcia
Estevan Garcia 7 hours ago
I will not rest until this is played at the Super Bowl to honor Hillenburg
the silent 1 ******
Is mayonnaise an instrument
RANdy OROURKE 8 hours ago
I’m gonna be shedding grown man tears when this is played at halftime
the silent 1 ******
One of the greatest performances I have ever seen
Roku _
Roku _ 8 hours ago
Thats for stephen Hillenburg. Thanks for the great childhood memories 🙏
DAKOTA O'BRIEN 8 hours ago
Lol oh my childhood was great cause of nick
3XODIOUS 8 hours ago
KivaMarieTurbo1 7 hours ago
But just to be sure everyone else should sign the petition for NFL to notice it completely #SweetVictory53
tracer 9 hours ago
This had no business being the best thing ever.
Luis Castillo
Luis Castillo 10 hours ago
Is it normal to get emotional to this video?? Its just that it brings so much nostalgia! I can still remember the day this episode of Band Geeks came out in 2001, and I am proud to say that I was alive to have gotten the experience to see it when it first aired. I remember when this scene in particular appeared and I was really amazed by it, by that time I knew Sponge-bob was a show of its kind. Man if you guys didn’t live through the early 2000s you have no idea what you missed!! Great memories! R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg
Křîš 10 hours ago
We're losing a lot of Legends!
Emperor Rafiki124
Emperor Rafiki124 11 hours ago
For Stephen hillenburg🙏❤❤
Experimental MIRV
Experimental MIRV 11 hours ago
The beautiful part about this episode is that they all came together in the end to make there friend happy. And that is the best message I've ever gotten from this show is always be there for your friends.
STIHL 10x10
STIHL 10x10 12 hours ago
*Its coming together...*
SnyperD1aper 21
SnyperD1aper 21 12 hours ago
“I think we are near one of those toxic waste dumps” Lol like talking fish and other sea creatures are normal 😂😂😂
Edward Ioan Ciocirlan
Super Bowl please.
The one and only Negan
So... much... nostalgia..
Turtletoes 14 hours ago
Can’t wait for the Super Bowl 🏟
Trip2929 14 hours ago
1:34 that’s Insane Clown Posse
Freckles McGee
Freckles McGee 14 hours ago
Cmon superbowl
[GD] xXFrissonXx
[GD] xXFrissonXx 14 hours ago
Douglas Crabbe
Douglas Crabbe 14 hours ago
Bout time
FoxNoctom 14 hours ago
I remember searching the Cable vision menu's Trying to see when they would premier this specific episode just for this ending, and jacking the volume waaaay up for this song. the best musical ending to any show ever, RIP Stephen
Ivan Tafolla
Ivan Tafolla 14 hours ago
How can people dislike this
batman4lif333 14 hours ago
THIS PUTS ME IN MY FEELS.. who agrees?
Alakazamlover4 14 hours ago
this was literally me when i finished my last final
TheSockGuy 14 hours ago
We need a longer version
Saleh Nasser jaar Resendiz
This brings back memories
Jake Finn
Jake Finn 14 hours ago
Rest in piece Stephen Hillenburg
The FinesseFamily
The FinesseFamily 15 hours ago
This is being performed at this years super bowl and 10 year old me will shed some tears of joy
Rayo Jor
Rayo Jor 15 hours ago
This wouldnt be the only thing to be preformed in the halftime show 4 sure
Game Core
Game Core 15 hours ago
R.I.P. Stephen Hillenburg
Jonathan Huerta
Jonathan Huerta 15 hours ago
I will cry tears of joy if this actually plays in the Superbowl. Please let it happen.
Holik Putra MotorS
Holik Putra MotorS 15 hours ago
Apa judul lagu nya
Jordan Hill
Jordan Hill 15 hours ago
In the beginning, this was the funniest thing but then I started crying
Chicken Man
Chicken Man 15 hours ago
Theres a petition to play this song at the superbowl. Everyone sign it
Gavin Vincent
Gavin Vincent 15 hours ago
The falcons stadium just tweeted a photo of this
RewardingGrin 15 hours ago
If this plays at the super bowl, not only will I watch football for once, but it will truly be the best day ever.
Cutest Videos of my Puppy Daisy
*Why am I crying? ;-;*
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera 15 hours ago
KEANE PAUL 16 hours ago
Better be played at the Super Bowl
Super Maddix 64
Super Maddix 64 16 hours ago
Lets rename the super bowl to bubble bowl
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz 16 hours ago
Leaked footage of the 2019 Super Bowl:
SnessFresh 16 hours ago
iS MAyOnNaAiSe aN InSTruMeNT???
MR KEEPR 16 hours ago
if this didn't play during the super bowl, the world is going to be disappointed.
Cripple Clean
Cripple Clean 16 hours ago
The. Best.
guardian 16 hours ago
They need to play this at the 2019 super bowl
John Klansek
John Klansek 16 hours ago
Like this if this should be the superbowl halftime show
Gavin Vincent
Gavin Vincent 15 hours ago
John Klansek falcons stadium just tweeted a photo of this
Ruiner Wingel
Ruiner Wingel 16 hours ago
After this years finals..
OneSaddBoii 16 hours ago
I'm not in the right emotional place for this rn
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