SpongeBob SquarePants "Sweet Victory" Performance 🎤 Band Geeks | Nick

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SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick and Squidward give you all the feels at the Bubble Bowl when they sing SWEET VICTORY! 🎤 Catch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.
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Dec 3, 2018

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Comments 35 557
Nickelodeon 2 months ago
Tabletop 12 days ago
Show old episodes more often
totally fake
totally fake 12 days ago
hi i only came here to see the shift of excitement to disapointment
9 year old
9 year old 12 days ago
Who came after the Superbowl?
virus Juvera
virus Juvera 12 days ago
This is as far as a way better performance then the one from this year.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Minute ago
The NFL and NASCAR are just kicking the NFL in the teeth
thejack714 43 minutes ago
Plays sicko mode
Senor Frog
Senor Frog 49 minutes ago
The people who disliked this video ACTUALLY liked the halftime show
AlvinoTostino Hour ago
the nfl has to play sweet victory next super bowl
weaboo furry
weaboo furry Hour ago
better than michel jackson
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 2 hours ago
Ultimate Trash boy
Ultimate Trash boy 2 hours ago
Ok comments tell me why sweet victory is better than sicko mode
Colter The Metaslash
We didn’t get a sweet victory, we just got a bitter loss.
Ultimate Trash boy
Ultimate Trash boy 2 hours ago
Top ten future predictions that went horribly wrong
HSingh21 ,
HSingh21 , 2 hours ago
So many memories
All Aboard the Lazy Train
Who's still mad at the NFL? Like for Sweet Victory Reply for Sweet Victory
Ralsei The derpy prince
*Sicko mode intensifies*
Emerald Gaming
Emerald Gaming 3 hours ago
At the halftime show this had been a sweet sweet disappointment
The Gamer
The Gamer 3 hours ago
heypookeybearitisi 3 hours ago
Nothing but respect for MY halftime show
꧁DLC_PR016꧂ 3 hours ago
The sound of a show that ended
Sinclair The Sniper YT
whoever disliked this i will find and beat them with a stick
SAMUEL GAMING 4 hours ago
Grease 4 hours ago
We should have had THIS at the Super Bowl.
Jackson W
Jackson W 4 hours ago
Hey is sweet victory the same as sicko mode? No NFL Sicko mode is not the same as Sweet victory
Sh0ck3d 4 hours ago
I‘m not crying you are
SeriousLightning 5 hours ago
Sicko mode
XXNoobXD 5 hours ago
can y'all pls upload best day ever?
The Phoenix
The Phoenix 5 hours ago
The winner takes all
_Pᄌიძᄇ 6 hours ago
This. Is. Just. Perfect.
Rage 6 hours ago
Sicko mode
Natashia Ford
Natashia Ford 7 hours ago
NFL take notes
Bailey Wilt Outdoors
Should’ve been the Super Bowl halftime show
Unlimited A.
Unlimited A. 9 hours ago
The winner takes all.....
Regie Rodelas
Regie Rodelas 9 hours ago
Thank you NHL for fixing it
Karla Ximena
Karla Ximena 9 hours ago
I like the Spanish one better than this one.
AnonymX 9 hours ago
Sicko mode
itzzz cherry
itzzz cherry 9 hours ago
It was very *sicko* of them to ruin this song on NFL.
Temzie / Temzette
Temzie / Temzette 10 hours ago
You failed us again.
Blu Scout
Blu Scout 10 hours ago
0:40 sicko mode slowly starts playing
cytone xd
cytone xd 11 hours ago
NFL, my dissapointment and hate is immeasurable
Tristan Wilson
Tristan Wilson 13 hours ago
Dashiell Gillingham
Dashiell Gillingham 13 hours ago
I somehow manufactured a memory of the rest of that song when I was six. Spent a year convinced it had been cut at some point. True story.
RH!NO 14 hours ago
I’m not crying you’re crying
Christian Vázquez
Christian Vázquez 14 hours ago
I cry everytime i see Squidward this happy
The Noob Dude
The Noob Dude 15 hours ago
"Be on the attack" I guess someone took inspiration from that quote *cough NHL and Nascar cough*
Tom Frei
Tom Frei 16 hours ago
Stillleben this isn't football. It's American football
Plant kael
Plant kael 16 hours ago
2.7k dislikes is from The NFL staff
Dwyane Padua
Dwyane Padua 16 hours ago
Hated the Real halftime Show.
Plant kael
Plant kael 16 hours ago
The NFL is regretting their decision for not putting sweet victory
Elijah Mills
Elijah Mills 17 hours ago
Still the best halftime show.
Reinn레인 씨
Reinn레인 씨 17 hours ago
Squidward's reaction is priceless, you could see how proud he was ♡
Fred Middleton
Fred Middleton 17 hours ago
Marcus Bonar
Marcus Bonar 17 hours ago
I'm sure Steven Hilenburg is proud boys thank you
Marcus Bonar
Marcus Bonar 17 hours ago
I'm sure Steven Hilenburg is proud boys thank you
Maniac Gamer900
Maniac Gamer900 17 hours ago
We did it Gamers we Destroyed the Sub Gab
Nicholas Myers
Nicholas Myers 17 hours ago
Best moment in spongebob ever Hello is this the krusty krab No this is patrik
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos
12/10 It made my pet rock cry.
Mike Stoll
Mike Stoll 18 hours ago
The Superbowl ripped off all Spongebob fans , they maid us think they were going to play Sweet victory and guess what nope. They did like 6 seconds of spongebob. I wish i could sue the superbowl.
The Diamond Emeяald
Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory
Isaiah Longo
Isaiah Longo 18 hours ago
Macawed 18 hours ago
0:58 When antivax moms are asked why they keep having kids
Sebs Platinum
Sebs Platinum 18 hours ago
This episode is legitimately the best Spongebob episode ever.
Markrios N7
Markrios N7 18 hours ago
BEST SONG EVER *wipes tear from eye*
Fluffy Muffins
Fluffy Muffins 19 hours ago
Sick0 m0de
Elementals 19 hours ago
Listen to the lyrics, song based of getting a win in fortnite
richelle verbeck
richelle verbeck 19 hours ago
After the band broke up he finally beat sico mode
Artist Creations Pictures, Inc.
Why does everybody think it’s the Super Bowl’s fault? I’m glad they put it in the show. It’s sweet victory of course for the Games.
TurtleHQ 19 hours ago
I'm so happy Dallas stars played this in honour of Steven
jessica Villacis
jessica Villacis 20 hours ago
Why did they not play this at the super bowl I’m still crying
Ugo Lam
Ugo Lam 20 hours ago
Happy 20th Birthday, SpongeBob!
dead memes
dead memes 20 hours ago
nickelodeon should sue the superbowl for not playing sweet victory. and then all that money would go to ALS research.
XEmelX 07
XEmelX 07 20 hours ago
F stephen
Ethan Dauz
Ethan Dauz 21 hour ago
NFL disrespect.
Dion oky Hermawan
Dion oky Hermawan 21 hour ago
what episode is this? I want to see full episode 😬
KoKoMiM 21 hour ago
The amount of people here because they were disappointed is astounding.
the mrdoughboy
the mrdoughboy 22 hours ago
Legends live in sweet victory forever
The Papa Sam Radio Show
Sweet Victory for WrestleMania 35 or NBA Finals. Like for NBA Finals Comment for WrestleMania
VaultyVaulty 22 hours ago
SiCko modE is bETteR
Maddy Speckmaier
Maddy Speckmaier 23 hours ago
I’m still salty
Family Vlogs
Family Vlogs 23 hours ago
Spongebob sing at the super bowl
Gg2ezxD _
Gg2ezxD _ 23 hours ago
Yo, imagine if they rick rolled us instead of sicko mode.
kiyru ,
kiyru , 22 hours ago
A name
A name 23 hours ago
My hero's
Molly Prysunka
Molly Prysunka 23 hours ago
I crie
依存Izon Day ago
0:20 literally anyone when sicko mode started playing
Yariel Portela
*Sweet Victory joined the chat* *Sicko mode joined the chat* *Sweet Victory left the chat*
Tyra Ellen
Tyra Ellen Day ago
I understand now why my big brother was laughing at this when we watched it together As a kid I didn’t think of the comedic value I just thought it was sponge bob or something
Tyra Ellen
Tyra Ellen Day ago
*Haha haha this has the same amount of views as the Super Bowl but more likes* 😂
Maryjane Gregg
Like= Sicko Mode Like= Sweet Victory
Norway Tracking
See, you screwed it up. At 0:36 you’re supposed to do an unsubtle transition into Sicko Mode.
A Common Soldier
Super bowl 2019 let us down. Will 2020 super bowl let us down?
I don't know what this is
Jaeda Blume
Jaeda Blume Day ago
someone needs to sing this to adam on the voice
PIE Day ago
Super bowl 53 was probably in the Toxic waste dumps
Hablo Pablo
Hablo Pablo Day ago
This was better than this years
i need a life
At least NHL played it.
pizza time man
Best anime
TLepageArt Day ago
At least the NHL Didn’t let us down
Wyatt_TheOne37 7
Man sponge bob is not like it used to be I remember this episode it was one of my favorites is maynoyies in intument
Charles Williams Jr
It's because you got older and your mind develop to other things in life
Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP
LOL alot of the comments talkin' about how this is going to be played at the Super Bowl are hard to find now
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