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To all the therapists I've seen before. I've been going to therapy for nearly two years now and it's something I'll always prioritize. I'm so happy with the therapist I have now HOWEVER it took me a long time to find the right one. In this video I chat about all the therapists I've seen and explain what I didn't like and what I learned. Hopefully this video can help anyone who's searching for a therapist and encourages you to not give up.
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Nov 6, 2018

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Jenn Im
Jenn Im 7 months ago
To all the therapists I've seen before... I wanted to sit down and chat about my whole journey on finding the right therapist for me. I would love to know your guys' therapy experiences in the comments below. n_n
helloliane 2 months ago
I also think it’s so cathartic to find a therapist that can identify and understand your cultural background. Korean American identity is nuanced, I’m so glad you found the right match in more ways than one!
Lu Moo
Lu Moo 6 months ago
thank you so much for sharing this TT
CREATE 7 months ago
Thank you for sharing. I would say in response to the second therapist , it reminds me I was quite lucky enough to have a friend that referred me to an 'intercultural therapist', who has studied and able to relate to different cultural norms of people of colour and relate to different experiences. This was important as she was a caucasian woman so I was apprehensive about how far that kind of relationship could go, you can tell how good a therapist is by her her own experiences in life and although of course I did not know anything about her personally its interesting to meet someone in person and sense how they approach therapy will be reflective of their style and care towards you. She was my first experience therapist who gave time to connect and care and listen. You just know when you feel a genuine connection with a therapist and that they are gifted in their practice when you feel a calm sense of ease and a safe space. I think advice for others, it would be great to get a therapist of the same ethic background but for many that may not have many options in their town for qualified practitioners, looking to their study and experience is just as important. For people of colour where options are limited look into therapists that specialise in intercultural therapy. Make sure their list of beliefs and process of therapy aligns with yours so you are able to get into your sessions with an open mind and the freedom to talk about your circumstances without shame or fear of judgement or projected beliefs. I'm glad with regards to yourself that you found your match! I came across your video randomly. Wishing you all the best.
Julia Hu
Julia Hu 7 months ago
hi jenn!! thank u sooo much for uploading this video, it has given so much insight and inspiration to me... please make more mental health related content!! love julia xxx
Emma McGinn
Emma McGinn 7 months ago
Mallory Grimste, LCSW - Teen Therapist
you are doing such a great thing by sharing your experience! this is how the stigmas get broken. thank you!
Angel Jin
Angel Jin 13 days ago
the "your asian parents suck and you should ditch them" line is the worst. no one should ever tell someone to severe ties with their parents without understanding the context of that relationship. I got this line all the time from american teachers, coaches, even pediatricians growing up and it's rude, patronizing, and undermining.
Emily Park
Emily Park Month ago
Please do a makeup tutorial on this look!! 😻
Lusi Lin
Lusi Lin Month ago
Her advice about ur parents...that is actually why I am still trying to find a therapist who is more familiar with the way we Asian-Americans grew up...but I haven't found any in the Bay Area 😞 And I do like the idea of a therapist who asks questions to help get me to what I need to do rather than a therapist who just tells me what to do -_- BTW how do you feel about talking too therapist via video rather than personally in their office?
BixPanther 2 months ago
Yeees! I love this type of content! This video was so helpful, even though mental health awareness is higher than ever, it's still not talked about enough, especially not in depth like this ! Thank you 💖
Sooji Oh
Sooji Oh 2 months ago
Does anyone have trouble finding a line between 'keep changing the therapist until I hear what I want to hear from the session' and 'need to keep looking for the right one for me'. I think this is always the dilemma I have and end up demotivating me to go and see therapists.
Kathy Nguyen
Kathy Nguyen 2 months ago
live your videos Jenn
Clairebear Eats
Clairebear Eats 2 months ago
i love this video
Shijia Liu
Shijia Liu 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing ur experience
Ashleigh E
Ashleigh E 2 months ago
thank you so much for the advice!
helloliane 2 months ago
Yes!!! Therapy has been a catalyst for me and it has influenced all of my relationships because the change started with me first. Love your therapy journey, you are opening minds and hearts for so many of your followers! 💗
jorayna1 2 months ago
You pooooor thing! The first two were so unprofessional!
Chen Wang
Chen Wang 2 months ago
Thank you for posting this, I've never seen someone talk about their therapy experiences in such details. I've seen a Korean-American therapist when I was in the university a year ago and we had this counseling's office and she seemed to have a good reputation there. I definitely never regretted doing the therapy and it was less than a year and the whole process helped me so much including healing from a past trauma. But eventually I felt like she acted judgmental occasionally and I ended up not not being able to trust her as much so I stopped my therapy. Also one thing that relates to your video is that I did realize later on that finding someone who has a multicultural background was helpful in my case, because she had been there in similar situations as well so that must have made it relatively easier for her to relate to me, that she used to be an international student before settling down in the US. Another thing is that I actually like it that your therapist didn't tell you the solution but rather lead you through things as you find your own solution. For me gradually I realized that my therapist tend to be assertive in giving me advice on what exactly I'd need to do when it comes to specific problems in my studies and life and because I was beginning to value her opinions more and more as our therapy went on, I started feeling a kind of unease that I was letting this one person have this much influence on my life (I don't consider myself having a strong support system), like whether I should apply to programs this year or next year...so I actually prefer that the therapist doesn't tell you what to do. I have a professor that I worked with who had similar styles of guiding students when it comes to doing research and writing papers; it could be frustrating to some people or, even for me, at certain occasions when you really do want to hear specific suggestions on what to do, but for me not telling me what exactly I need to do is to give me the maximum amount of space and freedom while guiding me along the way.
徐梦妍 2 months ago
Hi jenn ! Im one of your abroad fans and i have watched this video like about a year ago. The reason why i wanted to leave a message today because yesterday i just came back from a hospital and feel some same feeling just like you mentenion. I feel being judged and treated not like an identify but just one of their kpi.. I didn't feel helped at the end. And this is my first time with therapist or seekin help. And i just remembered there was a girl who i followed on youtube talked about this so i come to check it out. And this time i feel more understandable and have courage to my next "date " anyway, wish you all good
徐梦妍 2 months ago
Aww not a year ago.. I forgot about the time sorry 😂 but i did watch this video befor
graku2025 2 months ago
wowowoww.. i'm also asian american so that comment "you don't owe them anything" is infuriating. but i think it was definitely a cultural difference that she failed to recognize/understand. and yes to more mental health videos. thanks for sharing
jooyeon lee
jooyeon lee 2 months ago
한국어자막 너무고마워요 팬이에요!
Kexin Zhang
Kexin Zhang 2 months ago
Hi Jenn, I love this video so so so much! It's deep, honest and sincere. Thank you for sharing your experience and all the struggles you've been through. As a Chinese student who used to study in the states, I totally feel the same way about the responsibility of supporting the family...Luckily my parents are very open-minded and they don't really ask for anything. But still, for me...I give myself too much pressure and always self criticize. I am thinking about getting a therapist in China too. Thank you again for sharing this. Would love to see more about this kind of topic! Love you, xoxo
Zayda Cortez
Zayda Cortez 2 months ago
Who else feels like they need to take care of their parents? I can’t shake it. It’s at my core.
Jacey 2 months ago
I'd love to see more videos like this jenn! you talking about mental health is very refreshing and reassuring
Annieflowes 2 months ago
I wish I saw this video earlier
Wan Jia Tang
Wan Jia Tang 2 months ago
I love your makeup in this video. Can u please do a tutorial on it?
Merve Talks
Merve Talks 2 months ago
you are so right :) I am glad it helped you :)
reiiisan 2 months ago
I once went to a therapist during college because I was so stressed and crying everyday. I did five sessions. She wouldn't give me any advice other than "go to sleep early" and "try not to be on your phone too much". My mom would ask me about every session and she was very dissapointed. After the fifth session I just told the lady I was feeling better so I didn't need any more therapy. I pretty much got robbed (60$ every session, first one for free). I even remember she had me do a list of what I liked and disliked about myself, but after I gave it to her she never talked about it again ??
Karen Lum
Karen Lum 2 months ago
I CANNOT believe your therapist pushed ayahuasca on you! SO inappropriate!
Shahreen Hossain
Shahreen Hossain 2 months ago
pls more vids!!!
Li Ricepaper
Li Ricepaper 2 months ago
cant imagine a person like Jenn had all those problems!thanks alot for sharing Jenn❤️
deadSexy EARS
deadSexy EARS 3 months ago
More if this kind of content! I think it is very helpful
Imane Chelioui
Imane Chelioui 3 months ago
Yes pls more videos on mental health
angel rose
angel rose 3 months ago
Please do more mental health videos!!!! Even though it's just you talking about ur experiences, I love hearing it because I find myself to relate too! I love u Jenn!!!!
monica green
monica green 3 months ago
한글자막작성자분 넘 감사해요🌷
TelleMW 3 months ago
How to know if you need to see a therapist? Feel like I’m suffering with deep past issues but idk if it’s a big enough deal to see one
Xin Marshall
Xin Marshall 3 months ago
Thank you so much for sharing this. This is the first video of yours that I've seen (after being linked by a friend), and I've just subscribed. You've inspired me to reflect on my own therapy journey.
Kerry Howard
Kerry Howard 3 months ago
I think the therapist who recommended ayahuasca went about it the wrong way, and I'm sorry she did that. You should never be pressured to partake in any substances involuntarily - drugs, alcohol, or even something as simple as the food you eat. There is something to be said however about certain psychoactive drugs' properties which have a certain effect of introspection and alteration of your world views. Most people who try it say the same thing - that they see the world, their viewpoints, and their connections with people in a different light. It literally forces your brain to make connections between sections of itself that have never spoken before, which often allows you to step back and take a hard look at some of your most ingrained beliefs. BUT using a drug for the purpose of solving a problem is almost never a good thing. You should ONLY partake in ANY substance with the *full understanding* of 1) what they are/how they work 2) the fact that they are recreational additions to your current life, and NOT solutions to your issues. With psychoactives especially - without the proper mindset and intentions you could easily have what is called a "bad trip", which can be terrifying and mentally scarring. Be safe out there kids, and educate yourselves always.
Milena Iwańska
Milena Iwańska 4 months ago
Omg this video helped me so much, thank you! ❤
Marlot Westera
Marlot Westera 4 months ago
I would love more content on mental health
Trisha Weilert
Trisha Weilert 4 months ago
I’m a strong advocate of therapy! I went for two years in high school and it was so transformative & helpful. It’s amazing the magic that can happen with the right tools. I’m glad you didn’t give up and you found a match!
I can totally relate to this 🤔😅😅
전태형 4 months ago
this is one of the best videos you've uploaded ㅠㅠ i almost cried when u said ' be gentle to everyone, especially YOU' 앞으로도 좋은 영상 기대할게요~~~ and i would be really happy to see more of these videos related to mental health!!! 화이팅 ♥
dogsrule17 4 months ago
I loved this video so much Jenn :) Thank you for sharing!!! Please share more mental health videos
Rue Rue
Rue Rue 4 months ago
In general you are right we must not be quick to give premature answers there is a bible saying which goes “ everyone must be slow to speak and quick to listen” sometime you just want to show that to the therapists hahahha About your therapist advice to cut off your parents - that was awful but maybe she meant well. What I have learnt is that we only owe our parents love and respect. So if you want to help them please do it’s good and I don’t know if you believe in God -I believe in him and from the holy scriptures it says parents should be honoured. For some people taking care of them is their way to honour so I understand why you were upset it’s sweet because you actually appreciate all they have done for you. Adding to that. However don’t allow that care to make you stressed because it should be joyful to care for them just like the saying there is so much happiness in giving than receiving. In general it becomes an issue if say you feel you have to do this otherwise ... just an eg. I hope you remain strong and awesome n fabulous which you already are :). Well done reducing alcohol 💕
Rue Rue
Rue Rue 4 months ago
Whatyou said about considering distance regarding finding therapist is so true. Also yes it would have to be treated like a relationship because it is. To be honest your red flags part resonated with me. Sometimes you know this ain’t the right one but if you have a personally that gets too attached you might struggle to change despite awareness that you could do with better. So it’s good to watch out for the red flags like you said. I laughed when you said a tired calm and when you said I freaking cried me a river hahahha I did the same too in the only therapy I have ever gone to. Kkkkkk but it was short lived though the lady was compassionate. Also we spoke half and half and she offered so many solutions and I really liked her but I wish we didn’t have to stop cause I was changing home jobs etc so I had to move. And I let her know which made her feel I should be ready to find another since I will changing my home address.
Rue Rue
Rue Rue 4 months ago
Jenna Im. I love you. I love korean. Watch way too many dramma of each. I find you inspiring your every video I take one or two things even the old videos about after school ten things you could do different or so. Also the one about your parents being abused in America. I love that. I’m Zimbabwean and I live in London. So I could relate. Thank you. This video too. Thank you. I have so much to say to you about this your lovely video I will try to come back and reply fully as I’m at work ❤️💞💕thanks for your saying be gentle with everyone and yourself especially yourself. So I repeat it to you too Jenn 😍💞❤️
Julia Liu
Julia Liu 4 months ago
i've had a tough time finding the right therapist as well, i went to see a handful and the best one was one that I got referred to!
Julia Liu
Julia Liu 4 months ago
would love to see more mental health videos!
Meredith Taylor
Meredith Taylor 4 months ago
I love you so damn much - this pink look, this video - you're so helpful and inspiring. As I have struggled with mental health and have gone through therapy this was v relatable. Your content is amazing!! As are you!!
Tas B
Tas B 4 months ago
I went to therapy in sixth form and it was so 💩 bc the therapist just couldn't understand my culture as well as said "you don't owe your family anything, go move out for uni" - and I got super influenced with this to the point it broke me down. Never again. I want to do therapy again but I'm just so put off 😅
Annyx 4 months ago
Omg ily so much, I have literally been watching you since 3 years ago and I think you had 800k then? But I have been trying to binge watch all your videos lately because now I graduated from Uni and I started watching you when I started Uni, during Uni I got so busy that I didn't even have time to watch anything LOL! Just wanted to say I am so happy to see you come SO FAR and opening up to us!! ILYSM
Kelina 5 months ago
This is such a great video and so informational, I very scared to start therapy so hearing you talk about it which it’s hard to find good videos on topics like this, you made it very easy thank you!
Abigail Delgado
Abigail Delgado 5 months ago
Please make more videos like this!
Black Fire
Black Fire 5 months ago
I want to go to therapy but I haven't yet. This video was so helpful and organized, I love your videos 💕
Mia Shaw
Mia Shaw 6 months ago
this video was so helpful! i would love to see more content like this.
Maria Escobar
Maria Escobar 6 months ago
I want mooreeee videos like this!!!😍😍😍
colojuli 6 months ago
Your current therapist reminds me of the one I had for 3 years. She never really gave me any straight up advice, which kind of drove me crazy at times, but she let me arrive to the conclusions by myself. She was great :)
CartDi 6 months ago
I don’t even know how to tell you how helpful this was. Thank you ♥️
Jessa Petersen-Perry
So thankful for my therapist!
Evelyn Teodoro
Evelyn Teodoro 6 months ago
Thank you so much Jenn
rosemdance 6 months ago
I love this! Thank you very much for taking the time to open up about your therapy experiences. Even just getting the narrative out there that it takes time and to not give up is so important! ❤️
Vittoria Burioni
Vittoria Burioni 6 months ago
7:38 that face :')
Karen Kwan
Karen Kwan 6 months ago
this video is so helpful! I've been contemplating about going to therapy for a long time, and your advice makes looking for the right therapist a lot easier! Thank you :)
Sherry Chen
Sherry Chen 6 months ago
your current therapist sounds exactly like my therapist right now!!!!!!!! omg I love this, thanks for sharing Jen!!
WiwyWish 6 months ago
I would love for you to share some ways to cope with psycological issues. Everyone has different experiences in therapy, and not everyone finds a solution, but if you have found some solutions for yourself, maybe they can help us who haven’t found one yet :)
Amanda 6 months ago
I've had the same qualms for seeing a therapist because of differences in culture. As an Asian person, we put so much pressure on ourselves to meet expectations as well as take care of our family. There is an obligation that we are raised to have to take care of our parents and family. I completely love that you shared this. Therapy is really an amazing thing.
Ana R.
Ana R. 6 months ago
Hey Jenn! Absolutely love your travel & relationship videos, but this one on mental health and therapy feels really special. I was a psych student for 5 or 6 years and for most of that time, I had no idea that a lot of the mental health issues we discussed in class actually related to me. I only sought therapy once I was away from home and studying abroad. My first therapist was...very much not for me, but our schedules didn't line up so I was placed with a different one. She was absolutely fantastic, and so was the therapist I ended up seeing back in the U.S. (All of my therapists were white, but my last two were really good at letting me speak about my life without white-washing it or ignoring the cultural aspects._ As a person of color, I think it's incredibly important that we hear other POC sharing their mental health journeys and therapy experiences. So often, it seems like people of color are just brought up with this "grin and bear it" attitude. But that doesn't mean we have to bear it alone. So thank you Jenn!
vampvivid 6 months ago
I'm glad you made this video, Jen. It just shows not all therapist are great. Whenever I tell people about my experience with a therapist, they couldn't believe me. I felt so upset about that, just because they have a degree doesn't mean they're always going to be a good therapist. There are good lawyers, bad lawyers, good cops, bad cops, good doctors, bad doctors and some people are just blinded by the bad one. My therapist exposed my personal life to my school and even called the 911 saying I wrote a suicidal letter when I did not write anything to her. I just stopped seeing her because I felt uncomfortable with her. She decide to revenge on me by calling 911, getting the cops visit my mom, that was so uncalled for. I'm glad you found the right therapist, Jen!
Mer Mer
Mer Mer 6 months ago
Thank you Jenn ! This video is really helpful ! I’m under pressure for a long time , maybe it’s the time for me to try the mental therapist too :) Thanks again !
Alex Melendez
Alex Melendez 6 months ago
Pleeeease make more videos like this! I've always loved your channel and videos, and this made me feel so much better about having mental health issues. Not enough people talk about it, and it's so refreshing and helpful for my own experience when others open up. I'm mexican-american first generation, and so I can relate to owing your parents. I've had to leave a couple of wh1te therapists because they just didn't understand that sort of culture. I'm still trying to find someone, and this video gave me some hope.
Emaline L.
Emaline L. 6 months ago
Would LOVE to see more mental health videos :) and thank you for going thru your journey about finding the therapist that's right for you. I'll definitely be taking this advice to heart when I find one for myself one day :)
Julz Amidala
Julz Amidala 6 months ago
+1 on not throwing up at Joshua Tree! OMG! But +1 on dealing with toxic social situations too. +100 on not having our own issues bleed into our relationships! Your insight about our problems growing more complex along with our lives is so helpful! Thanks, Jenn 💛
Thảo Vi
Thảo Vi 6 months ago
As a future grad student in Counseling and MFT, this video is everything I need right now. Thank you.
Zhen Yang
Zhen Yang 6 months ago
Hi Jen, I'm so glad I saw your video. I'm having the same issue/feeling with you. I'm a chinese who married to a British and live in the UK over 12 years. I feel I own my parents everything and I feel guilty that I'm not with them. They are living in China, although we go to see them every year. But I feel failed to be a good daughter.
roundbunny 6 months ago
hi jen i havent watched that many of your vids (not into your eggie line etc since it isnt my style) but LOVE LOVE LOVE this video, thank you so much , please do more like this! thank you for sharing with us, i am sure many others feel the same. mental health is so improtant. i am so happy for you that you found a good therapist!! i am inspired b y you to serach for one too. i get what you mean about same ethniticity....totally get it!!
Violacea L
Violacea L 6 months ago
More mental health videos please. This has been therapeutic
Lucía Mengual
Lucía Mengual 6 months ago
jenn, this was helpful for me in a way you cant imagine. i gave up on searching for a therapist bc of my bad experiences but maybe it just takes more time (?)
Marg Ona
Marg Ona 6 months ago
frantastique 6 months ago
Wow this is actually really helpful, like, in my experience I just went to the first therapist I found and didn't even took the time to say: is this person good for what I need or not. I went first to a psychiatrist and he just gave me pills, we didn't have more than 30 minutes to talk and I could see him just once a month. After a year he realized I needed therapy with a psychologist, but she sucked so much I just stopped going to both of them. I got so mad these people were so tired and busy and were just working like robots I just told to myself I am gonna recover on my own. Just deal with it, and stay strong. Of course it wasn't the best decision, for a few years I felt ok (that was on 2012) but since last year to now, I know I am under so much shit I really need to go to therapy. My problem is that I am poor so I can't afford better therapist and I am most likely get the same kind of public therapist with just a few minutes a month to talk and feel unlistened... but this actually helps, now I know what to look for on a therapist and hopefuly I will be able to go to a better one in the future.
Corey Chatman
Corey Chatman 6 months ago
Love this video. Thanks girl.
PapillonBleuNoir 6 months ago
I'm so glad you've found the right therapist! That is so important... And I'm sure therapy can be so healing with the right person :) Because of my circumstances I could only try text therapy, and honestly I don't think that the platform is bad in any way. it's actually cool how you have time to think and write down what you really mean, and also have time to think about what your therapist said, it's just that in my case they didn't match/were bad therapists. The first one felt like she didn't listen to my feelings at all, just went through a checklist of what she should ask and pushed me to "move on" sort of... The next one was just letting me talk and didn't even pay attention to what I was saying and what happened. After a year I was in a better place though and tried again and it seemed really great, but then she basically just kept saying the things I told her back to me like "Oh I see you're getting better. That's great." and that's it basically. The last straw was when she said that my relationship with my narcissistic ex that I was talking about for a month "started well, but then he was just confused and ended up hurting me" and when I asked her how to get my self-esteem back she said "surround yourself with good people. But you need to have confidence in yourself first." and didn't even try to even start helping me get there. Like, great, thanks for that, now I'm all healed...?? It's so exhausting to open yourself up deeply to people and then get really uncomfortable results. I know it made me incapable of doing that anymore :/ I still support therapy though, I can see the vast potentials of it! Anyone with a good therapist, appreciate it, it's so enviable.
Carmen Pham
Carmen Pham 6 months ago
Wow yes it took me so so long to understand the cutural importance and difference of parents in the Asian community especially with my in laws I get it now even though I do not have the same feelings for my own parents
Naomi Daimaru
Naomi Daimaru 6 months ago
I'm a trans Asian American from hawaii, i am currently seeing my therapist for over 2 years now too, and she has helped to encourage me in becoming a better person. Im so happy for you to share with us your therapy journey and that you found a an awesome therapist 😊love you jenn!
Joan Z
Joan Z 6 months ago
my mental health journey has also been a long and tiring one and i am so relieved that i found a therapist that i can work with! finding an asian-american therapist was also really important to me when looking for a therapist. another commenter mentioned this, but with white therapists, i spend more time explaining the values & beliefs behind my culture(s) vs. getting the help i need.... never mind the fact that cultural identity is something i already struggle with. i live in the midwest, and in the state i live in, i had a really hard time finding an asian-american therapist that took my insurance. however, one of the therapists that i contacted provided me with a list of therapists that she knew personally and took my insurance. and that's how i found the therapist i currently see :) if you encounter a therapist that you feel like understands you but cannot see them for whatever reason, i highly highly recommend asking them for recommendations.
Love Ly
Love Ly 6 months ago
Yes, more mental health videos please!
SongS DP
SongS DP 6 months ago
Yes! I’m also following therapy ❤️ I got lucky to find the right therapist immediately.
Aleta-Michele aka Following Michele
This isn't the type of video to have ads pop up in the middle of...but I agree sometimes you may have better success with professionals that you have more in common with.
Enchanteralle 6 months ago
As an Asian American therapist myself, I agree that sometimes clients just need to take the risk to shop around before they find a good fit. Finding a therapist who understands your culture (not just ethnicity) is very important. The key here is that the client will work on goals that he/she establish. I'm glad you found one that lets you explore your own goals. These days a lot of clients want to get therapy to get a solution or answer from their therapists. Doesn't work that way. A lot of people want instant gratification. Thanks for sharing!
Rebecca Sun
Rebecca Sun 6 months ago
Being a therapist myself, this was really interesting and awesome to watch. I'm really glad that you kept it up in finding the right fit for you because the therapeutic relationship is truly so important in the effectiveness of therapy. Also, thank you for being so opened about your process and giving therapy a platform that is real and personal; it is a stark contrast to so much of the negative connotations with therapy.
Ambi H
Ambi H 6 months ago
Watching this and hearing about your experiences and how you were able to push through difficulties was inspiring. It makes me really appreciate the therapists I’ve started seeing a few months back! I’m grateful to have the opportunity to see a therapist. We can only continue striving towards self-love and compassion!
Radha H
Radha H 6 months ago
Love this video! So informative and candid. So great. Thank you
Karl Wang
Karl Wang 6 months ago
I attend a caucasian-dominant college, and let alone being one of the few Asian-Americans, whereas the other Asians are international students. Tbh this video sparked an interest to become a therapist in places like my current college because, as far as I know, most of the counselors/therapists here are caucasian or european. You made a good point on meeting a therapist of color and with more relatable views to the client. I am a communication major and i have been pondering on what exactly I want to do with this major but this may be the start of something new for me~ thank you Jenn for your insightful and informational video. Youre openness on your mental struggles is SO relatable because anger is such a common and prevalent personality-flaw most of us have.
Manpreet Kaur Sidhu
Manpreet Kaur Sidhu 6 months ago
Omg...thankk you for the video girl 😍😍😍...I kinda feel like it is really frustrating to find the right therapist. But it seems it was worth for you and I am glad for you ☺
Pingu Pinga
Pingu Pinga 6 months ago
I think the counsellors telling you what to do is just a different style because some people are so depressed that they don't know what to do at all. Also, I heard that LA has a lot of the spiritual law of attraction people rather than more clinical counselling
Goeun 6 months ago
Yes yes yes, more videos like this please. We all learn this journey of our lives. We experience so much things that are beautiful, amazing but can tear us down hard but I am going to keep going, trying my best to be better for myself and for others. I see that you're trying your best too and I admire that. I am lucky to be shared the journey of yours. Thank you Jenn.
Asia Cooley
Asia Cooley 6 months ago
I've wanted to go to therapy for a long time but never had the means so once I finally transferred to my current university I took advantage of the resources. The sessions are limited, the time is short, and as a black woman I'm confining to a white man (which I never thought would happen lol). I wouldn't say he's the one, but we get along and its good enough for what I have. It never feels like I have enough time to get everything out because the space inbetween visits is over a month, but I've actually learned that with therapy I've surprisingly done a lot on my own. More than I thought I have prior to one. I hope that when I can afford it post grad I can find a therapist again, because there's so much more I haven't figured out about myself.
Iki n
Iki n 6 months ago
Would love to hear some of the actual questions she asks to help you figure things out. Obviously not asking for ones that would give away things you don't feel comfortable sharing, but some tools would be great for us who have never been to therapy. Thank you for sharing ❤
Gia Lazarus
Gia Lazarus 6 months ago
I loved this type of video!
Sally Tang
Sally Tang 6 months ago
Hi Jenn, I have been subscribed to you since 2014 but I kind of stopped watching because I found some stuff unrelatable but this video made such a huge impact on me and it is sooo relatable because I have been on this therapy seeking journey for a while. I am also a female asian living in America and I was wondering if you could maybe post the contact information of these female asian therapists. It would be sososo helpful either way thought thank you so much for this video 💕
Vivienne CS
Vivienne CS 6 months ago
Have you noticed all the Asian therapists that have commented in the past week? You can always take a trip to your closest Chinatown and grab a few Asian newspapers. There should be at least 1 Asian american that's smart enough to place an ad there.
papaja 6 months ago
Thank you for posting this ! I'm sending you lots of positivity from Germany
stephanie meza
stephanie meza 6 months ago
Sharing is bs. My mom worked hard to buy my stuff. I never shared my things but also didn’t expect people to share with me. teachers would get upset so I would have them call my mom.
Wear I Live
Wear I Live 6 months ago
Jenn, ahhh I'm in the process of finding a therapist and your story of your first therapist is the exact same thing I'm kind of going through right now. Felt really nice to hear you have the same thing. Ending really abruptly left me feeling really on edge, and then not being able to see her again for awhile, and overhearing my therapist ask the woman at the front desk who I was, did not feel good! in the process of trying to find someone else. Thanks for sharing this video though it's so helpful for all of those out there interested! and therapy is such an important thing!
The Love Assembly
The Love Assembly 6 months ago
Gosh, this reminds me why I'm really intrigued by you and your channel. You're a deep thinker, and I've always been drawn to people like that IRL but never really found it online in young women who are content creators. Even if it is a simple speaking to the camera video that isn't highly edited with illustrations and fancy things it's very insightful and has so much impact. Loved that Jenn. Also, your hair looks great (just had to express that too) :)
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