Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Halle Berry & Anjelica Huston

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James invites his esteemed guests, Anjelica Huston, and Halle Berry, to partake in a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, where each takes turns to make a simple choice: answer the very personal question posed to them truthfully, or eat whatever is in front of them. Some of the foods they'll face include turkey testicles, bull penis, and beetle nachos.
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May 17, 2019




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Comments 3 639
sonya kirk
sonya kirk 3 hours ago
Really I have true lose people have you? I am pidded off and will defended humanity with my own life.
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo 4 hours ago
Selena Marie I can speak to you without saying nothing at all - every time I hear your voice it's like the angels singing ! It's calming and heavenly perfect ! Life's too short baby to worry about any kinda of temporary pain or awkwardness - that's pointless and won't last only love lasts forever ! No one could possibly ever love you more than I do ! It's impossible you mean everything to me Selena ! No misunderstanding ! Baby I'm going crazy and want to go see you and not ever be apart ever again ! I could really use a wish right now ! So airplane airplane tell Selena to be on her way ! Come save the day !
Lovisa Persson
Lovisa Persson 6 hours ago
Do this with Harry Styles i would love to watch that😂
Heidi Klippenberg
Heidi Klippenberg 15 hours ago
cow tung is a delicacy in Norway, it is something they have on there bread.
Feline Samurai
Feline Samurai 15 hours ago
Oh my god guys!! I dont even whatch the program but there the 2 BEST ladies ever Respect
Gandalf the Grey
Gandalf the Grey 17 hours ago
Why does James ALWAY get cow tongue?
Abee 2 days ago
Who does angelica look like? Its this actor! I cant pinpoint it
chivakias85 4 days ago
I am pretty sure she is talking about Reeves
Raghav Gupta
Raghav Gupta 5 days ago
From where did he get a thousand year old egg?
Nika Tatarishvili
We need one with meth or red, or ... BOTH!!!
Gunnhild Edwards
Gunnhild Edwards 5 days ago
He went to Jail? Not to subtle there Halle. I think I know who she's refering to
hypeboss69 5 days ago
everyone gives James the cow tongue but i honestly think he doesn't mind it xD
Jackie 8 days ago
Halle Berry’s two hated actors are Wesley Snipes and Robert Downey Jr. She blamed RDJ for breaking her arm.
Nina Amaral
Nina Amaral 8 days ago
Can´t believe she didn´t say Catwomen
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 9 days ago
Halle is hella tough, saw her on Hot Ones. She took down the 10 wings with some insanely hot sauces with class and maintained her grace right through.
MrSaokid4463 10 days ago
i fucking love Anjelica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
R. Püh
R. Püh 11 days ago
Overrated: Dwayne Johnson!!
R. Püh
R. Püh 11 days ago
I think it's Pierce Brosnan
Armyforever 9597
Armyforever 9597 12 days ago
James said no cow tongue for him but he ate it afterwards anyway,wth😂
Omar Al Khaldi
Omar Al Khaldi 12 days ago
that was on my birthday
Pierrematic _
Pierrematic _ 13 days ago
Cow tongue is amazing with mustard
Zandria !!!
Zandria !!! 13 days ago
Anyone else kinda want to try the hot cheeto smoothie or am I just weird😂😂😂
Emily Bryyson
Emily Bryyson 13 days ago
I just watched Angelica's movie "Trouble" on Netflix. I ordered it on DVD tho. It is 1 of the funniest movies I've ever seen! Watch it if you can! Love her!!!!
Luz Oliveira
Luz Oliveira 13 days ago
halle was talking about harvey weinstein no doubt
Robeto Sumi
Robeto Sumi 15 days ago
I really want Bear Gryll to come to this show. I assume he would leave the table empty
Kevin Cadsawan
Kevin Cadsawan 15 days ago
9:03 *Angelica ate the flowers. Hahaha
bomatt 15 days ago
Damn, how old is Halle Berry now? She still looks very beautiful.
Multi Babies
Multi Babies 15 days ago
I remember Halle from cat-woman I freakin love that movie 😆
Aliens 15 days ago
Aubrey plaza and Anna kendrick pls
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson 15 days ago
Halle... 👌🏻
Alyss Kennedy
Alyss Kennedy 16 days ago
Halle was talking about Robert Downey Jr.
Latoya Marie
Latoya Marie 16 days ago
B.a.p.s was Halle worse movie
Sara Noor
Sara Noor 16 days ago
Who else think its kevin hart who halle didnt want to work with? He is short.
Matthew O'Brien
Matthew O'Brien 17 days ago
Do one with Millie Bobby Brown
Tracy Crespo
Tracy Crespo 17 days ago
That's nasty eww poor Halle berry and Anjelica Huston
Chris Ehab
Chris Ehab 17 days ago
I just came here for Angelica Huston myyy favvv ever ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
dew drops
dew drops 18 days ago
I want to see Tom Holland and Kevin Hart do this segment!
Joshua Frick
Joshua Frick 19 days ago
UK peeps: James always does this super shocked/hilarious laugh thing with his face & body every time there's even anything remotely comedic going on with a celebrity guest. It's like the mix of filming a beer commercial and ass kissing. Is this a British thing or has he just spent too much time in LA?
Joshua Frick
Joshua Frick 19 days ago
Anjelica Huston is one of those celebrities who I've heard their name for years, but, before seeing this, couldn't of picked her out of a photo lineup or named a single thing she's been in if my life depended on it.
Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson 19 days ago
"You'll be good on this one to because you've never been in a bad movie." *Cough* Catwoman *Cough*
Prakash Menon
Prakash Menon 19 days ago
Halle Berry is impeccable, incredibly beautiful
burnTHA KeyeKs
burnTHA KeyeKs 20 days ago
I really just don't get it. As the host, it makes perfect sense why he wouldn't answer these questions; he needs to keep all options available in order to keep his show full of guests. No one will want to appear on the show that they were badmouthed on infront of a national audience. With that being said. Once you have won awards or are much older especially, why would you be afraid to answer these questions? Double that when it's clearly for comedy? It just kind of makes the gag of eating nasty food less funny because they are willing to "eat gross things" than answer questions. We are talking about people who will get absolutely naked and make themselves look ridiculous in many facets infront of a camera for a movie that possibly will flop, but they can't answer these mundane questions? Idk
Xanthe Matychak
Xanthe Matychak 21 day ago
Luke Lavallee
Luke Lavallee 21 day ago
Omg Halle looking amazing 😍😍
alberto032973 22 days ago
I would love 2 see more new episodes of this game
alberto032973 22 days ago
I love Angelica Huston in captain eo with michael jackson
Charlotte Brown
Charlotte Brown 22 days ago
Can I actually do this though u think I would either be able to answer them all or eat most of them that sounds mad but I think I have a good stomach
MakeupLover 22 days ago
Dang, James is spilling all the tea putting Jimmy Fallon on blast for being the most drunk at the party! JF is notorious for being an alcoholic
Briley 22 days ago
halle is so effortlessly gorgeous
Filip Filip
Filip Filip 22 days ago
spill your guts or fill your guts with Ariana Grande pls
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 25 days ago
If you look closely at Halle Berry you can see she is totally out of my league
Aki 08
Aki 08 25 days ago
Halle come on everyone knows iron man broke your arm😂😂😂
Summer Voigt
Summer Voigt 25 days ago
i kinda want a flaming hot cheeto smoothie..
Heather C
Heather C 25 days ago
We need to get the following celebs on this segment like ASAP! Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Chrissy Teigen Cardi B Tom Holland Tiffany Haddish Kevin Hart Dwayne Johnson PLEASE 🙌
Jerrie Zungia
Jerrie Zungia 26 days ago
Just eat the damn cow tongue JC...cheating ass
Emily Miner
Emily Miner 26 days ago
Am I the only one who actually wants to try some of the food?
brian faw
brian faw 26 days ago
Geez how is Halle so damn beautiful at her age?
Elise Howell
Elise Howell 26 days ago
No one has balls to answer..ever
Ben Powell
Ben Powell 26 days ago
I was expecting Halley to say die another day when they asked about her least favourite movie because of the invisible car.
ERIKA DOWDY 27 days ago
I bet it was Tom Cruise- since he’s not tall at all
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