Spending 24 Hours In A City With No Laws

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We spent 24 hours straight in slab city, aka the city with no laws.
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May 7, 2019




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Comments 42 979
MrBeast 2 months ago
Today is my birthday, subscribe plz
denise mcconnell
denise mcconnell 2 hours ago
Popo gaming 😗
Cool Mill
Cool Mill 4 hours ago
Blue-Red Dare
Blue-Red Dare 9 hours ago
Happy late birthday dude! ^_^
Max Dixon
Max Dixon 12 days ago
Or is it
twistedhacker 25 days ago
On may is my birth day to
Theodore AB
Theodore AB Minute ago
Sorry about the late news but... jimmy got shot
gacha go kitty
gacha go kitty 2 minutes ago
No electricity how party work
InForTheWin32 37 minutes ago
This is literally sandy shores
Isaiah Jackson
Me beast can I pay you $1,000 to do both 😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂
blue Gamer animations
Basketball goal: *whistles and waits for them to play with him* Guy with 3 knives: YOUR GONNA DIE! ME: HAHAHA you cant kill a basketball goal its pretty lifeless already
heather pennington
heather pennington 45 minutes ago
He doesn't know he's high
Stella V.
Stella V. 3 hours ago
A random man approaches you and say there is an open mic night in the middle of the dessert. Everyone else: Hell nah MrBeast: Sounds fun. Let’s go!
Ntuly25 8 hours ago
i thought you said their was no electricity so 9:59 and 0:07 what
Ntuly25 8 hours ago
i thought you said their was no electricity so 9:59 and 0:07 what
KK Kitty Kat
KK Kitty Kat 8 hours ago
CL4P-TP 11 hours ago
Roses are red, violets are blue I just watched good content and so did you
Da Asha Zireael
Da Asha Zireael 12 hours ago
Reminds me of skatopia back in the day in a much bigger way.
KobeToDope D
KobeToDope D 14 hours ago
This is how many times chandler got made fun of
Carson Wolfington
Carson Wolfington 16 hours ago
Mr beast is good at sports
Elaf a.majeed
Elaf a.majeed 17 hours ago
Hey you and the boys do area 51 challenge speend 24 hours at area 51
RabbitSide 20 hours ago
Full time Slab city residents here. There are the same laws in Slab City as anywhere else.
Brantley Shirley
Brantley Shirley 21 hour ago
This is what sandy shores in gta 5 was based off of
Live Life Fully
Live Life Fully 23 hours ago
Elsa Finger
Elsa Finger Day ago
And basically the city disinagreat
Elsa Finger
Elsa Finger Day ago
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there is one rule do whatever no rules😅
sp4zt4zt1c Day ago
Me: *sees the title* My Brain: Why are they going to Florida?
User 16243
User 16243 Day ago
You are a bunch of silly fruitcakes if you think this place is chill at all. Maybe you fruits are clucks
User 16243
User 16243 Day ago
Best place to get raped, possibly murdered if you're lucky
I thought since it had no laws they would attack you guys
David Lopez
David Lopez Day ago
3:02 Chris?
J Tube
J Tube Day ago
Random dude:your gonna die Mrbeast:ok
the pranksters
roses are red violets are blue I see a man who have three knives he tells me you are gonna die
bleach bottle
*That's safe.*
Mooshey MC
Mooshey MC Day ago
jimy is thicc
Caroline Schnaubelt
was chanler naked 8:37
Legendary Gamer
Intensely sleeps
Mark Neff
Mark Neff Day ago
0:08 me and the bois meme
Cora P
Cora P Day ago
Time is 3:02
Cora P
Cora P Day ago
Didn’t anyone know that for garret it said Chris
Happy Pizza
Happy Pizza Day ago
They say no electricity but I see electric guitar and lights microphone boom box
Super Gman
Super Gman Day ago
Only times chandler survived was in 24 hour challenges
Narwhalia Gaming
3:01 Shows Garett *Says Chris*
Savannah German
Poor chris keeps having to leave early due to physical issues, f's in comments for chris :(
Minx animations
Anyone remember that movie about the guy who goes to Alaska but they filmed half the movie in slab city.
The Ultimate Minecart
I would rape literally everyone there
Meadows' Mini Movies
0:03 "no electricity" *meanwhile* 10:07
RBLXPanda 2 days ago
I’ve been here since 3 million subs, and now you have 21 million
A pig That is flying
I think it’s “friendly” because it has a low population. With a city of no laws, nobody would want to go there. And Slab City is pretty much a Ghost town, minus the Ghost
The youngest Maggot
0:40 that’s in gta but it has ufos instead
Tristan Neal
Tristan Neal 2 days ago
Hannah Palmer
Hannah Palmer 2 days ago
Happy B day Beast
detective pedo bear Currier
Mr poo bear died of laughter after chandler lost agin
2x2 solver yt
2x2 solver yt 2 days ago
so chanler can play basketball but cant win a challenge
David dudeguy
David dudeguy 2 days ago
I hope Chris is okay
sernon. 2 days ago
Chris: Wal-Mart *Lied* to us Wal-Mart: *out of bisness*
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