Spending 24 Hours In A City With No Laws

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We spent 24 hours straight in slab city, aka the city with no laws.
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Comments 100
MrBeast 13 days ago
Today is my birthday, subscribe plz
Daniel M
Daniel M 11 days ago
Irish Bandit
Irish Bandit 12 days ago
mr beast
empty potion
empty potion 13 days ago
Me sub already WHERE DA CAKE
Mez oix
Mez oix 13 days ago
MrBeast I bought your merch today so happy birthday
The-LastNoise 26 minutes ago
No laws within Slab City No one: *I’m going to say the n-word*
Kenntonn Nnnn
Kenntonn Nnnn 34 minutes ago
I keep waiting for these guys to die.
Stockton Perry
Stockton Perry 33 minutes ago
Why 👏lmao
Taekook Love
Taekook Love 39 minutes ago
Where’s Jake lol
Hannah Warren
Hannah Warren 44 minutes ago
Honey that’s called the purge..without a timer
Ella Collins
Ella Collins 54 minutes ago
Why does Chris always get sick
sarah Maria
sarah Maria 57 minutes ago
I would travel to America just for this. Looks dope 😍
Raecheleia Hayes
Raecheleia Hayes 58 minutes ago
i thought u said they had no electricity.
Candace Pearl
Candace Pearl Hour ago
Zevnn Hour ago
“You’re gonna die”😳
Izuku Midoriya
**No laws** MrBeast: *iTs fReE rEaL eStAtE*
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman Hour ago
that art in the beggining was all made by two men, the first one started the project but died before he could finish it, and his friend finalized the piece. The whole community is basically chill and friendly as long as you don't cross a line
Genesis Channel
That first place is in Gta 5
Sem Dijks
Sem Dijks Hour ago
gta 5 for life
LostpotatoRing STAR
Cris look at them slab abs
lil papi joe
lil papi joe Hour ago
A thousand cuts
Angel Daniel
Angel Daniel Hour ago
When he said incredible the first thing that came to my mind was "Mr incredible" theme song off of Incredibles 2
ryan stonestreet
ryan stonestreet 2 hours ago
happy birthday cool visit
Rodrigo Fabian
Rodrigo Fabian 2 hours ago
You guys should do a last one tho leave VR chat (in a VR set) wins.....IDK a lot of money
I have been to slab city 3 times.
Lizzy 2 hours ago
Only thing chandler can win at; basketball
TheLucky Sod
TheLucky Sod 2 hours ago
I feel so bad for Chris kidney stones are horrible
Jecababu Babu
Jecababu Babu 2 hours ago
Ayla the pig Girl
Ayla the pig Girl 2 hours ago
I have the same tent that Chris set up
vrgajjala 3 hours ago
Happy birthday Mr.beast
Yagi Quan
Yagi Quan 3 hours ago
Chandler:- So when are we leaving. Hahahahaha
Jolfer 13
Jolfer 13 3 hours ago
Its sucks we didnt hear any of their performances
Zach Poitras
Zach Poitras 3 hours ago
I believe those two large circles were a nuclear power plant cooling stacks
Carralié Alice
Carralié Alice 3 hours ago
I want to go there now
Regan Anderson
Regan Anderson 3 hours ago
sticks are pokey
Sam Lagoy
Sam Lagoy 3 hours ago
Mr. Potatoes Head
Mr. Potatoes Head 3 hours ago
Gun free zones: Mass shootings
Jakob Dvorken
Jakob Dvorken 4 hours ago
Joe Madden 😂
Dalton Sankey
Dalton Sankey 4 hours ago
Your birthday is May 13th? That’s my mom’s birthday too
Luis Escamado Nhamue
When you are too happy that the unfuniest thing feels good.
Chuck e Build
Chuck e Build 4 hours ago
Can you guys go to chuck e cheese Note: the chuck e cheese in Mississauga has a chuck e cheese robot Happy birthday and you should also go to chuck e cheese for a birthday party!
RIFT Lambergardo
RIFT Lambergardo 4 hours ago
9:00 something chandler is actually good at
Ultra 4 hours ago
Man: we’ve been homocide free for three days Mr beast: I’m about to end this mans whole career
Rhys Turner vlogs
Rhys Turner vlogs 4 hours ago
Fire Gamer6767
Fire Gamer6767 4 hours ago
Ion Know
Ion Know 4 hours ago
the 3 knife guy is a downgrade of zoro
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith 4 hours ago
We will all remember 3 knife man
Black Jack
Black Jack 4 hours ago
Did chris die?
CopiesV 5 hours ago
I’m I love with these group of boys I can’t believe I just found them
ThisIsInk 0407
ThisIsInk 0407 5 hours ago
“Sticks are pokey” - Chandler 2019
faggotron the II
faggotron the II 5 hours ago
ah the anarcho communist comunity lol
Sue F
Sue F 5 hours ago
You guys always much such creative videos, great job.
Foxic 5 hours ago
katie louise
katie louise 5 hours ago
no one gunna talk about egor???
the purge 5
Sage Clark
Sage Clark 6 hours ago
MrBeast $sageypoo7 help me out please😭 I’m a struggling college student and could really use some money😭😭😭
sophia sanchez
sophia sanchez 6 hours ago
“Stickz are pokey”
Minna Nisshagen
Minna Nisshagen 6 hours ago
The purge is real
àŕĩńä řĩĉĥ
The mountain is the same a in gta
ed luke
ed luke 6 hours ago
No light huh?
xX Jayfeather Xx
xX Jayfeather Xx 7 hours ago
everyone who has a mother in KSA at least lost her once i did too...
continuous rapid George
4:24 look at bootom
Sami Kellogg
Sami Kellogg 7 hours ago
I still haven't subscribed, and you still haven't taken my dog!!! Muahahah
J-bear Gaming
J-bear Gaming 7 hours ago
that place screams tetanus
Leezy Gottini
Leezy Gottini 7 hours ago
Sandy shores.
_Gåchå_ Stråwberry
If I was there you would see a lady running around spray painting the floor and playing with guns. _That would be me._
IggnHam 7 hours ago
GTA 5 in real life challenge 😏
Fazey HD
Fazey HD 7 hours ago
happy birthday
xMixt 8 hours ago
Anybody else thinking of gta?
Calum-harry and Owen do Stuff
Hi Mr beast
Sophie Vlogs
Sophie Vlogs 8 hours ago
Happy birthday
Kenzie 8 hours ago
JoKeS oN yOu I dOnT hAvE a DoG fOr YoU tO tAkE (I subscribed anyways)
Hayaotaku 8 hours ago
Inb4 Borderlands 3 has a quest NPC named "Three Knives Guy"
Amjd Sama
Amjd Sama 9 hours ago
tareq is the best
P Tang
P Tang 9 hours ago
adios amigos
Berri-chán 9 hours ago
8:41 same
Boomer Playz
Boomer Playz 9 hours ago
Who paused at 0:40 to see what the heart says? Mrbeast: dont break the law Also Mrbeast: let’s go to a place with no law so we can do whatever we want Me: rly?
Angel Silva
Angel Silva 9 hours ago
Iv bin there
Sherear 9 hours ago
Perfect city for Yters
Jacinta Canavan
Jacinta Canavan 9 hours ago
Voele Broenen
Voele Broenen 9 hours ago
Why would you put on a stone island t-shirt when you are camping
Giovanni Velati
Giovanni Velati 9 hours ago
Duuuude do more of these!! Mr beast travelling around and camping out its sick
Adasek Admenowski
Adasek Admenowski 9 hours ago
If you comment my comment you own me 100$. Roasting costs 1000$. Have Fun
cilla 9 hours ago
As soon as I get paid this Friday I’m shopping shopmrbeast and using code chandler he’s quickly become my fave
Star Pup
Star Pup 9 hours ago
You lost your mind boi you just left!
Gregory Novikov
Gregory Novikov 10 hours ago
Imagine living in Ohio
NikOhneC 10 hours ago
0:24 GTAV EE
Lsp Crazytime
Lsp Crazytime 10 hours ago
A man made that cave and then he past away
Imogen Harley
Imogen Harley 10 hours ago
Anyone else have a weird crush on chandler
Wojownik Drugi
Wojownik Drugi 10 hours ago
theres an ufo at 3:35 to 3:40 on the air
DeafBlindMan 10 hours ago
So you could have actually murdered the knife junkie without consequence?
kong ratha
kong ratha 10 hours ago
Hey can u give me 10$ plz
Waifu Neeko
Waifu Neeko 10 hours ago
I wish someone tell me that I'm gonna die
Miss Canlas
Miss Canlas 11 hours ago
I remember Jessica Jung.
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 11 hours ago
Does chris drink lots of Gatorade?
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 11 hours ago
Did chris do the whip and maybe nay nay?
Chris_Be_ Blazzin
Chris_Be_ Blazzin 11 hours ago
Tht thing in gta explained
starsiaeve 11 hours ago
I feel bad for Chris. Camping when you are sick is really rough. I have kidney problems and all the times I have been camping and had bad kidney illness flare up it was miserable. He was a real trouper.
Ami :P
Ami :P 12 hours ago
Stop bullying chandler
Finley Berg
Finley Berg 12 hours ago
Sandal Krisztian
Sandal Krisztian 12 hours ago
Waiting for Morgz to copy this too, but with a little extra in the title example: "... gone wrong"
Good Job Amber
Good Job Amber 12 hours ago
I got gang banged in the Slabs!
Do It Super
Do It Super 12 hours ago
The purge
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl 12 hours ago
Chris do you moisturize?!?!
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