Sony Vision-S first look at CES 2020

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Sony has unveiled an electric car -- yes, an actual car -- at CES today. It's the first prototype vehicle under Sony's mobility efforts called the Vision-S initiative, and based on what the tech giant said during its press event, it was built to showcase the automotive technologies it developed and can offer. Sony teamed up with a number of companies such as Bosch, Continental, NVIDIA and Qualcomm, to create the prototype sedan.
It's loaded with 33 sensors, most likely including ones that enable autonomous driving, 360 Reality Audio tech, wide-screen displays and other features. The company didn't reveal much about Vision-S during the event, but we'll get an even closer look at the concept vehicle later this week in Las Vegas. For now, here's what else Sony is sharing about its CES surprise reveal.
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Jan 7, 2020




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Comments 939
ken lau
ken lau 18 days ago
100X time better than Tesla's CyberTruck!! LOLL
Ken Wong
Ken Wong 18 days ago
Looks great! Congrats!!
Hannie A.G
Hannie A.G 24 days ago
I feel the future this 2020 and after
Arvine Fareed
Arvine Fareed 29 days ago
What the? Sony made a car?
Marat Kerimbekov
SONY 💜make believe!!! 😍😍👍👍👍
Emmanuel Hernandez
Yaa but for buying
AR 23
AR 23 Month ago
I take the cyber truck
Zeeshan Nasir
Zeeshan Nasir Month ago
Wow Sony
Juan Campos
Juan Campos Month ago
Thank you Sony always like and love all from Sony take my money Sony need this car and ps5
Ganda Gandara
Ganda Gandara Month ago
Will be another overpriced crap from Sony. Just look at their phones.
Wi se
Wi se Month ago
It's a Sony! Take my money!! 😁😁
primepants Month ago
Grand theft auto
HIếu KA Month ago
Sony ❤️
Pixels Month ago
Isn't "Solid State Lidar" literally 3D Time of Flight sensor?
sanderdejong66 Month ago
So, looking at all those phones we have, which we use for all kinds of things, but most of the time not for making phone calls. Is something similar going to happen to electric cars? That’s what I thought when I saw this Sony.
Boo Bear
Boo Bear Month ago
Ramesh Silva
Ramesh Silva Month ago
You can drive the sony car from a sony playstation ! Im not surprise if that happens !!
Robert Kusuma
Robert Kusuma Month ago
It's a sony
Richard Goed
Richard Goed Month ago
So this is the new console they're talking about
Hannes Rabie
Hannes Rabie Month ago
Hope it comes to full production. Everyone is jumping the e-car wagon. Sony will do very well as they understand the world of electronics. Wow.
Terence Lin
Terence Lin Month ago
Where do you sign up for one?
coin paradise
coin paradise Month ago
pike group
pike group Month ago
Mitsubishi has cars
marcel night
marcel night Month ago
Coming soon Microsoft mycar
Jorge David De La Fuente
Why most of electric cars look similar, round like a mouse for computer, and don't have nice different good looking designs?
elodan1 Month ago
I actually really like the look of it. Yes it's very Tesla like but I think that's a good thing. More competition equals cheaper and more innovation.
Lance Dooley
Lance Dooley Month ago
Ill pass. If it doesn't have sound then I wont be getting it. All these new age idiots. Formula 1 rapes Formula E.
ILKBNS Month ago
Looks better than Tesla
Dimitris Andreou
Sony screwed gaming Now they want to screw driving
Benjamin Hawkhurst
Can you Bluetooth your ps4 controller to it and control it? Does it have misses and machine guns you can select with the D pad?
Mehmet BALON 58
Mehmet BALON 58 Month ago
Tigre X
Tigre X Month ago
I do not trust Sony on software.
blaydemastah Month ago
i think sony have the wrong idea about the "vision" titles.... and they are suppose to be responsible for GT
marctorres654 Month ago
Update for stable performance
Promothash Boruah
guz3108 Month ago
Nice model
joe 90
joe 90 Month ago
Looks shit
Colorado-UFO's Month ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥😎🤘💯💪 Sony baby!!!!
Yogen The Calisthenian
Tesla: 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶
joe j
joe j Month ago
Hacker's 😘😘😂
Smith Js
Smith Js Month ago
Will be on sale in 2050
give and take
give and take Month ago
i hope we gonna see new xperia this year sony :
cyberfennek Month ago
It should had been named the Gt Dlc :D
Apollon Lv
Apollon Lv Month ago
Sony car? That must be a joke lol
Space Monkey
Space Monkey Month ago
Sony & Honda may be worked together for this if that's so I do want one
Two Left Shoes
Two Left Shoes Month ago
Yeah right this will be yet another EV never to hit market.
Rio Albion
Rio Albion Month ago
Pantesan udah lama ga bikin "PONSEL"... ternyata lg bikin "MOBIL"...🤭🤭🤭🤭
Peter Elias Channel
looks great. let me test drive @sony lol
andgate2000 Month ago
Enough with the ott cars. Just give us an affordable corolla like car.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Month ago
The car has no logo just waiting for what the ps5 console looks like.
Sukanya.gunnala Reddy
Sony wheel...great
Timeless Month ago
Ahh Sony getting couch potatoes 🥔 🥔 out of their lounge rooms and bedrooms and into a driverless Sony cars. The car is not driven by them it's actually driving them. I guess one's a couch potato 🥔 will always be a couch potato 🥔. Look ma no driving.
Twiggy the lizard
Sony can definitely pull off a car like that, they have all the technology and tooling for it, not to mention world class companies in their country to guide them.
Alex Month ago
Plot twist......Telsa launch a games console 🤔
wgjho wgjho
wgjho wgjho Month ago
marvelghost Month ago
Wow the PS5 is a car! Amazing
Alexander Tambovsky
Couldn’t come up with a different freaking name? Holy crap, vision S? Model S...
Uriel Renteria
Uriel Renteria Month ago
How much mpg does your PS5 get?
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