Solving a $10,000 Puzzle Box - Level 10 (One of a kind)

Chris Ramsay
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Craig Thibodeau: ctfinefurniture.com/
Today I'm going to attempt to solve this $10,000 custom made Puzzle box by Craig Thibodeau and Robert Yarger. I had this puzzle commissioned last year and just received it! Enjoy!
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May 8, 2019

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Comments 10 569
Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay 2 months ago
Beyond excited to be able to share this with the community! Such a great Puzzle!! Hope you guys enjoy the video!!
Extra cheesy Man
Extra cheesy Man 23 hours ago
201 REPLIES WHOOP WHOOP! Btw I am the 201 reply. Please congratulate me X3
cat master
cat master 5 days ago
Find U again
Seamo One
Seamo One 9 days ago
Coopy My man ? He’s Canadian I think... no Australian accent... I’m confused bro
Seamo One
Seamo One 9 days ago
Johnny James - you’d probably have much better luck showcasing your craftsmanship & selling him on a dope piece, if you weren’t downing his friend’s hard work, & HIS purchasing it...
Seamo One
Seamo One 9 days ago
Sleightly Perfection - are you talking about the Kaws companion? Towards the end? If so, Kaws is rad! I remember when he was doing graffiti in the 90’s, then he started making vinyl toys, & became an insanely popular Artist & designer. X X So, if you’re not familiar, check out Kaws aka Brian Connelly. Definitely look at his older graffiti & bus stop ads, he’d take them out, paint his characters on them, & put them back with his own locks 🔒. I saw one that he did with fellow Artist & Graffiti writer in SF: Twist aka Barry McGee.
JayElCee 33 minutes ago
The real puzzle is putting it back together
Dale MacKinnon
Dale MacKinnon 50 minutes ago
Drizzy 57 minutes ago
Use it to hide drugs lol
Beautiful craftsmanship and puzzle. Thank you for showing it to us, my dude.
At some point... idk if you love to read, but I do and so does my wife and we love puzzles. I wanna gave a whole library built in a room for us, but have like a whole series of puzzle movements and keys that we have to get that eventually open up a whole hiding space filled with our favorite books. Like a hidden room, but make the library the puzzle to get into it. I think it'd be amazing. (No, I do not wanna know how to do the puzzle) it can be something my wife and I do together and everything is a surprise.
MELLEX33 Hour ago
Gil Bert
Gil Bert 2 hours ago
In 70+ years that thing could be worth $1m... as long as its in prestine condition.
Jerocua 3 hours ago
Ill sell you my 2000 HD Dyna for 10k and you would be at a loss for words. Its more fun then a puzzle box.
thedtcke 3 hours ago
Well made but doesn’t seem that difficult
Matt Armstrong
Matt Armstrong 3 hours ago
"Completes box then lights start to flicker as the sounds of chains begins to become audible." We have such sights to show you.
KJustK FAZE 3 hours ago
Gets frustrated breaks $10k box
networkjoe 4 hours ago
Chris to Craig: thanks for the awesome box! Loved every minute of it, worth every penny. Beautiful. I found the keycard, then the deck of cards, then the coins...just amazing. Then I had a great time putting it back together. Thanks again bro Craig: you’re not done Chris: wha....? Craig: not done Chris: but I... Craig: nope Chris: and the... Craig: nyet
Nathaniel P
Nathaniel P 4 hours ago
Amazing job!! The box is so cool🇨🇦
Daragh Reilly
Daragh Reilly 4 hours ago
How to solve a 10000$ mystery box,SLEDGEHAMMER!
Zetty112 5 hours ago
Does anybody play "The Room"? I felt like being in the game :D
Paula H
Paula H 5 hours ago
Who tf wants to watch 2 minutes and 25 seconds of you talking just do the damn puzzle and shutup
Milan Stolz
Milan Stolz 6 hours ago
I think you should look into the card deck if there is something going on with the king of spades because of the keycard you got
Dean Murphy
Dean Murphy 6 hours ago
Watching Craig just dismantle it in the end was so satisfying.
Ice Box World Missions
$10,000 puzzle - pay to play Me: Nah
LazyLiam 8 hours ago
As fun and intricate as it seems, it's not even close to being worth 10k
Ryutube 8 hours ago
Ryan Embry
Ryan Embry 8 hours ago
When you love puzzles so much you geek out at watching other people solve them... Awesome vids dude.
touch base
touch base 8 hours ago
The money I’m seeing these days on USvid being used on crazy stuff smh lol your money have fun.
Mod Mark
Mod Mark 9 hours ago
Ok I wouldn't have played 10k for this shitty puzzle lmao
1 11
1 11 11 hours ago
ЗлатомиР АлександроВ
10k puzzle box? Man there better be 2 asians lesbian strippers inside!
Akash Francis
Akash Francis 12 hours ago
Play at 1.25x... Thank me later 😊
Shay Vidas
Shay Vidas 12 hours ago
wonder what type of switch he used to hold this boxes inside that the magnet activated... does anyone know ?
Journey of my soul
Journey of my soul 13 hours ago
10,000 At least the coins should be gold or silver no?
Caitlin Lochmann
Caitlin Lochmann 15 hours ago
The video did do pretty well congrats lol
Лубомир Фенык
Couldbhave more fun with 10k
Alex Torres
Alex Torres 17 hours ago
I wish I had a box like that
Tee Hill
Tee Hill 18 hours ago
I skipped therapy and opted for your vids 😂🤣 is it just me or is this shxt therapeutic?
Miloh 94
Miloh 94 19 hours ago
Not sure why it’s worth $10,000.? It feels like something I would buy at a yard sell for 20 bucks.!
Jason Groze
Jason Groze 19 hours ago
I can build you a box just like that one for 9 grand. I will also poop into each compartment that way you can act excited at each turn
Kayla Hill
Kayla Hill 19 hours ago
Great box but I’m getting anxious thinking about not being able to put it back
makcikeropokaka 21 hour ago
Its a great puzzle box, but the price is the greatest puzzle to me... 😂 😂
ll Dont-Make-Me ll
ll Dont-Make-Me ll 21 hour ago
“Costed $10,000. Really hope this video does well” Gets 8 million views Guess he got those 10,000 back lol
Jon 22 hours ago
im just waiting for a small plastic troll figure to be pulled from the final box.
KateTurtle 22 hours ago
Awe this was such a cool video! Wow the most visually pleasing puzzle to date
Extra cheesy Man
Extra cheesy Man 23 hours ago
“Hold on let me get my wallet” “Ok where is it” “Just inside that box” “K just open it so we can go” “Yeah thats the problem” ([10 MONTHS LATER]) “Hold on just a sec” X3 r/iamveryrandom
REAPERofCali 23 hours ago
Savage McSavage
Savage McSavage 23 hours ago
Imagine putting it back together
Aaron Roberson
Aaron Roberson 23 hours ago
Thanks for the video Chris. That thing was gorgeous! I can't imagine how frustrating it would be. I'm glad that you enjoy doing them.
Ramsey Hildebrand
Yeah. I’m impressed too. What a masterpiece.
lVXVll Mv
lVXVll Mv Day ago
A box that makes you think outside the box to get in the box 🤔
Suzette Kath
Suzette Kath Day ago
That one that seems solid. I noticed a pin hole in it. That just may be the way to get into that box.
Nina Dees
Nina Dees Day ago
$10,000!!! There better be a diamond encrusted gold watch in there!
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