Snooki & The Situation Play w/ Sausage 🇮🇹 | Cooking in the Crib w/ Snooki & Joey

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Cooking in the Crib with Snooki & Joey is the hilarious cooking show with some cooking, eating, and a whole bunch of wine! This week, Mike aka "The Situation" is here to get his hands on some sausage.
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All your favorite moments with Snooki, JWoww, Deena, Vinny, DJ Pauly D, Ronnie and The Situation. Also, brand new original series such as "Cooking in the Crib with Snooki & Joey" and "Moms with Attitude".
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Comments 100
mia xo
mia xo 2 days ago
Joey is ICONIC!!
kathy gillespie
kathy gillespie 3 days ago
Love watching all of you
Triggerr YT
Triggerr YT 5 days ago
My new word to use "SICK"
imasharky 21 day ago
I used to be really annoyed by Mike in 2010 but he’s an absolute doll now. Good for him! He really grew a lot as a person. His wife also seems like a sweetheart. He will make a good dad someday.
zach gottheimer
zach gottheimer 21 day ago
Not always her favorite roomy lol
fried chicken
fried chicken 27 days ago
It would be Balenciaga's....
Mick Mo
Mick Mo 2 months ago
They used to use intestine skin as condoms
Julie Zarei
Julie Zarei 3 months ago
a JOEY AND MIKE COOKING show please!!!!
Kimberly Mary
Kimberly Mary 3 months ago
i think laurens hated it
Kimberly Mary
Kimberly Mary 3 months ago
i love your cream cup i have the matching butter dish
Rachel Hodge
Rachel Hodge 4 months ago
2:43 I rolled😂😂😂
Stefanie Rose
Stefanie Rose 4 months ago
Omg I love you guys💖💖💖
Mollie C
Mollie C 4 months ago
Do they post this recipe anywhere? The written version please.
Scottie Doan
Scottie Doan 4 months ago
3:02 classic😂
KeepingitReal4sure 4 months ago
Tha Situation my man Mike he was always a nice guy. They was just hating on him. He kept the show interesteing.
VCres1000 5 months ago
On the show mike was always cooking
Carmen Escobedo
Carmen Escobedo 5 months ago
I love mike living his best 𝙻𝚒𝚏𝚎 wifed up
theadora hidde
theadora hidde 5 months ago
"I'm talking to my friends!"
cmbsoldja 5 months ago
the musacchio,s our life
LoL 📛📛
Jennifer S
Jennifer S 5 months ago
Joey is so funny!
tturn401 5 months ago
Can I get a hair net for this dude’s eyebrows?
Ashely Rudolph
Ashely Rudolph 5 months ago
Love this..please do more together
AL Lee
AL Lee 5 months ago
So the sausage already have salt. Hmm I didn't know that.
AL Lee
AL Lee 5 months ago
John Kimber Oic
John Kimber
John Kimber 5 months ago
All processed foods contain salt
Saka 5 months ago
Abigail Cantu
Abigail Cantu 5 months ago
I love and live for you Joey!!!!
Tessa Marie
Tessa Marie 5 months ago
I didn't know there was going to be flashing lights.
PiecesOf MAI
PiecesOf MAI 5 months ago
I need a Joey in my life! LOL love that man!
Amy deGraaff
Amy deGraaff 5 months ago
The dish looked so yummy!
Lexi Koskovich
Lexi Koskovich 5 months ago
i love how grown and mature mike is now, hes so humble and nice. i also definitely prefer him a little chubbier now compared to before lol
bob smith
bob smith 5 months ago
Jenna Taormina
Jenna Taormina 5 months ago
I live for snooki and Joey in the kitchen 😂💓💓💓
Jordan Mayen
Jordan Mayen 5 months ago
Mike looks like Popeye
Amani Thompson
Amani Thompson 5 months ago
I knew she was pregnant !!!! congrats Snooki ❤️
Athena R
Athena R 6 months ago
What they starving he got to invite his wife to eat too.
ling ling 753
ling ling 753 6 months ago
Joey got his cream all over Mike's spoon 💦lol
Michele Holloran
Michele Holloran 6 months ago
I Love Joey!!!!
/ BDN 6 months ago
How big is joey 6”9
rosie belle
rosie belle 6 months ago
0Gra7 6 months ago
I could watch a million Of these cooking shows. Love you guys
Shay Posey
Shay Posey 6 months ago
I have the feels for this Mike
Blondifull Life
Blondifull Life 6 months ago
Lol loved this...love all these cookin vids!! Y’all should make fettuccine broccoli alfredo! Ohhh chick n cutlets too! I would love to see & try a good recipe..I’ve never made them but I adore Italian food & would love too try more❣️ much love yah❤️👑😘💕✌🏼✌🏼
Adriana Vender
Adriana Vender 6 months ago
i love this so much, and Mike is such an amazing guy now. Love lauren's too!!!
ÆX Ar 6 months ago
That's not how you pronounce bruschetta
Francheska Vega
Francheska Vega 6 months ago
I like the new Mike,he's the best
tvkiko video
tvkiko video 6 months ago
The kiko show part 1 to 10 USvid's Colombian video watch now go on USvid's
SaraSyn 6 months ago
This is delicious ^^
riss s
riss s 6 months ago
Nicoles def prg
John Walker Lee
John Walker Lee 6 months ago
So impressed by Mike
paola villegas
paola villegas 6 months ago
Could I?
johnny boii10
johnny boii10 6 months ago
Fkin mike would manage to spill sauce on his $800 shoes
Amanda Titus
Amanda Titus 6 months ago
Amazing 😍
sara urbano
sara urbano 6 months ago
Love it!
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 6 months ago
He's going to have a situation in prison with his back door
Vivian Gee
Vivian Gee 6 months ago
Joey is funny 😂😂 Snooki annoys me now 😑
Joyce Juhasz
Joyce Juhasz 6 months ago
What type of pasta is that? I need it in my life!
Bonez Boneville
Bonez Boneville 6 months ago
5:52 epilepsy warning 😳
Mario 6 months ago
That’s not mike bro Mikes in jail
Donna Maria
Donna Maria 4 months ago
This was posted last year and it is mike .
Chris Lonely
Chris Lonely 6 months ago
Cheers salutw
Darsh Walding
Darsh Walding 6 months ago
Loved this 😍
Onethousandbirds Uchiha
Snookis lips look weird they looked better before
Bykrgirlpink 6 months ago
Nicole and Joey🤣🤣🤣🤣 I laugh so much watching these two!! YAY!!
Alisa Hot
Alisa Hot 6 months ago
Tammy Schmidt
Tammy Schmidt 6 months ago
Usagi.moon.power 6 months ago
I love Snookie's and Mike's relationship 💕 Joey is amazing too!
Rhya Weeks
Rhya Weeks 6 months ago
It's funny cause Mike can really cook. & he was like I thought I was just taste testing
ninjarevv 6 months ago
Soooo Snooki is totally pregnant !
Charanel Andrew
Charanel Andrew 6 months ago
I love mike....totally new person
Cee Cee
Cee Cee 6 months ago
That logo is super cute tho
La'Tron Jackson
La'Tron Jackson 6 months ago
Is Nicole really snooki anymore?
Royal Diamond
Royal Diamond 6 months ago
I just love how much mike has matured. He changed so much and has become a great guy! ♥️
amylicious 6 months ago
Love mike lol he enjoys his foods 😄
marcelaruby84 6 months ago
I'm so proud of Mike he's all grown up thank you Lauren 😍😊❤
Littl3rach3l 6 months ago
Please keep making these cooking videos, joey & Snooki!!! So funny, entertaining and seriously educational. ♥️
Taylor Folmer
Taylor Folmer 6 months ago
It might just be the shirt but she does look pregnant, I hope she is pregnant she has the cutest babies!! 😍
crf crfo
crf crfo 6 months ago
I love Mike!!
Natalie LePera
Natalie LePera 6 months ago
Joey looks fantastic with this haircut/look ^-^
Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia 6 months ago
Pasta is. Always the best. Dish to eat. I need. Everyone to come. Cook with. Me and the hubby in Houston tx love yal
Candace Gribble
Candace Gribble 6 months ago
I love you guys!!!! You guys are just like my husbands family so Italian. Love it YES.....
Bianca Oliva
Bianca Oliva 6 months ago
Joey is awesome!
Joselyn G
Joselyn G 6 months ago
Hey Snooki, Joey, Lauren and Sitch! That food looks delicious! I'm definitely a pasta lover. I like my noodles kinda chewy. I didn't know they have shoes that look like socks?? 🤔🤔 Mike should try and use a Mr Clean Magic Eraser on your shoe. It might get the spot out.
Kate Dubbs
Kate Dubbs 6 months ago
This was so entertaining
Alexandria Melendez
Alexandria Melendez 6 months ago
I think snooki is pregnant, but she's drinking wine...
MakeupByCookie 6 months ago
I love this . No filter .
Mumu Bundles
Mumu Bundles 6 months ago
Feminist unite!
John Kimber
John Kimber 5 months ago
Feminism is finally beginning to die out...thank God
King 1985 legend
King 1985 legend 6 months ago
Snooki always reminded me of the early 2000s lil Kim
Samantha G
Samantha G 6 months ago
I like Mike and Lauren on with Snooki and Joey!
Stacey Chanel
Stacey Chanel 6 months ago
I love mike and Loren
Reina Arana
Reina Arana 6 months ago
that looked hella good i'm totally gonna make this now
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown 6 months ago
Oh she is def pregnant. Her face and body is more full, wearing all black, then she put on that big jacket and sat down when normally she’s moving around and she barely drank that wine. Congratulations! 💞
Betsy Vas
Betsy Vas 6 months ago
Mike a much better person now love it he much nicer
Annyhann Beauty
Annyhann Beauty 6 months ago
I love mike! My fav
Frankie Cooks
Frankie Cooks 6 months ago
Joey is cookin' up a storm!
Yeniset08 6 months ago
She looks pregnant 🤰
Davina Giove
Davina Giove 6 months ago
Omg looks delish!!!!
Stugots666x 6 months ago
Seriously I wanna make this
Lola Butler
Lola Butler 6 months ago
I tried this recipe yesterday and it's absolutely delicious you guys are freakin genius 😘😍👌🏿😋
Catherine Dougherty
Catherine Dougherty 6 months ago
“Hi honeys” lol I want a love like Lauren’s and Big Daddy Sitch. You can tell how much he adores her 😍
Ruth 6 months ago
I don’t find Snooky amusing anymore. I wish she hadn’t changed herself so much with plastic surgery. She doesn’t remind me of the old Snooky anymore...I am glad Mike matured. I think he is my favorite Jersey Shore personality. He is fun but decent.
Nana Mana
Nana Mana 6 months ago
Mike has really come a long way since the show. He has a beautiful girlfriend/fiancé/wife idk now and he’s really matured a lot
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