SML YTP: Jeffy Goes Black Friday Shopping!

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Jeffy goes Black Friday shopping!
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➤ A YTP is a style of video editing that involves taking pre-existing sources and re-mixing them into something bizarre, surreal and/or random.
➤ This is a YTP and NOT a real SML Movie. I do not own Jeffy or any of the characters and clips used in my SML YTPs. I only make these for entertainment purposes.
Some of the Clips in this video is from a YTP I made a couple of months ago called “Giant Jeffy” which got taken down from USvid. If I reupload the entire video I’m scared I’ll get another strike so I showed a couple of clips instead.


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Nov 28, 2019




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Comments 892
Glider Month ago
Have a Great Thanksgiving! Also, some of the clips in this video is from a YTP I made a while ago called “Giant Jeffy” which was taken down by USvid. *Thanks for Watching!*
Wolfie _Queen28
Wolfie _Queen28 19 days ago
Hai glider I'm ur biggest fan I would hate if nobody would sub
Glider what is that jeffy remix
Jdog 37
Jdog 37 Month ago
I have a question, can u leave a link for the remix or whatever u played when jeffy punched the teacher in the face? I really liked that and wanted to listen to it more
Cameron Moll
Cameron Moll Month ago
What the fuck is that youtube
TVRemyVercetti Month ago
Glider Do you hear about the drama with sml and chilly
Alex Holman
Alex Holman 3 days ago
Adriannazomb49 4 days ago
One of my favorite parts 0:47
1:57 1:57 1:57 1:57 1:57 Selling replay buttons for LEGENDARY SCENE
SuperMarioMiller19yes MattyPaul9000yes
SML QUESTION c@nc3r Funniest comment wins nothing! Lol!
Hugo Garcia
Hugo Garcia 5 days ago
0:32 Pixel Gun 3D weopon
Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith 5 days ago
Damn it feel good to be a gangsta
Janak Poudel
Janak Poudel 6 days ago
This is funny
Psycho! Zafiro
Psycho! Zafiro 6 days ago
1:04 Chinese cream pie
domingo estraca
domingo estraca 6 days ago
omfg dis is so funny
Memelover64 puppets
1:11 is my favorite part The Jeffy UH remix
DONIVYN GEFFE 13 days ago
im dr phil
ssj gohan teenn
ssj gohan teenn 14 days ago
Jr: well we're trash so wherever
Thomas#4812thmanfan Alpha And Omega
1:57 where’s the Audio from
Thomas#4812thmanfan Alpha And Omega
1:57 I’m gonna say the n word THATS RACIST YOU CANT SAY THE N WORD (Huge deep breath) NII AAAHHHOAHHHHHEAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!😂🤣
Naomi From Wii Sports
orca the gamer
orca the gamer 16 days ago
Hahahahahahahahahaha so funny trip and making fun of my videos
Dark Theatre Fan
Dark Theatre Fan 16 days ago
0:31 lol the crystal laser cannon from pixel gun 3d
RJPA 22nascar
RJPA 22nascar 17 days ago
Minute 1:11 what is the name of that song
Naomi From Wii Sports
Jeffy dance till your dead
debra mutter
debra mutter 18 days ago
SML YTP: jeffy makes a giant sandwich and puts on Sunglasses while dancing on the giant sandwich.
Mike Sweeney
Mike Sweeney 18 days ago
0:08 LOL 😂😂😂😂😂
ianis fernando
ianis fernando 18 days ago
16:03 63:8
BFB Book the TVOkids / BFB Fan 2005
SML YTP: Jeffy Needs a LULLABY
Katira Banks
Katira Banks 20 days ago
subscribe to you
themetaladdict Tyler
Eric Tole
Eric Tole 20 days ago
First fifteen seconds is gold!
Recordable 2000
Recordable 2000 20 days ago
I think this is anything but black friday shopping except that one part
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer 21 day ago
Your videos are funny
Cade-O the Potato
0:24 me and the boys heading to Best Buy
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 18 days ago
I got mine!
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 18 days ago
And buying a Nintendo Switch?
XBOX and PS4 Gaming 2020
1:40 song?
I loved the Godzilla Jeffy part that was cool :D
EpicEmerald27 22 days ago
jean reyes
jean reyes 22 days ago
0:08 my pp looks delicious but i am fealing a little hungry. Cheff pee pee ill give you 5,000 dollares if you cook my PP
Evan G.
Evan G. 22 days ago
The dislikes are all the workers and there wifes or husbands and kids
Larry fan
Larry fan 22 days ago
Jack C
Jack C 22 days ago
I need to know what this means, “USvid may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if USvid believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.”
Weethi 22 days ago
thats funny
Treya North
Treya North 22 days ago
PP so gay
Gabriel Karl Balbuena
You repeat the giant jeffy
Maris Lewis
Maris Lewis 23 days ago
Jeffy shits Jackie chus
Plotagon Maker2019
Plotagon Maker2019 23 days ago
Like if you’re watching in 2020 👇
Luxe Draw
Luxe Draw 20 days ago
Rex 22 days ago
it is an honor to call you my nigga
00:01 make a full version i need it
ReversedVivid 26 days ago
0:31 That gun was in Pixel Gun 3D Lol
Liam da Lemon!
Liam da Lemon! 27 days ago
1:04 make a full version!
Naomi From Wii Sports
Have A Nice Day Dude 129 :yt:
Whats your outro song
art master5 /piers lover
I'm back after like 5 months I love this channel
PeTRiFY Scythe [盟主]
Avien Monroy
Avien Monroy 28 days ago
0:04 so Jackie Chu is carrot fish
MinecraftMobKing 29 days ago
0:02 What gang members listen to.
calledrauul 29 days ago
is dat a pixel gun 3d gun
GregDGreat Presents
The Touhou Anime Jevil Kid
How about that jeffy goes black shopping
Waleed Khaled Al-Omari
santa does not like kids cuz he is black
Coolboy69 Epicboss
1:12 epic
Super Mario Rey
Super Mario Rey Month ago
0:03 I already love it
ClassicRomanGamer 28 days ago
Team 109
Team 109 Month ago
666k views, coincedence?
Mobzöller the Meme Guy
Craft hack
Craft hack Month ago
0:16 When glider uploads
97Wilmer20 Master11_Vs
Augh 🐡🥕
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