Sky & JT's Freestyle - DWTS Juniors

Dancing With The Stars
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Sky Brown and JT Church freestyle to “Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson


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Dec 10, 2018





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Aiden Ruiz
Aiden Ruiz 3 days ago
In the being Sky Throws a Folder and makes a loud noise stupid
Rebecca Walsh
Rebecca Walsh 7 days ago
I preferred Mackenzie’s but think that Sky fully deserved this win and I’m so so happy for her ❤️❤️
Crazy Boi
Crazy Boi 19 days ago
Bro! They look so good together! I would plan their wedding low key.
Kamari Jones
Kamari Jones 22 days ago
I binge watched this show so many times
karyme Gomez
karyme Gomez 23 days ago
Sky and jt won yes
bts army
bts army Month ago
I loved her feeestyle and she shows the most important thing is to have fun.
Josi Lovier
Josi Lovier Month ago
I’m out of breath watching that...
Hola Bananas
Hola Bananas Month ago
Now I miss Christmas time😂
Avery Barron
Avery Barron 2 months ago
It’s funny that I just noticed this now, but the first episode Sky was showing her love of skate boarding and now, at the last episode she is showing her love of surfing
WENDY VILCA 2 months ago
0:20 0:47 1:05 1:22 were soo soo so so cutie
DuhxSoph 2 months ago
I luv that this is about Christmas is the summer! In Australia that’s when we have our Christmas!
jessica Shubert
jessica Shubert 2 months ago
Love this dance
Teri S
Teri S 3 months ago
Kids have more talent than grown ups
victor estevez
victor estevez 3 months ago
Jt and sky go together for dancing
jessica Shubert
jessica Shubert 3 months ago
I love this song and dance
Iesha Tyler
Iesha Tyler 4 months ago
There such cute dance partners
José Joseph
José Joseph 4 months ago
I love dwts juniors
jessica Shubert
jessica Shubert 4 months ago
best dance for Christmas night
Riana Best
Riana Best 4 months ago
I wasn’t a fan of many of sky’s performances but this was really entertaining... I could watch it over and over. Way to go sky!
Avi Joy Perryman
Avi Joy Perryman 4 months ago
She literally is adorable!!!
Ana Maria Mendez Ramirez
0:37 at the right side of Lev is Melissa and Maddie.
Panda Twins
Panda Twins 5 months ago
Best Christmas dace❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤💓🖤💔💔💔💔💔
That One Pikachu Girl
They deserved the win for sure! I love that we got to see the other junior pros dance in the finals as well (something you didn’t see in the other dances)
Gaming Life 200
Gaming Life 200 5 months ago
This dance was so ligit boring they have preformed better but good job winning
Hing a Bing
Hing a Bing 5 months ago
They won they were who I was going for
Bobby Bradshaw
Bobby Bradshaw 5 months ago
ever one thought that mackinze was going win but sky and jt had heart and soul and brought me to tears I am bobby wife
Pinky Ong
Pinky Ong 5 months ago
Scarlett Thistlethwaite
Did anyone notice lev
Mudkip Man
Mudkip Man 5 months ago
It's hard to tell who's the pro
Deb Walorski
Deb Walorski 5 months ago
I yelled when Sky won
Beatles99 88
Beatles99 88 6 months ago
That was so wholesome! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭 I love it
maria p
maria p 6 months ago
Can you do a non famous session please it will mean the world to me
oversplits 28
oversplits 28 6 months ago
This dance is literally the definition of Christmas in Australia😂🌊🌞
Anjolie Truong
Anjolie Truong 6 months ago
Omg all their outfits so cute
Was anyone else getting waiting for the hat to fall off
Kerenza Parker
Kerenza Parker 6 months ago
Miles and rylee should’ve won but I still love these two
Lu Girl
Lu Girl 6 months ago
I just noticed my elliana wamsly was in the dance as well lol didn’t even realise 😂
Hannah Cochrane
Hannah Cochrane 6 months ago
I’d never heard this song until I saw their freestyle, and then I heard it every day at work leading up to Christmas
Marissa !!
Marissa !! 6 months ago
brightyn stole the show ⭐️ 🌟
Lily Mernickle-oslie
Who else is sad Christmas is over😢😢😭😭
Karli Bush
Karli Bush 6 months ago
I saw Kamri, Brighton, Elianna, and Lev! Warms my heart ❤️
J4Y SW1FT 6 months ago
Miles and rylee should've won the had excellent skills throught the entire season they excelled in every type of dance no matter the type no one else can there cha cha except for kenzie and sage with all that they have to have won also the cuteness factor had a LOT to do with it also sky looked very stiff from the start she got better but still kinda stiff to me i bet that every dance miles and rylee did they were like wow there good i can't dance like that but none the less they did good both! Did also who else beleive mandla and brightyn are the most underscored remember the holloween dance that big beutiful 7 OH THANK YOU ADAM seriously why is this guy a judge Mandla and brightyn were finalist in my opinion they are the most underatted team
Ashlee Minson
Ashlee Minson 6 months ago
sky and JT are my favrioe dancer I have ever seen
First Name Last Name
I loved how they put dance moves from their other performances into their freestyle
Maddy Swicord
Maddy Swicord 6 months ago
I don't know, DWTH invited the stars, so for them to pick a winner because they improved the most is a little annoying. They would not have chosen Makenzie and Sage because they would be called unfair, but if they are worried about that they should not have even invited stars with dance experience in the first place!
Trin 6 months ago
ELYSE TIEU 6 months ago
Love 💕 you gys ad the dance
ELYSE TIEU 6 months ago
I put ad on axadent not good speller
Na zametku
Na zametku 6 months ago
LIKE !!!
The Huanna
The Huanna 6 months ago
My guess as to the main reason Sky won is because of how much she improved. I won’t deny the fact both Miles and Kenzie are insanely talented dancers and are, by nature, more skilled than Sky. However, they had dance experience and Sky became really skilled from no dance experience prior. You could argue that Ariana also could’ve/should’ve won, but she actually also had dance experience and (in my opinion, so don’t take this seriously) didn’t show as much improvement as Sky did. I won’t be the first to say the producers and judges did the dancers a bit dirty (Ariana’s awful song and dance combinations and Kenzie’s and Miles’s severe underscoring), but I think the main reason Sky won is because she showed the most improvement compared to when she started. (Personal opinion, I think Sky and JT had the best chemistry on the dance floor)
Liv Raful
Liv Raful 6 months ago
I really think Kenzie and Sage are se best
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