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Oct 7, 2019




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Comments 2 802
Girly_ Gamer
Girly_ Gamer Day ago
9:08 Rip headphones users !!!!!🎧😝
Shoolzy Playz
Shoolzy Playz 2 days ago
When was this filmed them as harry bought that bear in the last video they posted
Marley Herbs
Marley Herbs 8 days ago
Rodrigo 19 days ago
It would be way better if all of them was in the same room and watching each others games, but yeahhhh
Elijah Khaira
Elijah Khaira 22 days ago
2:30 why do they have a connection between Harry’s game and joshes in the first round?
T T 29 days ago
The streets will never forget project payet.
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi 29 days ago
F.B.I Month ago
Get manny in here 😂
j v buiten
j v buiten Month ago
Where can you buy that huge a$$ teddy bear ?
Het Mankad
Het Mankad Month ago
5 years ago they did a 2000$ fifa tournament Now their level has increased so much that they could afford 10000$ fifa tournament
Pepgamer12 Month ago
Why do you sya dollors if you're in the UK
Ethan every time Tobi gets close to the goal; Oh no. Oh NO.
Skeptized Month ago
This should be punishment fifa except fifa is the punishment
zain Khaliq
zain Khaliq Month ago
what's the music name playing behind when tobi and ethan are playing the match??
YonkYonk Month ago
should of played in the same room to get the reactions from all :/
SmallBoiH !!
SmallBoiH !! Month ago
This shows how bad fifa is. When the Sidemen don't even play in the same room anymore.
Dani el
Dani el Month ago
Keep on doing this
AnZaTV Month ago
At 6:18 Tobi looks like he’s just seen his nephew 😂sry guys😂
NsD Dottier
NsD Dottier Month ago
Only just found out about this series Who needs sleep anyway
Charliebo Montages
Imagine manny in this 😂
WolfBoy Month ago
1:29 Vikk: am I a joke to you
Aman Sewnarain
Aman Sewnarain Month ago
Man utd🔥🔥🔥
Deus. Month ago
6:00 wtf
Kaney_ 123
Kaney_ 123 Month ago
NUFC 😍😍😍⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️
Sanoo 96
Sanoo 96 Month ago
9:50 🤔🐒
SKULLIL Month ago
10:41 lol
Mahdi Alhachamy
Mahdi Alhachamy Month ago
tobi looks like Vinícius Júnior
DR.Z01DBERG Month ago
Lets go west ham
LLudeke Month ago
tobi I believe Man U will win this season
Stef Cfc
Stef Cfc Month ago
Miniminter will win the comp!
Zaviar Hardes
Zaviar Hardes Month ago
You guys should do a Mario Kart royale Rumble
Ellie Taylor
Ellie Taylor Month ago
Ethan calling everyone a shitter makes it 100x better
An ASMR Addict
An ASMR Addict Month ago
Happy days!!
James Clifton
James Clifton Month ago
Back bog
stanleytwins vlogs
who else finds the background music so annoying
Ya Daah
Ya Daah Month ago
Sorry but Ethan is the least funny sideman
Asif Islam
Asif Islam Month ago
I’m just happy to see them play fifa again
SuzukiGSXf Month ago
sometimes the last pick has to be good for something
IntoxicatedWolf Month ago
Ethan coulda just said cos Lingards dog shit
zMxstrr- PS4
zMxstrr- PS4 Month ago
What was the meme called that Ethan was soon when Toni won on golden goal
Wynn Hammond
Wynn Hammond Month ago
This would’ve been so much better if they were all together during the games
Samuel Plays
Samuel Plays Month ago
This is how much times they said ref 👇
jamiebev1989 Month ago
Yeah cuz that draw was edited and rigged
Paul savage
Paul savage Month ago
Bloody hell, the views alone r banging but the 'like to dislike' ratio is really banging lads👏👏. I mean high views on a vid is good (obviously) but its no longer rare with the sdmn however, that much of a gap between likes and dislikes is rare on youtube itself let alone sdmn vids. 100k likes and not even 1k dislikes yet (think its something like 700👎 and 100000👍) Banging boys👌
PY 67
PY 67 Month ago
Supporting Tobi all the way
Blake Lowe
Blake Lowe Month ago
I love how Ethan was talking to himself the whole time while Tobi is getting pissed
RH - 09RK - Castlebrooke SS (2692)
Amazing Vid On The LIT Amazing Second Channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Was An Amazing Match-Up Of Tobi And Ethan They Played Extremely Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Hyped To See More Of These FIFA 20 ROYAL RUMBLES THEY ARE SO LIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
George Vlad
George Vlad Month ago
They should have played the games at JJ's and Simon's flat so that everyone could react and shit......aaaaah like the good old times
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
When West Ham can bring on Pablo Fornals and all Man Utd have to bring on is Greenwood, that tells you everything about them at the moment.
Shoot Em Up
Shoot Em Up Month ago
I know Declan Rices cousin
TheBritay Month ago
Why dollar when you are all British n live in England
Your boy coolness 6
Toni acts like he’s a pro at this
Malte Olsson
Malte Olsson Month ago
josh with his off white socks lol
alfred e
alfred e Month ago
Boys why the fuck are we using dollars your British
con or
con or Month ago
Who is here from Simon thrashing Harry 8-1
Shane R
Shane R Month ago
It sucks that they are not all in the room it would be more enjoyable as fifa is boring
Valton Osmani
Valton Osmani Month ago
Who is here after Harry got destroyed by Simon?
rish x
rish x Month ago
tobi vs josh final
Nafisah 258323
Nafisah 258323 Month ago
Then I realise that West Ham has a higher rating then Arsenal
George Bullen
George Bullen Month ago
Tobi and Ethan: trying to get past every defender. Me: SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT Tobi and Ethan: continue to dribble and lose the ball 😤😤😤
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