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The Sidemen take on the challenge of burning 10,000 calories in just 24 hours. Who can burn the most? #SidemenSunday
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Aug 4, 2019




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Comments 16 034
R3S_ SNIPZ 27 minutes ago
Serab Gul
Serab Gul Hour ago
i burnt 2000 calories while watching this vid
Rodrigo Herrera
Rodrigo Herrera 4 hours ago
Are we gonna ignore the fact that calfreezy is going bald?
Professor Spook
Professor Spook 7 hours ago
didnt ethan use to be a fat piece of crap now his looking fitter good job man
Baklaw 7 hours ago
0.54 harry hits his hand but acts like it doesn't hurt
yt_ n1k
yt_ n1k 9 hours ago
Harry: The little bastar-tard 40:33
Michael Salton
Michael Salton 12 hours ago
The amount of likes on this video is the amount of people who thought about commenting the amount of likes on this video is the amount of steps tobi walked up but decided not to and instead likes this comment
Ethos Music
Ethos Music 12 hours ago
To be fair, Harry burned more calories than vikk and tobi at the start was probably because he's fatter than both of them. Fatter people burns more calory easier than a skinny dude
Drip Fn
Drip Fn 13 hours ago
What do y’all use to track your calories burned
Gaffers 06
Gaffers 06 20 hours ago
Who’s watching after jj beat Logan
Trabelsi Fourat
Trabelsi Fourat 20 hours ago
no one: harry:gang sheet!!
Don’t read my username
Darren Brignell
Darren Brignell 22 hours ago
MADD I do like 25l steps every day
Kiwi 23 hours ago
Everyone:burning calories Harry:Ight ima head out
Ethan Hinterberger
15:10 Jupiter Gustav Holt
Connor McLennan
I just realised that josh used to have an earring in his right ear
Rudy Rdx
Rudy Rdx Day ago
U guys r the best n motivates us to go to gym #luvfromindia
Riley Smith
Riley Smith Day ago
Tobi: Ive been up for an hour but I'm still in the exact same position What
Endrbeast Gaming
Bro I’m out here training says jj sitting down
TapR6 Day ago
50:41 vikk over jj?
Dan Somers
Dan Somers Day ago
What Fitbit are they using?
Rose Miller
Rose Miller Day ago
soccer players are such sissys they should try a sport where if they get touched they don't cry like a girl
Tom Clarke
Tom Clarke Day ago
Do mat steps it wud be so good
Kristobal Medina
Vik is Hindi man
Endrbeast Gaming
Endrbeast Gaming 2 days ago
Watching them climb though 😂😂
YouGotPwned Noob
YouGotPwned Noob 2 days ago
Who is here after JJ beat Logan?
ivan georgiev
ivan georgiev 2 days ago
People what is the song from 38,10 min. to 39,20
Boneless Wangs44576
Why does vikk look like the Indian version of FaZe Rug?
Meaty 2 days ago
2:52 tobi’s nose
banta time
banta time 2 days ago
*Logan is laughing himself to sleep* Ksi wins Simon 😬😬
d0ggity 2 days ago
whos here after KSI won the fight?
Hira Imran
Hira Imran 2 days ago
The 21:59 moment hits different after the fight
Richie Anderson
Richie Anderson 2 days ago
15:40 ethan got some skills
SGT TARAN 2 days ago
Indian spiderman 😂
XxBEASTxX 2 days ago
JJ burned more calories than VIKK
Tyler Jhone
Tyler Jhone 3 days ago
l am gesing that the likes are 162k likes on this vid
HI Bue
HI Bue 3 days ago
22:02 WELL HE ISNT NOW 😂😂😂
fortnite clips
fortnite clips 3 days ago
Tobi is a g
Julia xx
Julia xx 3 days ago
28:21 that doll in the background 😭😭🤣🤣 what have u done to it
Cj Barr
Cj Barr 3 days ago
Ethan has the worst breakfast ever
AFL & Cricket
AFL & Cricket 3 days ago
JJ's body transformation from this video to the fight today was incredible
10k subs with no videos
“Logan is laughing himself to sleep” Anyone here after the second fight?🙋🏻‍♂️
tristan Gonzalez
10k subs with no videos 🙋‍♂️✋
Craber Z
Craber Z 20 hours ago
No I am not here after the fight that’s how I’m answering this right now
Jelle Bradt
Jelle Bradt 21 hour ago
No hes sneezing himself to sleep 😂😂
Kyle Marshall
Kyle Marshall 21 hour ago
Yep lol
Quinn Tate
Quinn Tate Day ago
10k subs with no videos then wake up and sneeze three times
Tomas James
Tomas James 3 days ago
What is the music at 38:31. Someone please reply
Shaana Niyas
Shaana Niyas 22 hours ago
Tomas James hallman every battle
Jake Montoya
Jake Montoya 3 days ago
Who’s here after JJ beat Logan?
Yuvraj Mangat
Yuvraj Mangat 3 days ago
Humbager King
Humbager King 3 days ago
Yuvraj Mangat yeah
Doomed Voice7057
Doomed Voice7057 3 days ago
What Fitbit is that??
Josh Grimes
Josh Grimes 3 days ago
What Fitbit are they using
Charlie Thompson
Charlie Thompson 3 days ago
They should just finish by sleeping in full clothes heating duvet wrap
DNS Blaze
DNS Blaze 3 days ago
What fit bit did yous use
Mr Findog
Mr Findog 3 days ago
Ethan is the best
RAINBOW_ARMY 3 days ago
I have the exact bedsheets as harry😂😂😂
tekkerzzz_01 3 days ago
Ethan said no flexing and yet he’s showing off AirPods and watch I think apple 😂😂
David Howey
David Howey 4 days ago
Watch at 0.5 playback speed from 15:00 for a minute its hilarious
skycore fighter
skycore fighter 4 days ago
38:18 what song is this
Dad? 2 days ago
skycore fighter I wanna know too
donald trump 123
donald trump 123 4 days ago
43:10 that's what she said
taylor kauppila
taylor kauppila 4 days ago
Does anyone know what fit bit they’re wearing?
AbC 4 days ago
Can someone explain to me what was the prank josh did? What were they forfeiting?
Connor Tasci
Connor Tasci 4 days ago
Tobi gonna get PTSD on those stairs lol
I am Sxulz
I am Sxulz 4 days ago
Who also thought they were gonna play "Football" not "Futball."
Babatunde 4 days ago
Uh they dont live in the U.S lol
#YUM_ Sharky
#YUM_ Sharky 4 days ago
I know no 1 will reasons to this but what Fitbit is that or send link to it
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