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The Sidemen take on the task of becoming parents for the day, Who do you think will be the best parent out of the Sidemen?
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Jul 28, 2019




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Comments 22 296
AwesomeJoeYT 18 hours ago
JJ's babys outfit is worth more than mine...
Ez _Gamin
Ez _Gamin 22 hours ago
I'd take Harry as my dad
harry was just doing what his parents did to him as a baby
markthe bigengine
**jj trying to be a good father** **Jj turns evil** They had us in the first half not gonna lie
Jayson Janssen
Harry still has to work on his spidey like Sense that mothers have
Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris Day ago
Im sure that Ethan and Harry would be a lot better parents if it was a real baby, I’d hope so anyway
LOL Relja
LOL Relja Day ago
JJ is really good father 43:55
Kekoa Cook
Kekoa Cook Day ago
Harry- NoThInG bAd Is GoInG tO hApPeN tO tHiS bAbY *5 mins later, drops him down the stairs* 😂😂
omer Baig
omer Baig Day ago
When I’m already dealing with my new born and I found out my wife got another baby 13:16
LeedsAreGoingToThe PremierLeague
@KSI I’ll take that Gucci 😜
No Salad
No Salad 2 days ago
I don’t think the Sidemen should be Dads anytime soon
Stanley Heaven
Stanley Heaven 2 days ago
So we now know that nathanail is ethans small percamtage of nigerian
Zeke Cartwright
Zeke Cartwright 2 days ago
If the cops were there they would be asking questioj
Eddie 2 days ago
haha the one KSI didn't abort! :D
Thomas Nicholas
Thomas Nicholas 2 days ago
JJ wants to be a parent
Cerys Evans
Cerys Evans 2 days ago
JJ is literally ready to be a perfect dad omg. So is tobi
Jake Baker
Jake Baker 2 days ago
Best video ever in USvid
Fear Rex
Fear Rex 2 days ago
50:44 that’s my baby
Vιnnιe Sнarмa
Nathaniel is black because ethan is 1.1% Nigerian
DerpyTurtle108 2 days ago
this is the hardest i have ever left in my entire life
Tony Frost
Tony Frost 2 days ago
? what Happened to the babies after the vid ?
The Banshii
The Banshii 2 days ago
Outro song
Slimed Fries
Slimed Fries 2 days ago
I wish Tobi was my dad
Slimed Fries
Slimed Fries 2 days ago
Josh was a psychopath
Shadow X101
Shadow X101 2 days ago
Oh god what it must be like trying to explain to your parents how u got a baby
succ 2 days ago
this was one of harry's funniest videos and no one can prove me wrong
Chlorax Bleach
Chlorax Bleach 2 days ago
They had to remove all the hangers from the changing rooms so jj didn’t get tempted
Mr Galacticz
Mr Galacticz 3 days ago
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 3 days ago
25:09 that girl was peng fam
x_SFE_x_Groot_x GMZ
Na man Harry is not like this when he has a real baby. he s just making viewers laugh
chloé may x
chloé may x 3 days ago
Jj at the very end going “oi let me just speak to him” with boxing gloves on had me dead
Lachie OCE
Lachie OCE 3 days ago
Luke's Lavatory
Luke's Lavatory 3 days ago
Ladies and Gentleman
URBN Survivalist
URBN Survivalist 3 days ago
UnCal Freezy doing bits for Nathaniel 😂
YesItsKyleLmao 3 days ago
I want KSI to be my daddy...
Wild gangster 31
Wild gangster 31 3 days ago
Ethan sounds like a happy tree friend character when he is on the swing
LEX CRAY 3 days ago
Ksi would be a good dad out of all the sidemen😤
Jasmin Negrete
Jasmin Negrete 3 days ago
No lie Ksi is a good dad
ღsimply Boredღ
Anyone else had these babies as homework
Patrick Janek
Patrick Janek 4 days ago
harry is the best parent
DJ Street Kid
DJ Street Kid 4 days ago
Harry’s the funniest
Maria Quartullo
Maria Quartullo 4 days ago
The thing that was sad the most was how JJ turned his back on his baby and started to abuse him with delight
Joel Iyassu
Joel Iyassu 4 days ago
59:29 love the outro song
Flame Hydra
Flame Hydra 4 days ago
1 baby becomes internet famous. Another gets abused and the last is actually cared for 😂 (maybe not I just saw jj and josh playing catch)
cardboard nora
cardboard nora 4 days ago
freezy at 28:58 always makes me loose it
caleb skrzypek
caleb skrzypek 4 days ago
JJ is taking this so serious and then there is harry bashing the baby's head in the rocks. Then Simon punting a football in his face and racing it then smashing it into a pole
Andrew Nalty ツ
Andrew Nalty ツ 4 days ago
Ethan: these are not real babies. Just a bit of plastic. Also Ethan: These are NOT for show, they are real babies!
Lob Did
Lob Did 4 days ago
43:50 first time I saw this I laughed for about an hour
Mario Ferrante
Mario Ferrante 4 days ago
jj was such a good parent then....
LIL PLAYERO 4 days ago
If these were real baby’s they would be dead in 5 minutes
Hunter Borowski
Hunter Borowski 4 days ago
Is t me or do JJ and josh make pretty good dads
Rose Davis
Rose Davis 4 days ago
When Vik made the baby vlog😂😂😂😂
Mylez Gaming
Mylez Gaming 4 days ago
To be honest everyone has a breaking point so everyone will break eventually
Michael Moose Zurfluh
Mylez Gaming
Mylez Gaming 4 days ago
Harry and Ethan are taking turns at being horrible parents
Mylez Gaming
Mylez Gaming 4 days ago
Harry is caring yet clumsy, short tempered and tries to get a laugh out of people
Joel Iyassu
Joel Iyassu 5 days ago
WHATS the intro song called?
yours only
yours only 5 days ago
Josh is destructive
Lana Xx
Lana Xx 5 days ago
2:11 Was harry really about to say “oh he’s white”
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