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The Sidemen play Hide & Seek on a Cruise Ship! Enjoy!
Sidemen Clothing: www.sidemenclothing.com
Thanks so much to MSC Cruises for letting us be some of the first people ever on their brand new ship MSC Bellissima. If you want to find out more about the ship visit www.msccruises.co.uk
● Miniminter: usvid.net/u-Miniminter
● Zerkaa: usvid.net/u-Zerkaa
● Behzinga: usvid.net/u-Behzinga
● Vikkstar123: usvid.net/u-Vikkstar123
● TBJZL: usvid.net/u-TBJZL
● Wroetoshaw: usvid.net/u-Wroetoshaw
● KSI: usvid.net/u-KSI


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Mar 10, 2019




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Comments 10 057
Johnny Alcantar
Johnny Alcantar 30 minutes ago
Vik cheated he kept running
blackhawks !
blackhawks ! Hour ago
I can not stand jj laughter he is so annoying
#kingmaster gaming
I think this channel is better than team ten
Official Memelord ._.
Next up: Hide and Seek in LONDON
Xxdead GhostXx
Xxdead GhostXx 2 hours ago
That ship reminds me of hijacked map from black ops 2
I am in the comments
These dudes really went to Hijacked from bo2
snow man
snow man 2 hours ago
Not gonna lie, that got us in the first half.
Elijah McNugget
Elijah McNugget 3 hours ago
JJ the goat
alex 3 hours ago
Copying FAZE CLAN?
The DANK Zenon
The DANK Zenon 4 hours ago
Ethans face when he seen tobinhahaha
Excel Tragic
Excel Tragic 6 hours ago
hide and sleep more like bilk and sleep
iiScuff 6 hours ago
Suite life on deck 2019
girem609 6 hours ago
😂I love JJ he’s just eating while doing hide and seek
Joel Depps
Joel Depps 7 hours ago
What's tobis sunglasses pls?
Donovan Smith
Donovan Smith 7 hours ago
KSI be bulking on the MSC ,hahahaha
Nappy 7 hours ago
I would've checked the Kiddy pool for Vick
GamerBoy 01516
GamerBoy 01516 8 hours ago
Haha that voice crack 6:32
Trippie Redd
Trippie Redd 8 hours ago
Why is the guy snitching on jj
Hannah Murphy
Hannah Murphy 8 hours ago
I've been on 2 MSC cruises and they where the best experiences of my life I really bonded with my family and if your thinking of going on a cruise I highly recommend going on an MSC cruise I've went on MSC Fantasia and MSC Poesia and it was amazing the food was amazing, the rooms where amazing, the activities where amazing, polite staff, the food was amazing and all in all a great experience truly recommend MSC
Hannah Murphy
Hannah Murphy 8 hours ago
watching this makes me so happy and idk why
Joe W.
Joe W. 8 hours ago
Everyone:*Finds a sick spot* JJ: *I'm just gonna eat*
Akemix Universal
Akemix Universal 8 hours ago
Carlos Cifuentes
Carlos Cifuentes 8 hours ago
JJ is the true winner not leaving his spot at all
DmNs Okurrz
DmNs Okurrz 9 hours ago
everyone follow me for daily fortnite and rl vids
The Next Generation
6:33 ethans voice crack as he says Football Pitch!! 😂
Ur Nan
Ur Nan 9 hours ago
This be looking like the yacht map of bo2 Sub to me even though I don’t post
Kiandra Holloway
Kiandra Holloway 9 hours ago
Tobi is a whole mood
Mighty Duck
Mighty Duck 10 hours ago
Wait how did vik aford this boat I thought he was indian
The-kraken Gamer
The-kraken Gamer 10 hours ago
Sideman vs faze in hide and seek that’s a banger
Becca Jett
Becca Jett 10 hours ago
Ethan is amazing
William Cowdery
William Cowdery 11 hours ago
6:34 when Ethan’s voice breaks when he says pitch
YouTube GamingYT
YouTube GamingYT 12 hours ago
Ся.Мм. П)’аивапи. Лбрьоььорткааавааапмппвппаиптвамаывмпим7=иб
Panini Bread
Panini Bread 12 hours ago
Free Replay Buttons: 6:34 6:34 6:34 6:34
RainBowZz - CopZz
RainBowZz - CopZz 12 hours ago
Mannn that soo big probaly expensive i mean on the title we can se😏😏😏but great job i was waiting for these vids
Wookieboi05 _
Wookieboi05 _ 13 hours ago
And they say this is not a dream job
Christy Borges
Christy Borges 13 hours ago
I’m sure I saw this cruise on black ops
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 14 hours ago
why they lying about the first on it? i was literally on it this christmas in dubai 😭
Anna Cooney
Anna Cooney 15 hours ago
Plz do more hide n seek
BlackCatt _
BlackCatt _ 15 hours ago
music at start?
Music Lover
Music Lover 15 hours ago
why does simon look so insecure and terrified. its just a game of hide and seek between friends.
K D 15 hours ago
JJ knows the true way to play hide and seek. Always bring entertainment. Or in this case, eating food.
Nathan T G
Nathan T G 16 hours ago
Bruh. Vik being a tryhard at hide and seek is a little cringe
Wiet Plantage
Wiet Plantage 17 hours ago
JJ 😂😂😂😂
salskrake 17 hours ago
Hijacked anyone?
The FBI 17 hours ago
of course vik is acting like a big man and flexing about how much the boat iss
Jenson Randall
Jenson Randall 18 hours ago
Who deep fried jj's hair ?
Devin Julius Anggasurya
JJ"s just enjoying life
Life of Kande YT
Life of Kande YT 18 hours ago
RioT Synergy
RioT Synergy 18 hours ago
Flexin on FaZe 900 mil
Totti kair
Totti kair 18 hours ago
Bulk and sleep
fizza haq
fizza haq 19 hours ago
I was waiting for someone to go and eat during the hide and seek😝
Joe Said
Joe Said 20 hours ago
Josh:Surely there’s no one in the buffet JJ: can I have a pizza
Not polen
Not polen 20 hours ago
Just hide in one of the room and ez win
TuneZee 20 hours ago
18:52 When yur fallen friend stabs u in the back to protect its commrades from being one of them 19:20
Haris Jahangir
Haris Jahangir 21 hour ago
15:15 I literally choked on my cereal...
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 21 hour ago
Outrageous 👀🚫🧢
Just Reveals
Just Reveals 22 hours ago
“FaZe Clan/ FaZe Adapt’s idea” No credit? 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
DuctileFlame 135
DuctileFlame 135 22 hours ago
Ksi can u punch Logan in the face so u can set his mind straight and we won’t have to hear his bs anymore
nathan leaf
nathan leaf 23 hours ago
JJ is a mood😭
ANIMEFAN2121 Day ago
Why am i so black?
Henry Fitzsimons
Logical Lemon
JJ out here bulking in the buffet
Landon Mitchell
8:21, "IM BULKING!"
Lit Industries
I dislike the guy who gave away JJ
Suoma Day ago
Pure JJ everyone is panicking and he is just enjoys eating xD
am hr
am hr Day ago
at 11:35 tobi be looking like a frog
the elites
the elites Day ago
Jj is a ugly negro
Ochoa Day ago
that snitch gave jjs position away😑
Sausage Fingers
Remember jj is bulking
BatBones Day ago
Ethan finding Toby OMFG his face 😂😂
Roman Bailey
Roman Bailey Day ago
That could of been easy wins for JJ
raven boy
raven boy Day ago
like my old post if the ship is cool
raven boy
raven boy Day ago
the ship is so cool
Sherrell Banfield
12:52 good friend moment
Boost Everything
Imagine if u were on the same ship, waiting for JJ to get out of the toilet.
AzuBeats Day ago
since when did ethan lose that much weight?? big up
Surprised ethan didnt snitch lol OmG thX FoR 100000000 LikEs
Jamie Mercer
Jamie Mercer Day ago
Ethan’s voice crack when he says football pitch and bass 😂😂😂 6:25
randomboi Day ago
honestly I would have done what jj did 😂😂
Gaming channel
I love these vids please keep doing them
Bummeryyy Day ago
does it bug anyone else that there is one dead pixel on simon's cam?
Isaiah _2335
Isaiah _2335 Day ago
JJ won I don't care
Scandi Day ago
17:34 a new meme was created
Sam Schwamb
Sam Schwamb Day ago
No don’t get more
Duanra Day ago
6:23 waaa trop bien vous avez gagné plein de coupons dinguerie
Sam Schwamb
Sam Schwamb Day ago
Go jj
Jbanz Mate
Jbanz Mate Day ago
Nah that’s not fair they cheated wen they found JJ
Jbanz Mate
Jbanz Mate Day ago
*JJ: Im BuLkInG*
Satisfying Things
I have liked all your videos 😃
Wamen Noodles
That’s not fair Tobi and KSI are black, they’re good at evading people
JJ got royally screwed. He should've won. Man barely put any effort into hiding and almost won. 😂
Jack Wilcox
Jack Wilcox Day ago
Sidemen: Jj: these grapes are so big
peyton Day ago
*moui chwest*
Ech0s Poole
Ech0s Poole Day ago
video is honestly confusing
Abdulaziz Alothman - 9R2 Pupil
then goes to sleep
I love ur hide and seek vids pls keep making more love u
Zoë Kuijpers
I love that Joke from jj “cheesus” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jason Lambert
I just realized I don’t know where my passport is 😂😂😂
Никола Иванов
Wierd flex but ok.
Amy’s Animals
That explains why JJ’s “Bulking” 😂
Truistic Gaming
Why am I so black?😂
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