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The Sidemen take on an outrageous attempt to dress each other in this $10,000 outfit challenge! Who's outfit was the best? #SidemenSunday
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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 14 539
Darkwear GT
Darkwear GT Hour ago
Vik with the 1500 dollar suit
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 5 hours ago
VIK and Ethan are the cringest
Greg2.0 Show
Greg2.0 Show 16 hours ago
Harry’s outfit is just your average American frat boy
malthe nørregaard
malthe nørregaard 20 hours ago
win gang haha
Umar Ahmer
Umar Ahmer 22 hours ago
AdmistSZN Day ago
Do u know what I love about the sidemen that I’ve been watching them for 4 years and they do everything for the entertainment and for the fans
Jackson Ross
Jackson Ross Day ago
Win gang
Jacob King
Jacob King Day ago
Vik looks sharp.....
vik star more like ali g with that outfit😂😂👌🏽
also simon looking like the dictator😂😂👌🏽
Dev P
Dev P Day ago
27:15 is soooo funny from Simon I can't stop laughing
Robbie Heron
Robbie Heron Day ago
Vik laugh is so staged
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Day ago
38:11 Vic looks like a real refugee XDD
NøName Day ago
25:36 just saving my timing in the comments so i can watch later
Shmonkler Day ago
randolf is ugly... i know hes not in the video dw
ToXiC _martinjo4
ToXiC _martinjo4 2 days ago
Jj should’ve sang berrus in the store
Caleb Spiteri
Caleb Spiteri 2 days ago
Give em fake Gucci it’s called nucci
lisa stalley
lisa stalley 2 days ago
Win gam
JD_KING_11 2 days ago
Little Pumpkin
Little Pumpkin 2 days ago
15:45 "Were in dee-ben-hams😂
Pyro 2 days ago
Jjs outfit reminds me of His outfit from laid in America lol
Kenneth 2 days ago
Jj can get a Afro
Zane scoots
Zane scoots 2 days ago
Nice gang hahahaha
Venom 2 days ago
Dollars or Pounds? thought this was England.
Jasim Masoomy
Jasim Masoomy 2 days ago
winnnn gang
Charn Videos
Charn Videos 2 days ago
No Peak
No Peak 3 days ago
Great episode!
Scott Agnew
Scott Agnew 3 days ago
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Sidemen: looking like GTA custom characters
Nologia Dragon
Nologia Dragon 4 days ago
KSI just looks like Duncan on the segway in laid in america xD
Elise Belton
Elise Belton 4 days ago
when i went to this thing called roq,i saw a year 11 wearing sidemen merch i was like 'good man'
Frankie Harris
Frankie Harris 4 days ago
Win gang
Bobby 07
Bobby 07 4 days ago
Vik’s laugh just makes him embarrassing. He tries to look cool but he isn’t
tanuj h
tanuj h 4 days ago
Am i the only one or does simon look like the Pink Guy the guy who was in the song named STFU
Umar Ahmer
Umar Ahmer 4 days ago
This was a hella entertaining video! do more creative vides like these
Kane Adams
Kane Adams 4 days ago
Wing gang
Naomi Scafe
Naomi Scafe 5 days ago
win gang
Nubwo 5 days ago
Literally GTA characters😂 Ethan was right
Ghost Snipez
Ghost Snipez 5 days ago
I like 59:59 the most
Deathling Kill
Deathling Kill 5 days ago
GR8 5 days ago
9:00 I've actully got them shorts
Cookies free
Cookies free 5 days ago
He fishing like
Sir J
Sir J 5 days ago
43:00 Ethan's "caw" after the twirl 😂😂😂
Ivan B
Ivan B 5 days ago
Simons was the funniest
Why u sad idk nan molla
simon looks straight out of Little Britain
foxz 5 days ago
xXSANICXx 5 days ago
How is this 10k challenge? They arent even 7 ppl
Sciptric YT
Sciptric YT 5 days ago
who does ethan sound like deji laughing 22:53
Bleach Kermit
Bleach Kermit 5 days ago
Win gang
GotEm 5 days ago
42:12 "Bald Spot, looks like your ex husband"
Colin_0786 5 days ago
Jj has a nice box outfit for the fight with logan
Minhaaj Uddin
Minhaaj Uddin 6 days ago
Ethan forgot da tie
Manne Wildt
Manne Wildt 6 days ago
I like that tobi have
bumblebee3007 6 days ago
Is vik morgs
Dimo 6 days ago
Simon looks like a rusian
Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones 6 days ago
win gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!
Tanvo 6 days ago
Man said deebinhams
Mc JJ 6 days ago
do a part 2 to this great video
George Pakes
George Pakes 6 days ago
The boots Josh got Toby are the ones that I have 😁
Lauren Morton
Lauren Morton 6 days ago
Y they be saying dollars they are British
HJH Vlogs
HJH Vlogs 6 days ago
Win gang
Dilan btw
Dilan btw 6 days ago
At 7:37 close your eyes thank me later
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