Should Joe Rogan Start a TikTok Account?

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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 220
Clu 20 days ago
Wow such an eye-opening analysis
LetsGoToMarsMan 20 days ago
Was terrible?
Franco Roldan
Franco Roldan 24 days ago
Joe make an Onlyfans!!!!
Michael Jackson Comedian
I started to ramble down below about the tiktok thing but what I really want to say is youkickass Joe. every time I watch one of your videos I'm coming away with awesome information that actually helps me out as a comic listening to you guys talk about the struggles and the b******* that goes on in the industry and all the s*** I've had to go through being f***** over and feel like I'm just getting older and losing touch simply put you guys help and I mean that
Avalon Justin
Avalon Justin 25 days ago
Joe "Hit or Miss" Rogan
Dom Castellucci
Dom Castellucci 26 days ago
Joe Rogan is the type of guy, that plugs tic tok fo sum $$$!!$!$!@!
TheFailLord72 26 days ago
wow, this was bait.
Go Coady
Go Coady 26 days ago
Please no
Van Graff
Van Graff 26 days ago
Relax it's like "vines" it will last 1-2 years
Simon 26 days ago
no offence but his comedy is still terrible
Mansha Khadim
Mansha Khadim 26 days ago
Joe you still suck
ROB86079 27 days ago
WTF is tiktok????
Ricky 27 days ago
This video is 4:20 min long coincidence I think not
herecomesthe crimsonchin
are you a 14 year old girl mr rogan?
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 27 days ago
I want him to make a tik tok
BushCamper 27 days ago
was he in pic of destiny.
Richard Bursey
Richard Bursey 27 days ago
This dude is like the comedy version of Roy Jones jr. voice and everything 😂
Joe R
Joe R 27 days ago
He's still terrible at stand-up
Khaotik Rage
Khaotik Rage 27 days ago
Fuuuuuuuck no, but toe Rogan does lol
7om 27 days ago
"Hey kids, have you done DMT?"
Mohammed Mahmud
Mohammed Mahmud 27 days ago
Only if he makes videos with that bubble song where he lip syncs half crying half happy
Jonty Rosenow
Jonty Rosenow 27 days ago
Tiktok aint hanging around, it's talked about less and less
trahouston 27 days ago
One of the places where openly being a follower isn't looked down upon is social media. It use to be dispised in most places. tiktok1984tiktok1984tiktok1984tiktok
Chris Benn
Chris Benn 28 days ago
I’m 38 years old. All I know about tiktok is ,there was some shit about a cat and mr. sandman on my news feed . Also on my snap 😜
BillDownhill 28 days ago
Fuck Tik Tok.
Mikes strikes
Mikes strikes 28 days ago
Let's talk about how much tik tock payed for this
Stuck Berry
Stuck Berry 28 days ago
“The Internet has no gate keeper” ... Not yet.
Milcarr 28 days ago
Archie Saunders
Archie Saunders 28 days ago
Love Joe rogan, love the podcast. Not a fan of his stand up style.
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 29 days ago
Wow, his pinnacle was BET. "Well little nigga, you're going nowhere".
Einstein Alberto
Einstein Alberto 29 days ago
Joe Rogan takes thick cocks
KennyTheKid 29 days ago
Joe Rogan Bathwater when?
Shawn Ruby
Shawn Ruby 29 days ago
Tik Tok is so stupid
Alejandro Lozano Aguas
I remember that Letterman set! He crushed it.
Dboogie 401
Dboogie 401 29 days ago
Yes joe u have to
Shaman Shaman
Shaman Shaman 29 days ago
Joe 'tiktok' Rogan
jaheer al shimm
jaheer al shimm 29 days ago
This vid is 4/20 long....... coincidence??
Ryan Schmid
Ryan Schmid Month ago
Roy Wood Jr. should definitely start a podcast.
Daniel Grosdidier
Tiktok is hilarious there is some funny as stuff on there.
Nicholas Slutzky
Joe is a go out and do it mothafucka... I wouldnt be surprised if he did.
Matthew Ghiretti
Cornflack Month ago
Tom Segura and Christina P. aren't using TikTok as a means to spread their comedy to a new platform. They use it to make fun of the people on TikTok.
Joe R
Joe R 27 days ago
shhhhh no they're marketing geniuses
Peter Matthew
Peter Matthew Month ago
hey Joe love you man but who cares ? time for more DMT
Michael Moniz
Michael Moniz Month ago
I like this guy 100x better when he doesn't have The Daily Show script picking his words.
Extreme Viking
Extreme Viking Month ago
Gus Sfakianos
Gus Sfakianos Month ago
3:26 they talk about tic tok for 30 seconds smh
Gus Sfakianos
Gus Sfakianos Month ago
I love that joe puts the ads at the end of all these clips
Brenden Rapp
Brenden Rapp Month ago
Common Sense
Common Sense Month ago
the internet DOES have (liberal) gatekeepers - they are called youtube, facebook, instagram & twitter
Kiei Luahi
Kiei Luahi Month ago
Christina Pee enters the chat
Meow Month ago
Leaf Church
Leaf Church Month ago
I clicked this because I have no idea what Tik Tok is and I was hoping Joe Rogan would help.
p0llenp0ny Month ago
Tbh Joe, you still kinda suck.
Sociopath Mercenary
Wasn't a lot of discussion from a lot of recent podcasts about how the internet has gatekeepers? And we don't like it?
soft cream
soft cream Month ago
I lose so much respect for anyone on tik tok...it's void of comedy and creativity
OCBodyBuilders Month ago
Joe "I was on tv" Rogan
Banis Caapi
Banis Caapi Month ago
the hottest thing on TikTok ryt now is Christina Pasitzky
Kami Truth
Kami Truth Month ago
I want to see Joe react to cringey Tik Tok videos
Chace Delaney
Chace Delaney Month ago
Who else had a tiktok add on this video?
Hoze 123
Hoze 123 Month ago
DMT app
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