Should Joe Rogan Start a TikTok Account?

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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 216
Clu 5 months ago
Wow such an eye-opening analysis
LetsGoToMarsMan 5 months ago
Was terrible?
Franco Roldan
Franco Roldan 5 months ago
Joe make an Onlyfans!!!!
Laugh Crack Comedy
Laugh Crack Comedy 5 months ago
I started to ramble down below about the tiktok thing but what I really want to say is youkickass Joe. every time I watch one of your videos I'm coming away with awesome information that actually helps me out as a comic listening to you guys talk about the struggles and the b******* that goes on in the industry and all the s*** I've had to go through being f***** over and feel like I'm just getting older and losing touch simply put you guys help and I mean that
Avalon Justin
Avalon Justin 5 months ago
Joe "Hit or Miss" Rogan
Dom Castellucci
Dom Castellucci 5 months ago
Joe Rogan is the type of guy, that plugs tic tok fo sum $$$!!$!$!@!
TheFailLord72 5 months ago
wow, this was bait.
Go Coady
Go Coady 5 months ago
Please no
Van Graff
Van Graff 5 months ago
Relax it's like "vines" it will last 1-2 years
Simon 6 months ago
no offence but his comedy is still terrible
Mansha Khadim
Mansha Khadim 6 months ago
Joe you still suck
ROB86079 6 months ago
WTF is tiktok????
Ricky 6 months ago
This video is 4:20 min long coincidence I think not
herecomesthe crimsonchin
are you a 14 year old girl mr rogan?
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 6 months ago
I want him to make a tik tok
BushCamper 6 months ago
was he in pic of destiny.
Richard Bursey
Richard Bursey 6 months ago
This dude is like the comedy version of Roy Jones jr. voice and everything 😂
Joe R
Joe R 6 months ago
He's still terrible at stand-up
Mamba Forever
Mamba Forever 6 months ago
Fuuuuuuuck no, but toe Rogan does lol
7zh 6 months ago
"Hey kids, have you done DMT?"
Mohammed Mahmud
Mohammed Mahmud 6 months ago
Only if he makes videos with that bubble song where he lip syncs half crying half happy
Jonty Rosenow
Jonty Rosenow 6 months ago
Tiktok aint hanging around, it's talked about less and less
trahouston 6 months ago
One of the places where openly being a follower isn't looked down upon is social media. It use to be dispised in most places. tiktok1984tiktok1984tiktok1984tiktok
Chris Benn
Chris Benn 6 months ago
I’m 38 years old. All I know about tiktok is ,there was some shit about a cat and mr. sandman on my news feed . Also on my snap 😜
BillDownhill 6 months ago
Fuck Tik Tok.
Mikes strikes
Mikes strikes 6 months ago
Let's talk about how much tik tock payed for this
Stuck Berry
Stuck Berry 6 months ago
“The Internet has no gate keeper” ... Not yet.
Milcarr 6 months ago
Archie Saunders
Archie Saunders 6 months ago
Love Joe rogan, love the podcast. Not a fan of his stand up style.
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 6 months ago
Wow, his pinnacle was BET. "Well little nigga, you're going nowhere".
Einstein Alberto
Einstein Alberto 6 months ago
Joe Rogan takes thick cocks
KennyTheKid 6 months ago
Joe Rogan Bathwater when?
Shawn Ruby
Shawn Ruby 6 months ago
Tik Tok is so stupid
Alejandro Lozano Aguas
I remember that Letterman set! He crushed it.
DevUnique401 6 months ago
Yes joe u have to
Shayan man
Shayan man 6 months ago
Joe 'tiktok' Rogan
jaheer al shimm
jaheer al shimm 6 months ago
This vid is 4/20 long....... coincidence??
Ryan Schmid
Ryan Schmid 6 months ago
Roy Wood Jr. should definitely start a podcast.
Daniel Grosdidier
Daniel Grosdidier 6 months ago
Tiktok is hilarious there is some funny as stuff on there.
Nicholas Slutzky
Nicholas Slutzky 6 months ago
Joe is a go out and do it mothafucka... I wouldnt be surprised if he did.
Matthew Ghiretti
Matthew Ghiretti 6 months ago
Cornflack 6 months ago
Tom Segura and Christina P. aren't using TikTok as a means to spread their comedy to a new platform. They use it to make fun of the people on TikTok.
Joe R
Joe R 6 months ago
shhhhh no they're marketing geniuses
Peter Matthew
Peter Matthew 6 months ago
hey Joe love you man but who cares ? time for more DMT
Michael Moniz
Michael Moniz 6 months ago
I like this guy 100x better when he doesn't have The Daily Show script picking his words.
Luigi Viking
Luigi Viking 6 months ago
Gus Sfakianos
Gus Sfakianos 6 months ago
3:26 they talk about tic tok for 30 seconds smh
Gus Sfakianos
Gus Sfakianos 6 months ago
I love that joe puts the ads at the end of all these clips
B Rapp
B Rapp 6 months ago
Common Sense
Common Sense 6 months ago
the internet DOES have (liberal) gatekeepers - they are called youtube, facebook, instagram & twitter
Kiei Luahi
Kiei Luahi 6 months ago
Christina Pee enters the chat
Meow 6 months ago
Emerson Leafchurch
Emerson Leafchurch 6 months ago
I clicked this because I have no idea what Tik Tok is and I was hoping Joe Rogan would help.
p0llenp0ny 6 months ago
Tbh Joe, you still kinda suck.
Sociopath Mercenary
Sociopath Mercenary 6 months ago
Wasn't a lot of discussion from a lot of recent podcasts about how the internet has gatekeepers? And we don't like it?
Sexy cave Troll
Sexy cave Troll 6 months ago
I lose so much respect for anyone on tik tok...it's void of comedy and creativity
OCBodyBuilders 6 months ago
Joe "I was on tv" Rogan
TK Caapi
TK Caapi 6 months ago
the hottest thing on TikTok ryt now is Christina Pasitzky
Kami Truth
Kami Truth 6 months ago
I want to see Joe react to cringey Tik Tok videos
Chace Delaney
Chace Delaney 6 months ago
Who else had a tiktok add on this video?
Hoze 123
Hoze 123 6 months ago
DMT app
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