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Shawn Mendes - "Youth" ft. Khalid

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Shawn Mendes on Apple Music:

Co-written by Marjory Stoneman Douglas students Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, director Anthony Mandler, Larry Jackson, Shawn & Khalid, this video creates a literal stage to celebrate and honor the young, diverse and talented amongst us. Starring both Mendes and Khalid as well as over 30 different inspiring young people ranging from activists, painters, dancers, gun violence survivors, musical prodigies and many more splashed against a stunning New York City backdrop (A full list can be found below) It also features a sculpture by New York-based contemporary artist Daniel Arsham.


Autumn de Forest, 17, Painter

Yetunde Washinton, Nia Mandisa Parker & Lourdes Honor Taylor, 18, 20 & 19, Hiplet Dancers

Lizzy Howell, 17, Ballerina

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 18, Environmental Activist

Hasaan Hawthorne, 20, Wrestling State Champion (Double Amputee Wrestler)

Clawdeena, 18, Drag Performer

Zuriel Oduwole, 16, Filmmaker / Activist

Ahmed Mohamed, 17, Arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school

Kojo Odu Roney, 13, Prodigal Drummer

Giuliana Siraguso, 12, Hearing Impaired Dancer

Donielle Hansley, 14, Dancer

Sonita Alizadeh, 21, Rapper / Activist

Morgan Hurd, 17, World Champion Gymnast

D’Angelo McDade, 18, Survivor of Gun Violence

Jahne Benthall & Lynn Yeboah, 18, 18, Northstar Academy Policy Debater

Kadan Bart Rockett & Brooklyn 13 & 11, Kid Magicians

David Doktorman & Isaac Segal, 18, 18, National Policy Debate Champions

Phoenix Hunter, 8, Wrestling State Champion

Rayna Vallandingham, 15, Martial Arts Champion

Elias & Zion Phoenix, 12, Music Prodigies

Mars, 18, Gender Fluid Artist

Nassir Little, 18, All-American Basketball Player

Parker Clark, 14, Fire Performer

Austin Perine, 4, Superhero who feeds the homeless

Charlotte Reidy & Gabriel Ratner, 12, 11, Shakespearean Actor

Jack Andraka, 21, Inventor, Scientist, Cancer Researcher
Ethan Fineshriber - martial arts champion
Director: Anthony Mandler
Creative Director: Larry Jackson
Exec Producer: Larry Jackson, Nathalie Besharat, Scott Seviour
Written by: Larry Jackson, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and Anthony Mandler, Shawn Mendes & Khalid
Producer: BlackHandCinema, John Winter
Post Producer: Karl Reid
Production Company: BlackhandCinema


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Nov 5, 2018

Shawn MendesKhalidYouthYou Cant Take Our Youth AwayOur Vote Is Our Voicevotemarch for our livesappleapplemusic




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Comments 45 797
P.O.P 3 hours ago
Only time can take❗❗❗💥
Larry Clapsaddle
Larry Clapsaddle 4 hours ago
usvid.net/video/video-mGcxOB4qONQ.html watch this cover of this song!!
Riya M
Riya M 11 hours ago
This is so powerful and meaningful
Chelsie Freeman
Chelsie Freeman 11 hours ago
I love this song and video it shows beautiful, innocent and unique people even the song, its so inspiring too i keep listening to it over and over and over and over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mariana souza
Mariana souza 11 hours ago
Joanna Ntrog
Joanna Ntrog 12 hours ago
Watching this kind of videos makes me so happy! I really wanna cry! Amazing video and song!
Keylane Andrade
Keylane Andrade 14 hours ago
Que orgulho desse homem gente, quando comecei a ser fã dele ele so tinha 1 milhão de inscritos, e hoje são mais de 17 milhões, toda música dele tem uma letra tão profunda e sempre me faz chorar por que eu me identifico tanto com ele, ele é a razão da minha vida ser melhor e isso só com as suas músicas, parabéns Shawn te desejo tudo de bom e que você continue sendo esse ser iluminado de sempre. Te amo!!
Malak Ahmed
Malak Ahmed 14 hours ago
i love this so much and i love shawn mendes
Malak Ahmed
Malak Ahmed 14 hours ago
this is beautiful
Zahya Zed
Zahya Zed 16 hours ago
why isnt this getting enough recognition?
8D TRACK 16 hours ago
Miglena Ivanova
Miglena Ivanova 17 hours ago
its so sad that this music video is so underrated
Emma Milone
Emma Milone 18 hours ago
ur so biutiful shon mendez
Zareena Khan
Zareena Khan 19 hours ago
Beautiful song ❤️😊😊😍
Floral Fantasy
Floral Fantasy 19 hours ago
how is there only 12 mil views? this video deserves more
Artie Timmy
Artie Timmy 20 hours ago
This is very beautiful💜💛💚🔥💓
Dodi Sale
Dodi Sale 20 hours ago
sanjoy chowdhury
Shawn is the one whom I love more than Troye sivan and others and I want to date shawn
Adai Vidal
Adai Vidal Day ago
We will not be The Massacre Generation, we will be The Generation that Overcame
Miraculous Rain
Okay, not even gonna lie, most of the videos I liked on youtube are Shawn Mendes related.
Miss Marta
Miss Marta Day ago
I'm proud of my husband
I really can’t wait to see this man holy shit
Ömer P
Ömer P Day ago
Amani Bouchemel
Shawn is the best
Rocket Elli
Rocket Elli Day ago
Shawn and Khalid. Best. Combination. Ever.
TheBeastMan Waqas
❤️I love Shawn 2019❤️ا love ہ
just sippin’ the tea
why is no one talking about how good Khalid was?
Ana Julia Kosko
Great Anand
Great Anand Day ago
It's beautiful just beautiful😊
anya Day ago
This song is so UNDERRATED, lyric, the video... everything is absolutely flawless ❤️👏🏻
Jennifer Almeida
18173628187 927721981299
Don’t play 2x speed
RahilA Sayed
RahilA Sayed Day ago
JØHNNY Day ago
So inspiring
Fenerbahçe RvP
That music video deserve GRAMMY
Abdullah Kassha
Abdullah Kassha 2 days ago
Just Me 98
Just Me 98 2 days ago
Shawn 💕 Also Khalid's voice is so good👌
8D TRACK 2 days ago
Avani Vieira
Avani Vieira 2 days ago
shawn adorei meu baby este clip amo tudo que vc faz vc e maravilhoso bjs
RED FIRE 10 2 days ago
WhO's better Shawn Mendes: like 👍👍 Cameron Dallas : comment🗨️ choose one right now 👆
Malvika 2 days ago
this man deserves so much frickin love for the music he makes and at THIS age. like imagine being this woke and sensitive and responsible UGH. he's so much more than his love songs that people judge him by (which are all very beautiful too btw!). THIS IS HIS REAL TALENT. songs and videos like youth, in my blood, bad reputation, hold on etc. ugh i love him so much. i love you shawn.
Büşra 2 days ago
It's Amazing. Lovee❤
A 5 am dude
A 5 am dude 2 days ago
*Shawn Mendes is Canada's apology for Justin Bieber.* :D
james holyhead
james holyhead 2 days ago
rock lee
【Meteor sky】
【Meteor sky】 2 days ago
I feel like this songs is for everyone💖 Who did this idea they re rlly creatif
【Meteor sky】
【Meteor sky】 2 days ago
A lot of dislike they dont understand life
Tahany Khaled
Tahany Khaled 2 days ago
This music video is so underrated!
Rodrigo Rister
Rodrigo Rister 2 days ago
Miley Cyrus feat Shawn Mendes sería lo más🤩🤩
Aria _The_Foxy 198
This is so awesome i really like it the voice it's so beautifull i can't belive this! 😍😍😘💖💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👌💖👊💞
Radyasa Irsan
Radyasa Irsan 2 days ago
For shawn thanks for add muslim to this video... Im muslim from indonesia and im not a terorist
Sena Erkan
Sena Erkan 2 days ago
khalil khan
khalil khan 2 days ago
Assalam o alaikum ! ..( HELLO ) SHAWN MENDES i am a big fan of your from pakistan and thanks for adding MUSLIM in your MV and I think the reason of those people who hate this video is MUSLIM . All the world people are brothers and sisters and we can,t hate each other. (Christian) SAY,S that muslim are terrorist and they are bad people but this is wrong thinking the truth is MUSLIMs are not a terrorist MUSLIMS are not a bad peoples they are kind they are honest they are lovely people they cant hurt any one they love each other they don't thinking that this guy is Christian and this guy is Hindu i cant talk with these people Muslims love the humanity Muslim love CHRIDTIAN Muslim love HINDU Muslims don't think about religion when you give him respect he give you respect. and soory for my bad ENGLISH :) :) :) Assalam o alaikum !
Bianca Di Angelo
Bianca Di Angelo 3 days ago
This is the most beautiful MV i've ever seen
Papasito rico😍
8D TRACK 3 days ago
Jarin Tasnim
Jarin Tasnim 3 days ago
First I love Alan walker And second i love Shawn Mendes songs
Amina Sohail - Great Lakes PS (1476)
Like for Shawn Coments for Khalid
Syed Sahil Aman
Syed Sahil Aman 3 days ago
Why is this song so underrated ?
alicia heere
alicia heere 3 days ago
6:59 💓💓 i love to be Muslim
Akbar Helmie
Akbar Helmie 3 days ago
I feel sad for him.. 7:26
Rain Day Shines
Rain Day Shines 3 days ago
wow cool i really like it, i am waiting for a new song again😁
Arxu choudhary
Arxu choudhary 3 days ago
You can't take my phone away i'll listen to this every day.😊
Benjamin Premkumar
Why does this song have less number of views?? 😕😕😕
Silia Lghoumari
Silia Lghoumari 3 days ago
Hadfan1 3 days ago
Shawn Mendes' best song and the greatest song in the world In my opinion
H K-Y 3 days ago
I just love the diversity of this video
8D TRACK 3 days ago
Damien Lau
Damien Lau 3 days ago
arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school? WTF?!?!
Oka pova
Oka pova 3 days ago
2019? How many people like Shawn?
Karolina Ortiz
Karolina Ortiz 4 days ago
Mary and Monica Vu
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bint aldosri
bint aldosri 4 days ago
I liked the video a lot and especially the Muslim Ahmed Mohamed and I am Muslim and loved him. and I love you too shawn.!
Harmin Hawkins
Harmin Hawkins 4 days ago
сэд кэт
сэд кэт 4 days ago
похоже... это мой краш
zhang liao
zhang liao 4 days ago
Dis really deserves a grammy
Supreme_ Godz
Supreme_ Godz 4 days ago
Youth doesnt last forever that’s the cruel fate of this world we gain and we lose we all I have our downfall and our time 😢
Uti Uti
Uti Uti 4 days ago
Marina Zaichenko
Marina Zaichenko 4 days ago
you can't take my youth away , you can't dislike this beautiful song ))
Queenie Bua
Queenie Bua 4 days ago
Who came here because of Sean Freaking Lew?
Annie Ma
Annie Ma 4 days ago
This mv deserves more views!
Eléonore Pegane
Eléonore Pegane 4 days ago
Love your song, love your clip ❤️ Keep going ✊
baran dilzar
baran dilzar 4 days ago
Why is it sooo underateddddddd😭😭
Ellianna Bowman
Ellianna Bowman 5 days ago
i broke into tears at the power of my generation. just...wow.
hana glavan
hana glavan 5 days ago
Khalid and Shawn are two great influencers using their platforms for so much good, mad respect.
anime_. 11
anime_. 11 5 days ago
شسالفة الي كان يصلي بعدين معه قنبلة؟
Jana Farghali
Jana Farghali 5 days ago
How come this beautiful music video doesnt have more than 12m views,it deserves billions of views
Bruna Francyne Sanson
Im very proud of him
Casimiro Antonio Talaia da Rocha
O Shanw Mendes gosto de ti
i love you so much
Vanesa Kuzmova
Vanesa Kuzmova 5 days ago
Emna Ghannem
Emna Ghannem 5 days ago
Mellie Pierce
Mellie Pierce 5 days ago
Thie should have a billion views!!!
مريو مة
مريو مة 5 days ago
اكو عرب باطياره
TheRedGuyYT Roblox and more
I cried
Adah Michels
Adah Michels 6 days ago
This song inspires me so much! No one can take my youth away or anyone's for that matter
ijamm 69
ijamm 69 6 days ago
Kiera Wedemire
Kiera Wedemire 6 days ago
Gives me chills everytime I listen thank you Shawn for creating an amazing world changing song
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