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Shawn Mendes - "Youth" ft. Khalid

Shawn Mendes
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Co-written by Marjory Stoneman Douglas students Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, director Anthony Mandler, Larry Jackson, Shawn & Khalid, this video creates a literal stage to celebrate and honor the young, diverse and talented amongst us. Starring both Mendes and Khalid as well as over 30 different inspiring young people ranging from activists, painters, dancers, gun violence survivors, musical prodigies and many more splashed against a stunning New York City backdrop (A full list can be found below) It also features a sculpture by New York-based contemporary artist Daniel Arsham.


Autumn de Forest, 17, Painter

Yetunde Washinton, Nia Mandisa Parker & Lourdes Honor Taylor, 18, 20 & 19, Hiplet Dancers

Lizzie Howell, 17, Ballerina

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 18, Environmental Activist

Hasaan Hawthorne, 20, Wrestling State Champion (Double Amputee Wrestler)

Clawdeena, 18, Drag Performer

Zuriel Oduwole, 16, Filmmaker / Activist

Ahmed Mohamed, 17, Arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school

Kojo Odu Roney, 13, Prodigal Drummer

Giuliana Siraguso, 12, Hearing Impaired Dancer

Donielle Hansley, 14, Dancer

Sonita Alizadeh, 21, Rapper / Activist

Morgan Hurd, 17, World Champion Gymnast

D’Angelo McDade, 18, Survivor of Gun Violence

Jahne Benthall & Lynn Yeobah, 18, 18, Northstar Academy Policy Debater

Kadan Bart Rockett & Brooklyn Nicole Rockett 13 & 11, Kid Magicians

David Doktorman & Isaac Segal, 18, 18, National Policy Debate Champions

Phoenix Hunter, 8, Wrestling State Champion

Rayna Vallandingham, 15, Martial Arts Champion

Elias & Zion Phoenix, 12, Music Prodigies

Mars, 18, Gender Fluid Artist

Nassir Little, 18, All-American Basketball Player

Parker Clark, 14, Fire Performer

Austin Perine, 4, Superhero who feeds the homeless

Charlotte Reidy & Gabriel Ratner, 12, 11, Shakespearean Actor

Jack Andraka, 21, Inventor, Scientist, Cancer Researcher
Director: Anthony Mandler
Creative Director: Larry Jackson
Exec Producer: Larry Jackson, Nathalie Besharat, Scott Seviour
Written by: Larry Jackson, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and Anthony Mandler, Shawn Mendes & Khalid
Producer: BlackHandCinema, John Winter
Post Producer: Karl Reid
Production Company: BlackhandCinema


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Nov 5, 2018

Shawn MendesKhalidYouthYou Cant Take Our Youth AwayOur Vote Is Our Voicevotemarch for our livesappleapplemusic




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Star Nightwatcher
مشکل دقیقا همینجاست، تروریست ها،نژادپرست ها،سلطه طلب ها ،جنگ افرینان کمونیست ها وغیره اقلیت این کره خاکین اما همین اقلیتن که قدرت تو دست هاشونه و ما مردمی که سالیان طولانیه در سراسر جهان دنبال صلحیم همیشه از پایین نگاه میکنیم درحالی که هیچ کاری از دستمون بر نمیاد و فقط قربانی میدیم و سران قدرت با لبخند از هم گسیتخگی این دنیا رو تماشا میکنن و لذت میبرن،ادمایی هستن که دوست دارن زیر این کلیپ کامنت تنفر بذارن یا به هر نحوی مخالفتشون رو اعلام کنن اما نمیکنن چون میدونن همه بهشون میپرن. من فقط یه جوون ایرانیم که مثل هر انسان دیگه ای دنبال اسایش و راهی برای پیشرفته ولی بین این جنگ قدرت گیر کرده و فقط روز به روز محدود تر میشه، منم مثل خیلیا دلم میخواد فقط یه ادم نرمال شناخته بشم بارها توی دنیای واقعی و مجازی خارجی ها مورد اهانت قرارم دادن ومن چی میتونم بگم؟ مهم نیست من چقدر توضیح بدم تا بوده همین بوده. کلیپ خیلی زیبایی بود به امید روزی که واقعا همه بتونن بدون جنگ کنار هم زندگی کنن. Translation: That’s the real issue here, terrorists, racist, authoritarians, war-makers and communists etc are the minority of this world, but it is these minorities that are on the power and, us, people all around the world who are seeking for peace, we are always looking from the bottom while we can’t do anything and just give away more and more victims, and those on power are watching this world’s breakdown smiling enjoying their time , there are people who wants to post hate comment or declare their objection in some way under this wonderful clip but they won’t cause they know they will get attacked, I’m just a young Iranian that like any other human being is after peace and a way to grow, but is stocked within this war of power and just become more limited but day passing by, and I just like many others wants to being acknowledge as “normal” not a terrorist or whatever else, I’ve been attacked so many times in the real world and in the medias just because I’m an Iranian, and what could I say as response? No matter how much I explain they won’t understand. It’s been like this since ever. Anyway it was a wonderful video, I hope that we can live to the day that everyone live together without any wars. Sorry if it has grammatical problems I tried my best to translate it.
puja putra
puja putra Minute ago
thanks shawn & khalid you're put muslim in your clip so proud with both of you 🙏 thank you so much assalamualaikum from me 🙏
G King
G King 18 minutes ago
This might be one of the best MV in 2018 if not, IT IS
Mays Ibrahim
Mays Ibrahim 31 minute ago
Thank u thank u soooo much
April girl
April girl 37 minutes ago
2:02 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻💞💞💞
x ̇uɐɯɥɐɹuɐɹɯıs
April girl
April girl 38 minutes ago
Juliette Devos
Juliette Devos 41 minute ago
You are wonderful I love your music excuse mee my english is not very good because I am french
Maria Valentina
Maria Valentina 47 minutes ago
Jasmin Thompson
Jasmin Thompson 49 minutes ago
Stephany Franco
Ahhhhhhhh😍😍😍😍. Me encantas 💕💕😏😏🐷
Najwa Suffiah
Najwa Suffiah Hour ago
shawn i love you
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hour ago
Samia Hossain
Samia Hossain Hour ago
I’m not crying!!!! I’m just sweating out of my eyes ! Leave me alone
Qasim Raja
Qasim Raja Hour ago
This song so powerful
deniz idris
deniz idris Hour ago
I proud of you
qq mmm
qq mmm Hour ago
I'm touching
qq mmm
qq mmm Hour ago
Keep it up!
Hashims daily fortnite
Shawn you are the most nicest person on Earth ...... I am a Muslim and you showed a Muslim and eplained that being a Muslim is not bad .... PS I love you
elyssa burnett
elyssa burnett
omg yessss
Slime DIY‘s
Slime DIY‘s Hour ago
When I hear his voice my heart melts 😍😢😭....I ..can’t 😍❤️
Angery Hour ago
Getting mid 2018 feels all over again even though it's already November
Gabriel Vieira Official
Oh crap, 4:11 the kids from Americas Got Talent hahahaha
Shreenidhi Kulkarni
I liked it before even listening
Toumia Aya
Toumia Aya Hour ago
muslim and proud ! Quran ♥
Mendesarmy 1542
I Love it😍
Leonel Kalimbuka
VISMAYA R 2 hours ago
7M views 777k likes Guys were are Rockin' this
Natasha 2 hours ago
AHMED MOHAMMED, im here for u, for all of u. allah akbar
Lucky Bennysius
Lucky Bennysius 2 hours ago
A: We should respect for LGBT and Equality B: Muslim condemn LGBT
M Ali
M Ali 33 minutes ago
Lucky Bennysius you need to remember that there are over 1 billion muslims in the whole world and we don’t all share the same opinion on things. it’s true that islam doesn’t support members of the LGBT but that doesn’t mean that ALL muslims believe in that. there are many muslims that support LGBT and equality for all. i’m not here to attack you but i just wanted to let you know that you can’t group all muslims in the same category
Cameelle Suarez
Cameelle Suarez 2 hours ago
This is so powerful.
JN7 FPS 2 hours ago
Shawn :v
ines benkhaled
ines benkhaled 2 hours ago
Celina B
Celina B 2 hours ago
So sweet
sarah _xox
sarah _xox 2 hours ago
Im crying cuz this has such a beatiful message
Richiee Original
Richiee Original 2 hours ago
Beautiful 💖
eliza Beth
eliza Beth 2 hours ago
I am a muslim this video made me feel ☺😊❤💕
eliza Beth
eliza Beth 2 hours ago
Who dislikes such a beautiful video have no humanity !
ece koksal
ece koksal 2 hours ago
Raghabendra  Jha
Raghabendra Jha 2 hours ago
We are M🎶endes army. Heyy! keep it up. Reach the hearts of people💖😊
don't throw the pizza crust u cunt
This boy, he is beautiful. Like literally beautiful
Gacha Gurlll
Gacha Gurlll 2 hours ago
Khalid + Shawn Mendes = BEST SONG EVERRR!!!! 😍😘🤪❤️
Elifnaz Gezer
Elifnaz Gezer 2 hours ago
BTS burayi da ele gecirdi 😂😂
Theodore Harrold
Theodore Harrold 2 hours ago
Subscribe to my Channel!!! If ya luv shawn
First Destiny
First Destiny 2 hours ago
This needs to get to billions
Mr. D
Mr. D 2 hours ago
This is the most inspiring mv I've ever see...Love the message and the song was beautiful too... I need more song like this in this world.
Serin ASMR
Serin ASMR 3 hours ago
*I relate to this.*
Averi Nelson
Averi Nelson 3 hours ago
This song has a great message great job
Averi Nelson
Averi Nelson 3 hours ago
This is amazing the world should have a lot of music like this
Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta 3 hours ago
Its for new change...
Naja Sendy
Naja Sendy 3 hours ago
So proud of you guys ❤✨
Nandrianina Blue
Nandrianina Blue 3 hours ago
This song makes me strong💪 Thank you 💝
Azizah Seftiani
Azizah Seftiani 3 hours ago
Amazing wow🤩💗 we proud you SM💙
GZCZ . LETOPZ 3 hours ago
This song is deep. 🤧i love this video.
Mateus Da Seaway
Mateus Da Seaway 3 hours ago
Amei, sério mesmo 😱
Luana Ferreira Cal
Luana Ferreira Cal 3 hours ago
I love you Shawn ❤️
Sribhashyam Krishna Priya
The world need more messages like this.
Ayo KIARA 3 hours ago
The Statue of Liberty symbolization 👏🏿
Francisca Simões
Francisca Simões 3 hours ago
The video is beautiful
dwimita aprilia
dwimita aprilia 3 hours ago
ganteng suami akuuuuuuu
Falafelek HE
Falafelek HE 3 hours ago
You re amazing💙
Super Nova
Super Nova 3 hours ago
Has a good message and all but wtf is this music video it's more confusing then treat you better
Fernanda Yasmin
Fernanda Yasmin 3 hours ago
Hei brasil
Faris Zulkarnain
Faris Zulkarnain 3 hours ago
1.26 I saw a Muslim was praying ❤️
Clark Aranilla
Clark Aranilla 3 hours ago
Check out my medley of Shawn Mendes songs guys! usvid.net/video/video-fpwKtMI_THs.html
You Can Dry
You Can Dry 3 hours ago
My best song ever shawn😱❤❤🎧
Kimberly Fortunato
Kimberly Fortunato 4 hours ago
Wow Shawn cada vez te admiro más. Amazing music video!
deniz idris
deniz idris 4 hours ago
I'm muslim , woman and Turkish.. Thank you for this music video 💖
Robbie Thompson
Robbie Thompson 4 hours ago
Can someone subscribe to me so I'm confident to start posting on my channel. Would mean a lot
Just Elisa
Just Elisa 4 hours ago
Am I the Only One that has all "Shawn Mendes The Album" songs Memerized????
William Xes
William Xes 4 hours ago
Deep and meaningful
Shim Chung
Shim Chung 4 hours ago
it feels great to hear the full recitation of surah Al-Fatihah from this amazing beautiful music video .. peacefull indeed .. lots of love
Jinli Balatico
Jinli Balatico 4 hours ago
this song became my inspiration on writing my poem about youth last semester and I just want to say thank you for motivating and empowering the youth of today by showcasing their different potentials in every fields and by showing that youths are responsible, truly 'we are the hope of this generation'. thanks shawn mendes and khalid for this masterpiece, well-deserved to be in the internet. congratulations people -you can't take my youth away-
Arjun Arun
Arjun Arun 4 hours ago
Why isn't anyone talking about the last kid who WAS ARRESTED FIR BRINGING A HOMEMADE CLOCK TO SCHOOL?!!!!!
Jesicca Jay
Jesicca Jay 4 hours ago
Who's here before 1B views?
Amanda Rech
Amanda Rech 4 hours ago
WE ALL LOVE YOU SHAWN including great music: D
Hugoj Sim racing
Hugoj Sim racing 4 hours ago
1.) sub 2.) like 3.) comment “done” 4.) I’ll do the same😁
POONAMCHAND 4 hours ago
Last minute of this video made me emotional
HxKSoo 5 hours ago
I got goosebumps all over watching this video. Shawn is indeed amazing. we need more artist like him.
kyla the pagz
kyla the pagz 5 hours ago
Khalid and shawn your the best
Namjoons Toe
Namjoons Toe 5 hours ago
Mia Palmz
Mia Palmz 5 hours ago
The people who disliked this video ... wow... where is your heart and soul
Ms.sunflower 5 hours ago
I watch this like 10 time i love you shawn
Suba shree
Suba shree 5 hours ago
beautiful song and a pure genuine positive message.....addictive
Menhal Salah
Menhal Salah 5 hours ago
beautiful in so many ways
Singularity- تَفَرُّد
That just is soooo amazing..
Hailee Steinfeld - Topic
Ieann Al
Ieann Al 5 hours ago
I'm proud to be a fan of such empowering and amazing artists 💖
Mikee Pettit
Mikee Pettit 5 hours ago
Had to skip through the political message but it’s a good song 👌🏼💪🏼
Fenerbahçe RvP
Fenerbahçe RvP 5 hours ago
Şu klibin Türkiyede trende girmemesi beni o kadar üzüyor ki..Emegi geçenleri Allah'a havale ediyorum
Fenerbahçe RvP
Fenerbahçe RvP 6 hours ago
A lot love from TURKEY ❤💕🌹
Fenerbahçe RvP
Fenerbahçe RvP 6 hours ago
I live with this music video it's like a medicine...I'm so proud of being Müslim i'm so proud of a part Mendes Army. Also Ahmed's part made me cry everytime...
jiki 12
jiki 12 6 hours ago
Mais X
Mais X 6 hours ago
Love it xxx
Fenerbahçe RvP
Fenerbahçe RvP 6 hours ago
Kanadalı youtube aboneleri beyninizde bir problem var sanirim. Ülkenizi temsil eden bir insan anlamli bir sarki ve klip cikarmis ki anlamsiz bile olsa zaten oyle olsaydi trendlerinizde 30'da degil ilk 3te olurdu eminim destekleyip kucak acmaniz lazim siz ne yapiyorsunuz ? Gidip Ariana vs dinliyorsunuz trendinizin 1.sirasinda sacma sapan bir balonlu video var. Daha cok gelisip olgunlasacaginiza sacmaliyorsunuz be. Shawnin sayesinde adi duyuluyor ulkenizin sizin yaptiginiza bak ya Beni sinirlendirmeyin!!! Toronto hareketlerine dikkat etsin
Fenerbahçe RvP
Fenerbahçe RvP 6 hours ago
I can't believe that it's 30 on trending at Canada.Canadian guys you should be super proud of him and support to him. You should help rise him he deserve this.
phanindra varma
phanindra varma 6 hours ago
amazing song i like it 😍👌💖💖💖
Vanessa Thamrin
Vanessa Thamrin 6 hours ago
ohmygod... Shawn!!!! I'm totally crazy with youu.... Al-Fatihah in the endd??!! Mashaallahh.... I'm touched with your song... exactly all of your song!!! That's a good song...
Vanessa Thamrin
Vanessa Thamrin 5 hours ago
+Audrey Khalifa Cannigia ndak bisa bg!! 😆
Audrey Khalifa Cannigia
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