Shawn Johnson - Floor Exercise - 2008 Visa Championships - Day 2

USA Gymnastics
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Score: 16.200 - June 7, 2008 - Agganis Arena - Boston, Mass.


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Mar 11, 2009




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Comments 1 138
Samsung Foxtrot
Samsung Foxtrot 13 hours ago
Лучшая! Молодец девочка)
Nichole & Dad
She was good but can’t hold Simone biles water!
Сергей Войновски
Чистой воды акробатика прыжковая. Нет музыки, нет хореографии, нет артистизма итд.
eric tyler
eric tyler 11 days ago
The best double double!
The Evil
The Evil 13 days ago
No one searched this up let’s be real.
Cheerleaduhh Love
crazy to think her first pass is simone biles' last pass
Ezequias Morales
guaooo qe arte. jovencita..
James Gotti
James Gotti Month ago
She is so gorgeous 🌹❤🌹
sbch0408 Month ago
Danny Bahee
Danny Bahee Month ago
Just think she's a mom now, best wishes to your family
Giovanni Garcia
Giovanni Garcia Month ago
Shawn was so ahead of her time. I miss seeing her routines so much
John Bagley
John Bagley Month ago
Fantastic great legs
Yasir Al mulla
Yasir Al mulla Month ago
تحياتي لجميع الشعوب العربية 🌺
José Camacho
José Camacho 2 months ago
The people who dislike are mad
ncik delta
ncik delta 2 months ago
In olympixs she needed 16.100 but tim said impossible but here she got 16.200
Николай Тищенко
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn 2 months ago
I don’t hear the diff between the music the first and second time! Regardless great music! I love 💗 Shawn and I love female gymnasts 🤸‍♀️ Doing floor!
Yadira Romero
Yadira Romero 2 months ago
Her landings are amazing
Thea Ibrahim
Thea Ibrahim 2 months ago
I love her. Comment who does gymnastics
Evans Legacy
Evans Legacy 3 months ago
And now she has a baby :)
ARMYYY 3 months ago
To think that she now has a husband and beautiful baby is unreal❤️
Сергей Брехов
Красотка супер.
Gareth M
Gareth M 3 months ago
Has anyone noticed that on her third pass she twists in different directions on the Front Lay 1/1 and Front Lay 3/2?
Manuel Mosquera
Manuel Mosquera 4 months ago
You are beautiful..
Edson Cardoso
Edson Cardoso 4 months ago
Além de linda uma super atleta
ihaka Hearty
ihaka Hearty 4 months ago
Almost as impressive as Sean Johnson the league player
Владимир Андреев
Хороша, но Охаши лучше
Joao Gonzaga
Joao Gonzaga 4 months ago
Linda maravilhosa perfeita , Deu abençoe você
Anaya Parks
Anaya Parks 4 months ago
I love Shawn Johnson
Baton Hlebov
Baton Hlebov 4 months ago
Авно! 😑👎
Ando Tonoyan
Ando Tonoyan 4 months ago
Trudel Yannick
Trudel Yannick 4 months ago
Une partition génial pour une prestation génial💜
Tom Tan
Tom Tan 4 months ago
Good job
Scott Lee
Scott Lee 4 months ago
Denise can't do that
JULIO ROSENBERG 4 months ago
Tickets $35.00, watching GROWN WOMEN doing gymnastics, PRICELESS!! (Old visa commercial)
antonio clovis rodrigues da cunha
Bota ginasta boa nisso. Espetacular show praticamente perfeito.
chou chou
chou chou 4 months ago
Hamzat Nogievich
Hamzat Nogievich 5 months ago
Супер 👍💣
يحيى مبارك
يحيى مبارك 5 months ago
Аркадий Петрович
Lobo Lopez
Lobo Lopez 5 months ago
Music sucks and is no that nice
richisamindset01 5 months ago
I just put my beer down and tried this. Went really well for me! Btw can you pass me my left foot and help sew it back on and maybe sweep up my teeth real quick?
q7wasp7 5 months ago
9-06-2019 - - - Sunglasses.
Zulia М
Zulia М 5 months ago
👍💖Самая приятная и красивая американская гимнастка, по крайней мере она женственна и вес у неё нормальный!
Enrico Eugenio Stragiotti
the judge applauding to sacramone's PERFECT uneven bars exercise at 00:11
Todd Carpenter
Todd Carpenter 5 months ago
Александр Пупкин
Не наши лучше!
Manigat Faillot
Manigat Faillot 5 months ago
Ohhh lord
mike clements
mike clements 5 months ago
She is so cute....such a pixie powerhouse!
Paul Seale
Paul Seale 5 months ago
Huge talent and yes, very pretty her smile is the best part.
Mr G
Mr G 5 months ago
Ali Rahmanian
Ali Rahmanian 5 months ago
Soares Jr
Soares Jr 5 months ago
She is so cute. More than hello kitty.
Bleck Djeck
Bleck Djeck 5 months ago
Где мои 17 лет!!!
Morari Sidy Persidy
Morari Sidy Persidy 6 months ago
Poate trebui să alegi o muzika countey... buno..Cossmy..
Vadim Nabokov
Vadim Nabokov 6 months ago
Genival Siqueira
Genival Siqueira 6 months ago
White Stone
White Stone 6 months ago
she is simply gorgeous
L. White
L. White 6 months ago
Dennis Gerald
Dennis Gerald 6 months ago
*_BOOOO!_* _I have seen better._
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