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Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant players in NBA history, an analyst on TNT's Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA, and a globally recognized DJ sensation bringing Shaq's Fun House is to Miami Music Fest on March 29th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Big Aristotle has his date with the wings of death-one he claims he only accepted because he thought Justin Timberlake was hosting. Along the way, Shaq discusses his history with Kobe Bryant, breaks down his record-breaking Walmart purchase, and joins Sean Evans in a high-stakes free-throw shooting contest.
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Mar 14, 2019




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Comments 34 786
First We Feast
First We Feast 10 days ago
SHAQ! FINALLY! Enjoy the show and get your official HOT ONES merch here, spice lords: shop.complex.com/collections/first-we-feast
Adam Nolan
Adam Nolan 4 hours ago
Please try get Ric flair that would be awesome
iwrestledabearonce dood
Oscar Peoples
Oscar Peoples 14 hours ago
Cool ass show
Oscar Peoples
Oscar Peoples 14 hours ago
I want to be on there
Brandon Aguero
Brandon Aguero 15 hours ago
Get markiplier!!!
True Trew
True Trew Hour ago
I think he needs some icy hot
Brandon Taylor
The best of these EVER byfar
Typical Snake
Typical Snake Hour ago
11:17 what we all came for
Lodgshh Hour ago
A new meme was born
Megan Velez
Megan Velez Hour ago
Wow shack is whack!!!! He was so great then ruined it. Don’t be mean to Sean if you can’t finish your shit 😂
Megan Velez
Megan Velez Hour ago
Eat the damn wing chump
Omneshbleh Hour ago
It’s kinda interesting, his idea of respect. I personally believe there’s some people who just don’t deserve respect... like a lot of politicians, for example...
naturalmuzick Hour ago
I lost respect for Shaq on this interview. Making Sean eat all the sauces because he couldn’t finish the last.........Shaq is whack!!!!
Prime Media
Prime Media Hour ago
11:17 Welcome.
TEK3A AG1L1TY 2 hours ago
8:34 "thiwonalilspicyistobimmwnwemnoem"
YAMBAG84 2 hours ago
What, no plug for Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn?...it is relevant right now.
Chefboiardee 445
Chefboiardee 445 2 hours ago
Even though he didn’t make a face and never has it looked like he was in a constant state of wanting to die
James Scavone
James Scavone 2 hours ago
11:18 is for the good meme
gabengwall 04
gabengwall 04 2 hours ago
Most people came here for 11:18, thank me later
gay 2 hours ago
16:21 ok mike tyson
Samuel Morel
Samuel Morel 2 hours ago
Gronk would be an outstanding guest
Connor Antul
Connor Antul 2 hours ago
his hands are so fucking big the wings don’t even look real.
Felipe Godoy
Felipe Godoy 2 hours ago
Idk if this is a song composed by the show or not, but if anyone can tell me the name of the beat at 14:17, I would really appreciate it
xlxGUIŁŢÝxlx XlX4lifexlx
14:32 That face had me dead
Kristel sil
Kristel sil 2 hours ago
I don't understand what he is saying
Google Account
Google Account 2 hours ago
oh God he was so close to making a face
devilandthelord 2 hours ago
Shaq actually a pretty bad guest.
Dan Ohara
Dan Ohara 2 hours ago
Bro shaq makes him look like a fucking midget
VIICE 2 hours ago
Nobody: Shaq: *AHH!*
Matthew Dishian
Matthew Dishian 2 hours ago
my boy forgot to put Denzel on the lyrics list from the song sumo
Mike Mattis
Mike Mattis 3 hours ago
Shaq, you’re a big pussy
Uncapitalistic Doodaks
it’s very aligned that both shaq’s and thanos’ ass are pretty damaged
Beunio 3 hours ago
Y'all came for 11:19
Greyantt 3 hours ago
11:20 😏
Albert Lewis
Albert Lewis 3 hours ago
Such a happy man....nice
Brandon Baros
Brandon Baros 3 hours ago
Basement Dweller
Basement Dweller 3 hours ago
18:19 Kansas don’t know how how to make hot wings. Kansas.... I apologize Kansas.
Albert Lewis
Albert Lewis 3 hours ago
Love it when he mouthes "You lied" to his sister, awesome
Jewels TheArtist
Jewels TheArtist 3 hours ago
I enjoyed most of the interview, i guess the pressure and the HEAT got to him though, cause not only did he chicken out from the last wing, he started to be really rude to Sean at the end. Making him eat the “Shaq sauce” wing psht! Sean a gentleman as always!
Angel Lotus
Angel Lotus 3 hours ago
Candice: “MOOOOOMMMMM” Phineas and Ferb: 11:21
Makwa Goodsky
Makwa Goodsky 3 hours ago
"when i hear them call me doctor it makes me hard"
Asgardian Fitness
Asgardian Fitness 3 hours ago
Shaq sauce, that's my new nickname for cum.
Samuel Boucher
Samuel Boucher 3 hours ago
Shaq talks with his mouth full
Ah Ah
Ah Ah 3 hours ago
Shaq : no we never had any difference Also Shaq : but are differences was
Leo Pug
Leo Pug 3 hours ago
Subo23 3 hours ago
Need Charles now
TBG Aiden
TBG Aiden 3 hours ago
Gronk is the strongest white guy ive felt😂😂😂
The Messy Bunn
The Messy Bunn 3 hours ago
Yo Shaq. I love you. You’re a legend. But can you please back up off the general insurance. They are literally the mafia and don’t deserve your endorsement.
Gus 4 hours ago
18:31 when Thanos feels Ant Man crawling into his ass in Avengers Endgame
Lujan Gaming
Lujan Gaming 4 hours ago
This was epic
Darshan Surti
Darshan Surti 4 hours ago
SweetPapa 4 hours ago
I’m scared of Shaq
Russell Hayes
Russell Hayes 4 hours ago
Wow! After watching that ending, no way I'd ever vote for Shaq. What a douche!
Think Fight Talk
Think Fight Talk 4 hours ago
Kansas trying to kill Shaq
MrObvious 4 hours ago
those wings look miniature in shac's hands.
Lori Owens
Lori Owens 4 hours ago
It's get real hot, your doing great Shaq❤️
WitlessMass 4 hours ago
Sean : Shaq : yOU eVEr hAD tHE sHAq saUCe?
Booyaaka 4 hours ago
Maaaaan I wish they could of had auntie fee on here 😥
VLOGS with FITZ 4 hours ago
best hot ones season yet!
CallmeAlpha 4 hours ago
Lmfao ice cube chapstick 😂😂
Cody Greene
Cody Greene 4 hours ago
Shaq tried to throw to a clip they didn’t have the rights to show 🤣
Dominick Jimenez
Dominick Jimenez 4 hours ago
can we get Dan Bilzerian on the show please
Dakota Mentzer
Dakota Mentzer 5 hours ago
11:21 that's y I came here
John Sandoval
John Sandoval 5 hours ago
That jug looked like a fucking bottle.
Bnoise22 5 hours ago
Ice Cube Chap Stick... bruh stop!!! LMAO!!
TheGreat_Benzoni 5 hours ago
awe shaq is such a great guy love you shaq
Marenehh !
Marenehh ! 5 hours ago
19:24 did they just put an echo over him vometing? 😂😂
VoLtZ LeThaL
VoLtZ LeThaL 5 hours ago
11:21 when AntMan climbs in Thanos’s asshole.
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia 5 hours ago
I’m only here for the faces.
Phantom []
Phantom [] 5 hours ago
9layground 5 hours ago
How many careers does this man have
Hayden Moore
Hayden Moore 5 hours ago
god, legit cant stand the sound of him chewing and trying to talk. Had to turn it off or i was gonna be sick
bRiAn PuGh
bRiAn PuGh 5 hours ago
11:17 is the part you’re looking for
Salem b
Salem b 6 hours ago
Shaq: I aint gonna make a face *Also becomes memed*
Garrison Rhodes
Garrison Rhodes 6 hours ago
I like it how shaq doesnt know what to do
Ventrek 6 hours ago
Thank you for the memes SHAQ!
Tom Mason
Tom Mason 6 hours ago
I feel like he missed it on purpose
d00m guy
d00m guy 6 hours ago
1:01 , so that was a lie
Dylan Bunz
Dylan Bunz 6 hours ago
Best one by far
Robert Novo
Robert Novo 6 hours ago
Shaquille was kinda acting like a hoe on this one.
John Jackson
John Jackson 6 hours ago
"Do we have any ice cube chapstick?" 😂
Trisageon Amoux
Trisageon Amoux 6 hours ago
I like how when shaq said pan in both camera men panned in immediately but slowly like we know he isnt the director but its shaq ahahahahaha
Steff Villa
Steff Villa 6 hours ago
anything in his hands looks so tiny it makes everything cuter lmao
Sebastian Aven
Sebastian Aven 6 hours ago
The only really great thing about this was the size difference between Shaq and the host
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson 6 hours ago
Best hots ones ever...LMAO
Anamanous 6 hours ago
Shaq acting like he owns the place 😂😂😂
Brody Daub
Brody Daub 7 hours ago
21:55 is the part you all came to see
Pepega Smoaf
Pepega Smoaf 7 hours ago
1:25 *crunch* i started laughing for no reason at all
TheHappyCampers 7 hours ago
Fire Chulo
Fire Chulo 7 hours ago
Legendary !!!!!
Hobo Plays
Hobo Plays 7 hours ago
God I love Shaq
Diabetic Kiwi
Diabetic Kiwi 7 hours ago
18:43 thanos when he realises that antman is going back to normal size in his asshole
silidus andoy
silidus andoy 7 hours ago
best meme
Owl_Boi 7 hours ago
11:16 😂😂😂
Erik Murillo
Erik Murillo 7 hours ago
Smh, wall of shame.
Raymond Michel
Raymond Michel 7 hours ago
I watched this 3 times and it’s still funny
Jason Moffatt
Jason Moffatt 7 hours ago
Did not realize that Sean is a dwarf
Jehu Henry
Jehu Henry 7 hours ago
Please get derick Lewis from the UFC on here please loooool
Sam Matini
Sam Matini 7 hours ago
who here after all the shaq memes on this
stanfox 8
stanfox 8 8 hours ago
the chicken wings look so small hahaha
whiteNright 8 hours ago
luis molinaa
luis molinaa 8 hours ago
can we pls get Elo on this!!!!!
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