Sewing Myself an Entire Outfit

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OKAY SO LIKE ... FROM 10 FEET AWAY ... NOT BAD RIGHT HAHAHA. Hope you enjoyed this DIY! I'm determined to work on my v sketchy sewing skills so that I can make something real!!! And SIDENOTE!!! if you're in LA - COME HUG MY FACE SATURDAY!!!!!
Saturday, Sept 7th 1-3PM
Forever 21 @ 2134 Montebello Town Center, Montebello, CA 90640
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Hi DIY Babes!!! Welcome to the #prettylittlelaur fam, I'm Lauren - a Canadian living in LA, makin' DIY dreams come true every single day. You'll find everything DIY related and more!! Including hauls, room decor, clothing try-ons, product testing, (many failed) slime DIYs, hacks vlogs featuring my sweet mini bull terrier Moose! I'm so excited you're here and make sure to leave me a comment down below if you're new here!
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Sep 1, 2019




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Comments 1 727
katelyn Month ago
90% of this video is Lauren staring at the fabric in fear 😂
Jodi Lily
Jodi Lily Month ago
Was mentally disagreeing then looked up and that is literally what she was doing 😂
Faviola Conde
Faviola Conde Month ago
yes it is oof
Isabella Hanson
Isabella Hanson Month ago
@Sunflower Girl Rules yeah, that's cool.
Sunflower Girl Rules
katelyn lol same channel pic
Isabella Hanson
Isabella Hanson Month ago
Unicorn Qeen
Unicorn Qeen Day ago
I can sew
Krazy Kat
Krazy Kat 2 days ago
50% of Lauren staring at the fabric 30% of camera guy laughing 20% of actual DIY
Bee Queen
Bee Queen 2 days ago
Lauren sews over the pins me kinda getting mad
Human Being
Human Being 3 days ago
i do sewing lessons and she seems to know what she is doing
Sara Almagesto
Sara Almagesto 3 days ago
you'd probably have better results with a zigzag/stretch stitch, since straight stitches wont stretch with your fabric
Brian Graham
Brian Graham 6 days ago
You should make moose a halloween costum
Alexandra Kane
Alexandra Kane 6 days ago
When she cut from the middle of the fabric 🥺
Midnight Fades
Midnight Fades 7 days ago
okay i know your doing this after, who knows how long, but tips 1. DONT SEW OVER THE PINS(You see more comments about it) 2. Keep pins in the container or a pin cushion so nothing gets lost 3. yea thats all i got, im still doing sewing classes
Amy Bishop
Amy Bishop 7 days ago
Please please please make a video when you make and outfit for Moose, I WOULD LITERALLY DIE!!!!!😂
Edith Simmons
Edith Simmons 8 days ago
Bro i 10 i know how to sew
Eva Sanchez
Eva Sanchez 10 days ago
I have that pink fabric Haha
Sara Katz
Sara Katz 10 days ago
Love the fabric! Crushed velvet I’m guessing? Looks stunning. I love making stuff like this and was also impressed with myself with what I could actually pull off. But I could also benefit from some research as to the correct way to do stuff and stuff like that💕 Also, you coulda made a sash and it would still look good on you...
Rose Thorn
Rose Thorn 11 days ago
Can you link the tutorials because I want to learn how to use a sewing machine 😃
bummblebella bee33
bummblebella bee33 11 days ago
I have a pink problem too ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗
Izzie Joan
Izzie Joan 11 days ago
She should’ve done a scrunchie
Fabian De Leon
Fabian De Leon 12 days ago
I already missed the meet n' great (it's October 7 4:22 pm)
OliveThe GeminiGacha
You should have made moose one!
Jane Ward
Jane Ward 19 days ago
Sweetie my daughter just showed me this video you made. I've been sewing for 46 years and you did amazing! Keep doing your thing!
maddie norris
maddie norris 19 days ago
This video is Laura talking about her pink problem 😬
K Foxson
K Foxson 20 days ago
i kinda had a mini panic attack when she sewed over the pins. they can break and shoot up into your face (i saw it happen to someone in a sewing class at school)
maddie norris
maddie norris 19 days ago
Oh me to I was bitting my nails 😅
XD Cats&dogz
XD Cats&dogz 20 days ago
XD Cats&dogz
XD Cats&dogz 20 days ago
Emily WELKER 22 days ago
Omg she scared me every time she ran over a pin with the sewing machine! No no noo!!! I work for a sewing company I’ll come over an help you next time
Aries Taylor
Aries Taylor 23 days ago
Ok but did anyone see how she sewed over the pins
Iebe Timmmermans
Iebe Timmmermans 26 days ago
It is amazing but you can't sew over the pins because it can damage your machine Ly
Zahavabg 27 days ago
Some tips that would make this better: 1) add a zipper or elastic to the skirt 2) iron the seams
Elise Jankowicz
Elise Jankowicz 27 days ago
You should make clothes for moose next
Asiphe Nsibanyoni
Asiphe Nsibanyoni 28 days ago
That outfit was gorgeous
Donut Lover
Donut Lover 29 days ago
you should go out in public or hang out with ur friends in this outfit and see what the reactions are
Lilly Love
Lilly Love 29 days ago
You are my coffee in the morning
I am a Swiftie
I am a Swiftie Month ago
It looks tiny cuz ur tiny
Eyonna Reynolds
Eyonna Reynolds Month ago
please make this a series!!
KK’s Wrld
KK’s Wrld Month ago
Why is this outfit actually fire🔥😂
Kelsey Sullivan
Kelsey Sullivan Month ago
the outfit looks like a power puff girl
Guadalupe Pina
Guadalupe Pina Month ago
Super cute!
ArtMeStudios Month ago
100% of the video is music
Katie B
Katie B Month ago
if emma chamberlain can do it (and rock it) , lauren sure can 💯
ifra4230 ifra4230
You should make a jacket for moose and go out with a pink leash with pink glasses #petgoals
Jayda Cassanova
Jayda Cassanova Month ago
Kamari Thomas
Kamari Thomas Month ago
lol my birth day septeber six
Brianna Berge
Brianna Berge Month ago
U are supposed to take the sewing pins out as u sew on the sewing machine. When the pins are close to the foot you take them out instead of sewing over them.
Greta C
Greta C Month ago
“OMG it’s sewing!” Yes gurl that’s what it does! 😂
Laila Shahab
Laila Shahab Month ago
You 👏🏽 don’t 👏🏽 sew 👏🏽 over 👏🏽 pins
Aalysa Norris
Aalysa Norris Month ago
Isn’t forever 21 closing down due to bankruptcy?
Laila Shahab
Laila Shahab Month ago
Aalysa Norris they FILED for bankruptcy
Kirin ._.
Kirin ._. Month ago
Please do a video about making moose an outfit
Alex Carr
Alex Carr Month ago
Maggie Ko
Maggie Ko Month ago
You should use the rest of the fabric to make a superhero cape for moose that'll be really cute
Juliana Month ago
a diy queen but doesn’t know how to sew 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Robert Foreman
Robert Foreman Month ago
it is funny because i know how to sew because my grandma dose and you don't as much and i am nine
Olivia B
Olivia B Month ago
I know they have sewing classes at craft stores.
Melissa Bucknill
i’ve been thinking about trying this recently! so excited you gave me some inspiration! 💗💗
Kati Peterson
Kati Peterson Month ago
someone needs to get her a gold glue gun so she know shes the queen of hot glueing
McKenzie Coats
McKenzie Coats Month ago
Your next step should be improving it with The Sorry Girls or JenerationDIY!!!
Aleisha Narwhal
Aleisha Narwhal Month ago
U don’t sew over the pins bubba xx
Heshna Latchoomun
Gurl you rock awesome i dont think i can do this but youre DIY queen you can do anything.😍
Yoalli Palafox Barba
#DIY QUEEN like if u agree
Emma Seymour
Emma Seymour Month ago
(Video Idea) If you have enough left you should make an outfit for moose
Zulai5a Fr3oun
Zulai5a Fr3oun Month ago
Ur talented AF
av. rianna
av. rianna Month ago
i would actually wear that top to like a concert or party
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