Seth Rollins calls Jon Jones a chump, Becky Lynch talks Ronda Rousey, MMA | 2019 ESPYS Red Carpet

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WWE’s Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch speak on the 2019 ESPYS Red Carpet about Lynch being on the cover of ESPN The Magazine and an ESPY being awarded for Best WWE moment. Rollins discusses Daniel Cormier winning for best MMA fighter, and says DC is still the rightful light heavyweight champ, calling (0:48) Jon Jones a chump. Lynch says she (1:04) expects Ronda Rousey to get the itch to return to WWE and discusses her own MMA training with SBG Ireland’s John Kavanagh.
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 498
Dushan Fernando
Dushan Fernando Month ago
Jon Jones will beat the entire WWE roster with one hand tied behind his back. - Coming from a WWF fan.
Mary Green
Mary Green 2 months ago
Becky rollins
Clifford Andrews
Clifford Andrews 3 months ago
You guys Rock and I can’t wait to meet you guys on my birthday I love you guys so much and Becky Lynch you look so beautiful young lady and you guys so dang cute and because you are on my top ten wwe cute couple awards
Potate The Great
Potate The Great 3 months ago
Awww ❤️❤️
Desiree Andrews
Desiree Andrews 3 months ago
Seth Rollins and Becky lynch you are on my top ten WWE cute couple awards
Mmm 3 2
Mmm 3 2 3 months ago
Oh wow , NOW WHAT! Beckey lynch called out cyborg and now another fake wwe guy calling a ufc fighter , and who did he called out ? Jonny bones jones , how stupid seth rollins can possibly be?
XApacheBoix 4 months ago
Whose the man in the relationship?
Gabriel Jordan
Gabriel Jordan 4 months ago
seth pipe down baby you don’t wanna cross that line 🤣
arnn vernoch
arnn vernoch 4 months ago
becky lynch has a better chance of surviving 3 rounds with Jon Jones than Seth Rollins
mimi mure
mimi mure 4 months ago
The way he looks at her haha he's so cute. So in love. I gotta admit they are very cool. I like them as a couple.
Sofia Drosos
Sofia Drosos 4 months ago
Great interview. Love these two.
Johnathan Bravo
Johnathan Bravo 4 months ago
Seth Rollins probably doesn’t value his own life lol
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia 4 months ago
She talks like a man
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia 4 months ago
Becky is pretty but she talks weird
Umas Shanaa
Umas Shanaa 4 months ago
Am biggest fan of Jon Jones ❤️💖
W T 4 months ago
Is that Conor McGregor?
juvie gill
juvie gill 4 months ago
She would get knocked out
Er bficbycx uh v 9 Paz
Jon has his belt last time I checked he made d.c cry not once but fucken twice! Rollins lost his belt so who is the chump here ?
slt clan official
slt clan official 4 months ago
Hes joking hes not acually seriouse about jon jones take it easy man
Rob Davis
Rob Davis 4 months ago
BECKY 2 BELTS Is The 1rst WWE Wrestling Superstar I've Ever Fell Hard For ! I Always Loved Stephanie, Whenever She's Not In McMahon Mode. LOL !!! I've Heard Nothing But Positives About Her, On Her Down- Time. For The Last 20 Years ! But After Listening To The Man During Her TV Interviews, Talking About Anything Really. And Watching You Tube Videos Of Her, On Her Down- Time As Well. I Understand The Man's Man Indeed !!! I Wish I Was Able To Finally Able To Find A Girl Like Becky, After The All The Backstabbing, Shady Bull**** I Went Through ! It's Why I'm Very Picky These Days. LOL !!!
strangewayshere 4 months ago
These two idiots have Pretend fights for toy belts on a dumb kids tv show watched by children and sad overweight unemployed virgins who are closet fags because they like watching dudes play fighting each other in their underwear.
Jessica 4 months ago
Ronda Rousey would submit Becky Lynch in under 20 seconds, fact.
lenash34 3 months ago
@katarinadudic a fact your a stupid becky gay lynch tard ronda will destroy becky in a real fight under 3 seconds
katarinadudic 4 months ago
Fact my ass, Ronda is a loser
Nel huai Cing
Nel huai Cing 4 months ago
Becky just be respect don’t be a jealous 😝😝😝Real MMA will beat u up 😛😛
Basil Carpenter jr
Basil Carpenter jr 4 months ago
Mma anit beat her she anit going on there its a shoot
Anju Naik
Anju Naik 4 months ago
Becky is jeoluse of Ronda
Ken Hernandez
Ken Hernandez 4 months ago
Love Becky Lynch
Quavonte Johnson
Quavonte Johnson 4 months ago
Lol y’all calling her a man but know you would hit if she let you
Rashad Sims
Rashad Sims 4 months ago
Becky is sexy ass fuck and gorgeous
Robin Khan
Robin Khan 4 months ago
शहबाज खान
Just Jack
Just Jack 4 months ago
DC couldn't beat a coked out Jon Jones, Seth's vegan ass couldn't stand a chance
Antonio Matthews
Antonio Matthews 4 months ago
Rollins stay in your lane 😂😂. No need to call out bones
Basil Carpenter jr
Basil Carpenter jr 4 months ago
Chill out he was joking gosh people on here take this shit to serious
Rebel Shinobi
Rebel Shinobi 4 months ago
Fuck Seth Rollins man
Tyler Walters
Tyler Walters 4 months ago
Jon is a chump? Seth. You're awesome but Jon would make you his bitch
Tyler Mahar
Tyler Mahar 4 months ago
Becky would get pressed in ufc
otilio guillen
otilio guillen 4 months ago
Becky sounds more like a man than Seth Rollins
Angel Cadena
Angel Cadena 4 months ago
wow. so damn rude. this is y I never liked Becky. all u people just go for r there looks but guess what there looks doesn't connect to their heart u idiots. as for u Becky. ronda was goin to lose period cause she wanted to attend FAMILY. unlike u who hasn't even been engaged yet😒😆.
MathanaGtrs Vuangtu
MathanaGtrs Vuangtu 4 months ago
Seth and Becky,we love you
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza 4 months ago
Shut-up BITCH
H-matic08 PSN
H-matic08 PSN 4 months ago
They swapped each other’s voices
Basil Carpenter jr
Basil Carpenter jr 4 months ago
Who care who wins in any fight i guess if ur getting paid u care but thats it
Charles Eggebrecht
Charles Eggebrecht 4 months ago
If their was one thing obvious I gathered from this interview it is the Man wears the pants in the relationship
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