Seth Rollins calls Jon Jones a chump, Becky Lynch talks Ronda Rousey, MMA | 2019 ESPYS Red Carpet

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WWE’s Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch speak on the 2019 ESPYS Red Carpet about Lynch being on the cover of ESPN The Magazine and an ESPY being awarded for Best WWE moment. Rollins discusses Daniel Cormier winning for best MMA fighter, and says DC is still the rightful light heavyweight champ, calling (0:48) Jon Jones a chump. Lynch says she (1:04) expects Ronda Rousey to get the itch to return to WWE and discusses her own MMA training with SBG Ireland’s John Kavanagh.
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Jul 13, 2019

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Comments 562
XApacheBoix 15 days ago
Whose the man in the relationship?
Gabriel Jordan
Gabriel Jordan 16 days ago
seth pipe down baby you don’t wanna cross that line 🤣
arnn vernoch
arnn vernoch 28 days ago
becky lynch has a better chance of surviving 3 rounds with Jon Jones than Seth Rollins
mimi mure
mimi mure 28 days ago
The way he looks at her haha he's so cute. So in love. I gotta admit they are very cool. I like them as a couple.
Sofia Drosos
Sofia Drosos 29 days ago
Great interview. Love these two.
Johnathan Bravo
Johnathan Bravo 29 days ago
Seth Rollins probably doesn’t value his own life lol
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia 29 days ago
She talks like a man
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia 29 days ago
Becky is pretty but she talks weird
Umas Shanaa
Umas Shanaa 29 days ago
Am biggest fan of Jon Jones ❤️💖
W T Month ago
Is that Conor McGregor?
juvie gill
juvie gill Month ago
She would get knocked out
Er bficbycx uh v 9 Paz
Jon has his belt last time I checked he made d.c cry not once but fucken twice! Rollins lost his belt so who is the chump here ?
SLT CLAN Official
Hes joking hes not acually seriouse about jon jones take it easy man
Rob Davis
Rob Davis Month ago
BECKY 2 BELTS Is The 1rst WWE Wrestling Superstar I've Ever Fell Hard For ! I Always Loved Stephanie, Whenever She's Not In McMahon Mode. LOL !!! I've Heard Nothing But Positives About Her, On Her Down- Time. For The Last 20 Years ! But After Listening To The Man During Her TV Interviews, Talking About Anything Really. And Watching You Tube Videos Of Her, On Her Down- Time As Well. I Understand The Man's Man Indeed !!! I Wish I Was Able To Finally Able To Find A Girl Like Becky, After The All The Backstabbing, Shady Bull**** I Went Through ! It's Why I'm Very Picky These Days. LOL !!!
strangewayshere Month ago
These two idiots have Pretend fights for toy belts on a dumb kids tv show watched by children and sad overweight unemployed virgins who are closet fags because they like watching dudes play fighting each other in their underwear.
JessicaG Month ago
Ronda Rousey would submit Becky Lynch in under 20 seconds, fact.
lenash34 5 days ago
@katarinadudic a fact your a stupid becky gay lynch tard ronda will destroy becky in a real fight under 3 seconds
katarinadudic 29 days ago
Fact my ass, Ronda is a loser
Nel huai Cing
Nel huai Cing Month ago
Becky just be respect don’t be a jealous 😝😝😝Real MMA will beat u up 😛😛
Basil Carpenter jr
Basil Carpenter jr 29 days ago
Mma anit beat her she anit going on there its a shoot
Anju Naik
Anju Naik Month ago
Becky is jeoluse of Ronda
Ken Hernandez
Ken Hernandez Month ago
Love Becky Lynch
Quavonte Johnson
Lol y’all calling her a man but know you would hit if she let you
Rashad Sims
Rashad Sims Month ago
Becky is sexy ass fuck and gorgeous
Robin Khan
Robin Khan Month ago
शहबाज खान
Just Jack
Just Jack Month ago
DC couldn't beat a coked out Jon Jones, Seth's vegan ass couldn't stand a chance
Antonio Matthews
Rollins stay in your lane 😂😂. No need to call out bones
Basil Carpenter jr
Basil Carpenter jr 29 days ago
Chill out he was joking gosh people on here take this shit to serious
Muneeb Ahmed
Muneeb Ahmed Month ago
Fuck Seth Rollins man
Tyler Walters
Tyler Walters Month ago
Jon is a chump? Seth. You're awesome but Jon would make you his bitch
Tyler Mahar
Tyler Mahar Month ago
Becky would get pressed in ufc
otilio guillen
otilio guillen Month ago
Becky sounds more like a man than Seth Rollins
Angel Cadena
Angel Cadena Month ago
wow. so damn rude. this is y I never liked Becky. all u people just go for r there looks but guess what there looks doesn't connect to their heart u idiots. as for u Becky. ronda was goin to lose period cause she wanted to attend FAMILY. unlike u who hasn't even been engaged yet😒😆.
MathanaGtrs Vuangtu
Seth and Becky,we love you
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza Month ago
Shut-up BITCH
H-matic08 PSN
H-matic08 PSN Month ago
They swapped each other’s voices
Basil Carpenter jr
Who care who wins in any fight i guess if ur getting paid u care but thats it
Charles Eggebrecht
If their was one thing obvious I gathered from this interview it is the Man wears the pants in the relationship
CubaGamingYT Month ago
Yall clearly dont know the difference between a work and a shoot
austin chhuoy
austin chhuoy Month ago
Even if you joking or not you talking about greatness don't do that to yourself lol I pray
Basil Carpenter jr
Basil Carpenter jr 29 days ago
What the hell ur crazy
The Bus001
The Bus001 Month ago
You could drive a train thru Seth’s Rollins teeth
uhlsport Month ago
I hate when they mix business in these interviews like when she talked about Ronda rousey. Can’t you just be real outside of wwe.
GhostSpectre Month ago
WWE isn't a competitive sport. Well, it was when wrestlers actually used to climb over each other to make the most money. Now, they all cow tow to creative teams.
Saheed Mohammad
Saheed Mohammad Month ago
You do know it is fake. She would actually get beat up by Ronda if she actually tried too.
WWE FAN512 27 days ago
Castle Corn
Castle Corn Month ago
Seth sucks if this was The Rock or like the undertaker I wouldn't care even though they would get fucked up also but Seth is just ass he is the worst of the Shield
Trey Harris
Trey Harris Month ago
All you cracka’s talking shit about Jon Jones will NOT say shit to his face! Stfu you mayonnaise packets!!
vishnu arun
vishnu arun Month ago
Even khabib can defeat seth rollins
vishnu arun
vishnu arun Month ago
Seth rollins be careful about the comment you are telling
Emilis J
Emilis J Month ago
0:56 wtf :D
Jon Jones would kick his ass with one hand. WWE has fallen off and this is lame af
Tha Real Mccoy
Tha Real Mccoy Month ago
This whole Becky "The man" concept is pathetic, WWe pandering to gender politics with this crap
Kenny Lewis
Kenny Lewis Month ago
Seth Rollins doggystyle that ass every night
Ben Woodstock
Ben Woodstock Month ago
Behind every dark hair legend, is a beautiful red head
Lil Vegas
Lil Vegas Month ago
Don’t understand how people can say wrestlers aren’t athletes. It would take months of training to do what Ricochet and AJ Styles do. But I can become great a cornhole in a weekend. Which ESPN covers as well as cards. Not saying it’s real like MMA but I know you need to have athleticism to be elite in that business.
Juan Cabral
Juan Cabral Month ago
af k7
af k7 Month ago
Beckys face when Seth called Jones a chump says it all
D34DLYNI3HTM4RE {heyitszephbro}
Seth dont want the smoke jon is the best so back off cm punk
Billy Cain
Billy Cain Month ago
Wrestling is entertainment in a real life match or real life wrestling Jon Jones would beat the s*** out of this guy in less than a minute same with Ronda Rousey in a real fight she would destroy Becky Lynch
Olaf Olaf
Olaf Olaf Month ago
Id like to see him say that to bones.
MMAorNada Month ago
I can not stand jon jones, but seth.....m you need to stop. Just stop bro.
Basil Carpenter jr
Basil Carpenter jr 29 days ago
Why does he got stop its a free country jones qnit going do anything seth sue his ass off seth was joking
nimiipuu Ellenwood
Dont run ur gums fool.
Thomas Finucane
Thomas Finucane Month ago
To be fair jon Jones would destroy him
Elijha Month ago
I’m jk I love seth
Elijha Month ago
Seth is gay hes dateing the man
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh Month ago
Nowadays every wee superstar is taking on something that they can't fight with come on man you got no rights to say anything bad about jon Jones he is an phenomenal athlete and none scripted fighter not alike you sath fuckin rollin
Erik Anderson
Erik Anderson Month ago
You look like Drake
Illyrian Month ago
Jon Jones vs. Seth Rollins for 15 sec. in octagon and a funeral the next day. WWE lost a great athlete.
erron black
erron black Month ago
@Juan Cabral true, he is the most unathletic little guy in wrestling history, that became a big name.
Juan Cabral
Juan Cabral Month ago
@FRACAS FOREMOST I bet anyone would destroy cm punk tbh
I bet you Seth would destroy Cm Punk
Smallie Biggs
Smallie Biggs Month ago
Most WWE fans are T-series subscribers . And that's a fact
Potate The Great
Smallie Biggs no
Smallie Biggs
Smallie Biggs Month ago
WWE desperately trying to be relevant
David Ugarte
David Ugarte 11 days ago
Smallie Biggs lmao🤣True
MachomusPrime Month ago
Jon Jones would beat the bricks off you and anyone in the WWE, bruh 😂😂😂😂😂
MachomusPrime 29 days ago
@Bobba Rockersons Outweighs* And muscles mean nothing for fighting. Brock would get washed. AND Jones actually beat the piss out of UFC's current Heavweight champion TWICE so....
xx_toxicace_xx 69
xx_toxicace_xx 69 29 days ago
Braun strowman would kill him :d
Bobba Rockersons
Brock Lesnar out ways the guy by a hundred pounds it would be a fucking huge victory but they're not going to make that match because Jon Jones ain't going to fight heavyweight he won't do it
ramyanathaniel Month ago
BIGMONEYJEFFAFA fuck no Brock is slow af
ocean eyes
ocean eyes Month ago
im just here to see the battle of wwe vs mma fans lmao
H 12
H 12 Month ago
why they at the ESPYs? They're not athletes
JustTooLit Month ago
Get in the octagon with Jon Jones lmfao
Eddy Eddy
Eddy Eddy Month ago
Seth Rollins won't say that to Jon Jones face!
Landon TheWolf
Landon TheWolf Month ago
Jon Jones would smoke Seth and DC
jspreezy Month ago
Hahahha watch it seth! Salute
Keith Santos
Keith Santos Month ago
Both of these two need to be dealt reality. Let the ginger idiot fight Ronda in a MMA match and Jon Jones can beat the shit out of the other idiot
johnsos9 Month ago
The cringiest duo to ever appear on screen🤮. Are they trying to tank ESPN’s ratings too?
Sapna Deka
Sapna Deka Month ago
Seth n Becky both uaaa so perfect, beautiful,power package,bestest couple of WWE💝💝u r d reason i watch💖love from India🙏
Clos Colo
Clos Colo Month ago
The King next time you want to speak faggot, make certain you take your daddy’s dick out of your mouth and stop gargling the cum as if it were Listerine.
The King
The King Month ago
Shut the fuck up you dirty rat
David Navarro
David Navarro Month ago
Clos Colo you’ve prolly never even seen pussy kid. lol.
Clos Colo
Clos Colo Month ago
David Navarro stfu virgin queer. Go back to your basement and wait for your daddy to come dick you down.
David Navarro
David Navarro Month ago
Your beautiful ❤️
Ethan Fartis
Ethan Fartis Month ago
I remember being 10
Rick aka purple Hobbit
They both need to shut it and get real jobs. Can the take Rastlin b.s. and become real people not the fake crap they do.
Viral_Patriot Month ago
Fix those little teeth .
Rahul Gill
Rahul Gill Month ago
Now Comment section will blast with Mma vs wwe comments 😆😆😆😅 in fact i like wwe and Seth freakin rollins 🙏
Kyle Wicks
Kyle Wicks Month ago
0:57 tf
Tony Don
Tony Don Month ago
World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT So how is it a sport? Why don't we throw in Samuel L Jackson for his great tactical play in Coach Carter.
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