Serena Williams tops Barbora Strycova, advances to final | 2019 Wimbledon Highlights

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Serena Williams defeats Barbora Strycova in straight sets 6-1, 6-2 to advance to her 11th appearance in the Wimbledon final where she will take on Simona Halep.
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Jul 11, 2019

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Comments 820
Kenjo Month ago
what a powerful player, congratulations Serena
P C Month ago
Serena doesn't deserve to win. She's a crap sportsman.
Jose Alvarez
Jose Alvarez Month ago
Whats with all the moaning???
Rita Gaston
Rita Gaston Month ago
Serena is carrying too much weight. Huffing between sets with Halip
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
Come on you bandwagon bitches where are all the excuses. All that talk from yesterday!!! 2-6 2-6 My Point completely made.
doobiewah357 Month ago
Looks like Serena the silverback is getting old.
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
You bandwagon bitches from yesterday don't have shit to say now do you.. Made my point!!!
J D Month ago
Serena is going to lose the final game because she is on the decline! Lol 😂
Dee Smith
Dee Smith Month ago
Yessss, Serena!!! You Go 👍👏👏👏
Gambelian Gambelian
Haters please go home & tell your sons daughters to be like Serena..She’s 💪🏾⭐️ go champ❤️
Sky Brown
Sky Brown Month ago
Serena Williams makes playing Tennis look Easy. When she wants to Win . Nobody can beat her Period. Flawless.
Ron Mac
Ron Mac Month ago
It is nice that Serena bought his self a new tire swing.
Good job Serena.
USvid Jill Scott video Golden. See the Harper's Bazaar 2019 cover with Serena on it wearing a golden hot sexy gown. Play the video and feel what is playing also in Serena's head as she is wearing her golden gown, Jill Scott singing: I'm living my life like it's golden, living my life like it's golden golden, living my life like it's golden, living my life like it's golden golden.
Leandria Rawlins
I hope Serena can keep her nerves together for this Final against Halep because mine are already shot!
The haters get so quiet sometimes. Js
Jhaset JG
Jhaset JG Month ago
strycova has no business in grand slams...
Andrew Brent
Andrew Brent Month ago
Serena is really looking strong and back in form. Halep is going to be a much bigger challenge than Strycova. Should be a very good Final.
So Excited
So Excited Month ago
Serena = 🐐
Bessie Johnson
Bessie Johnson Month ago
It's going to be a battle on Saturday...I'am pulling for Serena but Simona not going to hand it to her on a silver platter...Serena going to hve to play for it...once she break Halep serve lookout...its going to be a great match.
Rosa Bivins
Rosa Bivins Month ago
#24 Congratulations Queen 💃🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Christopher Mango
Definitely the best female tennis player of all time :) Hope she wins the final as well!
Jeffrey Spence
Jeffrey Spence Month ago
What an easy draw.
Brandon512k Month ago
Was supposed to play Kerber in R4, Barty in QF, Kviotva SF, Pliskova/Osaka F. They ALL LOST. Serena, however, continued to win.
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m Month ago
I feel bad for Simona. She's gonna get wallop!
Jingo Bingo
Jingo Bingo Month ago
More like Serena KILLiams 😏
akelly929 Month ago
Serena had this poor girl running all over the place.
Patrick Devine lntervention
I hate that Dude !
Julie Shepard
Julie Shepard Month ago
Good game SERENA!🙂
Andreas T
Andreas T Month ago
She is she 37 and still beasting these females. She is simply the GOAT, the haters are silent because they know it's true 💯
Andreas T
Andreas T Month ago
@Jouc12 _ Pop comes a hater, don't worry. Even though her best are behind her and she still better most of the world she'll still you're and break that record... P.S., losing in a finals doesn't mean she ain't the GOAT. Every great player loses, perhaps your imaginary favorite tennis player has never lost a grand slam.
Jouc12 _
Jouc12 _ Month ago
No, it's not true, she has been losing in the finals. 3rd straight in fact.
Hawe Asho
Hawe Asho Month ago
I love America.
XtaZi gamer
XtaZi gamer Month ago
She is the greatest of all time
Jerome Mitchelle
She is the GOAT
Darryl Motley
Darryl Motley Month ago
So graceful .....
Theresa Month ago
Wow! They had a great game.
Lita Keaton
Lita Keaton Month ago
Serena rules! 🎾
adamtheyankee Month ago
Doesn't seem fair, a man vs. women.
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Month ago
adamtheyankee what facts have you stated? please back up the things you have said, you idiot.
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Month ago
adamtheyankee you're the clown. a fact isn't a fact if it can't be proven. so prove she isn't a woman. i'll wait :)
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
Your daddy a dick sucking faggot and your mama is a war out pussy lesbian she probably a fucking man to with a sex change...
Claud Black
Claud Black Month ago
@adamtheyankee - WM love boys lets face it WM are shaped like adolescence boys unless they get fake boobs and butt.
adamtheyankee Month ago
@Claud Black Race? Fucking idiot.
DJ Hype
DJ Hype Month ago
Superior Athletically and Gene wise !
Claud Black
Claud Black Month ago
DJ Hype - Exactly. Its a pity she did pass on all that full superior genes instead of half the genes to her daughter.
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson Month ago
Commentary sucks! I saw more than pace and power. I saw brains and tactics. I saw angels and agility .. fuck that just power bullshit!! Yeah it’s there, but they refuse to acknowledge she’s more than that. Don’t need to. People who care and have a brain can see the truth.
Jay Lew
Jay Lew Month ago
Serena top 1 all time. Venus top 8
Chase Spangler
Chase Spangler Month ago
Someone tell Serena to play with the men
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Month ago
Chase Spangler someone tell you to get a brain.
Valentino Falcon
We know about her power,when she is accurate why show up?
keishawnlight Month ago
The commentators really tickle me, trying to paint a positive picture of strycova game. Yes, Babora wasn’t a bad player, but to try to hype her up this game against Serena just doesn’t makes sense. Any little wrong Serena does they jump on her or says she’s not thinking clearly she needs to move more, without her serve she’s nothing? I’m really over, I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL SHE HAS 25 GRANDSLAMS and they make up another person to beat.
Elhadji Amadou Johnson
Serena is walking while playing tennis 🎾 at the highest level. That’s scary!!!
Elhadji Amadou Johnson
She ain't walking. But she sure as hell ain't running.
Jerry S
Jerry S Month ago
When will this guy retire? People have been tricked into thinking this is a female long enough. Time to stop it all!
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Month ago
Jerry S you have seen her naked?
Jerry S
Jerry S Month ago
@Natalie Freeman Its called a moon bump. and you are thorughly decieved . WAKE UP!
Claud Black
Claud Black Month ago
Well if she is a man it proves on thing WM are homo by nature. Since SW is married to WM the only conclusion according to Jerry S is WM are homo by nature.
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Month ago
Jerry S shut up. men can't have children. she literally filmed herself giving birth. find some joy in your miserable and pathetic life.
Connie B
Connie B Month ago
Only Halep left. Can Halep beat her healthy.?
Justin Bullock
Justin Bullock Month ago
No if Serena stays focused, is healthy, etc. Halep has no chance.
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
I don't know Halep is not a pushover as Serena is very shaky and unpredictable at times
Connie B
Connie B Month ago
Serena overpowering.
Connie B
Connie B Month ago
Strycova can cover some court.
E. O.
E. O. Month ago
Retire already Ugly manly ghetto bi@ch.
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
A ghetto bitch with millions and millions of dollars and Plenty or trophies to go with it but what do you have nothing but a USvid troll comment you faggot..
Claud Black
Claud Black Month ago
Well, it seem WM are homo by nature since SW is married to WM.
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Month ago
E. O. you are the epitome of pathetic.
Trevor Gittens
Trevor Gittens Month ago
The whole world knows that n this present era, Serena Williams is the best, but of course, the haters will give a thumb down.
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
I love Serena but I'm not going to say anything until the very last point tomorrow because she is very shaky at times and unpredictable as people know but when she do if she win then we go see where all the haters at then
Jamie Curry
Jamie Curry Month ago
Can't wait for Simona to take care of the drama queen....
Jamie Curry
Jamie Curry Month ago
Now What!!!
Claud Black
Claud Black Month ago
Jamie Curry - Simona another version of Screampova........No competition.
Tee Gee
Tee Gee Month ago
Serena was definitely dialed in for this match. Her opponent was game too but the door was slammed shut.
Beat the Bop
Beat the Bop Month ago
Go Serena Williams!!! 💪🏾💃🏾🥇
Macreviewz Month ago
Wow, our wobbly , overweight Serena kept up ...and even won against that athlete...that's lit.
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Month ago
Macreviewz she's not overweight lmao. you pathetic trolls kill me.
quaweeguy Month ago
still got it
Linda Harbison
Linda Harbison Month ago
I can't imagine playing this good at 37 years old. Serena did a great job in so many ways today. Her serves, going to the net, and power shots were excellent! 😊 Go Serena, win #24. You can do it!
Linda Harbison
Linda Harbison Month ago
@Jouc12 _ I don't think anybody else could feel all the pressure of millions of people watching her try to tie the record and getting as far as she did. Serena did good and she had a great attitude despite haters that are very rude to her.
Jouc12 _
Jouc12 _ Month ago
"You can do it" No she can't.
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
Yes I hope she is well rested and ready to play tomorrow she need to come out strong like she did on this match and her service game need to be on point
Angela Mulligan
Angela Mulligan Month ago
So unfair these men with their man bodies beating women in a women’s only sport. Women who trained and worked, and dieted just to be unfairly beat by men impersonating women. The Williams brothers should go to jail like anyone else who steals money by acting like someone they’re not. DISGUSTING!!!
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
And what do you have besides a faggot ass troll comment at least she has millions and millions of dollars to show for it. And trophies and everything to go along with it so shut the fuck up you racist ass faggot
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
STFU PUSSY BITCH. You and your racist ass faggot comment if that's the case then why isn't your pussy ass orange peeling ass president in jail for stealing and lies
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
@njmhk You must be mad because your mama a tranny and your daddy is a real homosexual faggot
Claud Black
Claud Black Month ago
Angela Mulligan - If you are right that SW is a man it proves white men are homo by nature. It seem WM would rather have a alter boy, man with women bodies, anything over WW.....haha! No body wants the Mayo WW only the dusty BM.
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Month ago
Angela Mulligan she has more money and respect than you'll EVER GET. stay mad about it.
10hooper Month ago
She looks to be in great shape and therapy has done her wonders! Im happy
Alesh Month ago
Serena is playing well!
Julia Wallace
Julia Wallace Month ago
Serena has had to deal with two death scares (blood clot in her leg and then another possible blood clot when in labor and the doctors ignored her) she has had racist slurs heaped on her since before Indian Wells when she was a child) and one of her sisters was murdered in a drive by. This is in addition to the issues pro tennis players have. She is GOAT. More than Jordan, more than Gretski or Kobe or whomever. She overcame more and faced some of it while pregnant. Wishing you a victory in the finals Serena!!! 🏆🎾💃🏾🎉✊🏿
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Month ago
Anne Mack only idiots like yourself feed into that lie.
Anne Mack
Anne Mack Month ago
she's also believed to be a man ..
Mae Davis
Mae Davis Month ago
Serena's forehand today gave me Odafin Tutuola...kind of LIFE!
Jett Month ago
Look at their faces lol
Bruce Chapman
Bruce Chapman Month ago
This is a gotdam dude only in the land of confusion revalation 18 verse 5 ,6.
The Internet Gremlin
Anne Mack
Anne Mack Month ago
an obvious dude winning in women's sports ! a regular superwoman !
Angie Smith
Angie Smith Month ago
Congratulations Serena Williams bravo 👏🏼☝️💕
Kee H
Kee H Month ago
This may not bother anyone else, but I'm so tired of the pics & screencaptures these media outlet choose to use of her, but then choose some demure pics of the others each & every single time.
JUST US Month ago
I want SW to get 24! Not b/c of her race NOR her gender. Just b/c when she is in physical shape as she is here, she can combine her mental AND physical strength as one to ADJUST BETTER to WILL herself to the W. I consider her the GOAT of tennis & whenever she decides to walk away, it'll be easier for me to accept if she goes out with a W.
DreamOfReem Month ago
Ranked 11th hahah if you think there's 10 people better than Serena you're INSANE
Dilbert Doe
Dilbert Doe Month ago
And she's out. 🤣
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
Dumbass the rankings is because she's been out of tennis a year when she is she was still in tennis and doing her thing that she will be in the top five
Cato Elder
Cato Elder Month ago
Ryan Mobley
Ryan Mobley Month ago
Strycova didn't appear to play that well, but when Serena is on like she was here, NO ONE is going to beat her.
kiki sheppard
kiki sheppard Month ago
she humiliated that chick. sad.
Serena Williams! Simply scintillating!!! GOAT!!! Otumfour Kojo Agyemang!!!
Joe Momma
Joe Momma Month ago
Chris Evert has come light years as far as commentating from when she first started in the early 1990's. Yikes!
Jan Merc
Jan Merc Month ago
Straight out ! Has Serena won 23 slams by walking in the park and plucking roses 🌹???? C’mon !!! It has been hard work, that met opportunities that she rose up to ‘ case in point Nadal, Federer , Djokovic ??? They work hard and better their craft by pushing themselves . Now imagine having a child , a near death experience and headed out to the court against all odds and still make it to semi finals of slams ??? Let us show compassion and humaneness with other humans??? Can any one of you that are judge-mental hating on her do that ??? Serena before her health scares was not questionable ! She is human and as her fan/ woman/ fellow human, she needed time to recover, and so have the other 3 🐐 ‘s !!! Is she back oh! Yes !! A lot has been said , and best believe she is not taking on this lying down !! It is on !! Every game is a battle and best believe she will throw her all in it! So Saturday it is !! History will be made !!
Kevee Darts
Kevee Darts Month ago
I can't be the only person that thinks Chris Evert is a doorknob
Annie Robison
Annie Robison Month ago
As long as Satan is around there will all ways be haters like you who like to bash serena you make his job so easy when you do his bidding but remember there is no good reward but he wants you to think so so keep up the good work he will love you to death ha ha
000000 000000
000000 000000 Month ago
Serena Williams put a serious Whooping on her opponent?
T Davis
T Davis Month ago
She killed it....yesss
Pj Jones
Pj Jones Month ago
This woman in the tennis world is just awesome........
user name taken
user name taken Month ago
So disgusting seeing that classless, steroid soaked baboon at Wimbledon. Nothings sacred anymore.
Claud Black
Claud Black Month ago
@Marie Frazier - The devil children keep saying the same negative thing about SW but still she keep breaking all records. Let them turn red in the face like Satan their daddy....SW will go on to win 30+ grand slams.
Marie Frazier
Marie Frazier Month ago
user name taken ok, a baboon has white skin and straight hair...just like your momma!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
FutureLPN/RN Month ago
pablito l
pablito l Month ago
Halep shouldnt be a problem, but Serena must play like Serena to get it.
Jouc12 _
Jouc12 _ Month ago
"Halep shouldnt be a problem" LOL She only kicked serena's butt 6262 Yeah no problem!!!
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer Month ago
Thank you thank you because Serena it's very unpredictable at times Halep is not a pushover just because she beat her head to head so many times
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