Serena Williams tops Barbora Strycova, advances to final | 2019 Wimbledon Highlights

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Serena Williams defeats Barbora Strycova in straight sets 6-1, 6-2 to advance to her 11th appearance in the Wimbledon final where she will take on Simona Halep.
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Jul 11, 2019




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Comments 794
Kenjo 4 months ago
what a powerful player, congratulations Serena
P C 4 months ago
Serena doesn't deserve to win. She's a crap sportsman.
J Alvarez
J Alvarez 4 months ago
Whats with all the moaning???
Rita Gaston
Rita Gaston 4 months ago
Serena is carrying too much weight. Huffing between sets with Halip
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer 4 months ago
Come on you bandwagon bitches where are all the excuses. All that talk from yesterday!!! 2-6 2-6 My Point completely made.
doobiewah357 4 months ago
Looks like Serena the silverback is getting old.
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer 4 months ago
You bandwagon bitches from yesterday don't have shit to say now do you.. Made my point!!!
J D 4 months ago
Serena is going to lose the final game because she is on the decline! Lol 😂
Dee Smith
Dee Smith 4 months ago
Yessss, Serena!!! You Go 👍👏👏👏
Gambelian Gambelian
Gambelian Gambelian 4 months ago
Haters please go home & tell your sons daughters to be like Serena..She’s 💪🏾⭐️ go champ❤️
Sky Brown
Sky Brown 4 months ago
Serena Williams makes playing Tennis look Easy. When she wants to Win . Nobody can beat her Period. Flawless.
Ron Mac
Ron Mac 4 months ago
It is nice that Serena bought his self a new tire swing.
medievalmusiclover 4 months ago
Good job Serena.
ARENELL WINDLEY 4 months ago
USvid Jill Scott video Golden. See the Harper's Bazaar 2019 cover with Serena on it wearing a golden hot sexy gown. Play the video and feel what is playing also in Serena's head as she is wearing her golden gown, Jill Scott singing: I'm living my life like it's golden, living my life like it's golden golden, living my life like it's golden, living my life like it's golden golden.
Leandria Rawlins
Leandria Rawlins 4 months ago
I hope Serena can keep her nerves together for this Final against Halep because mine are already shot!
EDDIE GREEN 4 months ago
The haters get so quiet sometimes. Js
Josh JG
Josh JG 4 months ago
strycova has no business in grand slams...
Andrew Brent
Andrew Brent 4 months ago
Serena is really looking strong and back in form. Halep is going to be a much bigger challenge than Strycova. Should be a very good Final.
So Excited
So Excited 4 months ago
Serena = 🐐
Bessie Johnson
Bessie Johnson 4 months ago
It's going to be a battle on Saturday...I'am pulling for Serena but Simona not going to hand it to her on a silver platter...Serena going to hve to play for it...once she break Halep serve lookout...its going to be a great match.
Rosa Bivins
Rosa Bivins 4 months ago
#24 Congratulations Queen 💃🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Christopher Mango
Christopher Mango 4 months ago
Definitely the best female tennis player of all time :) Hope she wins the final as well!
Jeffrey Spence
Jeffrey Spence 4 months ago
What an easy draw.
Brandon512k 4 months ago
Was supposed to play Kerber in R4, Barty in QF, Kviotva SF, Pliskova/Osaka F. They ALL LOST. Serena, however, continued to win.
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m 4 months ago
I feel bad for Simona. She's gonna get wallop!
J H 4 months ago
More like Serena KILLiams 😏
akelly929 4 months ago
Serena had this poor girl running all over the place.
Patrick Devine lntervention
I hate that Dude !
Julie Shepard
Julie Shepard 4 months ago
Good game SERENA!🙂
Andreas T
Andreas T 4 months ago
She is she 37 and still beasting these females. She is simply the GOAT, the haters are silent because they know it's true 💯
Andreas T
Andreas T 4 months ago
@Jouc12 _ Pop comes a hater, don't worry. Even though her best are behind her and she still better most of the world she'll still you're and break that record... P.S., losing in a finals doesn't mean she ain't the GOAT. Every great player loses, perhaps your imaginary favorite tennis player has never lost a grand slam.
Jouc12 _
Jouc12 _ 4 months ago
No, it's not true, she has been losing in the finals. 3rd straight in fact.
Hawe Asho
Hawe Asho 4 months ago
I love America.
XtaZi gamer
XtaZi gamer 4 months ago
She is the greatest of all time
Jerome Mitchelle
Jerome Mitchelle 4 months ago
She is the GOAT
Darryl Motley
Darryl Motley 4 months ago
So graceful .....
Theresa 4 months ago
Wow! They had a great game.
Lita Keaton
Lita Keaton 4 months ago
Serena rules! 🎾
adamtheyankee 4 months ago
Doesn't seem fair, a man vs. women.
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman 4 months ago
adamtheyankee what facts have you stated? please back up the things you have said, you idiot.
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman 4 months ago
adamtheyankee you're the clown. a fact isn't a fact if it can't be proven. so prove she isn't a woman. i'll wait :)
Jerry Palmer
Jerry Palmer 4 months ago
Your daddy a dick sucking faggot and your mama is a war out pussy lesbian she probably a fucking man to with a sex change...
Claud Black
Claud Black 4 months ago
@adamtheyankee - WM love boys lets face it WM are shaped like adolescence boys unless they get fake boobs and butt.
adamtheyankee 4 months ago
@Claud Black Race? Fucking idiot.
DJ Hype
DJ Hype 4 months ago
Superior Athletically and Gene wise !
Claud Black
Claud Black 4 months ago
DJ Hype - Exactly. Its a pity she did pass on all that full superior genes instead of half the genes to her daughter.
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson 4 months ago
Commentary sucks! I saw more than pace and power. I saw brains and tactics. I saw angels and agility .. fuck that just power bullshit!! Yeah it’s there, but they refuse to acknowledge she’s more than that. Don’t need to. People who care and have a brain can see the truth.
Jay Lew
Jay Lew 4 months ago
Serena top 1 all time. Venus top 8
Chase Spangler
Chase Spangler 4 months ago
Someone tell Serena to play with the men
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman 4 months ago
Chase Spangler someone tell you to get a brain.
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