Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 27 122
Austin Wakanda
Austin Wakanda 2 hours ago
U BETTER NOT MAKE ME COLLECT KOROK SEEDS NINTENDO OUR ELSE I"ll Just GO BACK TO PLAYING GOD OF WAR!! Thank you once again for facilitating the accommodation
AJ The RPG gamer
AJ The RPG gamer 2 hours ago
Link:How many time do we have to kill you old Man?!
Grandpa_ Coconut
Grandpa_ Coconut 2 hours ago
I’m so hyped for this game
Jonathan Marchioni
Jonathan Marchioni 2 hours ago
Link: Yes! I won! Ganondorf: Hold my beer
UnaMesa 2 hours ago
Link: Is he finally dead? Ganon: yes Link: what Ganon: what
yo 2 hours ago
welcome back Fi ✨
Xenos 2 hours ago
I find the chanting oddly mesmerizing
SITO11MAXI 2 hours ago
Will we be able to have a romantic relation with zelda
Spaghetti Boy
Spaghetti Boy 2 hours ago
yolofolk2019 2 hours ago
Now we see ganondorf skeleton please be a voice actor in him as well sorry for spoilers.
MINI Demon
MINI Demon 3 hours ago
So hyped BTW
Strike Out Animations
N I N T E N D O I S F O R K I D S Yeah I don’t think so
Zanodia 3 hours ago
You know what we need? Facial reconstruction experts.
Z4CK :v
Z4CK :v 3 hours ago
A. Theil
A. Theil 3 hours ago
Ganondorf needs some water
Antonio Masters
Antonio Masters 3 hours ago
Finally we get to see the drowning of the entire kingdom.
Paul H
Paul H 3 hours ago
Breath of the Wild sucked. Stop trying to make an Asian Skyrim game (open world where all your equipment breaks all the time.) Take notes from the N64 iterations of the series please. They had less tech, but were way more fun than BOTW.
craw2072 4 hours ago
Zelda: Link, you saved Hyrule! DJ Khaled: it's the *REMIX* y'all
Ranger ghost
Ranger ghost 4 hours ago
If you play the video reversed, the lyrics says: OH ZELDA, OH PLEASE, FIND THE BODY, Too many times and almost at the end of the trailer it says OH ZELDA,OH PLEASE, FIND THE BODY, OH ZELDA, OH PLEASE, HE'S GONE.
paco ramon
paco ramon 4 hours ago
Oh boy this is going to got deleyed so many times.
Bilal Bazzi
Bilal Bazzi 4 hours ago
Nintendo what is the new game which looks like Legends of Zelda breath of the Wilds release date what's the release date of the new Zelda game
sammy sageta
sammy sageta 5 hours ago
Link: i saved hyrule Ganon: yep Link: what Ganon: what
bastian coe
bastian coe 5 hours ago
here comes ganondorf
Kozmos 5 hours ago
Legend of Zelda: *Rise of Demise*
Lauren Gasco
Lauren Gasco 5 hours ago
Watch Zelda get taken again
Connor Williams
Connor Williams 5 hours ago
Link: "We've finally saved hyrule abd defeted ganon!" Ganon: " WeLl YeS, BuT aCtAlLy nO."
Timothy Adam
Timothy Adam 5 hours ago
I would say please don’t have an voices or get better voice actors, but since it’s a sequel, i’m sure we’re still gonna get the awful voice overs ☹️
Dylan Dobbins
Dylan Dobbins 6 hours ago
Hope this game rewards exploration more. I've played through almost every Zelda game. For a game thats whole premise was being open world with a huge map there wasn't much incentive for me to climb that mountain and defeat those same moblins (but these guys are red so must be stronger) to get a chest with a sword in it that breaks shortly after. I miss the items that mattered by opening up new areas and the unique dungeons and bosses with their own themes. The divine beasts were cool and all but they all look and feel similar inside and out and bosses were pretty boring and similar looking as well. BOTW had a lot of great ideas I hope they keep but I more than anything I miss unique items, enemies and locations with secrets and rewards for exploring. Also I never cared one bit about shrines.
BBT 6 hours ago
_Link killed ganondorf_ Link: its kinda sad, that he is gone now for ever, had a lot of good fights with him... ganondorf: you dont have to be sad, nintendo wont do that >:-)
Grecia Montes de Oca
I just want this game right now!!!!
One Word
One Word 6 hours ago
Ganon is just heated at Zelda’s new hairstyle
Larry Posey
Larry Posey 6 hours ago
From the trailer and the analysis I honestly think Legend of Zelda breath of the wild came before every single Legend of Zelda in the entire series because maybe Hyrule Castle floating to the sky became skyloft
.exe 5 hours ago
It's actually at the end of all time lines, all 3 lead to botw, it's official lore from Nintendo them selves
Nigel Castillo
Nigel Castillo 7 hours ago
900 koros , I don't remember the exact number, hummmm, will Nintendo give a prize to the people that got them all in this new game?
G.Simond 5 hours ago
if you mean the korok seeds theres already one price LOL
Jordan Tyler Maralit
When you wake up and mom says pizza rolls are ready 0:50
Oliver73 7 hours ago
Nintendo: "Let's make Ganon more scary" *Makes him a ReDead*
David Mick
David Mick 7 hours ago
I really hope Ganondorf has voice acting...
wan ac
wan ac 7 hours ago
Citizen Bias
Citizen Bias 7 hours ago
Here's hoping that zelda becomes a companion.
Kay Shamrock
Kay Shamrock 7 hours ago
There's a whisper, if you reverse the audio it says "Help us, please...."
Joel Lusheck
Joel Lusheck 7 hours ago
It’s not a Zelda game without: Link Engaging gameplay Good side quests Resurrecting a piggy boi
Leticia Toassa
Leticia Toassa 7 hours ago
Leticia Toassa
Leticia Toassa 7 hours ago
Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just a Regular Guy
Just a Regular Guy 8 hours ago
When ganon is caught without makeup
Vinícius de Ávila Jorge
Now it's clear which position botw belongs in zelda timeline... probably hundreds of years ahead twilight princess, in child Link timeline... this corpse has exactly the same hair and jewelry as TP Ganondorf
.exe 5 hours ago
Botw is actually at the end of all three timelines, all 3 lead to botw
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 8 hours ago
Probably just a new Ganondorf, one that was born 10,000 years ago
God Emperor Pepe
God Emperor Pepe 8 hours ago
Ganon: “I am inevitable...” Zelda: “Okay, I believe you.”
BlueBoyX95 8 hours ago
Let me guess... Zelda is gonna save Link?
OmegaDozer 8 hours ago
This better be on the Wii U.
.exe 5 hours ago
Rene da guy Villarreal
0:12 it’s Guardian legs on the top, seeming to receive some kind of power from the malice that’s powering up the body.
Nintendorak Yamato
Nintendorak Yamato 9 hours ago
I hope Ganondorf will talk
James Olinares
James Olinares 9 hours ago
Instead of seeing a comments on how hype they are in game and making some theories in the teaser, all i saw is a memes..
Hawks 9 hours ago
welcome to the so original comment section, have fun! or not.
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez 8 hours ago
Paul Eaves
Paul Eaves 9 hours ago
Zelda looks so cute with her bob pixie haircut
What are the towers and the shrines???
topeorim 9 hours ago
yeet gotta go fast
33% Majoras mask comparison jokes 50% Gannon jokes 17% hyped
Bilux 10 hours ago
Link : kills Ganon Ganon : You should have gone for the head !
pwned_terminalB 11 hours ago
I am confused, super confused
CloudStrife07 11 hours ago
I hope they use the original Guardian designs for enemies in this game
Muhammad Jamal
Muhammad Jamal 11 hours ago
Nintendo doesn't have the balls to make a darker Zelda game that's like teletubbies becoming a horror franchise, the Zelda games is and always will be for the kids let the noncetendos play their games whilst we enjoy the more mature games made for people with more than 2 functioning brain cells
Glenz Entertainment
Glenz Entertainment 11 hours ago
I want Minda To return in this game TwT
DigitalWorlds 11 hours ago
the hand saves them but releasing the seal.. Ganondorf lives again
Maximo Upchurch
Maximo Upchurch 11 hours ago
This game better have a better story, this is the Legend of Zelda not Skyrim!
azooz doss
azooz doss 11 hours ago
is this like a new game, like a real sequel to botw or just a new dlc
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 8 hours ago
It literally says that it’s a sequel in the title of the video and at the end of the video
SapfelYT 12 hours ago
first comment (legit)
Noah McDonald
Noah McDonald 12 hours ago
Really hoping they will add dragon to Sequel. Who doesn’t loves dragons.
Tageru 12 hours ago
The scene when they show Ganondorf's body, you can literally hear a little bit of the organ theme from the organ he plays in OoT.
Jordan Sharp
Jordan Sharp 12 hours ago
This is just a theory: If this is the Ganondorf from Twilight Princess (which has to be because of the visual similarities). And if Link has a mystical hand, like the hand Midna had in Twilight Princess. And if this game isn’t set in the “child era” timeline, then the Twilight Realm is STILL OPEN! So it is possible that we might be dealing with the Twilight Realm again. Here’s the best part tho: depending on the time period of the game and the fact that Midna’s last words in Twilight Princess was “See you later”, MIDNA COULD BE COMING BACK!!!!!!
Franklin Turtleton
Franklin Turtleton 13 hours ago
Yo does that dead body look like Demise to anyone else?
Lord Leviathan
Lord Leviathan 13 hours ago
Peein Ian
Peein Ian 13 hours ago
Okay I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this yet but I was skimming through the trailer to find something that might tell us more about the game and (this is pure speculation and could be totally wrong) I don’t think that Hyrule castle is lifted or pushed up-I think that it stands up. It took me a minute to make anything out but I was moving frame by frame through the ten or so seconds when the castle is on-screen (0:52-1:05) and in the last couple seconds it looks a lot like the castle stands up on a bunch of legs. It’s hard to describe without visuals but when the dust around the base settles you can see these dark lines that look like spider legs. I don’t think that it’s just a bunch of earth being pulled up because you can see a sliver of the ground surrounding the base of the castle and it cuts off very closely to it; in other words, only a small amount of earth gets pulled up. It’s definitely not just shadows on the dust either because the shadows that we do see on it are only slightly darker. It’s also possible that it might be a giant hand and the castle is sitting on the back of it because I can only count five of the lines at most. Let me know what you guys think about this
xoXoKillingXoxo 1997
Legend of Zelda breath of majoras explosive farts
xoXoKillingXoxo 1997
Legend of Zelda breath of majoras explosive farts
Priamcomics 13 hours ago
zelda breath of time
Hässli Furz
Hässli Furz 14 hours ago
Botw1:Yes we killed ganon! Botw2: you killed ganon i gonna kill you!
Link TimeWarrior
Link TimeWarrior 14 hours ago
So many goosebumps.......
ThePearled01 15 hours ago
Breath of the Wild 2: Ben Drowned
Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee 15 hours ago
I’m hoping this game is coming out in 2020 because they look confident in teasing us with story in this trailer whereas back then for Breath of the Wild they only showed the world but only when they have the release date was when the trailer contain story. This means this game is definitely halfway through development. Probably a few months after the last DLC was released.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 8 hours ago
It definitely won’t take as long as BOTW, it’s using the same engine after all. I think it’ll come out in 2021, I imagine Nintendo are gonna use the added power of the Switch to put some new stuff in, BOTW was a Wii U game and thus had to make use of the Wii U’s power with the Switch adding some minor improvements, this is a Switch game and will definitely make use of the added power.
One less lonely memer
Al3x 15 hours ago
Zelda: Now, when we killed Gannon, we can restore hyrule Gannon: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [TO BE CONTINUED]
SriderA 16 hours ago
The lyrics Ya yah yuu (X3) Yee yua yah yo ye ya yu (X3) Speed (X2) Ya yah yuu (X2) Ye yu ya ya ye ya ya (X2) Speed (X3) Ya yru ya ye yo yu yo ya ye yu
Sam Hardie
Sam Hardie 16 hours ago
Same engine, this is going to be the majoras mask to breath of the wild’s ocerina of time
Yoshua Juliano
Yoshua Juliano 16 hours ago
Nitendo just take my money fvkkk:)
James Puso
James Puso 16 hours ago
*Takes deep breath* The Legend of Zelda is my all time favorite game franchise but I didn't really like Breath of the Wild very much and I'm kinda bummed I can't be more hyped for this. *puts on bunny hood and starts running*
Darryl franceo Manohar
Time to put 600 hours into a game again
Wyxxoz 17 hours ago
I'm just hyped to see Zelda as a not boring princess
Nathan Mueller
Nathan Mueller 17 hours ago
can’t wait to play this game in 4 years
The Adventures Of Pax & Kha
Oke i will buy a nintendo switch now
One less lonely memer
@hewakens your trolls don't work on me fool
hewakens 6 hours ago
@One less lonely memer So wait... you literally just repeated yourself? Weak tactics, kid. Look, I can tell that you measure your self worth by having the last word in comment sections, and I don't want to dampen your spirits, so I promise to not reply after this. The floor is yours.
One less lonely memer
@hewakens ironically says the keyboard warrior himself, a person with no profile pic just shows the type of person you really are, and that is an obvious troll bait.
hewakens 6 hours ago
@One less lonely memer Before I got even halfway through your unwarranted and pointlessly aggressive "contribution", "keyboard warrior" was the exact phrase that came into my mind to describe *you*. How very telling that you would, with no supporting evidence, level that very phrase at *me". Sorry, but I'm a grown man - I don't get into USvid arguments with 12 year old children who white knight for video game companies.
One less lonely memer
@hewakens Oh really? Cause last time i checked the witcher 3 one of the most demanding games in history is coming to switch so better not speak about things you don't truly understand you keyboard warrior
CloutBoiDeku 17 hours ago
Instead of shrines... it’s gonna be towers.... DEAR GOD HELP US
Loon 782
Loon 782 17 hours ago
One thing is that Gannon or the shine thing ( I think that the last boss to get the bike is that it got corrupted and now when it try’s to use it magic on someone they die instead of getting hurt) and when I tell my friend that he says ‘ no there isn’t’ now I’m laughing inside
Caleb Kooper
Caleb Kooper 17 hours ago
If zelda is not a playable character I will fully give up on happiness!
Nino Manuel
Nino Manuel 18 hours ago
Wouldn’t it be cool if the mummy is Ganondorf, but he was the ancient hero 10,000 years ago? The hand holding him down is trying to seal him and it’s the princess of that generation. Somehow, Ganondorf was corrupted by Demise and Calamity Ganon was his essence behind the seal?
Nou Rithysal
Nou Rithysal 18 hours ago
When will there be a mini switch?
AJ Visual嵐
AJ Visual嵐 18 hours ago
I cried when i saw the thumbnail omg
DraconicDustin 18 hours ago
Ganon: *Comes back to life* Zelda: You were supposed to have defeated him link.. Link: My goodness, what a idea. Why didn't I think about that?
hewakens 13 hours ago
Nintendorf: "What, and end our most profitable franchise?"
B3stNoobEver 18 hours ago
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: Electric Ganon Boogaloo.
Νικολας Ντουλιας
Link and Zelda: did we finally win? Ganon: well yes, but actually no
Queen Sparks
Queen Sparks 19 hours ago
I hope my boi Prince Sidon is in the sequel
darkhunter _
darkhunter _ 19 hours ago
Once I was 112 years old my mommy told me: go and destroy ganon. Me:ok I finally kill him. mom: nah he is behind u
John Coutu
John Coutu 19 hours ago
yay, more getting heart attacks from flying, walking, and sentry laser robots that are made of stone
darkhunter _
darkhunter _ 19 hours ago
Link :Hey Zelda I found ganon Zelda : where? Ganon:Where?
Weiser _
Weiser _ 19 hours ago
yes, just yes.
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