Scott Disick Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Scott Disick goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City, and talks people wearing Adidas because of Kanye and why he changed his style.
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Dec 11, 2017

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Comments 8 550
Gavin Stuhler
Gavin Stuhler 3 hours ago
Joe you dress too young
Chart Ikardi
Chart Ikardi 4 days ago
Thought it was Kevin Love at first
Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole 6 days ago
O gawd, I love that supreme LV parka.
1 Park
1 Park 7 days ago
All hail Lord Disick
Fuaad Jafree
Fuaad Jafree 8 days ago
What's his job?
Malik Coltes
Malik Coltes 8 days ago
His voice definitely doesn't match his face. He's like Charlie Day's older more successful brother.
David Maldonado
David Maldonado 9 days ago
Love His personality
Johnathan Dozer
Johnathan Dozer 15 days ago
We all know got damn Scott disick never owned a pair of forces till just this year lol...
mini guyy
mini guyy 17 days ago
disick: or someone will give them to me also disick: spends 15g’s
A. C.C
A. C.C 21 day ago
he definitely did not fit in this show!! to arrogant!!!
Sara Akslen
Sara Akslen 23 days ago
the way he tried to put his hands in his non-existing pockets had me dead
ARIM SETHI 23 days ago
did anyone else notice the part where he tried to put his hands in his pockets??????? 00:39
Ellie Taylor
Ellie Taylor 25 days ago
Going through the amount of shoes he gets through weekly is so bad for the environment lol materialism is way too much of a problem 😂😫
BriCallender 25 days ago
He just spent half my student loans in a sneaker store
D Walker
D Walker 25 days ago
Keep looking keep looking go go go match names matck numbers and you'll see it all unfold...
D Walker
D Walker 25 days ago
a hoOoooooly shit Joe's fucked
Karina Montes
Karina Montes 26 days ago
I'm a down earth kinda guy bough 8 pair of expensive shoes and the jacket
Kristen Suraci
Kristen Suraci 28 days ago
Love that he stans ye till the end, their bromance is cute as fuck
Roshea 29 days ago
NMP is the real lord, waaay before Disick.
VVarrio Month ago
dude walked out of that store like a boss with that $10k supreme sweater and his guys carrying his shit.
john f
john f Month ago
you live once i would of been at england by now with my money
AkillZ Z
AkillZ Z Month ago
Joe: grab your bags and we’ll go Scott: oh my guys will take them He’s a dick 😂
knowledge Spoiled
10,000 for that jacket. Hell nah
Bryan Rios
Bryan Rios Month ago
The lorde is with us
Wizard Of Oz
Wizard Of Oz Month ago
I’m a staight dude but damn he’s sexy asf
Lon A
Lon A Month ago
1:13 He went from Beverly Hills to Park Hill.
Obitrice For life
Scot is a likeable guy
Arm Collector
Arm Collector Month ago
just a question ( MAINLY FOR WOMEN) does anyone remember the shoes called " TRITONS" ? use to love them, they came in every color, just thought they were so COOL 😎 and comphy!!! also I remember ppl wearing a lot of "L.A. GEARS" but I wasn't to big on those, and guys loved the " TIMBERLANDS" while wearing all the dickie suits lmfao, matter of fact ppl still wear that shit today where I from, the dickies not the "TIMBERLANDS" to much any more, and I use to love when u pass a shoe store out in the city part where I from they would have lines round the block waiting on those New kicks that were coming out LMFAO miss the old days nothing the same no more EXPECIALLY now that on line exist LMFAO sad 😢 but true, miss going to the mall meeting friends on the weekend to just hang and get some kicks and then food court, arcade rooms and then the picture booths with u friends, and I loved the t-shirt shops we have or had that we would get stuff AIR BRUSHED, I HATE how stuff is changing,these are the memories and things I think we should least have kept for the New generation, also bc we don't do shit but do the whole internet thing, I wish we still had it where ppl want to LITERALLY engage in all these fun activities we use to, if NOT cthe same then something they like now but just u know do it in the same way where ppl do it in same way. bc I believe ppl really are missing out on great memories and times with friends and family, like blockbuster I would love going there picking out a bunch of movies with ppl getting the candy popcorn etc. and whatever I feel like REDBOX just not it for me, I know it's way more convienevt but getting rid of those little things bc of convience is just sad 😢, guess it's just me. Well GOD BLESS TO U WEATHER U READING THIS OR NOT!!!#letsbringthefunback
Arm Collector
Arm Collector Month ago
to me the AIR FORCE ONES have to be my all time favorites, mainly bc where I am from it was such a HUGE trend LMFAO, most of all they are SUPER COMPHY, and bc I just love the style of them NEVER been a HUGE fan of all colors on sneakers, I may be bland bc this is my choice but I love ALL WHITE SNEAKERS, NOT TO MENTION they LITERALLY go with EVERY & ANYTHING, shorts jeans whatever!!!
el gallito de morelia
No worries he is using the kardassian Credicard .
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace Month ago
Anyone see him in the intro try to put his hands in pockets on his jacket that weren’t there
Exclusive Johnny
He’s tuff
Mace Kraaier
Mace Kraaier Month ago
Praveen Singh
Praveen Singh Month ago
anyone noticed DJ Khaled in the background?😂
Remy TV
Remy TV Month ago
He needs his own show. Only payed attention to him when my girl would make me watch Keeping up back in the day
Kennedy Rice
Kennedy Rice Month ago
i love how he went to put his hands in his pocket but realized there was no pockets
Tra Chandler
Tra Chandler Month ago
My nigga bought the lv and the bapes I used to think he was a dick cuz got sauce tho
Ruffies Month ago
Bought a new pair of shoes becus a girl stepped on his at the club XD
Charlie Eaton
Charlie Eaton Month ago
Scott knows allot about sneakers i have the black and red ones oh and the originals
Showtime123 Month ago
0:36 When u try to put ur hands in ur jacket pockets but they ain’t there....
common man science
Then you have LV SUPREME With pockets lol.
Je refuse de donner mon nom à une machine
I really feel like anybody on Complex Sneaker shoping has the fashion sense of a 7 year old..
Mark johnson
Mark johnson Month ago
Scott Disick got good taste on that supreme jacket
Maria Duran
Maria Duran Month ago
Canelo Alvarez spent $15,000 on just a sweater with Complex, must be nice
Lazyboi El Consentido
He’s the guy.
E-Leazy Month ago
He used to be kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend
denmark39 Month ago
This is really bad taste: 15300 ? Education in stupidity. Everything is made in Asia by kids 👎
denmark39 Month ago
I only buy Adidas and NOT Kanye’s
Aliza Mirza
Aliza Mirza Month ago
how to lucky they are 15307.18 just for shoes
Ciulei Alex
Ciulei Alex Month ago
You fucking idiot
Ciulei Alex
Ciulei Alex Month ago
Wtf men 10 000 dolars supreme jacket
WAR DOG Month ago
He sounds like the nerdiest guy ever but looks like a lumber jack
Roza Mia
Roza Mia Month ago
1 car, 1 watch??? Bro.. that's a lie..lol
R Month ago
6:22 “a few a week” whatttttt.??????
i am lonely
i am lonely Month ago
Kylie whould lowkey buy all of the sneakers even though she doesn't wear any
ZomBii Month ago
Eagle McMahon
Abigail Johnson Akingbade
Scott Disick has good shoe picks. 😍😍😍
Celia Marie Gibbs
He reminds me of Donald Trump
M1 Productions
M1 Productions Month ago
Scott: who would buy an $8,000 shoe just to walk? Scott: *buys $10,000 jacket just to walk
Being Bustamante *
My guys will take them okay .. royalty lol 😆
Venkata Girindra Ande
He looks and sounds like Charlie day 😂
PSF silva
PSF silva 2 months ago
what does dis guy do?
K Jeezy
K Jeezy 2 months ago
JLP looking for affirmation from Scott cause y’all pick on him bout his style too much 😂
PeachHazel7 2 months ago
15,000 WTF😩
Aleyna A.
Aleyna A. 2 months ago
From where is his tracksuit
Beans 2 months ago
ok so he didnt go too crazy except for the fucking 10000 dollar jacket
hon3ybuds 2 months ago
Ew lord disick
Macey Hinshaw
Macey Hinshaw 2 months ago
“i go thru a few pairs a week” 😱 i’m sick to my stomach
BHᎯBᎽ Ꮶ 2 months ago
He has a freaking black card
Erica Gardens
Erica Gardens 2 months ago
Baby Red
Baby Red 2 months ago
He is sexy.
239jim 2 months ago
That said i like plain stuff and then he bough the whole arforce rack😂 i like this episode
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 2 months ago
7:02 "Do you want a pair too?" YES PLEASE
jarocla66 2 months ago
How is that $15,000 with a coat listed at 10,000 by itself, I'm assuming that's an error, and the coat is $1,000, cuz that doesn't add up
Kali.Unbothered 2 months ago
Scott is so underrated so dope♥️
Druw Agee
Druw Agee 2 months ago
Air force one a.k.a I'm short and need sum height in my life
Joyjoia123 2 months ago
Anwar Razali
Anwar Razali 2 months ago
The fake guy
Kimberly 2 months ago
Get ice cube and Dr. Dre
Tapatio Armani
Tapatio Armani 2 months ago
Yeezy shoes look ugly no lie!!! His AF1 is the dopest shoe out there!!!
Nic Crawford
Nic Crawford 2 months ago
_Senses arrogance_
Nawelle knowles
Nawelle knowles 2 months ago
Hey Scott just a fyi, REAL Celebs get shit like LV x Supreme Parkas for free. give it some real thought ;)
Cg- Meeky
Cg- Meeky 2 months ago
Scott is actually a cool guy, he is just who he is, himself and that’s ok, the Kardashians made him look like a villain but he’s seems to be a nice guy.
Ms Fine Wine
Ms Fine Wine 2 months ago
He is very likeable and he he has a sense of humour,
Cousin Keisha
Cousin Keisha 2 months ago
“Some girl stepped on these in the club” 😂😂
HamptonCollabs 2 months ago
Gus Maldonado
Gus Maldonado 2 months ago
He’s dating a 15 year old now 😂 he has to feel younger..
PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz 2 months ago
10k for augly ass jacket
IC 2 months ago
The tighty-whities.
Abigail Nichols
Abigail Nichols 2 months ago
he sems like a dick
Read Of The Day
Read Of The Day 2 months ago
hes actually super hot. not sure his personality but he looks model-ish
Riah Wheeler
Riah Wheeler 2 months ago
Toronto needs a stadium goods
Makaron 2 months ago
Could anyone tell what's exact model of Air Force at 5:59?
100 subs with no videos plz lol
I’m a very down to earth guy 4:20
Han X
Han X 2 months ago
Luke Snow
Luke Snow 2 months ago
Do Rob Kardashian
Willie Will
Willie Will 2 months ago
Yo rich rich
joseph10704 2 months ago
spent 15k on shoes and 10 the jacket was 10 grand,Now that's just nuts.But hey people like this got money.So why not.But really for a simple guy do u really need a 10 grand worth a some jacket lmao.No u dont.
Welshy 2 months ago
Not gonna lie, if I saw Scott on the street, I wouldn’t even recognize the guy.
Ohla mypeeps
Ohla mypeeps 2 months ago
0:36 awkward hand movement
KLTPURP 3 months ago
The last minute of this video he was just ballin the fuck out😂did not expect that
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