Scott Disick Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Scott Disick goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City, and talks people wearing Adidas because of Kanye and why he changed his style.
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Season 5
Episode 17
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Dec 11, 2017




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Comments 8 636
Yalonda Preyer
I love his style and family
King Mohaz
King Mohaz Day ago
What kind of rich person is this ??? A bad one.
Bae Grades
Bae Grades 2 days ago
isnt this for real celebrities?
heroinhero69 8 days ago
who is a bigger tool, this guy or spencer pratt
Tara Breslin
Tara Breslin 8 days ago
MrFiller360 9 days ago
Holy shit papi and yoni shoutout to the Einhorns family friends 😍
Jesus iiooii
Jesus iiooii 12 days ago
Very down to earth guy
heroinhero69 8 days ago
kind of like a very stable genius
D Source
D Source 12 days ago
Hey @Complex what's the beat or name to that song in the intro shyt sounds hard to workout to
Jimmy j
Jimmy j 13 days ago
I see my man got ahold of kourtneys credit card
Eric Zavaleta
Eric Zavaleta 13 days ago
that jacket looks stupid on him
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 13 days ago
I always like Scot he got a dope swag
Sharkzyy 16 days ago
definition of a rich kid
ARYAMAAN SINGH 19 days ago
Max Weatherall
Max Weatherall 20 days ago
Who the fuck is this guy
AlexJP 20 days ago
1 car 1 watch I’ve seen him in at least 8 watches
Mizo666 21 day ago
Adidas would be shitting their pants if it weren’t for Kanye 👟👟👟👟
Jose Garrido
Jose Garrido 22 days ago
Nigga really flexed and dipped 💀
Jacob Slater
Jacob Slater 22 days ago
vacuum packed webs hahha ridiculous
Tapatio Armani
Tapatio Armani 23 days ago
Scott: the way we like call it on the street dead stock Joe: MF you ain’t from the streets 😂
Stephen J Davies
Stephen J Davies 25 days ago
You should have Marshmello come on this show haha
Josh Moffatt
Josh Moffatt 25 days ago
At 7:24 does anyone know what those Af1s are called look like the french flag
Salvador Reyes
Salvador Reyes 25 days ago
I never understood why murderers never make people like this their number one target. Or why folks like Dahmer never had an interest to shakeup the upper class.
Pepto Bismol
Pepto Bismol 27 days ago
Scott is a Dick. Get it? Cause like if you take the is out of Disick you get Dick? HAHHa im so funny!11!!
N M 27 days ago
Kevin love
Jesse Ko
Jesse Ko 28 days ago
Please get Kevin Love for next episode
gt-r smokes
gt-r smokes 28 days ago
This guy (who i have no idea is) is worth 16 mills and spends 15k. I watched Eminem and he just spends ~$700 who is worth $200 mills... and he got cash on him, $2 dollaa
NorthSea0il Month ago
xrizbira Month ago
Who is this guy ?
Mtdmpls Month ago
This guy is cool!!
1 Park
1 Park Month ago
amran307 Month ago
The stuff he bought was hard
That supreme jacket fire scott🔥🔥
fggytrollz 243
fggytrollz 243 Month ago
"I'm a very down to earth guy" 7:40 mY gUys wIlL tAkE eM
WillWillDoIt Month ago
That supreme jacket is fly
Bob Hughs
Bob Hughs Month ago
joe has such SHIT style
Juan Meza
Juan Meza Month ago
Grab your stuff and let's go Scott: my guys will take them
Tom Wilko
Tom Wilko Month ago
Rich neek
2 much Clout
2 much Clout Month ago
Whats the name of the beat ? 6:47
Levi Robertson
Levi Robertson Month ago
hey can i get a pair of red octobers?
Javier Avila
Javier Avila Month ago
manu Guti
manu Guti Month ago
he looks like Charlie Day..
Ak Go
Ak Go Month ago
15 bags. My god.
Nick Pytel
Nick Pytel Month ago
This guys such a fag
Re Dacted
Re Dacted Month ago
Of all the giant egos on this show this dude was the only one who was unwatchable
Max Åkervall
Max Åkervall Month ago
I’m a very down to earth guy. -grab ur bags -oh my guys will take them
E-MAN 949
E-MAN 949 Month ago
Dawg everyone’s saying he’s not “down to earth” because he spent 10k on a jacket but the google definition is “practical and realistic” when you’re a fucking millionaire 10k is very realistic cuz it’s at his disposal and it’s practical cuz my boy gets a dope ass limited jacket and it hardly scratches his bank account But also I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic😂
andreina Wilson
andreina Wilson Month ago
Oh shut up !!! 😂 he said “ I’m very down to earth guy “ and yet he walk out the store like a rockstar with a $10000 jacket and expensive shoes oh and gold necklace
mark jeffers
mark jeffers Month ago
Think he's a prat but at least being linked to this kardashian clan means he'll never have to actually work again
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
I was lowkey expecting his credit card to say kourtney kardashian
jagarnaut singer
Theres only one rich son of a bitch and its $cott disick! And he gets insluted by ugly kourtney!! 😒😤
Camille Jacqueline
What a fucking idiot, "I go through a few pairs a week" There are people starving you prick, he is a great example of a person who doesn't deserve his fortune or all the things he has. And what kind of attitude is that, to let someone else carry your bags like they are slaves... Get of your high horse you disgusting human being.
Davian Jackson
Davian Jackson Month ago
I thought that was Kevin love
Mario Luffy
Mario Luffy Month ago
Not gonna lie he looks good in that expensive shit
Mario Luffy
Mario Luffy Month ago
I need to be rich
ಠ_ಠ Month ago
"im a down to earth guy" personal butlers carry his bags for him buys a $10,000 jacket throws out shoes if they get a little dirty
Boris The B1ad3 X
Dont believe his jordan 1s story
ruru_ esco
ruru_ esco Month ago
Black card..
shujmbee Month ago
you are a douche asshole drunk fuck off die in a fire
Van Guillamun
Van Guillamun Month ago
Kind of fuck and didn't make sense what he said there loll . But I like Scott fashion
Ingsta18 Month ago
DeAd StOcK
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