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Mady Dohne
Mady Dohne 6 hours ago
Mom can I please pretty please go to Gabi’s school!
Jaclynn Valdez
Jaclynn Valdez 10 hours ago
My school doesn’t allow hoodies
Claw Heart
Claw Heart 10 hours ago
Can we get a Gabi fashion/designer line please?I'd buy it ;p
Tonya Stroede
Tonya Stroede 10 hours ago
Turn into vsco girls for a week
Reese Taylor
Reese Taylor 11 hours ago
Katelyn Wills
Katelyn Wills 21 hour ago
Why does the gym one give me Billie Eilish vibes
Iva Zelic
Iva Zelic 21 hour ago
Katelyn Wills
Katelyn Wills 21 hour ago
How I need that uniform 😂💜😂
Beija Quirico
Love this! 😍💕It’s like Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish went to school together
Alexandra Evans
I go to a school that has uniforms. My uniform style is kind of like what Niki started out with.
Katie L
Katie L 2 days ago
I thought they were supposed to look better than the uniform niki #secondOutfit
Most. Akter
Most. Akter 2 days ago
Lizgirl29 c
Lizgirl29 c 4 days ago
Gabi goes to a uniform preppy place with a shirt that says glitter bit** haha I love that for gabi ❤️
Army_Kookie N.m.v
When gabi wore ur school uniform and made it cuter 0-0 the thumbnail the uniform that was plaid under the jacket is MY school uniform I'm- I'm shook
Army_Kookie N.m.v
oMG gabi has MY school uniform under that jacket in the thumbnail OmGggGgg
Mara Moon
Mara Moon 5 days ago
So serious if Gaby made a school and I could be reborn to go to said school ( because I can't go to school anymore I'm too old ) but if she did I'd go absolutely at least for the uniform or if they had horses and archery and music Lmfao
ROBLOX ADDICT!!! 5 days ago
How many r curious what's the back of niki's second out fit's pant????
Sequoia Lipsey_MacLean
Is anyone here in 2019 Click this if you are 👇🏻
Sherri Richburgh
Sherri Richburgh 6 days ago
This whole video gabby was trying to use NYC slang
Kakoi The Foxz
Kakoi The Foxz 6 days ago
Madison Gardiner
Madison Gardiner 6 days ago
Niki should get plastic surgery to make them look like twins again
Arianny Vasquez
Arianny Vasquez 4 days ago
Madison Gardiner nonononono you wrong bad idea!
FadingShadows 6 days ago
Rip headphone users Thank goodness my headphones just fell of my ears
Chanely Rodriguez
I wish you guys did my school uniform :(
sydney8652 7 days ago
2:16 me when I hear foods ready! Btw great vid!👍
kylee lerue
kylee lerue 7 days ago
“Where did you come up with a square and stars at” that sounded so shady and I love it 😂
LPS Lili
LPS Lili 7 days ago
Nikki I want your sweatshirt that you wore in the intro I mean hoodie
Xx Moonlight xX
Xx Moonlight xX 8 days ago
Niki: -talking- Gabi: -looking bored-
Tea Leafu
Tea Leafu 9 days ago
School uniforms give me Heathers vibes.
Paulina flores
Paulina flores 9 days ago
Gabi screams power puff girls with that last uniform
Agent Ty
Agent Ty 9 days ago
marvelous girls,,l like ur designs and ur songs
Zzz Zali
Zzz Zali 10 days ago
I love your video‘S
Megan Guerrera
Megan Guerrera 10 days ago
That’s my school uniform before you dazzled it up
Jimin Plays roblox
Jimin Plays roblox 11 days ago
My style is in the middle of niki and gabi
Gabrielle ChaibDuval
I liked Nicki outfit a bit more because i am not really a girly girl but Gabi also did an awesome job #mynameisgabrielle
Xx_ EmeraldStone
Xx_ EmeraldStone 11 days ago
That outfit that gabi had in your hand was my uniform... Hmmmmmmm
Lili Diaz
Lili Diaz 11 days ago
I love gabi's uniforms and do more
manmadetomb301 11 days ago
At our school 🏫 we are not allowed to were makeup 💄
Martin Holland
Martin Holland 11 days ago
Joanne Stokes
Joanne Stokes 11 days ago
Gabi won
shiftfell chara playz
Steph Appel
Steph Appel 11 days ago
Gabi as heather chandler? Oh hell yes
Anson Pan
Anson Pan 12 days ago
we are uniform fabric manufacturer, may I have your email?
Miz K
Miz K 12 days ago
Do more DIY please
ally cat0608
ally cat0608 12 days ago
*I wish there for kids -_-*
harlie Bones
harlie Bones 12 days ago
Imagine a 5 year old wearing gabys second outfit 😍😍😍😗😙
Hannah McMillan
Hannah McMillan 12 days ago
My ears just died I’m wearing headphones 😂
Lol im Thanos
Lol im Thanos 13 days ago
I love the styles
Katie Banham
Katie Banham 13 days ago
1:50 Gabbie's shirt😂
Mie Vevo
Mie Vevo 13 days ago
Autumn Davis
Autumn Davis 13 days ago
This was amazing
LDALLILady haha
LDALLILady haha 14 days ago
Dude the gym oytfit looked like something billie ellish would were lol
Tessa Baxter
Tessa Baxter 14 days ago
I love that’s so raven
Dante Louise
Dante Louise 14 days ago
I love niki’s uniform it is beautiful and I love gabi’s as well
Dante Louise
Dante Louise 14 days ago
Oh yeah it does sorry niki
Irina Morales
Irina Morales 14 days ago
Gabi's uniforms are so cute I would actually wear that
mattblast 14 days ago
Business is Nikki if it’s Ciscogirl??
Ella Fritz
Ella Fritz 14 days ago
Ok I wear uniforms and I had a skirt that’s a FINGER length and so they said it was ToO ShOrT And so they made me Chang into a skirt that was below my flipping knees and I was so mad
ava couture
ava couture 14 days ago
Know _1
Know _1 15 days ago
Gabi looks like Ariana Grande
AYESHA ALI 16 days ago
Gabi won this definetely!
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