School Uniform Makeover Challenge ~Transforming 4 Types of Uniforms~

Niki and Gabi
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We always wanted to give ugly school uniforms makeovers growing up, so here we're finally doing that. We transform 4 types of uniforms: school gym uniform, girls pant uniform, girl's uniform skirt, and a "jumper" aka uniform dress for girls.
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If you see this, comment "oh no niki's pants at the end!!!" LOL
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our School uniform makeover challenge video where we transform school uniforms! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, drive thru challenges, thrift flips, recreating photos, boyfriend swaps, pranks, twin swaps, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, life swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

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Aug 20, 2019




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Comments 5 011
RxseAlix nwn
RxseAlix nwn 10 hours ago
God if this was made when I went to a Christian school and private school
Lucia Dixon
Lucia Dixon 21 hour ago
MY EARS at 1.03
Jen_123x Day ago
Gabi, I would def wear ur second outfit to school (we have uniforms). It's stylish and its so freaking cuteee
Malak Houadef
Is there for 9+ March
Adriana Moreno
Adriana Moreno 2 days ago
I wish gabby designed my school uniforms because I love them!!they are cute I thought I whould never say that but I just did
yoonloon loonyoon
Gabi should be a designer. Niki should be a sport teacher.
Daisy The puppy
Daisy The puppy 2 days ago
I love Nikki and Gabby
Dionicio Capriel
Dionicio Capriel 3 days ago
like if gabi should have an only girls school where they have to win and all they would learn about is celebrities and being fancy
Dionicio Capriel
Dionicio Capriel 3 days ago
Gabi: dumb long Me:lol😂🤣
sxnflxwxr_ xx
sxnflxwxr_ xx 3 days ago
Legend Has It That If You say your favourite USvidrs name 3 times you get pinned Niki & Gabi Niki & Gabi Niki & Gabi 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
Piper Shaoul
Piper Shaoul 4 days ago
I used to have a uniform so I could do this with my old uniforms
Keiyso Chan
Keiyso Chan 4 days ago
Im british so in british schools u actually have a school uniform And im not happy (frowns)
White Amber
White Amber 4 days ago
White Amber
White Amber 4 days ago
Gabi:wow you look like a 70’s chick😂niki:you look like a fancy girl from a TV show
White Amber
White Amber 4 days ago
me to I always have to wear uniform expect on DRESS DOWN DAYS and I’m in 3rd grade And I’m also vary girly
Kaylee Easton
Kaylee Easton 4 days ago
confused on the intro w/ gabis little dilemma
Ruby Keegan
Ruby Keegan 5 days ago
Allie the unicorn 208
I never have had to wear a uniform :3
Alexis Robeets
Alexis Robeets 5 days ago
Kids loved it🤩🤩
Blink4ever Lisa4ever
Bro 0:49
M H 6 days ago
I just noticed that they censored gabi cause of how she was sitting lol
Nóinín Berry
Nóinín Berry 7 days ago
I’m seriously debating doing something like this to my actual school uniform 🤔🤔🤔
Jyoti ppc
Jyoti ppc 7 days ago
Gabi is literally half naked LOVE IT AND SCHE Is it proud of it
Maggie Li
Maggie Li 9 days ago
I wish I could do this to my uniform
Edyn Wojciechowski
Niki won
Edyn Wojciechowski
I don’t wear school uniforms just normal clothes and now I wear pajamas bc I’m homeschooled and it is the best I don’t have to do school work for 6 hours and I get to stay home
the sister squad
the sister squad 9 days ago
i love the first one niki made cause my dad is in the army so it reminds me of him alot
Hannah Reynolds
Hannah Reynolds 10 days ago
I like the 2nd outfit for both but I did not like the jacket on Niki's second outfit.
Laken Ellis
Laken Ellis 10 days ago
Lauren Carney
Lauren Carney 11 days ago
This is how many people don’t wear school uniforms 👇🏻
T a m a g o t c h i G o r l
1:00 i was watching at 4 in the morning with headphones and max volume. w h y
Sophia Hidalgo
Sophia Hidalgo 12 days ago
Gabi that dress school uniform dress you're wearing that actually is actually the school I go too Catholic school, and I actually go to that school
Tay他也 12 days ago
Who designs the outfit better? Like - Gabi Comment- Niki
The SnortHog’s
The SnortHog’s 12 days ago
Do a DIY cheerleader outfit!
Billie Reid Tennison
Nikki won
Roxy Roe
Roxy Roe 13 days ago
Gabi looks more like a school uniform
KIM JENNA 13 days ago
I expect that I have heard GABI SaysBTS When you have developed Jacket On Her chest Or I am posing Okay Probably Illusions
・Caelyn ・
・Caelyn ・ 13 days ago
The school dont make their own uniform??
Kahlela Ayer
Kahlela Ayer 13 days ago
is it just me or when they show the DIY Niki looks shorter
Leiani Wormely
Leiani Wormely 13 days ago
Gabi win
Itz Ekam
Itz Ekam 14 days ago
I love Gabin dances every time she kind of try’s things on lolll 🤧🥰🥰😝🤪😂🤣
liviamatei17 14 days ago
Stop swearing.
Sirajul Mallick
Sirajul Mallick 14 days ago
Nikis haul: not even uniform
Gabriella Gentry
Gabriella Gentry 14 days ago
Who else thinks Gabis preppy school uniform looks like the heathers
Idola Gamez
Idola Gamez 14 days ago
U should make a merch called “Make It HOT 🔥💥”
Addison Newby
Addison Newby 14 days ago
I love Gabi's shirt! GLITTER BITCH all the way!!
Mykele Seymore
Mykele Seymore 14 days ago
I mean Nicki.
Eni Lee
Eni Lee 14 days ago
Niki Btw love your bedroom create by:sorrygirls!
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande 14 days ago
The banana and the peach wonder why she chose those to be together Sorry if this made u uncomfortable 😂
zmow5 14 days ago
When I clicked on this vid I looked at their hoodies and I was like cute and I was relieved when I found out its merch
Stefan Spanija
Stefan Spanija 14 days ago
Like Niki's outfit is amazing but i just like Gabi's one more bc i like her style more,im that type of girly girl
sevval 14 days ago
gabi is so good stylist nut niki is so terrible
K Beverly
K Beverly 15 days ago
My uniform is the one that Gabi showed first in the haul
• iiBuddyBooii •
Niki gives me, Billie Eilish vibes. Anyone else?
Adventurous Gacha
Adventurous Gacha 15 days ago
Is it just me or does niki look like Billie and Gabi looks like ariana granda
Asya Hasanova
Asya Hasanova 15 days ago
At our school we can dres up how ever we want , .........
Rikki Price
Rikki Price 16 days ago
Can you make a clothing line?
Becky Peterson
Becky Peterson 16 days ago
Gabi needs to design her own line of dresses
Natasha Lalji
Natasha Lalji 16 days ago
It's so weird hearing Gabi saying I didn't want Rose's
Gacha_ Cåndy :3
Gacha_ Cåndy :3 16 days ago
Did anyone realize that GABI is amazing as a fashion designer and anyone also realize she’s showing the private part in the beginning but the blur it out
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