Sayquon Keys & Deshawn Da Prince "This Is America" by Childish Gambino

Deshawn Da Prince
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Deshawn Da Prince
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May 15, 2018




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Comments 39
yooo de prince where u got that jacket from??
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
The question is are y'all just dancing to it or do you understand the meaning of the song?
declive lI
declive lI Month ago
oh yeah baby
Rachel Stoutamire
Rachel Stoutamire 3 months ago
Grey sweatpants matter
Shania Wilson
Shania Wilson 3 months ago
The last girl killed it
Manu Freire
Manu Freire 4 months ago
Alguém do Brasil? Eu reaaaal amei as coreografias 💕💕
Andrea Elizabeth
Andrea Elizabeth 5 months ago
DAMN, the way Deshawn dances is so hypnotic! Such amazing talent
EmmaVlogs 6 months ago
Sergey Dmitruk
Sergey Dmitruk 6 months ago
is it legal for wasps to perform this dance?
Kavya Vishwanath
Kavya Vishwanath 6 months ago
80's Baby Est
80's Baby Est 7 months ago
RATUL 7 months ago
childish gambino dance was far too better..!!
Candice Reed Reed
Candice Reed Reed 7 months ago
Ayeeee!!! Get it
Sherika Lewis
Sherika Lewis 7 months ago
Awesome 😃😃😃😆
norwin gaudillo
norwin gaudillo 7 months ago
Where do i get the clean mix of the song?
Pay Williams
Pay Williams 7 months ago
The guys with the guy in the red was on point
ilovegreen324 8 months ago
Ahhhhh this sooo good! I LOVE this dance. Great job 👍
Dr No
Dr No 8 months ago
This is so fucking clean Aaahhh
Stewart Hamrick
Stewart Hamrick 8 months ago
Aahhh...💥💥🔥🔥 Lil shawies.. 💓💓💓
Néomie Azerval
Néomie Azerval 8 months ago
Can you do a tutorial pleaseeee
Synthia Zyriel
Synthia Zyriel 8 months ago
4:18 waw
Sheridawn Peden
Sheridawn Peden 8 months ago
This choreography was MADE for homegirl in the blue pants. It looked effortless. Solid choreography.
Fae-Adventures 9 months ago
And.... subscribe! So much talent.
wellingthhon oliveira
wellingthhon oliveira 10 months ago
eyrist 11 months ago
why isn't this big yet tho
Colly Jnr
Colly Jnr 11 months ago
The Stranger at Night
No Kaycee Rice?
Sixth Protocol
This is the crispiest dance I've seen to this song
di sha
di sha Year ago
im so late for this amazing dancers ! you're all good but the last girl is sooo talented ❤
crave Godtech
crave Godtech Year ago
You deserve so much more love and attention. More views, more likes, more subscribers. I am more than happy to subscribe.
Madelaine Rodríguez
Looooove this 😍
molly price
molly price Year ago
I can't stop watching. So mesmerized, so much incredible talent.
Tea Tea
Tea Tea Year ago
Cool. :D
KIM H Year ago
I Loved It 😊
alicia abiol
alicia abiol Year ago
the last girl killed it sickly
Roger Dancechannel
Dope !!!
Anjelika Deverson
This is awesome!!!
Ally Love
Ally Love Year ago
nah yall killed that
T8KingOver Year ago
Bruh, where you been, why am I just finding out about ya and why aren't there a million other views right now!!!
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