SAVING HACKER PZ9 to TRADE SAFE during 24 Hour Hide n Seek Challenge in Project Zorgo Meeting

Exposing Project Zorgo
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After Chad Wild Clay made WHAT'S INSIDE the SAFE? Project Zorgo Hackers Challenge SPY NINJAS to OPEN MYSTERY BOX, Vy Qwaint created SPY NINJAS BATTLE ROYALE Competing in Mystery Box Challenges to Reveal Project Zorgo Hackers Safe and Daniel uploaded WE RESCUE SPY NINJA DAX from PROJECT ZORGO HACKERS & Explore Riddles & Clues in Park to find Gadgets to the Exposing Project Zorgo USvid channel, Project Zorgo leader made a deal with the Spy Ninjas. If we don't give the safe back to Project Zorgo, they will put the mind control device on PZ9 and get the safe house address from him. Chad and I want to give the safe back in exchange for PZ9, while Regina and Vy want to keep the safe, because what's inside the safe can destroy Project Zorgo forever! Chad and I won a challenge and will go to the Project Zorgo headquarters to return the safe in exchange for PZ9. We found a surprise. The hackers tricked us! They Spy Ninjas tried to stop PZ9 from telling Project Zorgo our safe house address, but accidentally triggered a memory erasing fog! Find out if PZ9 puts the Spy Ninjas in danger while Daniel and Chad hide in the PZ basement! Thank you for watching my entertainment comedy videos in 2019!
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Sep 20, 2019




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Exposing Project Zorgo
Hi SPY NINJAS! What do you think we should do with the SAFE & PZ9?
Yalda Ahmad
Yalda Ahmad 6 days ago
Why does your mom call you Danny Boy
Ed Ed
Ed Ed 18 days ago
Save pz9
terry raphael
terry raphael 28 days ago
Exposing Project Zorgo love Reagan
Nadia Vlogs
Nadia Vlogs 28 days ago
Exposing Project Zorgo The second video what channel its going to be
{Kaya The Gacha Tuber}
And reveal face plsss
Carl Doe
Carl Doe 29 minutes ago
The Code is 2019
Fox Master
Fox Master 2 hours ago
I love pz9
maureen manalo
maureen manalo 2 hours ago
the code is 2019
Frankie murray
Frankie murray 3 hours ago
Frankie Chad will clay vy project
Jens Crone
Jens Crone 5 hours ago
Jesly Reyes
Jesly Reyes 5 hours ago
The passed is 2019
offuttjason 8 hours ago
,l pae
michelle davies
michelle davies 9 hours ago
adam anwar
adam anwar 13 hours ago
The code is to the safe to defeat project zorgo is 2019
adam anwar
adam anwar 13 hours ago
It might be the right one
Greg Johns
Greg Johns 15 hours ago
Hi 🔮🔎🛡️🗝️🔑🔐❤️💛💚💙💜✴️✴️✴️✴️
Kevin Segura
Kevin Segura 15 hours ago
Pz9 can be stove from cater share stove and pZ9 have the same hair
DareDevil 127625936964
Was the person in you challenging 5 other youtubers in Palm Springs when Vy was watching a tutorial was that pz4/ Regina?
scott kehr
scott kehr 20 hours ago
The Dimond Family
The Dimond Family 21 hour ago
The code is 2019
Project forgo always farting
Akele Jackson
Akele Jackson 22 hours ago
the code for the safe is 2019
Johan Mora
Johan Mora Day ago
Chad Daniel the code is 2019 to the real safe
Ishana Kumar
Ishana Kumar Day ago
I think it's 12345
Youtube_United FC
How does the pz leader move with out walking
Traci Harprr
Traci Harprr Day ago
Is B235
Kristi Daub
Kristi Daub Day ago
The cobe is 2019 because that is the year right now
Samantha Day ago
Go to the safe code it is 2019
Wendy Baljit
Wendy Baljit Day ago
1945 try it😄😁
Jacky Perez
Jacky Perez Day ago
The crowd is 2019
Lauren Spriggs
Omg big fan the code is 2019 bc it's 2019
Eric Hernandez
Dr. Mohan Kumar
Please listen to me it is 2019
Bala Subramanian
Bala Subramanian 2 days ago
2019 is the code
Bella Blackberry
Bella Blackberry 2 days ago
May Tran
May Tran 2 days ago
Hi lm Adira
Ross Duran
Ross Duran 2 days ago
I know the passcode Regina Daniel Chad by 2019
gr cr
gr cr 2 days ago
SML I fgvbdi ff n1234t657890
Mike B
Mike B 2 days ago
The safe password is 2019
emily Nicol
emily Nicol 18 hours ago
You are right
Christa Gillis
Christa Gillis 2 days ago
Try 2019
J Nich
J Nich 2 days ago
I think the code is 2019 because that's the year is right now
Ashlynn Bradt
Ashlynn Bradt 2 days ago
I am almost 6 and I watch your videos Chad all the time.
cookieswirl fan0708
Try 25141
Kimete Ramadani
Kimete Ramadani 2 days ago
The spy ninjas network Daniel with his mom ay thing in the door is a hacker
หวาน สีสุลาด
Laura Lewis
Laura Lewis 2 days ago
หวาน สีสุลาด
🧰29470 percent chance to rhdgdhggrp day you hdhdhr dydurhev grudgingly owieryeeyydydyddyhrdhenw the herheheheeoejeh morning was wussy you hey 👋 Dudu 🎭👱🏻‍♂️🧔🏽
Chrysdane Labrador
The code is 2019
Craig Pape
Craig Pape 3 days ago
kyle omondi
kyle omondi 3 days ago
Project Zorgo is watching
Virlaila Johnson
Virlaila Johnson 3 days ago
Trussville image in the don't give it to trust VM Regina and don't give it to pj9 they going to put confetti in
Richard McClanahan
It is 2019
Stacy Mayes
Stacy Mayes 3 days ago
Chad you're the best
Brian Blunt
Brian Blunt 3 days ago
Gary Gordon
Gary Gordon 3 days ago
Jonathan Williams
The code is 1470
Kristie Healey
Kristie Healey 3 days ago
One number of your age
Mustafa Harki
Mustafa Harki 3 days ago
The code is 2357
Salamah Nasser
Salamah Nasser 3 days ago
I love your vids make more please
FaZe Ayuub
FaZe Ayuub 3 days ago
Kultura 6598
Shahjehan Qazi
Shahjehan Qazi 3 days ago
Project forgo ia watching
Simerjot Kaur
Simerjot Kaur 3 days ago
Donna Ethridge
Donna Ethridge 4 days ago
hi my name is alexis ethridge
Zeita Boss
Zeita Boss 4 days ago
Samar’s Room
Samar’s Room 4 days ago
Daniel you should return the safe
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