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Saoirse Ronan Spent the Rest of Her Golden Globes Night in Her PJs

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Actress Saoirse Ronan presented at the 2019 Golden Globes, and admitted to Ellen she left so quickly that she had time to order pizza, change into pajamas, and still catch the rest of the telecast! The "Mary Queen of Scots" star also revealed her bag of stolen items from the awards show, and how she has serious dreams of becoming a waitress.


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Jan 8, 2019

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Comments 1 376
袅袅 10 hours ago
Saoirse is too cute!
angel princess
binigyan ng basura yung fan
Hey you all know her from lovely bones, I know her from the 2011 movie Hanna .
Hariken Krio
Hariken Krio 3 days ago
Ellen: 'I have other ideas..' Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Corrine Donovan
Corrine Donovan 4 days ago
Humble actors are actually kleptomaniacs
Klaxx 5 days ago
Hot as he'll 👍
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar 5 days ago
Doesn't get more beautiful than this ❤️
Aiza Shafique
Aiza Shafique 10 days ago
I just have a feeling that Saorise Ronan could play the best Repunzel
Youtube Acc
Youtube Acc 12 days ago
She's so funny.
Justin Rokhum
Justin Rokhum 16 days ago
she just gift her a bag full of garbage 😂😂😂😂😂😅
Addie the laughbringer
She mispronounced Charlize Theron! Aaaaa
perfumeofspring 18 days ago
Her outfit reminds me of my barbie used to have this super blink blink pants. But Saoirse is the best cos she's real.
Daniel C Treidene
Daniel C Treidene 18 days ago
so Ellen have you seen my audition tape(s), from folk & film oslo? its kind of rubbish imho, but need a heavy coffee addict to come up with some hard sharp constructive critisism.
gerg 21 day ago
Ellen is irritated with saoirse. watch her other time on ellen where she was doing a Q&A game.
Nina Seballa
Nina Seballa 24 days ago
I don't know what Saoirse just said. I believes she's eating pizza on a pajama. Cheers! 😁
Mark Christian Pinlac
Ugh her Irish accent 😍
Chrystal Blom
Chrystal Blom Month ago
My gaydar is going off with her 🤔🤫🧐🤨 mark my words in 5 years
mc Month ago
I think she is very hot!!! ♥♥♥♥
Kobe Westbrook
Kobe Westbrook Month ago
ehmmmm yaaah ehmmmm yaaah ehmmm
Wise One
Wise One Month ago
She's a fine glass of Irish wine 👀. My goodness...
eanash mustafa
eanash mustafa Month ago
Ellen hasn't scared saoirse yet.. 😂❤️💘😍
ronnie adcock
ronnie adcock Month ago
SledgeNE Month ago
beautiful ♥
Debra P
Debra P Month ago
Here Nicole take this garbage! LOL
Alice Johnson Four Eyed Pig
Such a large face and yet pretty.
Jacob Logan
Jacob Logan 2 months ago
She's so attractive.
CNT FRESH MEMES 2 months ago
Ed sheeran's little galway girl
One Punch Taco
One Punch Taco 2 months ago
0:28 Looking at their ears Ellen and Saoirse look like from different species.
playrewindff 2 months ago
shannonmccannon 3 months ago
They low key have ... like ... someeeeolllll sensualll tension??
Rose O
Rose O 3 months ago
Susie Salmon 😢
Shauna Moore
Shauna Moore 3 months ago
Love her!!
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ 3 months ago
yahh pizza of course
Joy Joy LaRosa
Joy Joy LaRosa 3 months ago
I really only clicked this video to hear her name
Mya 3 months ago
Bunch of snowflakes complaining about a friggin joke omg
Maria Teresa Cortes
Maria Teresa Cortes 3 months ago
I can't take my eyes off you... Saoirse How should I call you? can I call you mine? my goodness you are my fav actress in this generation..
Tyto Alba
Tyto Alba 3 months ago
awwwhh :( I think that Saoirse actually had some funny bits planned out with her little bag, but Ellen rushed her. I get the thing about time, but I think Saoirse actually came prepared with some talking points, rather creatively I might add, and that's more than a lot of guests.
ghost.kitty.99 3 months ago
Her outfit is smashing
Sangeeta Dasappa
Sangeeta Dasappa 3 months ago
She is so talented and a great actress
Latricia D. Fletcher
I love saoirse so much 😍😍😍
Pradyumn Singh Beniwal
Stuart Broad!!!!!
damien Smith
damien Smith 4 months ago
Gotta love the Irish accent.
Snorri Ö.K.
Snorri Ö.K. 4 months ago
She could start a new show with ELLEN stuff and with a marker call it BELLEND.
Vinz Quitain
Vinz Quitain 4 months ago
She'd be an amazing in a sitcom!!!!!!
DenDen Flores
DenDen Flores 4 months ago
she's different , I love her and I did watched all her movies
Alou Almerol
Alou Almerol 4 months ago
I love her. Beautiful and funny! 😂
Emztime Crosby
Emztime Crosby 4 months ago
Doing the Irish proud, dul ar an hEireann!!!!
Vinn Chan
Vinn Chan 4 months ago
a bag of goodies and that man laughed....hahaha
Vânia Jose
Vânia Jose 4 months ago
Sheila Smith
Sheila Smith 4 months ago
Such a lovely young lady 😍
Bessi Straub
Bessi Straub 4 months ago
I adore her accent and she's so real!
Symphonia doll
Symphonia doll 4 months ago
Saoirse would be such a good Luna Lovegood. Everytime I see her in a video, I am reminded of Luna.
Baz The Storyteller
Baz The Storyteller 4 months ago
"I steal stuff." What's the number one thing Saoirse wants to steal? That's right.........Kristen Wiig.
KevinBorgOfDeath 4 months ago
I wanted to see her walk. Thumbnail lied.
Nikhil Tare
Nikhil Tare 4 months ago
Saoirse is my new crush
iMars 4 months ago
Can you please steal my sperms ?
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 4 months ago
I see jubilee
Steven Pham
Steven Pham 4 months ago
I would totally share a needle with saoirse!! 🥄💉 LoL
Yvette Boheme
Yvette Boheme 4 months ago
A wonderful spirit.
Mrs Tuan
Mrs Tuan 4 months ago
I really love her accent ❤️
Abhishek Pillai
Abhishek Pillai 4 months ago
Who else wanted to see her walk to the chair, like in the thumbnail?
Stephen Powell
Stephen Powell 4 months ago
She looks great and she is so Beautiful ❤
Kevin Baird
Kevin Baird 4 months ago
God was in a good mood the day he made Saoirse, this girl seems to radiate goodness, she is quintessentially a gift from God.
Movie junkie
Movie junkie 4 months ago
Wauw nicole was actually happy with a bag of junk xD
john dunlavey
john dunlavey 4 months ago
I used to watch Ellen to see if I would laugh once. I have still not. Her booking person does get the best people so I see her show once in a while. Dancing badly or having people pop out and startle the guest is about all she has in her bag of unfunny.
Junior M
Junior M 4 months ago
her look is fIERCEEEE
Lalalujie 4 months ago
I want to be a waitress too
Suzi C.
Suzi C. 5 months ago
"I think Charlize Theron took a zip... She's a lot more expressive than I am." Ellen:"Right..." 😂😂😂
Oopss7 5 months ago
24?? She looks atleast twice that
ivyginny 5 months ago
I have other ideas too, Ellen
Felix Jones
Felix Jones 5 months ago
Ellen sucks!!
Candice Wu
Candice Wu 5 months ago
Love her! Very talented and different from other Hollywood stars
XX Baker
XX Baker 5 months ago
Doesn't she look like Moira from Overwatch? I'm definitely addicted to this game...
Marcus Crowley
Marcus Crowley 5 months ago
I just came to learn how to pronounce her name.
Jeamarie Oyan
Jeamarie Oyan 5 months ago
I want the empty bottle water, LOL.
miriam ar
miriam ar 5 months ago
I'm so jealous of everyone who gets to meet/chat with saoirse ronan she's so amazing
Uchiha Hikaku
Uchiha Hikaku 5 months ago
She's so polite it's like i'm listening to my Nan
G-MAN 73
G-MAN 73 5 months ago
Dam shes Hot !!
Hannah Fischer
Hannah Fischer 5 months ago
I only watch her interviews for her accent
Shel 💘
Shel 💘 5 months ago
She genuinely had the audience CRACKING UP. Not even ellen can do that herself while interviewing or making """jokes"""
Cheryl Boyd
Cheryl Boyd 5 months ago
GOD she is so beautiful.. Beautiful Irish Queen😄💕💕 perfect legs!! Just amazing in every way💞💞😅
JP 5 months ago
Diana Alomía
Diana Alomía 5 months ago
1:50 that wink tho 😂
ruben howe
ruben howe 5 months ago
tulips need water now, focus on crocus
Alice Johnson Four Eyed Pig
She has a huge head since no one has said it.
420 Blaze Master
420 Blaze Master 5 months ago
So hot
Harsimran Singh
Harsimran Singh 5 months ago
She is so beautiful 😍😍
Oh My Stars ASMR
Oh My Stars ASMR 5 months ago
YES i want to see her as a waitress!
Elisa Bugwondeen
Elisa Bugwondeen 5 months ago
Nice accent😍
Kay Tee
Kay Tee 5 months ago
Holy sexy
Roland DuSon
Roland DuSon 5 months ago
She's fine.
Brian Lawlor
Brian Lawlor 5 months ago
Saoirse makes me proud to be Irish love her personality she's so beautiful ❤️
Jordy 3 days ago
Fackin clepto 🤣🤣
Guillermo Ruelas
Guillermo Ruelas 5 months ago
She's becoming quite the fox
Felicia 5 months ago
Sanemiⵣ 5 months ago
Is that fiji water?
Jan2002 5 months ago
I love Soriaseosa Ronan
Dani Setherley
Dani Setherley 5 months ago
Saoirse(sur sha) love her!
Sam Weaver
Sam Weaver 5 months ago
I only see her as Salmon, i cant help it.
Chizo5791 5 months ago
You know when things have gone to your head when you bring a bag of crap as a gift to a fan
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