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Lindsey Stirling
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Pick up a copy of the Deluxe Edition of Lindsey's Christmas Album "Warmer in the Winter" including 'Santa Baby' at the following places:
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Director: Joshua Shultz & Lindsey Stirling
Producer: Krizia Vega
Editor: Lindsey Stirling
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Nov 30, 2018

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Comments 6 650
Baby Face Tae 13
Baby Face Tae 13 39 minutes ago
This deadass sucks Ertha kitt and Ariana grande sang this wayyyy better
Seto The what
Seto The what Hour ago
That was pretty good! But I want more Violin Its not her Style
Oscar Aguilar
Oscar Aguilar Hour ago
I loved
Chris Hill
Chris Hill 2 hours ago
To throw my tuppence in on the whole debate of artistic identity, there’s a big difference between negativity and constructive criticism. People saying they prefer the “old Lindsey” aren’t providing criticism they’re just expressing an opinion (something the internet just LOVES doing). But I think you can extrapolate something meaningful from the comments. If people like the older works then you’ve gotta ask what’s changed. My own personal take on this is that trying new things, the singing, the ballet (which are both brilliant I thought!) is great. If there’s something I would criticise about the newer content it would be the videos. It’s become very reliant on glitz and show which isn’t always bad but I think lately it’s all become a distraction. The exotic outfits and rapid cut editing draw away from what makes Lindsey’s work so special: her. My personal favourite video has got to Crystallise. Long uncut shots, a hauntingly beautiful landscape and an uncluttered score that places the attention of the audience squarely on Lindsey and her performance which is where I think the most compelling part of her work lies. All that being said I still think Lindsey’s work is wonderful and it’ll take a lot more than a bit of glitz to convince me otherwise! I hope she carries on experimenting so long as she finds it artistically fulfilling.
PHIFI1 - FrenchSinger
Lindsey, congrats on your video, I love it!!! 👍👍👍. I wish you every success 😊. I’ve included your clip on the playlist «Nouvelle Chanson De Noël 2018 International 🎄 (New Christmas Songs 2018 In The World) 🎅», on my channel «PHIFI1 - French Singer ». Talk to you soon. :-)
Alexis Bowen
Alexis Bowen 3 hours ago
It's amaxing finally hearing you sing! You seem so comfortable doing both!
MrFox72rus 3 hours ago
Всегда нравилась ! Щя пошла слащавая хрень ( Извините меня за мой французкий!)))
Pierce Rainy
Pierce Rainy 5 hours ago
Good job keeping Christmas sexual. Keep serving Lucifer!
Kaan Okcu
Kaan Okcu 8 hours ago
I originally wanted to write this under Lindsey's comment where this belongs, but don't know why, couldn't. Guess reply is closed so writing here. You kidding me? 7% is huge. I would hardly suggest you to look on the percentage below. For example the video of roundtable rival got 1.9 mil likes and only 42 k dislikes, which gives the ratio of 0.2%
nepneptuni Ποσειδώνας ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ
I heard it once and now I’m coming back because it don’t go outside of my head
Andrew Kerfoot
Andrew Kerfoot 13 hours ago
The song is amazing as always, but the dog is ADORABLE!
sky peters
sky peters 15 hours ago
You can so tell being on DWTS has taught her even more about Dance. I hope we see another collab soon!
mommynme.2 15 hours ago
Love it! Love that you put yourself out there and don’t limit yourself.
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 15 hours ago
What a thot lol
KidGamer 55
KidGamer 55 17 hours ago
People who don’t like his video are fools and don’t understand what good music and life
Elexis Roberts
Elexis Roberts 17 hours ago
I must
Juujuu Bean
Juujuu Bean 17 hours ago
Girl . . . U AMAZING! I have never really been a fan of this particular Christmas song, but you went right ahead and gave it new flare, and I LOVE IT! I loved the incorporation of pointe! Keep it up! You're an amazing example of using your talents to help inspire and change the world. I appreciate your comment and I'm sorry that no matter where you go -well, I guess it's what we're taught- you will find "opposition in all things". But it's there for us to overcome and provide the good side ;) So way to go! Keep trying new things. Keep learning. Keep growing. And know that there are many of us out there still cheering you on.Thanks again for all you do! I look forward to all the many more songs and MV's you shall bless this world with!
Dark Rose
Dark Rose 18 hours ago
Firie Cam
Firie Cam 18 hours ago
Lost who you are???????!!!!?????. Are they kidding? As far as I'm concerned you can't do a thing wrong. You are an amazingly talented person who does what you do very well. You are adding a bit of variety to your repertoire and I hope you are having as much fun as you appear to be, doing it. You don't owe anybody anything, and whatever keeps you happy and in the business for as long as possible. Variety just means there is something there for everyone.
Hannah Chapman
Hannah Chapman 19 hours ago
she does know santa is not real right
Lil Bunnyblue. :3
Lil Bunnyblue. :3 19 hours ago
It's so good! Pls do more?
rainy soul
rainy soul 21 hour ago
Monsieur Mahan SJ
Monsieur Mahan SJ 22 hours ago
Becci Friend
Becci Friend 23 hours ago
Seit wann singt die !???ES KLINGT SO BESCHISSEN GUT!!!
Zen Den
Zen Den 23 hours ago
Your shorts are so short I can practically see your... Faith
Steve Tk
Steve Tk Day ago
I liked and added to my holiday playlist ! keep up the hits! achieve! be happy and wish you continued success! PS beauty & talent is Synonymous with you
Jodie Moore
Jodie Moore Day ago
I like this one! Lindsey sounds a little bit like Avril.
I'm just curious what emotion this video is supposed to convey?! Cause on the one side we have people offended by 'Baby it's cold outside', and on the other end of the spectrum we have videos like this. 'Baby it's cold outside' makes me want to put my clothes on, this video makes me want to take your clothes off... :) I still like you for your talent, I just hope you didn't have to sell your soul to be where you're at.
Apart from the Eartha Kitt one, I think this is my new favourite version. Also, artists have to change and experiment to have longevity in their careers. And there is nothing wrong with expressing your sensuality. If you don't like an artist's style then you have every right not to consume their art.
Relax CreatorM
Every music video of her is better than its previous!How does she do that!? By the way,I need myself a violin like this,with lots of crystals
cassie loucks
Lindsey don't let them get to u. U did amazing in this song and all of your songs. I love it.
dule sule
dule sule Day ago
The soul is sold...
Irene caudieus
Lunaaa latteee 😎😎
Sambojin Bojin-Sam
Maybe. Baby. 💝
Luke H
Luke H Day ago
I swear Lindsey can put me in a trance. Anyone else?
Anthony Ace
Anthony Ace Day ago
Really enjoyed this twist on this song. Keep doing you Lindsey. Always strive to improve and make the music that makes you happy, because that's what we want to hear. 👍🏽
Emily Childs
Emily Childs Day ago
You are incredibly talented!!
rutabagasteu Day ago
Sounds like someone is upset about you in a petty way. I heard the original over the radio many years ago. You did a good job of it.
Todd Moll
Todd Moll Day ago
Stay blessed beautiful, you look and sound amazing! Have a Merry Christmas
Mike Btrfld
Mike Btrfld Day ago
Stormy singing to Donald
Kylie Ramos
Kylie Ramos Day ago
As a pointe dancer I just want to say on your relavase please be careful because the way you went up you can twist your ankle but over all for a beginner it was beautiful
Loven Music
Loven Music Day ago
Love to hear you sing, it is very fun and puts a smile on my face. Thank you Lindsey for the great songs and videos.
crying sun
crying sun Day ago
first 10 seconds be a DIY video fr
sydney villarroel
Vocal or instrumental this woman is gorgeous in her mannerism in her songs. I love it!!!!!!
Rachel Lounsbury
Wow learning point is so hard I’m so proud of you!!!! Everything about this video is so COOL
Drew Conway
Drew Conway Day ago
If she doesn’t want a ring on the phone, why is she staring longingly at the phone at the end of the song? 🧐
Cardi B Master
Keri M
Keri M Day ago
Girl, I heard your rendition of Carol of the Bells on the radio. You rock! Keep up the awesome work.
Daniel Gable
Daniel Gable Day ago
LOL, I just came to this video after watching Megan Nichole's version. BTW you done good. It's just the difference in treatment between the two had me in stitches.
TheV8nissan 2 days ago
Thank you for this! I get tired of the same boring traditional Christmas music. You look gorgeous and sound amazing!
Pride Xp
Pride Xp 2 days ago
не пой больше, это не твоё
Evan Taaved Pert
Evan Taaved Pert 2 days ago
Some of Lindsey Stirling's *"fans" are crazy.* There is no CAT.
Jeniy Lee
Jeniy Lee 2 days ago
Neleandra Martins
Stephanie H
Stephanie H 2 days ago
Hey Lindsey, your amazing, enjoy everything you do. Sorry you have to deal with trolls. You Rock!
DOVIHON VEGA 2 days ago
@ Lindsey Stirling Well said. Way to go.
Lightning Nerd
Lightning Nerd 2 days ago
Wow, I don't think I ever appreciated how good of a singer Lindsey is.
Peter Hollens
Peter Hollens 2 days ago
Lindsey, not only have you NOT lost who you are as an artist you have gained so so much... I remember talking to you about how nervous you were to ever sing, and now look at you! I'm so so so so proud of you. Also you kill it in this, and Luna is A STAR!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!
Ayana Khurana
Ayana Khurana 2 days ago
Did you see 2:34 lindsey fell in the tub... what a great vid I watch this vid every single day love you Lindsey stirling😊😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘
John Rodrigues
John Rodrigues 2 days ago
I would love to see you do a cover of music box dancer. usvid.net/video/video-PpqucmEA3P4.html
Bill Freitas
Bill Freitas 2 days ago
Went to your Sac, CA show...Your are as awesome as ever....Keep going, Growing and Evolving!
Russell Lovrin
Russell Lovrin 2 days ago
Lindsey, I love the video and the album. Looking forward to hearing you sing a play the Violin on your future endeavors. You drew me in with "Roundtable Rival", kept me intrigued with "Brave Enough", and made me a fan with your Medleys. Keep up the great job!
Gojira61 2 days ago
Like I've said before, Lindsey is America's New Sweetheart. Sorry Sandra, you have to make room! I just love Lindsey! Lindsey, please don't be disheartened. Keep pushing and trying. There are always naysayers.
Deb Moses
Deb Moses 2 days ago
Resembles Ellie May Clampett on the Beverly Hills Billies, sorry.
Ella Bolz
Ella Bolz 2 days ago
What a bop
Sean Martin
Sean Martin 2 days ago
I now know what to ask Santa for this Christmas!
Anna Bright
Anna Bright 2 days ago
She can dance, sing, AND play the violin. Soon we will find out she can play piano with her toes.
Holly Beth
Holly Beth 2 days ago
Let me start off by saying good job Lindsey. I was a dancer for over 9 years, and it looked like you were having fun. You could tell you were doing your best as for the singing i though inevitably youd do it, it was just when. I thought you did well with that sultry breathy quality that fit the tone. If you go for any other songs go for it a tip as i was in choir for longer than dance is lay on the floor to practice it will get you to use your abdominals more than your theoat to sing. Lastly dont worry about the trolls or vanilla people that wouldnt know artistic sense if it kicked them in the behind. Pay no mind to ill batured remarks. Explore and create so i can see all your wonderful ideas.
Ke Qiu
Ke Qiu 2 days ago
our sacrilegious gorl is ok actually lul
PeeWee T
PeeWee T 2 days ago
Janice 2 days ago
Finally I hear you sing
SilverWolf Demon
SilverWolf Demon 2 days ago
It's amazing how much she's grown in the past few years, she's become a lot more confident in her music and self. I love all of her music, even my mom and brother enjoy her music and they generally don't like violin music. Truly impressive
Magickspell 3 days ago
I love that you are trying new things!! I can tell just how hard you worked for this video!! You did so good!! Totally love your voice!! Cant wait to buy the album when I get paid!!😍💕💝
Ula Garwacka
Ula Garwacka 3 days ago
I love ❤❤❤
CozyJay89 3 days ago
Anyone complaining about any difference is a downer. You’re obviously having a little fun and these renditions ofChristmas songs are freaking catchy and fun. My kids love them and will watch the whole video through. (Lots of colours and movement). Be you!
robert20351 3 days ago
I like it. Don't know about the dog though. A saint Bernard in the snow ....now that's an idea for All I Want For Christmas is You. That's a song I'd like Lindsay to do. Don't forget the red dress .*wink wink* I can't criticize ballet as I'm not a ballet dancer. I wouldn't know good from bad ballet. I do like the clothing style though red is more Christmas I'd say. But hey, that's just me . I'd pay to see this in Vegas though. You should do a Christmas album . Why not? Do the classics( Sinatra, Crosby, Martin, Cole, etc) I'd buy that album . Maybe consider it?
Kadderin 3 days ago
I got to see you at Blizzcon and rediscovered your music. I've been playing this on repeat. I absolutely love your voice and the choreography! Would love to see another ballet video in the future.
syrencat007 3 days ago
This is very cute and cool... Enjoyed it very much for the dancing, singing, and violin...
Demona Ayala Legg
I think that this looked like a lot of fun! You sounded great and I feel that you know yourself... keep it up!
Francis Price
Francis Price 3 days ago
You're so perfectly inspiring, and I love all these Christmas gold nuggets you've given us!
Cameron Skowron
Cameron Skowron 3 days ago
0:59 me when i try to dance i died!!!!!!
Silver Wing
Silver Wing 3 days ago
For those saying that Lindsey has 'lost herself' simply because she has decided to try something new let me ask you these questions. How is your artistic/ music careers going? How is your youtube channel doing? You see it's easy to sit behind a screen and type away while your safe at home all snuggled up somewhere. Lindsey has struggled, sweated, cried, bled and even injured herself (Dancing with the Stars) to get to where she is now after being told she wouldn't get anywhere! So if she wants to spread her wings and see how high she can fly i will support her as much as i am able to and be the wind beneath those wings. This woman has inspired and bought joy and hope to so many people (myself included) that i hope she continues to grow and develop her talents in all ways she can! To Lindsey: I love your videos. I enjoy watching you dance and play the violin and i've really enjoyed hearing your voice fully. I always listen to your music when i need a pick me up. I suffer from depression and Ulcerative Colitis, and listening to your music is one of the many things that get me through the darker days. i hope you will continue to reach for the stars for many more years to come!
DSD - Downshift Dave
What's this? Lindsey singing? Where have I been? Wow incredible! Just when I thought she couldn't get any better
jose gonzalez
jose gonzalez 3 days ago
Such a beautiful voice
Pereira Davide
Pereira Davide 3 days ago
j adore tout se que tu joue mais la je pense que c est la premiere fois que je te vois chanter chapeau, tu est une artiste complete. merci pour tout se que tu fait
Jacob Washington
Jacob Washington 3 days ago
This is a cover of Eartha Kitt's song. Don't forget it, okay?
sabrina, canciones vlogs y mas
I love you
socialgirl 378
socialgirl 378 4 days ago
This actually reminds me of the time I once sang the original version in treble choir five years ago. I enjoyed your singing, Lindsey. It's nice to try something new.
Prapan 4 days ago
She finally sings! 🥰🥰🥰
Le Dumpling
Le Dumpling 4 days ago
People say her ballet pointe thing was bad and I can't see anything wrong
Kusalin Roberts
Kusalin Roberts 4 days ago
I honestly love this and whatever kind of artist you choose to be. Showing that people should follow their own passion and ambition no one what anyone else thinks of you is one of many great quality of a great role model. Thank you for being just that. I support you always.
mushroomking11 4 days ago
It's Lindsey, of course it is amazing ! That was the cutest thing I've seen !!
Lizzie Lane
Lizzie Lane 4 days ago
I CANNOT get over your sheer talent and beauty. Another spectacular video! Merry Christmas 💗💗💗💗
Joanna Kowalska
Joanna Kowalska 4 days ago
I just could watch it over and over again! Can’t keep eyes off of you Lindsey in this video! Love seeing you learning and trying new things. Your voice is stunning and the facetious tone od the video is simply alluring :)
LMarketing 4 days ago
Anyone else want to learn this choreography? Cause it's got me trying to be miss ballerina all over my house all day. Haha. I LOVE THIS SONG AND VIDEO! LINDSEY! You and your team did a BEAUTIFUL job!!! Much love from Canada, merry christmas girl!
sebastião militão
amazing song
Masada Nelson
Masada Nelson 4 days ago
I love the little dog!! Lindsey's new style is incredible and innovative. I did not even know she could sing so well! I so proud of you Lindsey! Keep reaching for the stars!
Robert Atkins
Robert Atkins 4 days ago
Wow she sings aswell
natty features EVERYTHING
Lindsey first and foremost never forget why your doing this your work is and always will be amazing no matter what direction you choose to take it in i love your work and that you have decided to consider singing and come out of your shell more and explore this wonderful creative side of you you never had a whole lot of confidence in in the beginning you have to remember what it was like to be a fan in these times of harsh fan criticism we have all encountered these types of fans whether as another fan or an artist while being in the fan seat most fans dont see you every day there not there with you they dont understand your creative process or reasoning and for the fans who are what i like to call purest have a very narrow view and one track mind they react negatively to any kind of change you established your self as an instrumental artist way early on in your career and it paid off you werent ready or willing or able to make that kind of change yet for whatever personal reasons you had and thats ok you proved you could make it with out singing or being more sexually open with your self that doesnt mean your not allowed to change your mind and explore those areas when you are ready and you did but for the purest fan this can be quite jarring for them because they fell in love with the person you were and no one knows who we become or who we will grow into sometimes who we begin as and who we become are constrastingly different people but were still us fans who are purests only want the same kind of stylistic choices you began with often times because they gravitated to you for a reason thats their taste and no one but you it seems was able to provide them with what they have been looking for or so thats how it feels for them so when you make changes while you know you better and know it is a choice that is true to you it feels jaring and more different than it actually is to them personally i love all your art and i love the fact you decided to over come your fears and anxieties that have allowed you to have new found courage in singing because you do have a lovely voice really and i would like to hear it more providing its something you truly want to do purest fans tend to become critics if the artist changes as a person and all of us change as people as we grow in our art the purest fan forgets that the artist themselves is human and isnt a mind reader and going to remain the same or do everything they expect them too and as artist we forget why some fans feel this way the truth is they mean well they dont mean to come off so demanding damaging or harsh just in this entertainment age people are soo deeply hooked on the specifics they love because of instant gratification this can work to your favor as well as your detriment at times dont worry about it tho so much just do you the people who are true fans will love every part of you and your art for what it is because they went beyond the instant gratification and got to really know you as a person not just an artist the ones who are purest will remain but like i said that instant gratification is what will keep them so what if they dont like your new work they will keep coming back to your early work and when you can access all of your work at the click of a button you havent lost any of them who knows maybe your new stuff will grow on them in time they will see the layers of why this is still all a huge part of who you are as a person and an artist maybe some wont but that isnt really all that important for every nay sayer who has ever said i dont care for Lindsey and ever critic you have encountered there are 10 people who seen your work loved it and hit subscribe my point being is dont work your self up or into a grave over who likes what and who doesnt like whatever you do because there will always be someone who loves it and so long as you enjoy it and love those who enjoy you you have done your job as an artist
Maruba Silaen
Maruba Silaen 4 days ago
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