Sadababy - Pimp Named Drip Dat

Sada Baby
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Shot by @Savani

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Aug 8, 2018




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Comments 3 224
ThreeGrams 6 hours ago
Master Tommo
Master Tommo 23 hours ago
Timmy always gets band gang masoe.
Calvance Brumfield
Ugh if it ain't no weight Ian losted nothing
mumblesalot 2 days ago
Rodney Daniels
Rodney Daniels 3 days ago
Rodney Daniels
Rodney Daniels 3 days ago
Hustler baby the sound of a baby fun
Rodney Daniels
Rodney Daniels 3 days ago
Shakira Scott
Shakira Scott 5 days ago
This nigga is HARD 😭❤️🔥🤞
Twizt ferg
Twizt ferg 5 days ago
mark stallion
mark stallion 6 days ago
He only rap about killing and talking drugs. He low key look like a Florida junkie
idrisdadgocrazy 4 days ago
Lol. I felt like that as well, but you really gotta listen to Sada. He doesn't sound like anyone else and he flips styles effortlessly. And this nigga can sing too. Nobody can fucc with him in his pocket. Boy fire!
edwin jackson
edwin jackson 7 days ago
Dirt McGert313
Dirt McGert313 7 days ago
I won’t do no hating bcz I know YOU will 🖕😎
Christian Horton
Christian Horton 7 days ago
Anybody know the name of the kicks he wearing??
BigFellazInc72 4 days ago
Air force 1 Nike
Supa Nea
Supa Nea 8 days ago
I love different
Papi howell
Papi howell 9 days ago
RunThahits 11 days ago
A stranger jus put me on to this I'm greatful
Gabe Briscoe
Gabe Briscoe 13 days ago
Like I won't do no hatin' 'cause I know you will Two hoes with me, Lou Will Big bankroll, all new bills 'Bout to buy a brib, cost me two mill' 'Bou to get you dropped, that don't cost nothin' Cough syrup in my pop, still don't cough nothin' Huh, if it ain't no weight I ain't lost nothin' Huh, I don't do no waitin’, bitch I'm boss bummin' [Verse] Huh, fuck is wrong with dawg? He must be off somethin' Huh, can't tell what he on but bet I off somethin' Huh, like soon as he get started bet I stop it Huh, we got sticks in the party, playin' hockey Huh, we got pills in the party, Bill Cosby Huh, bad bitches in the trap hotel lobby Huh, do some drugs then I dance, Whitney, Bobby Huh, Beyoncé with this can, get eem' bodied Ayy, ring the alarm on 'em, we gon bear arms on 'em Brand new AR's on 'em, drank out the farm on 'em Chops out the car on 'em, my chops ain't borrowed 'em Hot shots in all of 'em, few niggas, can't call on 'em I ain't relied on 'em They lucky I just don’t wake up and slide on 'em No apologies, I done made up my mind on 'em Another rose gold chain on my neck built to shine on 'em Unk got them thangs on the plane, just touched down on 'em We gone keep that smile on us, just to keep that frown on 'em Might knock some pounds off you, keep talkin' down on us Sip me some Actavis, relax and lounge on 'em Put them hoes to work, ayy, get me off some Percs, ayy I got that cheese on IG, nigga see me, be hurt, ayy She gon get the dick, she flirt, we be slurpin' on 'em first With that shit from the hood all the way to the burbs With that molly in my lemonade, dope all in the 'frigerator FNs on my renegade, cocaine on my Carti shades Xanny in my party days, hittin' hoes from far away Just to give they heart away, like Ro we gon' start today I was shootin' at the park today, shit 'bout to get dark today Niggas get to talkin', be so hard for me to walk away 40's sparkin', be hard for police to put the chalk away Got a nigga gone, feelin' good, we givin' dog away, huh [Chorus] Like I won't do no hatin' 'cause I know you will Two hoes with me, Lou Will Big bankroll, all new bills 'Bout to buy a brib, cost me two mill 'Bout to get you dropped, that don't cost nothin' Cough syrup in my pop, still don't cough nothin' If it ain't no weight, I ain't lost nothin' Huh, I don't do no waitin', bitch I’m boss bummin' (Huh)
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 13 days ago
Sada baby, damjonboi and babyface ray is all I bump all day every day. Youngstown, OH feeling these real one's
littleboyx9k 14 days ago
sada my nigga still makein hits
Ricardo Olvera
Ricardo Olvera 15 days ago
Anthony L
Anthony L 15 days ago
DvE 2020!
Lectric_ladyLand 15 days ago
Gunroo MI🔥🔥
Mario Diaz
Mario Diaz 16 days ago
Driving like about 150 mph to thizz
Trevis Spease
Trevis Spease 15 days ago
Mario Diaz be careful brother stay trappin’ 🔥
Cantrella Dawson
Cantrella Dawson 16 days ago
Me to
Neisha Hall
Neisha Hall 17 days ago
Carmen 18 days ago
If i aint lost no weight i aint lost nuttin💯🔥🔥🔥
Brian Miller
Brian Miller 18 days ago
2020 and this still goes 🔥🔥🔥
Divine Sarah
Divine Sarah 18 days ago
Mozzy forsure had this beat first 👀
BigFellazInc72 4 days ago
He have songs with Mozzy and Nef
Ashton Parker
Ashton Parker 20 days ago
a pimp named slickback ykiyk
Melly Babyy
Melly Babyy 22 days ago
Whoever disliked it suck dick 😒
All Madden never sleep
Abrya Garth
Abrya Garth 24 days ago
Andre Muniz
Andre Muniz 24 days ago
The video title gotta be a reference to a pimp named slickback from King of the Hill or am I just trippin?
KellueHaze 24 days ago
Donnovan Galloway
Donnovan Galloway 24 days ago
This fire🔥
Elrey Guzman
Elrey Guzman 25 days ago
This shit trash.
Professr 93
Professr 93 26 days ago
I hear a lil skool boy Q but brudda slid this
THIS AINT THAT! 27 days ago
William 27 days ago
Yup I’m back watching this . The song that made me realize I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. I’m a fan :)
Sonia Deveau
Sonia Deveau 28 days ago
SADA baby go in soo hard never dissapointed but haters are using *AUTHENTIC VIEWS COM* to get more views
Darius Transforming
Sonia Deveau 😂
Diamond Barnes
Diamond Barnes 29 days ago
Monique Mcquieter
Monique Mcquieter 29 days ago
You are def one of a kind...- old lady from the sto
Deja Chappell
Deja Chappell 29 days ago
he said i don't show no hate cause i kno you will
Maurice Hancock
Maurice Hancock Month ago
He needs to be ADDED to somebody's TOUR DATE ASAP
ya sleepin on sada bruh istg
Calvin Ohaver
Calvin Ohaver Month ago
Calvin Ohaver
Calvin Ohaver Month ago
Calvin Ohaver
Calvin Ohaver Month ago
Sam Neece
Sam Neece Month ago
7 mile Hamburg Detroit 💸
sherika gaines
sherika gaines Month ago
Litt I love you Sada Star in show or movie 🍿
jacarasunny Month ago
This nigga is my spirit animal. His got the best ablibs out.
LAAZ MOB Month ago
Bling Blah
Bling Blah Month ago
Sada go crazy. But if u start the song at 1:48 🤯
Jonny Luu
Jonny Luu Month ago
Cocaine on my carti shades.
Anna_lynn32 Month ago
They lucky I just don't wake up and slide on em💔💄🕶🔫
Anna_lynn32 Month ago
Do some drugs then I dance Whitney Bobby💨💨💨
mfpv_detroit Month ago
2020 on repeat 😫
Nacho ordinary Radio
Beat made me slap my mom and kick my grandma out
Soulja thug 2X
Soulja thug 2X Month ago
CACTUS Month ago
john pirate
john pirate Month ago
This dude Goofy I'm dead lol💀🔥🔥 lyrics funny but 💯
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