Russell Westbrook must give up his PG position to James Harden - Charles Barkley | SportsCenter

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Charles Barkley weighs in on the Houston Rockets' blockbuster trade that sent Chris Paul and draft picks to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Russell Westbrook. Chuck analyzes how the Rockets should handle their point guard duties with James Harden and Westbrook on the roster, and the early favorites in the stacked Western Conference.
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Published on


Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 771
Chris Ross
Chris Ross 4 months ago
This would be dumb, Westbrook is a much better facilitator and if you look at hardens career, hes a much better 2 guard then PG +Harden is a much more efficient scorer and shooter so he should obviously play the 2
F Carter
F Carter 4 months ago
Hahaha....so Westbrook can jack up bricks
Nintendad816 *
Nintendad816 * 4 months ago
Westbrook is a gunner that takes bad shots who cares
Nintendad816 *
Nintendad816 * 4 months ago
Yo chuck looks like he dropped some weight
Alex Hendershot
Alex Hendershot 4 months ago
Deadass Westbrook should move to pf and run PnR with harden
George H
George H 4 months ago
Westbrook has an ego and stubbornness problem. He has one speed - fast. He refuses to improve his shot variety skills. He's a poor 3 pt shooter. He makes bad decisions at inopportune times. His ego may not allow him to play 2nd fiddle to Harden. Both Harden and Westbrook need the ball to be effective and there's not enough ball. Sadly, it may be too late for him to change even if he chose to do so.
Jrad Israel
Jrad Israel 4 months ago
Chuck talk like trump
Anakin Cloutwalker
Anakin Cloutwalker 4 months ago
This is true . Harden is better playmaker and shooter than Westbrook . While Westbrook is the better slasher and finisher . Go look at OKC highlights . Whenever they use to play together harden was the 1 & Westbrook was the 2
Filip Mercep
Filip Mercep 4 months ago
What about Unicorn and Wonderboy? Sounds like some fag fairytail cartoon but they gonna kick some of them asses!
rjcenter 4 months ago
Isn't your business to tell Westbrook to give up his position to JH. Dumb Charles!!!!
edwin dato
edwin dato 4 months ago
He wants Westbrook to be the shooting guard. Lol. Has he seen Russ shoot the ball? Has needs to watch some basketball. This is why sports analysis should be left to those who are good enough to win rings.
Antnee 21
Antnee 21 4 months ago
He shoots 29% from 3 and he should be a shooting guard on a team that shoots 50 3s a game?
Danny Banks
Danny Banks 4 months ago
Yes chuck! Westbrook is a 2 guard!
Brooks Fleming
Brooks Fleming 4 months ago
He crazy as hell. Harden ain't never averaged ten assists. Never will truth be told.
L C 4 months ago
Watch out for the rockets 🚀
Gotta Keep It Movin'
Nope. Harden is a hybrid 2/3. Let Westbrook being up the rock.
Love Less
Love Less 4 months ago
Exact OPPOSITE. Harden should move to SG
Daisy Liz
Daisy Liz 4 months ago
Harden needs to learn dribble less when he does not have a shot and pass instead of dribble and 5 seconds before shot clocks expire passes to a teammate who needs to shoot immediately before shot clock violation occurs
Lroy Johnson
Lroy Johnson 4 months ago
Westbrook cant shoot what position he gonna play lol
Tony Boyd
Tony Boyd 4 months ago
Utah? 😂 yeah right mf
sarah 4 months ago
Chuck < Jeremy Lin 💍
Jonathan Hawk
Jonathan Hawk 4 months ago
Westbrook never wanted to be the point guard just like Iverson, their organizations kept pushing that on them because they are not 7 feet tall. Westbrook and Iverson are shooting guards like Dwayne Wade or Byron Scott. Westbrook never had a problem playing with Harden before.
seanspec89 4 months ago
Wow, espn hasn’t done a SJW comment in a few weeks now. Is ESPN becoming a news network again?
Rene Seaver
Rene Seaver 4 months ago
Is Chuck high. Harden is NO point guard.
csyd22 4 months ago
did shaq punch him in the eyes?
Richard Calif
Richard Calif 4 months ago
Barkley is unwatchable u can watch him struggling to Speak and his voice is painful
James Parker
James Parker 4 months ago
Nonsense Harden is the better shooter and he is already at the two, Westbrook would be the better ball pusher bigger, stronger and faster than Chris Paul, they both need to score anyway to have an edge on other teams.
Rick P
Rick P 4 months ago
How can Westbrook be the shooting guard- he can’t shoot?
RustedRaccoon 4 months ago
Wrong. Westbrook will be PG and harden will be SG. How you going to have a shooting guard who can’t shoot and a point guard who can’t guard? 😂
emmanuel mollie
emmanuel mollie 4 months ago
Everyone saying now there's no bad team in the west wait until la start winning
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 4 months ago
Westbrick and Chocken have a maybe. 30%. chance to get past the first round
Samuel Baker
Samuel Baker 4 months ago
Keep the majority of the ball in hardens hands ,harden needs to become a point guard and actually move the ball. Russ is energetic he can be amazing at the 2 guard Charles is spot on. When Russ isn’t forcin shots or assists he is a threat but alone trying to get trip dubs is useless
King Justin
King Justin 4 months ago
Hold up... Harden is a SG.......
HemanParkFilms 4 months ago
This only works if D'Antoni changes his system somewhat. Barkley is correct that there is no clear favorite in the west. I actually favor the Nuggets. GS will still be formidable. Utah got better.
Arche TV
Arche TV 4 months ago
WHAT? I think WB should be the point guard, Westbrook is a better, yeah he been a dominant ballhandler the same way James Harden is. If WB control his Shot Selection rightfully, Harden would benefit i'm sure of that, WB will change his game. If their chemistry get done. How can you guard 2 most dominant guards. I'm not a fan of those 2 to tell you the truth. But i'm excited to see what they can do.
Enrique Castro
Enrique Castro 4 months ago
When the careers of these guys are over. They are going to wish they played every game. Because they will not play for ever.
Rakheem Allah
Rakheem Allah 4 months ago
BIG FACTS 4 months ago
FunFact: James Harden(11,958) since 2014 then scored 2,500+ more points than LBJ(9,373) if he can't shoot then who can? Westbrook 10,025 Lillard 9.652 Curry 9,501 AD 8,798
John Bonham
John Bonham 4 months ago
I disagree. Maybe in 1999, but in today's NBA...do we even HAVE "positions" anymore? The league is full of 7ft centers draining 3s, the Sixers' "point guard" is a 6'10" rebounding machine who can't drain a wide-open 10-footer, but finished FOURTH in the entire league in points-in-the-paint. And the best passer / setup man / assists machine of the past 20 years is a 6'8", 285lb forward, so...seriously, wtf even ARE positions anymore? Sometimes Harden will bring the ball up, sometimes Russ will, and once they're in their half-court set, who even cares?
Blacx Adam
Blacx Adam 4 months ago
Russell's gonna run point primarily and they will alternate. He's a better passer. Simple.
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