Russell Westbrook is on a different level and will change the Rockets - Tilman Fertitta | First Take

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Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta joins First Take to discuss the chemistry between James Harden and Russell Westbrook, says "the handcuffs are off" moving forward with team decisions and airs his frustrations with Houston’s inability to make shots at the end of games.
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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 571
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith 10 days ago
I really like this guy
Henry Krause
Henry Krause 16 days ago
Molly should read the book
TAY AND FRIENDS 19 days ago
yap dem
yap dem 23 days ago
This guy is a better more enthusiastic owner than Alexander who I never liked... Who takes trophies that the team won with him??? What a douche love Tilman 's fire and desire.
Mister Clutch
Mister Clutch 25 days ago
Where is the Manimal? Can somebody with a credible NBA platform get that question answered! Let's go Rockets!
Genxtasy 99
Genxtasy 99 26 days ago
Fool with too much money
Er Jon
Er Jon 27 days ago
It’ always ends up bad when the owner of a NBA team is talking about how they’re gonna “win now”
J Money
J Money 28 days ago
Russ isn’t ever gonna make more of an impact than Cp3 did in the 2018 WCF
J Money
J Money 18 days ago
Sydney Cole 33 at the time and I dont think russ will ever play that good for them. Cp3 was on a mission against GS that season and was an injury away from beating them.
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole 18 days ago
J Money Cp3 was 34 and past his prime. Westbrook is in his prime
Zane Eubank
Zane Eubank 28 days ago
J Money 😂😂😂😂😂
tintman831 29 days ago
Yeah hes lower
vtownboxingfan 29 days ago
Just when it was getting interesting you cut it off??
mrhoopfan 29 days ago
We'll see....tradituonally D'Antoni has struggled when he doesn't have the players to fit his system ...
Uchawi Beatz
Uchawi Beatz 29 days ago
Rockets' owner is delusional. The Rockets are good but not as good as he thinks
Tony Bell
Tony Bell 29 days ago
Western conference final lost is an early exit
e.d. rash
e.d. rash 29 days ago
RazTopics Month ago
Rockets are a threat at the end of the day they swapped cp3 for Westbrook. Kept the squad. I’m a laker fan and Rockets are more of a problem than bootleg Clippers
Arthur Storrslll
The rockets won't win the title
Bammy TV
Bammy TV Month ago
No. 153 on Forbes 400 list of " Welathiest " Americans. Lol 6:01
United South Enterprises LLC
We in Houston ride with him he’s a true Htown rider.
Dmav 27
Dmav 27 Month ago
Man, i wish I just had .01% of this guys net worth, is that to much to ask?
Alex Collazo
Alex Collazo Month ago
Straight trippin’
Preston  Workman
Preston Workman Month ago
anybody else think this guy said a whole lot of nothing? just me?
Derrick Williamson
that was not a random question . you people really are. Something else . liars comes to mind
Derrick Williamson
No he was unjustifiably given second in the MVP race because we all know he was better than that dude in every way but again the NBA is a rigged league and they use you guys the commentators to brainwash the public into thinking that it was correct that decision couldn't have been more wrong and we all know that and we know what it was from the start that made the league didn't give James Harden the MVP award because they don't like him plain and simple and it shows in the way they're trying to already take the spotlight off of James Harden and give it to Russell Westbrook not to mention just not too long ago Westbrook was the scum of the Earth to all of the commentators they couldn't badmouth him any more than they had already done and now all of a sudden he's the Saviour for the Rockets get the f*** out of here man
Richard Club
Richard Club Month ago
Richclu🅱️ Rockets
Andre Alexander
Andre Alexander Month ago
This is how you floss everyone take notes. This man is worth 4.9 billion yet you don’t see any flashy chains, jewelry etc. A simple blazer and collar shirt will suffice
Michael Brewer
Michael Brewer 29 days ago
So what If it wasn't for flashy brothers no one would give a dam about sports
Lucien Month ago
no shade on westbrook but I dont see rockets doing better than they did with 1st season they had cp3.
Lucien Month ago
@ISOSOL that coach doesnt like mid range tho. its either 3s or in the paint. one thing that can work though is russ can drive to suck in defenders and feed ball out for 3 point shot.
ISOSOL Month ago
Lucien ur right but I feel Danton’i has Westbrook working on his jumpsuit as we speak if he can bring his midrange to 45% it might get dangerous out here
Lucien Month ago
@ISOSOL I guess just watch. I mean. They were up 3-2 on WCF series vs A full strength Warriors team until cp3 got injured. So as much as westbrook brings to the table in intensity and athleticism, it is still hard to replace what cp3 does. even if he is older and his body is declining. time will tell, but i dont see them doing better this season.
ISOSOL Month ago
Lucien there’s no 2 mvps with 2 all stars on the same team to stop them as long as they stay healthy Nd can find the right system they can beat anybody honestly
Jacob Month ago
The reason the rockets were so good was because cp3’s basketball iq balanced out harden’s shortcomings. Russ is like harden except worse shooting and worse iq. If they win a chip I’ll be surprised but I’ll also respect it
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy Month ago
James Worthy
James Worthy Month ago
westbrook & harden got a team
Who's winning the Eastern Conference? Raptors, Nets, Bucks or 76ers?
GAMEZSTAA 28 days ago
@Leven 727 The Magic are underrated. They have some pieces to work with.
Leven 727
Leven 727 Month ago
Orlando Magic
Sean Germaine
Sean Germaine Month ago
Tilman Fertitta a moron ahhahahahaha
Ba Hashem Yeshua
An Italian Cowboy???
cedie p0tp0t
cedie p0tp0t Month ago
I hope the rockets will face the trailblazers in the first round so Dame can wave Russel goodbye AGAIN
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty Month ago
He got hot and cooled off dramatically against the Warriors!
Luc Patté
Luc Patté Month ago
The rockets now have to trade for KD as soon as possible.
Yiftah Barouch
Yiftah Barouch Month ago
Stephen A's book title: "You're wrong. Here's why..."
YUNG MUGGSY 18 days ago
Yiftah Barouch more like “ your wrong but you made a point without realising it”
Thank You
Thank You Month ago
Yeah the same level where he couldn't get it done with Durant or George, it's not going to be any better with Harden hahahaha, these people are funny. All hype
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael Month ago
More proof billionaires aren't geniuses. A casino? Really?
sjchac 26 days ago
@Shawn Michael it's an expression obviously
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael 27 days ago
sjchac Self made as a white man is an oxymoron. No one exists in a vacuum.
sjchac 28 days ago
What? Lol. You might want to look up how he came up. Self made.
UnknownSavagery Month ago
Different level of inefficiency
Infinity Mixtapes
There’s rich mfers. And then there’s the niggas paying them. This dude on another level
michael jordan
michael jordan Month ago
If Westbrook stopped shooting he may actually be good
makis papachristou
makis papachristou 26 days ago
If you stopped saying too much BS you may actually not be a DUMBASS
michael jordan
michael jordan Month ago
Westbrook sucks!!!
makis papachristou
makis papachristou 26 days ago
(H) Having (A) Anger (T) Towards (E) Everyone (R) Reaching (S) Success
makis papachristou
makis papachristou 26 days ago
If Russell Westbrook, a multimillionaire NBA superstar, All Star, All NBA performer, top 50 player ever, a future 1st ballot HOF who by the way has accomplished a ton more things than you in his life "sUcKs"...THEN WHAT WORD WOULD DESCRIBE YOU??? AHH DUMBASS HATER??? STFU. FOR GOD'S SAKE. SHOW SOME RESPECT.
1Radioriot Month ago
Doug Wallen
Doug Wallen Month ago
Everybody knows I'm a fan of the champ and MJ but don't sleep on the Rockets this year I'm telling you I got a feeling
Snipersss ForLife
Russel left me
Roland Gharfine
Roland Gharfine Month ago
Lol yeah sure, first round exit for the Rockets this year. The west is N-A-S-T-Y. Watch and see.
danny huang
danny huang Month ago
Lets go Goatbrook
Jay Towerz
Jay Towerz Month ago
i didnt know who he was but i knew he was associated with the rockets by that title
Brandon Ohara
Brandon Ohara Month ago
As long as Mike D'Antoni is the coach they will never win a championship! Not saying he's a bad coach because he is a good coach but look at his history!
River Month ago
What some fans don't understand is owners tag players with the cash amounts they receive...big money owners out bid smaller ones.. So stop blaming the players!!!duh!
Christopher Month ago
I was trying to not like this guy because he is an “owner” but he’s a good man
Thunder Ball
Thunder Ball Month ago
Houston Thunder Basketball!
Dallah Bills
Dallah Bills Month ago
This could be good.
Lil Wooo
Lil Wooo Month ago
Anyone that says “he couldn’t win with KD, PG, Oladipo” are clearly casuals..a few people actually have broken it down with actual intelligent arguments on why they think it won’t work but majority of y’all in this comment section are just haters that will be proven wrong...also if your going to reply to this comment I suggest you do your research....I been schooling casual all day so don’t waste my time.
cedie p0tp0t
cedie p0tp0t Month ago
John Huang
John Huang Month ago
The name of the book was just pure stupidity
Calvin Bacu
Calvin Bacu Month ago
The title can be as stupid as Go fish, but the name behind it will equal it out
nice bendy
nice bendy Month ago
ok i need a answer what will be the difference with russell i mean they might start good in the regular season but are we going to get the same disappointment in the playoffs. Im trying to figure out whats so special with westbrooke now. Everybody is giving the rockets the thumbs up now be we dont know if this chemistry is going to work. they might be good going against the lakers but what about the golden state who they have lost to 4 to 5 times in a row to in the playoffs. What difference will it be this year. Which i think personally it will be no difference if they still using that same game book play they been using for the past 4 to 5 years.
Yo bitch blow me like soup
nice bendy no Kevin Durant anymore
JoshJonesJr1 Month ago
65+ win season, second round exit, same old rockets. Westbrook and Harden winning a ring??! what are Rockets fans thinking. Even when they each won MVP, neither of them were considered the best player in the league
worken360 Month ago
Rockets will get knocked out again, two guys who care more about themselves in the team. Yeah that will work.
kathy Johson
kathy Johson Month ago
Love me some Brody!!! Cant wait to see Russ with the Rockets!!!😎😎😎
The Life Of The Edwards Family
That new book sound like a good read for Molly
Kristaps V
Kristaps V Month ago
why? Because she can be annoying? :D
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