Room Tour Project 202 - BEST Gaming Setups!

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RTP on a Sunday goes together like goth teens and My Chemical Romance. This episode is sponsored by Corsair: amzn.to/2PLh5gX
- Paul -
LG UltraGear 34” Monitor: amzn.to/30SfpHT
Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard: amzn.to/36smlMI
Corsair MM800 RGB Mousepad: amzn.to/3aMCIaG
Corsair Nightsword RGB Mouse: amzn.to/2RQvnOA
Logitech Z906 THX speakers: amzn.to/3aSrscO
Corsair 760T Case: amzn.to/2U0rY2f
Intel i7-6700K CPU: amzn.to/2TW36Zu
Corsair H100i GTX AIO: amzn.to/37qAfjS
GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 3: amzn.to/30SMROp
G.Skills Ripjaw V RAM: amzn.to/3aF5WrH
EVGA GTX 970 GPU: amzn.to/2GqBhk9
Samsung 65" 4K TV: amzn.to/36s0bKT
Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar: amzn.to/2RN4ZVP
RGB Light Strip: amzn.to/2HRzm9W
- Bruce -
LG UltraGear 34” Monitor: amzn.to/30SfpHT
Keycult No.2 Rev.1 with Tealios and SimpleJA Keycaps
Logitech G Pro Wireless: amzn.to/2GmugR8
Glorious XXL Stealth Mousepad: amzn.to/2vq53Dv
Lian-Li PC-O11 Dynamic Case: amzn.to/36nk4T3
Intel i7 6700k CPU: amzn.to/2sWkS3F
Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB RAM: amzn.to/2Rr43Hs
Asus Maximus VIII Hero Mobo: amzn.to/2TW3pDC
Nvidia RTX 2080 FE GPU: amzn.to/2Rv2CIp
RGB Light Strip: amzn.to/2HRzm9W
- Manuel -
Asus ROG Strix 49" Ultrawide Monitor: amzn.to/30Sg7ox
Geometric 3D Wall Panels: amzn.to/2tEYrR7
Corsair K95 RGB Platinum: amzn.to/38ElgmD
Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Mouse: amzn.to/2sWguSg
Corsair MM800 RGB Mousepad: amzn.to/3aMCIaG
Corsair RGB Headset Stand: amzn.to/38FGuAw
Logitech G560 Speakers: amzn.to/2GmuLuu
Logitech G933 Headset: amzn.to/2O02M8c
Thermaltake Core P3 Case: amzn.to/36siH5I
Intel i7 8700k CPU: amzn.to/2O0UGw7
Asus Maximus X Formula MOBO: amzn.to/2Of60VN
Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB RAM: amzn.to/2Rr43Hs
Asus ROG GTX 1080 TI GPU: amzn.to/2sXRudv
RGB Light Strip: amzn.to/2HRzm9W
- Jonathan V -
Alienware 34" 1900R Monitor: amzn.to/2RQwm1e
Dell 27" Monitor: amzn.to/2vg4Oum
Anne Pro II Keyboard: amzn.to/2tHCdhr
Razer Viper Ultimate Mouse: amzn.to/2NWSLsE
Mad Catz Glide 38 Mousepad: amzn.to/2U7XLP5
Stream Deck: amzn.to/38CCscf
Klipsch R-15M Speakers: amzn.to/3aHKv9B
Corsair Void Pro Headset: amzn.to/3aD0B4l
Corsair ST100 Headphone Stand: amzn.to/38FGuAw
NZXT H700i Case: amzn.to/2RPvwSj
Intel i9 9900K CPU: amzn.to/2GrW32A
NZXT Kraken X62 AIO: amzn.to/2sTOajo
Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB RAM: amzn.to/2Rr43Hs
MSI ACE Z390 Motherboard: amzn.to/2tRXncr
EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Black GPU: amzn.to/30Yns5N
RGB Light Strip: amzn.to/2HRzm9W
- Scott L -
MSI 24” Monitor: amzn.to/314xPoZ
LG 25” Ultrawide Monitor: amzn.to/2Rpfakn
Model O Mouse: shrsl.com/1lz9h
Logitech G703 Lightspeed Mouse: amzn.to/37qBEqE
Corsair MM300 Mousepad: amzn.to/2tH9RUw
Logitech Z333 Speakers: amzn.to/30V5EbQ
Phanteks Eclipse P350X Case: amzn.to/30VaLbO
Ryzen 5 2600 CPU: amzn.to/2Gn58tF
Gigabyte x470 Gaming Gaming Plus Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB RAM: amzn.to/2Rr43Hs
MSI RX 470 Gaming X GPU: amzn.to/2TTO5aF
RGB Light Strip: amzn.to/2HRzm9W

** If you want to submit your setup **
1. Upload 10-15 photos of your setup, PC (open & closed), and all gear/peripherals to an Imgur album (use IMGUR ONLY, nothing else). Please only submit horizontal photos with no extreme close-ups of 1 product. Vertical pictures will be rejected.
2. Include in the email your entire PC specs and all gear/peripherals you have shown, in a format exactly as I have it above, but please do not submit your own Amazon links - it'll end up in spam. Again, PLEASE submit your gear list in the EXACT format to how I have above.
3. Send the IMGUR link in an email to RTPsubmission@gmail.com
Failure to do any of these steps will result in an automatic rejection to your setup.
•Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com/randomfrankp
FTC Disclosure: Amazon links provided are linked to my Amazon Affiliate account & support the channel at no extra cost to you.
#RoomTourProject #RTP

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Jan 26, 2020




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Comments 536
Clà Padrun
Clà Padrun 20 hours ago
2:20 does someone know where you can buy these pictures?
Grash 20 hours ago
Jonathan V desk?
Deniz GS05
Deniz GS05 20 hours ago
siyash808 Day ago
Anyone know how to get in touch with Jonathan V? I want to ask questions about his desk and mounts for the monitors.
Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson 2 days ago
Does anyone know what the parts consist of to make that IKEA desk
Jelle Welsch
Jelle Welsch 3 days ago
I can't stress enough what I am missing here, TWO SIGNAL PLAYSTATION it exists. +2 screens
MrD3K3BLU3 4 days ago
Bruce is you're in here, where'd you get those car prints.
Musica20009 5 days ago
haha when egve ri get a home again I want a spacious garage for my 'Den"
Itsuki 6 days ago
Should I get a the new corsair headset to replace my hs70?
Zach Van Sickle
Zach Van Sickle 6 days ago
Okay, what are those amazing looking things on the wall at 5:32 I keep seeing them everywhere, but have no idea what they're called.
Romel 7 days ago
5:35 Can somenoe tell me the Name of this Graffiti Girl??
Caps 7 days ago
what were those geometric shapes bro i need them
yoyo baby
yoyo baby 8 days ago
is this haven :D? i wanna go thr right now!
ElyFant 8 days ago
you should do an episode where there are only desk setups with the desk not touching the wall (in the middle of the room)
Nugget 8 days ago
What is Jonathan’s desk he using called
Daniel Padilla
Daniel Padilla 9 days ago
Who elses watches these videos to get an idea on how they are going to design their PC setup?
邱揚 9 days ago
could you make a mac setup episode?
Leonel Gonzalez
Leonel Gonzalez 10 days ago
What is the Desk name for 2nd setup
Ethan YT
Ethan YT 10 days ago
Why did you not include the desks
Ethan YT
Ethan YT 10 days ago
Ivan Stefanov
Ivan Stefanov 11 days ago
man... all those keyboards without F1-F12 keys... why?
Dee Devon
Dee Devon 14 days ago
I liked as soon as I saw the Mandalorian on the TV in setup number one XD
chino king
chino king 14 days ago
Can I get a link to does geometric wall thing
CoolBeanz1011 14 days ago
I like when he said “get out of the house” but all you have to do is open your back door and walk down to your shed which is probably less than 10 steps and play your favorite video game
Andrew Apfel
Andrew Apfel 14 days ago
2:54 what wrist rest is this?
0.10 Mbps
0.10 Mbps 14 days ago
Manuel’s desk looks like the tables in science class which would be cool tbh
Heather Racheals
Heather Racheals 15 days ago
Hey Frank Great set ups I'm waiting for ep 203
ORANGE COUNTY 15 days ago
im going crazy wondering how paul has orange logitech spkrs????
Despacito Spider
Despacito Spider 15 days ago
I need a gaming setup I still have a ps3
Jayzz Gaming
Jayzz Gaming 16 days ago
Whats that desk in the first set up?? i see it alot but can never find it
Techtrovert 17 days ago
Who else loves being reminded that they will almost never have a setup this great?
hatcher 17 days ago
Does anyone know a good headphone or headset choice for comfort?
Killler Penguins
Killler Penguins 17 days ago
Hey Frank and and Frank P fam, I’m trying to find some sort of panel or cover solution for the back of my PC case where the cables such as USB, HDMI, VGA, DVI, etc plug in. I'm trying to come up with a solution that will cover and hide all ports and cables. Hide everything so when looking at the back of the PC, you see no cables at all. Someone suggested a sleeve but that is not the solution I am looking for as you will still see the cables plugging in. To give a better idea of what I am looking for is how PC cases have front cover panels that pop on the front, looking for the same idea for the back and the cables can come in through the bottom or side of the cover. Hoping someone can give me an idea or knows a solution!
Parity Hater
Parity Hater 17 days ago
Tip for the first one: make the outside of the shed thing rgb
Ryan99 18 days ago
5:15 I see one little cable
Boom Squad
Boom Squad 18 days ago
I love the shed idea always enjoy being in the garage and that just looks insane
Stixxer 18 days ago
Just wondering how I enter?
Bathamiz Imran
Bathamiz Imran 18 days ago
10:04 paused at the wrong moment
James Mineo
James Mineo 18 days ago
These videos are great! That being said, I’d like to know more on the table tops, drawers, table legs, monitor mounts, etc that were used in Jonathan V’s setup. Any help in this regard would be awesome!
James Mineo
James Mineo 7 days ago
I figured out everything aside from the monitor mount(s) and the desk legs. Someone please help!! Thanks!
GMoneyMacFresh 18 days ago
Are Jonathan's wallpapers downloadable some place?
Burnt Cheese Toast
Burnt Cheese Toast 18 days ago
I really wish they'd link the desks too, hard to find a good sturdy desk that's wide
They Live We See
They Live We See 18 days ago
1:25 the only way to use smaller mouse pad
Joe Rurigi
Joe Rurigi 18 days ago
Loved the "Shedup", but would chain a guard dog to the shed. Gotta protect the gear
Goran Drobac
Goran Drobac 19 days ago
anyone knows where to get wallpaper from the left pc on 4th setup (Jonathan V)?
Jacob 19 days ago
Will your mousepad be back in stock again?
Becky Beckertons
Becky Beckertons 19 days ago
6:23 dude copied tfues keyboard
Banana Man
Banana Man 19 days ago
can you do a review on the alienware aw510k low-profile gaming keyboard with cherry mx's new red linear switches
Kyle Gibson-blackburn
Where can I find those honeycomb wall tile things? They look sick
Regs 20 days ago
Does anyone know what those wall features are at 7:10 (not the nanoleaf)
M8RG8 8 days ago
I saw another comment from the owner of the setup. He said he cut them out of wood and wrapped rgb lights around them.
pggarthw8 20 days ago
Frank thank you for putting my "Shedup" in this episode. It was a lot of work, but great to finally share w/the community. Thanks everyone for the positive comments. It was a fun build.
Xplicid 20 days ago
Is the hex blue/pink design ‘logged’ on Reddit or PCPP, etc? Cheers 🤙🏽
FLeX 20 days ago
202+0=2020=randomfrankp =ilumunati
AWDTH1111 20 days ago
Ok boomer
hardy alanazi
hardy alanazi 20 days ago
can you gift me a gopro 8 hero black :(
primusツ 20 days ago
John Paul Rodriguez
Good Eye Lew
Good Eye Lew 20 days ago
what do these people do for a living??!!
Salman Salat
Salman Salat 20 days ago
Mom can we get setup wars? Mom: We have setup wars at home. Setup wars at home No hate
randomfrankp 16 days ago
Awwww Salman cant handle the heat.
OutRage Gaming
OutRage Gaming 19 days ago
@randomfrankp keep on at it love the show and always have , I'm gonna submit my setup soon I just got some work to do first on it. Anyways love you bro no homo
OutRage Gaming
OutRage Gaming 19 days ago
My boi FP will forever be superior to the other setup shows
randomfrankp 20 days ago
Very cute, I started this series first little buddy.
Jesse Sutherland
Jesse Sutherland 20 days ago
So Paul’s got a He-Shed
christopher sepulveda
Whats that tab thing in between the two figurines @ 6:05?
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