Roger Federer beats Rafael Nadal, advances to final vs. Novak Djokovic | 2019 Wimbledon Highlights

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Roger Federer needs five match points, but he’s eventually able to beat Rafael Nadal in four sets 7-6, 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 to advance to the 2019 Wimbledon men’s final, where he’ll face Novak Djokovic.
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Published on


Jul 12, 2019

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Comments 1 303
SandmanSavageTV 6 days ago
All the way up
Farid Damasio
Farid Damasio 10 days ago
Then along came Novak...
Polo Ronald Peña Rodriguez
Feliz cumpleaños Roger Federer..
Long Dang
Long Dang 20 days ago
The highlights are just unreal. It was a great match.
ElCapoNico7u7 22 days ago
Pausen en el minuto 7:06 la. Bola es mala y se corre a buens
Cothteh 25 days ago
Boris Lemeshev
Boris Lemeshev 28 days ago
What a great match that was between Federer and Nadal at the semis, but little could we have known that we would be witnessing possibly the greatest match ever between Federer and Djokovic just two days later - the longest Wimbledon final ever and legendary Djokovic beating Federer in three tiebreaks and saving two match points and legendary Federer giving Djokovic an almost 5 hour battle at almost 38 years old - unbelievable.
Lauren 28 days ago
I was wondering who the lady in the green dress they kept zooming in on was, turns out it's Federer's wife
Jay 28 days ago
The lady at 10:39 checking out nadal 😂😂
Caleb Mawlam
Caleb Mawlam 29 days ago
212 pickleball players disliked this video
Jin Sky
Jin Sky 29 days ago
the more im watching this the more im thinking RIP final :(
reality check
reality check Month ago
Always love to see the mama's boy Nadal get beat !! Lol
Arch Hades
Arch Hades Month ago
This match means almost nothing now after his pathetic choke against Djokovic.
Arch Hades
Arch Hades 29 days ago
@k ashley Federer's 38 YO body is not what lost him the match against. His mind did. A prime Fed would probably choke too.
k ashley
k ashley 29 days ago
that’s a terrible thing to say. the match was nowhere near pathetic. Federer outplayed Djokovic by miles except for at the most important moments. sometimes the best player doesn’t win the match-yes, mentality did play into it but luck certainly did as well. for an off-peak Federer at 38 to push an on-peak Djokovic to his extreme limits and outplay him, almost winning the match-that is laudable as one of the greatest feats of tennis.
Harvey Specter
Harvey Specter Month ago
This type of tennis is like chess.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Month ago
Federer's best surface. He held his own at 37 against Djokovic
Common Dirtbagz
Common Dirtbagz Month ago
Who’s here to feel better about the final?
Turbo Supra 2jz drag racing Toby Gear Head
They are still alive? Wow
Hugo Danny cervatald acend el SABIO
or is he had injuries nadal or was afraid or sold the game
Emmanuel Vazquez
Por qué puja?
Sabino Vazquez
Sabino Vazquez Month ago
Is it just me or is Nadal aging faster than Federer I don’t see him with that explosive energy and going for every ball like he used to
acorn sucks
acorn sucks Month ago
DŨNG BẢO Month ago
DŨNG BẢO Month ago
DŨNG BẢO Month ago
AndyNyle Month ago
like watching a samurai fight.
Oopstoobad6275 Month ago
when you fart and a little comes out 7:18
FlyTiger Vid
FlyTiger Vid Month ago
Migueles VEVO
Migueles VEVO Month ago
El mejor de la historia federer
W SG Month ago
Again Federer 5 years older than Nadal shows why he is the greatest of all time!
oinkpiggin Month ago
GOod. I hate Spaniard men. Therefore, I hate this loser Rafael. So happy Roger kicked this retard to the curb.
Joni Mccalla
Joni Mccalla Month ago
Love to see these two play!!! Never disappoint
Pedro Pola
Pedro Pola Month ago
at 4:04: is that Heather Graham?!
UKSportsFan Month ago
Two all-time greats, two of the absolute best. This, to me, is the best rivalry in tennis since Borg and McEnroe.
relikvija Month ago
i hope he wins
Thaddeus Venture
This crowd is more white then a nickel back concert
Joseph Garza
Joseph Garza Month ago
Nadal’s groans are terrible
eric Wilhelm
eric Wilhelm Month ago
The strange thing i noticed is that whoever put these highlights together , never ONCE gave respect to Nadal's family !??? Not even after a series of amazing points on his side . It makes it appear as there is a house full of Roger fans and Family and Rafa just had no support . ESPN , whats the deal here ??
fer berasain
fer berasain Month ago
Federer un genio!!!la edad es solo eso,edad!!bien por vos!!
BananaPeal0 Month ago
Hai Simona!!
diglossia Month ago
Angel MC
Angel MC Month ago
Nadal grita más que actriz porno. Qué desesperante el mallorquí con sus alaridos.
David Gamez
David Gamez Month ago
Queen Elizabeth does a very good job of maintaing the UK very well
Jorge González
Jorge González Month ago
Tremendo partido 2 de los mejores de la historia fajao.
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m Month ago
If i saw Federer, i just wanna ask him who was the tougher opponent....Nadal or Djokovich?
Mulder25j Month ago
This match, IMO, was superior to the Finals. There was more reaction from the crowd.
Jobs mine
Jobs mine Month ago
Novak Djokovic will come after these two and put their noisy fans to rest. Believe me am not even a fan pf Novak but he will surpass these two.
k ashley
k ashley Month ago
who's here after the final :(
Da Dogg1981
Da Dogg1981 Month ago
Too bad this old loser will never win again. Always gets the easiest road to the finals playing no one and beats Nadal who had bad knees and spent all of his energy playing real players
Nadal Djokovic final would've been more exciting for all 5 sets.
TUTUMAH Month ago
MAYBE JUST A LITTLE POWDERED SUGAR Novak was fresh for that Final. Nadal has to play a gauntlet of serve-bots just to get to the semifinals.
Ritvik Pandey
Ritvik Pandey Month ago
nadal should've won...damn what a shame
Black Titan
Black Titan Month ago
Nadel noise effects smh
Black Titan
Black Titan Month ago
Oh man finals will be great
CJ Payne
CJ Payne Month ago
When I see this match up over the last 10 years Nadal always wins...it's the clay
TUTUMAH Month ago
CJ Payne no it’s Nadal no longer being in his prime.. dude has lost 3 steps in terms of speed and defensive ability.
pavel datsyuk
pavel datsyuk Month ago
nadal is incredibly annoying, hard to watch him not on mute... swing, uhhhhh , swing uhhhhhhhhh
poetrhode don
poetrhode don Month ago
Who else is watching this as a solace for what happened in the final?
oscar ignacio pavez borbarán
My heart is s broken, but Roger is incredible. His level at semifinal and final was unreal
888TopGear888 Month ago
You'd know if a match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal was going on even if you were standing outside the stadium. All you'd hear is: *pop* Eeeeeeeeeeh *pop* EEeeeeeeeeeeh *pop* Eeeeeeeeh *POP* Crowd Cheers!
Sammy Khalil
Sammy Khalil Month ago
Federer is GOAT
AwesomeByrd Month ago
Federer is an old goat. lol G.O.A.T. I like watching him and Nadal play each other. They have the best matches.
Blackenedbarman Month ago
Kirubel Zebene
Kirubel Zebene Month ago
This is more like the final. Who ever wins will definitely won't get bothered in the finals. Who's better than them both, no one
WILD BILL Month ago
Darrell Morris
Darrell Morris Month ago
Baseball sucks, I'd rather watch this.
rageagain themachine
Great game. The problem is i watched it on my cellphone and i couldn't recognize who was who. I asked my girlfriend for a clue to recognize them. She said: from the distance they look alike, but Nadal is the one who speaks spanish...
Amir’s Advice
Amir’s Advice Month ago
Nadal just looked out of shape too me
Marcelo Merchan
Marcelo Merchan Month ago
I really hate Roger.......la proxima Nadal!.
DamnShazaam Month ago
No one: Nadal: eeeeeehhhhh
Elver Martínez
Elver Martínez Month ago
Nadal, lo tuyo es solamente la arcilla.
Michael Vega
Michael Vega Month ago
Wow! I had to go back and see these highlights again to see if I imagined it! No, Roger won the match and he made it look rather easy. This guy has got to considered one of the best of all time when he is on his game. He hit some unbelievable cross court winners! What a great tribute to tennis. He may as well win the final now?!
jimmy castro
jimmy castro Month ago
Incredible match, incredible players!
Cliff Tsai
Cliff Tsai Month ago
I'm a huge Nadal fan but I respect the hell out of Federer's plays. Can someone explain to me how Federer had changed his game to beat Nadal 6 out of the last 7 times when Nadal was dominating this matchup before 2017?
J Month ago
Cliff Tsai more matches on HC and Grass instead of clay
Yenibel Izquiel
Yenibel Izquiel Month ago
Para ganarle a Nadal ahy que jugar perfecto y así lo iso Roger Federer el más grande
The SuperHeart . Org Foundation
@10:10 That ROAR from the crowd... I PLAY that part every morning to remind myself of WHY we all chose to come here lol
Eric DeBlanc
Eric DeBlanc Month ago
Federer is the 🐐 The joker may be too young for him but I love when he beats Nadal 😂
Antonio Acosta
Antonio Acosta Month ago
Whatever happens in the final this was a majestic class of tennis
Antonio Acosta
Antonio Acosta Month ago
Federeeeeerrrrrr the lord of Tennis forever
Igor Fonseca
Igor Fonseca Month ago
What an win for federer but i gotta give a huge respect for nadal some how that man shows some hart right there never gave up... 2 legends
eagleshade11 Month ago
2 legends and John McEnroe on commentary. doesn't get any better.
CleverMan Month ago
This was a hell of a match. Probably the best of matches you could see, given the history and rivalry of these two players. Lucky the people that was there to see it first hand.
Soon Chee
Soon Chee Month ago
I've not watched Wimbledon since 2015. Am I in a time warp? It's still the same guys and their game gets better.
Zion Curaçao
Zion Curaçao Month ago
It’s hard to believe that Tennis and Baseball are both sports . I think a baseball player moves as much for the whole season as a tennis player does for one serve .
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