Rodgers' injury concerns may lead to Packers drafting a QB, Colin talks Sam Darnold | NFL | THE HERD

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Colin Cowherd discusses last night's NFL preseason games. Hear why Colin thinks Aaron Rodgers' injury concerns may lead to the Green Bay Packers to draft his successor and hear his thoughts on Sam Darnold's performance last night against the Atlanta Falcons.
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About The Herd with Colin Cowherd:
The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
Rodgers' injury concerns may lead to Packers drafting a QB, Colin talks Sam Darnold | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 527
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Should the Packers consider drafting Aaron Rodgers' successor?
Solemn Solace
Solemn Solace Month ago
@Yooper eh? You still aren't a real fan. Shhhhhh
cody newburgh
cody newburgh Month ago
Steve Scheunemann both those records sound like non playoff teams, might as well get the higher draft pick
cody newburgh
cody newburgh Month ago
No, and John Dorsey put together this Browns team, had nothing to do with Manziel. That was cute though 😂.
Black Santa
Black Santa Month ago
Bro leave baker alone this is sad
Romero R
Romero R 29 days ago
Steven M.
Steven M. Month ago
I think everyone agrees the Packers are at the point where they need to address the life after Rodgers issue soon. Hopefully he stays healthy for 5 more years, but ya never know...I hate to even say it, but it's true.
Zandz831 Month ago
It has to happen sooner or later. Why does the QB have to be drafted? what if boyle is the future you never know. Tony tomo style. Nobody plays forever
The Real Talk Show
Andrew Luck, Wentz, And Jimmy G HOF? I think not
Southern Dandy
Southern Dandy Month ago
They didn’t need a center you goon. Linsley is one of the best centers in the league. They drafted Jenkins to play guard.
nythepremier Month ago
I clicked because of the Aaron Rodgers mustache...click bait!
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips Month ago
Colin has only ever liked one mobile QB ever, Russell Wilson
Bobby Gorbett
Bobby Gorbett Month ago
Baker goes into Cleveland his rookie year which was in colin’s words an “extremely dysfunctional environment” and set the rookie passing touchdown record in 13 starts but yeah let’s cut Darnold some slack because he had a coordinator change in college.
Erik Hunt
Erik Hunt Month ago
The colts traded for Jacoby briset and the packers traded for Deshone Kizer. Colin sound so out of the loop right now
Superdelphinus Month ago
New to this channel but is everything about baker mayfield in some way, despite the title of the video? Confused.
Jon B
Jon B Month ago
Darnold is a better QB
Jonathan Garza
Jonathan Garza Month ago
really? this was a team that went 1-7 on the road. 1-4-1 in division. they better now? really we will see. rodgers going down week one to the chicago bears. packers done after that.
George Prchal
George Prchal Month ago
Not like the Packers draft well anyway. Maybe try a QB instead of those Coke Machines they take out of the Big 10 and Pac 12.
Detroit Rage
Detroit Rage Month ago
Carson Wentz a HoF QB? How long has he been around? 2 seasons yo...... 2!!!! Get the F%@k out of here yo.
Charles Reed
Charles Reed Month ago
you show time and time again you don't know what you're talking about
Salihalqrni.' Month ago
this clown said wentz more talented than ARod 😂😂😂
Eric S
Eric S Month ago
War eagle
Patrick Bass
Patrick Bass Month ago
I love your show. I would like to request for captions if you can provide us an access to information. Captions please!
Marshall duke
Marshall duke Month ago
Colin talks about Aaron Rodgers...what's the occasion? Oh its Monday.
Bryan Dunn
Bryan Dunn Month ago
Potential Hall of famers? Carson played one full season his whole career. This guy is a joke.
Bryan Dunn
Bryan Dunn Month ago
@Jon B no he played his first season full.
Jon B
Jon B Month ago
Bryan Dunn 0 whole seasons
Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill Month ago
Did he honestly just imply that Carson Wentz and Jimmy G is going to the hall of fame!
Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson Month ago
His man crush on Darnold is getting delusional..Darnold was a turnover machine in college, never won a big game and is just another in a long line of overrated USC quarterbacks. Baker is and always will be better than Darnold
Lee Deplace
Lee Deplace Month ago
Jimmy G spot is overrated, can he play a full decent season before people say he's one the best QBs in the league ?
Jose Rodas
Jose Rodas Month ago
He must have a team of people figuring out topics that no one knew could resist
ckalnicki Month ago
Rodgers is a waste of time and energy. So overrated it’s pathetic.
Di Month ago
did this guy just call carson wentz a hall of famer?
Thoun Beast
Thoun Beast Month ago
Garoppalo has achieved nothing but a contract
Matthew Aleman
Matthew Aleman Month ago
Did this fool just say Carson wentz might be more talented than Rodgers how can that ever come out of his mouth
NickVinopal 1
NickVinopal 1 Month ago
Mark Murphy?
Camste Games
Camste Games Month ago
7:27 "He's not better now." FINALLY, from your own mouth. Baker had it so easy, you know all first year qb's want to not get any work in during training camp with the 1's. Rookies dream about when both the HC and OC get fired middle of the season and they have to adapt to a new offense mid season. It's that same old story of.....give me a minute, there are so many people who had great rookie years when all that happened it's tough to think of one.
arodgefan589 Month ago
Colin forgets that Andrew Luck's rookie year was actually pretty solid, just overshadowed by the one year wonder RGIII.
John Fletcher
John Fletcher Month ago
Collin Aaron is the only one anywhere close to the HOF.
Nate G.
Nate G. Month ago
Did he just say “aaron rodgers can be better then all of them except maybe carson wentz” ? Im brady till the end but god dam dont disrespect rodgers like that. Let carson finish out a full season nd atleast get a playoff win before saying stuff like that. Foles >Wentz .. so far
California Dreaming
I looked at Rodgers’s stats from last year and one number really stood out: his time-to-throw (TT) number. I highly recommend the NFL’s next-gen stats, by the way. Anyways, Aaron’s was around 2.9 which is WAY too high for him, especially since he has a lightning-quick release. Release is a different stat - Aaron must be between 0.2 and 0.3 I’m guessing without looking at high-speed photography - but release does impact TT - slightly. But I believe that Carr and Roethlisberger were just over 2.5 - 2.5 is considered “perfect” in the NFL - and if a QB is at that number he is much less likely to be injured because, usually, linebackers can’t get in the backfield that quickly on a blitz. (I don’t know the number though on this one exactly.). But looking at every time Rodgers has been injured: the vast majority of Rodgers’ severe injuries have been: rolling to his right, extending the play, and holding the ball around 3 seconds or longer. Aaron MUST get this average number down. Hey, I’m a big fan and that’s partially why I don’t want him injured; the NFL is better when Aaron is on the field.
Bryan Almestica
Bryan Almestica Month ago
Sam Darnold was great! But had Mayfield done the same “It’s just the preseason who cares?”
canadiansfan5 toronto4life
Ever since Baker buried colin on his show hes been a hater ever since
Derek Roberts
Derek Roberts Month ago
Wait he just said they are Hall of famers? Cam and Luck aren't even close to HOF. Wentz...one good year lol.
Brandon Madden
Brandon Madden Month ago
wow, you saying wentz has done more then Cam or Luck?
soledadsoldier Month ago
We should wait for Trevor Lawrence for sure!!!!!
Duke Month ago
I honestly wonder if Colin is worried about Aaron Rodgers and bahktiari having chugging competitions at basketball games, or does it only matter if it’s baker mayfield chugging beers?
mike de julia
mike de julia Month ago
Rodgers won’t last the season. Will retire after this year. His injuries are being covered up.
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia Month ago
I agree packers need a back up QB but that goes for every team lmao 😂 i don’t think a young back up helps us i think we need ourselves another Matt Flynn
our Brett hundley
Kevin Armitage
Kevin Armitage Month ago
Jimmy Garoppolo HOF?????? WHAT???????????????
Tellestus 0
Tellestus 0 Month ago
Why is this guy infatuated with Rodgers? Anybody?
Matthew Baginski
Jimmy G a hall of fammer???
Airportris Month ago
"Lincoln Riley best coach in college by far"... im sorry colin how many national championships has he won? Nick saban and dabo sweeney dont exist to you? This is why people find it hard to take this guy serious
Airportris Month ago
But he.cant win as many games as baker mayfield
Anna Simmins
Anna Simmins Month ago
Who's arguing Jimmy hall of fame
J Month ago
If you thought Brett Favre handled the drafting of Aaron Rodgers poorly back in 05', let GB draft a QB next year in the 1st or 2nd round and grab your popcorn because it will be entertaining.
maple tobasco
maple tobasco Month ago
did he just say all 5 of those injury prone qbs are debatable HOF. what? only aaron rodgers is
H W Month ago
Did he seriously just say Wentz could be more talented than Rodgers? Wtf 😂
Marcus Rosselli
Marcus Rosselli Month ago
This dude Colin is so bad at his job
Big Travis
Big Travis Month ago
Whoever held that gun to Sams head and forced him to sign that jets deal should be jailed
Big Travis
Big Travis Month ago
Not many excuses left for ARod Let’s see what he gets done
David Kincade
David Kincade Month ago
Sam is better than Baker..... He is not better right now because of blah blah blah. Is he better or not?
LedZep's X
LedZep's X Month ago
Just back tightness. Calm down. He is expected to practice today (Sunday). Any news involving Rodgers really gets exaggerated so much. He has gotten injured a lot, but this coming from him missing a damn preseason is pretty moronic
Sir JaKrispy
Sir JaKrispy Month ago
"Nate mullens" oof lol
Costa Nostra
Costa Nostra Month ago
Packers should draft a qb anyway
Logan Roca
Logan Roca Month ago
Why do I watch this guy
Ed Bailey
Ed Bailey Month ago
Colin doesn’t even know Elgton Jenkins is playing guard for the Packers, who certainly didn’t need a center since they’ve got a top 10 C in Corey Linsley.
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