Robb Bank$ - Bad Vibes Forever (Official Video)

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Download the album, "Cloverfield 3". Out Now.
Stream: EMPIRE.lnk.to/Cloverfield3Yo
Directed by KATAI
Official Music Video by Robb Bank$ - Bad Vibes Forever. © 2018 SS Records / EMPIRE


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Nov 7, 2018

Bad Vibes Forever (Official Video)Robb Bank$Robb Bank$ - Bad Vibes Forever (Official Video)SS Records / EMPIREHip Hop & RapEMPIRE




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Comments 51 395
x- xIx-FxckYoKD-xlx-x
x- xIx-FxckYoKD-xlx-x 11 minutes ago
Deadcrafter !
Deadcrafter ! 12 minutes ago
x lives for ever in my Heart
SloBo Bros
SloBo Bros 17 minutes ago
#LLJ 19 minutes ago
I cry so much...
HD Gamer
HD Gamer 25 minutes ago
If u miss XXX TENTACION leave a like😟😭😢R.I.P XXX TENTACION
INLVV 41 minute ago
Cia yra kadanors lietuviu? Like jeigu jo 😁 rip xxx 😭😭💖
khaled 51 minute ago
V-vbuck gratuit dans la description de mes video
Les francais vous etes ou ? 😭
Lil Savage
Lil Savage Hour ago
I watch as X grow and changed to a better person I wished you lived longer. But now you are A star In the sky
Марьяна Гришина
Не мог не досмотреть до конца
Ashley Tulixan
Jah not even singing on this. Wtf
Yngx27 24 minutes ago
Ashley Tulixan shut up dumbass
Humenda 18
Humenda 18 Hour ago
*Legends Never Die❤️* X X X
poopsi lamopsi
I remember xxx with 7 subs and he is my life bro i need am i all redy now you wont am to so rip 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Robert Macias
Robert Macias Hour ago
Robert Macias
Robert Macias Hour ago
poopsi lamopsi
Get oat of xxxtintacion the legent channel this is need to xxx song get oat you are a shit i love xxx so get oat🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Robert Macias
Robert Macias Hour ago
Angel Animations
I love this, it may not be singing of X but it's about him
Stephon Mccray
Laurissa Augerai
😢💍🙏long live jah ♥
Gabiih Käwäii Br
I still can 't believe you was😣 Obs: Sou Br 😉
x Stephanie x
x Stephanie x Hour ago
Rayan Mejdoub
Rayan Mejdoub Hour ago
i feel that he is still alive
spy drone2
spy drone2 2 hours ago
Ex why you
spy drone2
spy drone2 2 hours ago
For xxx tentacion (*)
spy drone2
spy drone2 2 hours ago
leticia Lopez
leticia Lopez 2 hours ago
Me facinan los ojos de x ♥♥♥
X !
X ! 2 hours ago
Legends never die ❤️💪
faze comice
faze comice 2 hours ago
RIP xxxtentacion
faze comice
faze comice 2 hours ago
I cry
Lachflash Tv
Lachflash Tv 2 hours ago
I miss X sooo muchh
Lauxhin 2 hours ago
Wow 1Hour 3Milions Views 😲😲😔😔 Love U *X X X* 😔😔
LIL PROX 2 hours ago
Tommy Gunz
Tommy Gunz 2 hours ago
PanMan 3 hours ago
R.I.P xxxtentacion
Djassem 3 hours ago
He is alive and lives in a Island with Tupac and biggie and more i promise
Djassem 3 hours ago
Who here before 10M
Chris Berry
Chris Berry 3 hours ago
Intro was strange, my name's Chris
Yung Tide
Yung Tide 3 hours ago
i needed this
Shadow King
Shadow King 3 hours ago
Wtf is this a re-upload???
Sthefanny Sousa
Sthefanny Sousa 3 hours ago
Elif 3 hours ago
Эмин Фаталиев
Это классно 😁 😔😵
Janee Estep
Janee Estep 4 hours ago
#llj we all love and miss you
Tyler Rogers
Tyler Rogers 4 hours ago
Bed bugs forever??
Anny Kessia
Anny Kessia 4 hours ago
Sandra Gabriela Ledesma
Xxxtentacion. 😀
Kono123 4 hours ago
Xxxtentacion are you died?
Aris 4 hours ago
Sou- 40
Sou- 40 4 hours ago
ماشي كان مات هاد زبي 😕
Riki Farci
Riki Farci 4 hours ago
Luke Solis
Luke Solis 4 hours ago
Longlive X🔥
Yas Sin
Yas Sin 4 hours ago
Rip x
Trap Music
Trap Music 4 hours ago
I'm Sad
Radosław Głuszak
Radosław Głuszak 4 hours ago
Fucking gangsters killed XXXTENTACION😥
Luiz Eduardo
Luiz Eduardo 4 hours ago
Se tiver um Br se se manifeste
nobody unknown
nobody unknown 5 hours ago
Bed budies forever ahah
XxYoHomieJordanxX 5 hours ago
uros pavlovic
uros pavlovic 5 hours ago
Lil X
Lil X 5 hours ago
bad vibess forreverr bith
László Ádám
László Ádám 5 hours ago
Legends never die ❤
ادهم عودة
ادهم عودة 5 hours ago
R. I. P. XXXTENTACION I'm so sad
Ayala kayq
Ayala kayq 5 hours ago
I love iiiiiiiiit❤😍😍😍😍😭😭😭
BurnoutTV 5 hours ago
liga dos games
liga dos games 5 hours ago
Vrian  Casmo
Vrian Casmo 6 hours ago
Romeo Spina
Romeo Spina 6 hours ago
Rip X the legend of the U.S Rap
Платон Горох
С русского лайк )
HAMZA 123456789 HAMZA 123456789 كياشي
nitin singh
nitin singh 6 hours ago
rip xxx. u are a legend man
Ice King
Ice King 7 hours ago
I remember when X have 700k subs
Humdam Heenan
Humdam Heenan 7 hours ago
I love x @ThailandT-T
TangInasal 7 hours ago
TORRARAT. 7 hours ago
I want you X 💔
Jeremy Gamble
Jeremy Gamble 7 hours ago
Rip x🙏
Shizzy 7 hours ago
Miss you vro
Koby Carlile
Koby Carlile 7 hours ago
X is not dead
CerberusGaming 7 hours ago
im sorry but this song is trash
jame Am Flash AM BABY
W.A.T.K 410
W.A.T.K 410 7 hours ago
Miss u x :(
Yianni Alexiou
Yianni Alexiou 7 hours ago
Rip x 🌹
Yianni Alexiou
Yianni Alexiou 7 hours ago
I remember when x and the slumpgod used to make lit songs? If u remember leave a like!
Julius Päivänen
Julius Päivänen 8 hours ago
Like if this track is fucking LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️
james Wolbert
james Wolbert 8 hours ago
Rip x😫😫😫
Tox 8 hours ago
I'd Sell My Soul For X To Come Back Yet My Liberty
heartbrake club
heartbrake club 9 hours ago
Who is here before 5million
Todo Futbol
Todo Futbol 9 hours ago
seras eterno ♥
onai lil
onai lil 9 hours ago
rip x
Captain Cyrus
Captain Cyrus 9 hours ago
Notification gang where u at?
Mika Muka
Mika Muka 9 hours ago
Is it just me or the beat to this song literally has the exact same ring to it as Travis Scott's astrothunder does? 🤔 listen at 00:56
johncarlos lopez
johncarlos lopez 9 hours ago
︵‿︵(´ ͡༎ຶ ͜ʖ ͡༎ຶ `)︵‿︵
Queen-llama 13
Queen-llama 13 9 hours ago
Oh we could never forget that’s for sure trust me🖤🖤🖤
Sawfei 9 hours ago
AyyGee SuwOP
AyyGee SuwOP 9 hours ago
"Hey Chris.. Fuck u Fuck u."
Elite Agent
Elite Agent 10 hours ago
Sonic Dash 7V2
Sonic Dash 7V2 10 hours ago
Delete this
Hgcvcxf Fhvhhg
Hgcvcxf Fhvhhg 10 hours ago
Wack af songs like ever other song it’s not like x
Your mom's favorite bbc
Lmao Robb Banks was on before X even became famous but I forgot you X fans don't know nothing about the first underground rappers who made it possible for X.
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