Rob Zombie On His Changing Relationship With Cops

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Taken from JRE #1353 w/Rob Zombie: usvid.net/video/video-KDLeJ5Rasuo.html

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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 2 024
tony pina
tony pina Day ago
Cops should were a body cam like an ankle bracelet, use it the same way, and if they turn it off and on it registers to a computer
DJ S 2 days ago
Yea, we don't need cops. They are armed historians at best, thugs with badges at worst.
Nik Terin
Nik Terin Day ago
DJ S ya, see how well that’s gonna go for you, America would become a bigger circus Than it already is
tehf00n 3 days ago
Joe "I think they need to screen cops to be more like actors" Rogan.
Mike X
Mike X 3 days ago
I'll never understand the statement that we "need" cops. Why? We have cops and there's still burglary, murder, rape, speeders, assaults, etc.
MTeaDamn 4 days ago
Cops are the authority from the state, the only ones allowed to excercise violence. And they excercise that violence granted. A lot. 1312
Tr0nzoid 4 days ago
I was thinking about that recently. People cheer on police in shows and movies breaking the rules, but now nitpick about every move they make... or they use to; I don't know how the modern or younger people watch movies.
Super Mecha Death Christ
well maybe if the patrol cops wouldnt harass people that arent doing anything people would like cops more.
rudy Fat
rudy Fat 9 days ago
Cops don't get pain enough????? Is Joe serious? In Miami they all live in rich neighborhoods. As long as they don't have 3-4 ex wifes each cop easily makes 60k a year. Wow Joe a pro cop guy. Disagree strongly on what he said about the cops. Fuck em and their no snitching on crappy cops
Of course Cops are cool with Rob Zombie now cause he's a celebrity who lives in a great neighborhood. Never trust a Cop cause they will cover a cop ass over ur expense any day
Jaxon Mattox
Jaxon Mattox 9 days ago
"They don't want you around til' they want you around, and then you're not there fast enough" So true
DJ S 2 days ago
Fuck the police
gary cobiak
gary cobiak 9 days ago
Rob Zombie seems like an interesting guy. His films are terrible.
Santiaguera 10 days ago
Cops are overpaid for their education.
BIGPoJo 10 days ago
People hate cops but they are where the buck stops with the stability of society. Without cops the world would be cast into mayhem.
AColonDashSix 11 days ago
Rob Zombie’s voice does not match his movies or music videos
Bruceolee 11 days ago
People are prone to evil and become monsters in the absence of God. Look at Katrina and what happened there. Police just abandoned their posts, doctors outright murdered nursing home patients and those without some oath or creed to hold onto became animals much quicker. Christians fight against that nature and with the power of the Holy Spirit can overcome that base sinful nature the world has. When the end times arrive and food, water and medications become scarce you will see a world fall into madness and the only hope anyone will have is the returning Messiah. If you could sit down and be honest with yourself instead of drawing the conclusion you’re searching for you’d see how impossible evolution and life spontaneously becoming alive is. You’ve been sold evolution but the only evidence anyone can bring to the table is speciation and little else. There is NO evidence that a cat can become a dog or a wolf into an elephant. Life did not spontaneously occur in some muck filled pond hit by a bolt of lightning like some Frankenstein. You’ve been sold the lie your entire life and it time not only to wake up to the truth but it’s time for you to grow up. DMT, LSD and shrooms get you no closer to the answer than binge watching the office on Netflix will. Wake up! God loves you! Humble yourself and cry out to Jesus in your heart to save you! All of creation is screaming at you!
T. Ferttita is a Commie bootlicker
Body cams have simply proven (for the most part) that criminals are a bunch of liars. The majority of people that drop complaints on the police are not telling the truth. Thats why BLM hates body cams now.
Jes ter
Jes ter 12 days ago
If you close your eyes you could swear that Rob zombie is mark marrion. ...or next time you listen to mark you could picture rob lol
Randy Fricke
Randy Fricke 12 days ago
Nobody holds a gun to someone's head and says: "You MUST be a policeman."
hgdge 13 days ago
problem with cops is that they are liars too and even though you want to help them their famous little of "everything you say can and will be used against you" so guess what? i aint saying shit to you then i saw nothing.
mr frank
mr frank 14 days ago
Counseling? That's a good way to get your police powers revoked. Good luck with that...
CousinPete420 14 days ago
The problem with cops is they get less than half the training required by laws than the person that cuts my hair. Also the Unions are protecting the dirty cops and they keep getting recycled in another department. Than the sheep will believe anything a cop says under oath when there is a Brady list with 50k names on it. Than add in the genius idea of putting a camera on every cell phone
littlethuggie 14 days ago
The more money you have, the more you like police.
Otis Cat
Otis Cat 14 days ago
The majority of civilian/cop interactions are people getting pulled over and citing people over bullshit that costs working stiffs several hundred dollars for minor offenses. There are definitely some good cops, but in my experience the vast majority are arrogant cunts and cowards that focus on revenue enhancement via citations far, far more than they are solving real crimes.
Jay Jay spoon
Jay Jay spoon 14 days ago
1% of cops are bad 99% are good ... what is stopping the 99% from crushing the 1%
JayBruceWorld 15 days ago
GrizzleyBear 15 days ago
To the 10% of the police force in america "ahem the good ones" thank you so much for what you do. To the rest fuck off and go kill yourselves!
e69alpha 15 days ago
I never heard him talk. He sounds like your average high school English teacher
deva tvtube
deva tvtube 16 days ago
Jamie’s too good for his job look it up
Wayne Brewster
Wayne Brewster 16 days ago
Since all the "good" cops refuse to cross the Thin Blue Line to stop the "bad" cops from doing bad and unconstitutional shit doesn't this make all cops bad cops?
Paul K
Paul K 16 days ago
The day cops start acting like adults instead of power tripping high school dropouts is the day they’ll deserve some fucking respect.
c_ez 16 days ago
100% its way to easy to become a cop. What is it like a barely high school level exam and 6 weeks of bootcamp. Definitely need a better evaluation system. Most small town cops were chumps in high school and then try to swing a big dick with the badge on. I've seen an off duty cop that was just a huge d-bag get his ass kicked at my small town dive bar, and when another d-bag cop get his new motorcycle seat set on fire. Then there were respectful nice cops I knew, two of them, that grew up in larger cities and moved here. They weren't disliked or hassled because they were nice with and without the badge
brandisusc 16 days ago
Well said! There is WAY more positive than negative when it comes to law enforcement. Officers should get so much more respect than they are given!
Joshua O'Brien
Joshua O'Brien 16 days ago
Joe should have Mike the cop on. I think it could be interesting.
Barold The Butler
Barold The Butler 16 days ago
In South Africa when they had compulsory military service, all of them just had to be policeman for 2 years, made it good to have a normal person doing the job not some former bully victim who know considers themselves part of the elite and will target poor people and just act as the rich's bodyguard
mr frank
mr frank 14 days ago
You mean the "normal" guys who enforced apartheid. Yup.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 16 days ago
Being a cop sounds a lot like being a teacher.
Waldschatten 16 days ago
I think people would give cops more slack if they didn't seem to genrally have that mentality where they need to stick together even when it's painfully obvious that one of them is a sociopath. When there's body cam footage, cell phones from every angle, surveillance cameras all over the place, and they all show this cop is a psycho but they do an "investigation" and come back to say they did nothing wrong when we all saw them just murder someone in cold blood without any provocation or threat to themselves... Well, I might know a fair number of cops who are mostly (there is that one asshole, and his usual partner who acts like whatever other cop he's working with that day) good people, but when this keeps happening and cops don't take down one of "their own" for being genuine monsters it makes me suspeect anyone with a badge by default even though I know most of them aren't like that.
Larry Lamovsky
Larry Lamovsky 17 days ago
My uncle was at a show where he walked off after ten minutes because he didn't like the crowd who paid 60 bucks to hear his shit music. Fucking never siding with someone who takes a job forcing you to fuck up their day for going 5 over
nolove 1970
nolove 1970 17 days ago
Wtf are these two talking about, fuck a cop..start with putting your bad cop in jail instead letting them get off...for the good cop can do there job...
zorro456 17 days ago
Bad cops aren't all that common. I have run across two and I had to defend my self in court once and one. About a year later that guy lost his badge for beating his wife.
Matt Carter
Matt Carter 17 days ago
Cops are in the same boat as day care workers- It's a really important job that should be carefully staffed and the good ones should be well compensated and revered by the public. Unfortunately it's not the case. But there are some really good ones who do it because it's important, satisfying work, despite the fact that there are a lot of shitty ones.
pk Osb
pk Osb 18 days ago
Listen to Joe Rogan playing his part. Cops are good! Cops aren't respected! Cops are the victims! What happened to defending the public? Not harassing citizens??? Wow! What a shill! Truly makes me sick! I just want to hear Rob Zombie, not Toe Rogan! Maybe Rob will be interviewed by an UNpaid shill someday. That would be awesome. And no we don't "need" cops! Not the way it is now! In other words we don't need adults telling other adults what to do. We don't need man made laws! God's law is all we need ~ thou shalt not steal = Think about it! It covers everything! Everything? Yes everything!!!
Krystle Cague
Krystle Cague 18 days ago
I really enjoyed this episode. Rob your awesome. 💝
Creamcheese Diarrhea
Reagan Youth!!
Braeden Hunter
Braeden Hunter 19 days ago
Cops are hardly accountable. The evidence is just shown now. They’re still getting away with a vast majority of what they do.
TheImtoomuch 19 days ago
Yeah society is better now that cops have no power... NOT.
Michael Swadberg
Michael Swadberg 20 days ago
Fuck cops! Fuck pigs and fuck them. Oh it must be soooo hard getting paid by taxpayers and never getting fired oh yea it’s soooo tough.
P fireball
P fireball 19 days ago
Okay there....fuck them until you need help. That's when you'd dial 911 and hope they arrive ASAP.
LSB 20 days ago
Cops still do all of this shit. Many are pigs. Some are not. The "brotherhood" is us versus them, different set of laws, and they use the deaths head emblem and a perverted american flag to represent their elite power. REAL STUFF.
rossco robert
rossco robert 20 days ago
Go to Europe see how the law, police and society get along.
P fireball
P fireball 19 days ago
@rossco robert just because a handful of countries that are 'whiter' than USA have a police service that is less corrupt doesn't mean that your system isn't good. The vast majority of people on this planet wish they were as lucky as Americans as far as police services are concerned.
rossco robert
rossco robert 19 days ago
@P fireball that's true , I meant to say north western but also including Switzerland and Germany
P fireball
P fireball 19 days ago
Except for Italy, France and Greece.
Kelly Hassen
Kelly Hassen 20 days ago
hollywood idolizes the detective that save the day. not the beat cop that daily deal the scum of society. I watched Rampart. everybody dies. crazy.disconnection.
Hylonomus 20 days ago
"Cops do some fucked up shit." "Cops don't fuck with me now because I'm famous. Go easy on cops, guys."
James Thomas
James Thomas 20 days ago
There is a reason they are hated, you don't get that kind of rep with out history. period.
P fireball
P fireball 19 days ago
They're hated because children don't like being told what to do
ShaunFVG 21 day ago
Joe waxing his head 🤨
buyerofsorts 21 day ago
Cops get paid a hell of a lot of money actually.
James Mccorkle
James Mccorkle 21 day ago
It should be very easy for cops. Obey the Constitution and don't break the law.
p40 tomahawk
p40 tomahawk 21 day ago
Why does Rogan even have guests...80%of every interview has him trying to impress everyone with what he knows and by the end of the interview you here from the actual people you tune in for 20%of the interview...just get a mirror and prop it up in the seat across from him and He could go hours talking to himself
James Campbell
James Campbell 21 day ago
Pittsburgh is going through gentrification where there are $3,000 a month condos on one block, and a couple blocks away you're in the hood. Also, over in Cleveland, there are a lot more black cops than here in Pittsburgh. You can still see the division line here as far as business, neighborhood quality, and mass white crawling in the suburbs.
Matt 22 days ago
Joe mentions criminals lying to police, but it's often the police lying to the people and I think I know who should be held to the higher standard. You can't have a normal relationship when the interactions between both parties is based on lies .
Demon From hell
Demon From hell 22 days ago
This is the truth I used to hate cops and some I still do if they are abusing their power as many are but there are alot that are good just trying to do an impossible job and like rogan says they see the worst of humanity everyone is lying to you some try to over power you to avoid jail and everyday its just dealing with peices of shit and the death you would see prostitution of young girls the same age as your own daughters and tryin to help them but they are in it to deep and eventually one day you are called to a Jane doe body found in a dumpster and realize it's the girl you seen all the time and tried helping that kinda shit would make me cold and I'd be wanting to hunt down her pimp or her last John who thought she didn't matter enough to take away her life I'd be a dirty cop eventually because everytime I'd catch and charge one of these criminals the courts system would often jus release them again shortly after and they would be back ruining young girls lives like it was nothing so id just keep a few un registered firearms that I found during traffic stops and let the driver drive off and every so often I'd suit up like batman and go looking for pimps or fentanyl pushers and with a potato on the end of the barrel I'd go pop some tops like jack in the box so for police that don't break any rules that is one strong person to be able to do that problem is that when all you deal with is peices of shit all day every day you eventually have a problem thinking everyone is a peice of shit and before you know it your smashing everyone's heads open until they see you have lost it and pull you off duty and last but not least just look into the amount of suicides by police that right there just proves that they don't have it as peachy as some like to think they do 🙄
msa1985 22 days ago
Hillbilly deluxe still fuckin great
Muhammad Smith
Muhammad Smith 22 days ago
dave rubenstien , i know wiki is not always right, but says he went into a coma after getting beat with a bat during a drug deal.
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