Rihanna & Anna Wintour Ask Each Other Questions | Go Ask Anna | Vogue

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Watch Rihanna and Anna Wintour interview each other in this special edition of Go Ask Anna. If Anna Wintour can’t find out when the album’s coming, who can?

Directed and Illustrated by The Selby
Producer: Camilla Ferenczi and Melissa Tvetan
Producer: Vogue Marina Weisburg
Animator: Michel Sayegh
DP: Cole Evelev
AC: Lola Banks
Gaffer: Gautam Kadian
Sound: Phil Shipman
PA: Lily McCann
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Rihanna & Anna Wintour Ask Each Other Questions | Go Ask Anna | Vogue


Published on


Oct 9, 2019




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Comments 1 628
Kimberly Person
I dont think she wants to do music and tour anymore.
Gina Perez
Gina Perez Hour ago
Lo necesito en español!!!
Lauren Gabrielle
Love riri
Kiyani Nayo
Kiyani Nayo 2 hours ago
This was adorable! Rhianna you are so cute. I hope there ain't any to crazy rumors about pregnancy 😆❤❤!!!
Tanya K Borden
Tanya K Borden 2 hours ago
That was good🎬Good job Vogue👍🏽
Mara Orengo
Mara Orengo 2 hours ago
I feel like she’s the Illuminatii 😂
Adrienne Duvall
Adrienne Duvall 3 hours ago
She did not say she was not pregnant...lol
Kristen Boyd
Kristen Boyd 3 hours ago
Pending???? SIS WE. WANT. THEE. ALBUM. 😂
Remen Ibhawoh
Remen Ibhawoh 3 hours ago
That album is never coming out.
chris s
chris s 3 hours ago
i don’t think they were in the same room 😂
Sophia Wishes
Sophia Wishes 4 hours ago
She’s been “pending” for like 3 YEARS already!!
Ludmila 5 hours ago
Ugh I love these two
Ludmila 5 hours ago
I’m a simple woman. I see Rihanna and Anna, I clicked.
hmm interesting
hmm interesting 5 hours ago
Rihanna needs to stop playing games and release a new album.
JoJo Faithh
JoJo Faithh 6 hours ago
I love this! And them both!!!❤️
Santiago Restrepo
Santiago Restrepo 7 hours ago
Ashley Rosegirl
Ashley Rosegirl 7 hours ago
Ummmmm whatcha mean pending sis!
Martha V
Martha V 8 hours ago
This needed music in the background.
Giovanni Bonanno
Giovanni Bonanno 9 hours ago
That.was.uncomfortable to watch.
Farah 11 hours ago
rihanna kind of looked like left eye in that dp
pnychas 11 hours ago
Omg I have a feeling we won't see her coming out with an album anymore....shes designer and cosmetics mogul now ☹️
Suweila Barroso
Suweila Barroso 12 hours ago
Rihanna is so cuuteee 🥺🥺❤️❤️
nikki folsini
nikki folsini 12 hours ago
bro she might be one of the lost beautiful women ever
SE B 13 hours ago
When Ms.Anna Wintour asked about the album, I seriously thought we were about to get a date, a month, even a year...Rihanna responds: PENDING! Hunny! You don’t tell a Vogue Editor “pending” we need a date! 😩😩😩
R M 14 hours ago
That's Versace not Versatchi
Yanissa Kazama
Yanissa Kazama 15 hours ago
I’m waiting for twitter memes
Michelle Cameron
Michelle Cameron 17 hours ago
Yassss Telfar!
Sh Kh
Sh Kh 17 hours ago
Watches CNN as a reality show, that is the dictionary definition of dumb and biased
Hlumelo Petros
Hlumelo Petros 17 hours ago
God’s Plan=I’m not gonna tell you until I’m exposed 🤔
IAM MISSSYJ 17 hours ago
When I heard Nigeria I was like We dey here o 🇳🇬
Vukasin Bojanic
Vukasin Bojanic 17 hours ago
Rihanna asks really good and creative questions but Anna questions were really boring and general. I want 73 questions with RiRi 💜🎶
Sayoora 18 hours ago
How is Rihanna so alpha and yet so adorkable at the same time ❤️
Jake N.
Jake N. 18 hours ago
It’s weird. Anna seems like she loves Rihanna so much, yet they’re asking each other about questions you’d usually ask while sipping tea in Paris. Have they ever met privately?
louise meyfroodt
louise meyfroodt 19 hours ago
What an iconic duo
Miki Minach
Miki Minach 19 hours ago
Anna wanted the pregnancy rumour tea omg
ForgottenOnes 19 hours ago
They arent even together!? Wtf u could of waited until they were in same area to film this this is sloppy uncoordinated and garbage
ForgottenOnes 19 hours ago
Its only 5minutes!!!!???? Wtf cancel yourself
SKYY LOVE 20 hours ago
*lol... what is this*
Alice Olivia
Alice Olivia 20 hours ago
73 questions with Cate Blanchett, Adriana Lima, Kate Winslet & Eva Green
Alice Olivia
Alice Olivia 20 hours ago
Rihanna is God ✝️
Alyssa Suarez
Alyssa Suarez 23 hours ago
does anyone else think she looks like christina millian ? Cause i do
anastasia christina
anastasia christina 23 hours ago
Girl what IS PENDING
Lindsay Perryman
Lindsay Perryman 23 hours ago
Pending ???!?
La Mera Familia
Hey you guys I’m a new family vlogger if you guys can show some love and support I’ll do the same thank you 💘💘💘💘💘
Ronan Hansel
Ronan Hansel Day ago
*Riri you're so nice* ~~~
Lapzul Music
Lapzul Music Day ago
That means stop asking when its coming, you will know if you stay tuned.
Otro Perfil Más
this is like my English test
greta fernandez
I would have asked Anna why is she constantly wearing 🕶️ and does she wear them in the house 👀
tinlin ko
tinlin ko Day ago
One question for Rihanna: when is the new music coming? !!!!!
Lilly Maiglock
Why does she pronounce Versace wrong? Isn’t she friends with her?
ZoZo Jones
ZoZo Jones Day ago
Can't level but ok
Yolanna Chikonyora
Why is Rihanna more talented than anyone?
Noah Bridge
Noah Bridge Day ago
“God’s Plan” please marry drake
I got an ad of Ana Wintour
techas Day ago
She likes to cook in London?? I don’t get it.
marie kr
marie kr Day ago
Her answers are so mundane,boring personality
marie kr
marie kr Day ago
Who dosent think about having children at her age,LIES
Mine Akpotu
Mine Akpotu Day ago
This seemed so awkward 😂
2lemonades Day ago
Love her so much
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