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Someone has awakened the darkness.

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Apr 14, 2019

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Comments 9 850
Rook The Legend
Rook The Legend 9 hours ago
I get it. There is another ink machine, so he comes back
Daniil Kuznetsov
Daniil Kuznetsov 13 hours ago
А я русский
Drizzled Cake
Drizzled Cake 15 hours ago
If the one thing that remains is the choices you make, then what if tdr has different events and endings solely based on your choices
Victor the demon devil
awesome i wish i was in it ummm but i like the video
Evelyn Wu
Evelyn Wu Day ago
Good animation joey and the meatly:)
Ютуб Про
Глава первая начинается в этом году
Tana Griffin
Tana Griffin Day ago
I have a small theory, what if Joey and Henry are brothers? Alice mistakes Joey's role for Henry at one point and I was wondering why, but then I thought they could be identical siblings or something. The little girl called Joey, "Uncle Joey" too. But maybe they had a fight or something like that resulting in disowning their brotherly relationship because they aren't referring to each other as brothers. I could be entirely wrong, but that's just my small theory.
Cupcake lover
Cupcake lover 2 days ago
when is it comeing out
goi goi
goi goi 2 days ago
New bendy!!!
Rocio Corral
Rocio Corral 4 days ago
I thought u were dead how
Louie Wilmot
Louie Wilmot 4 days ago
Ooooh shiz
Adrian Jesúsツ 16
*Aw shit, here we going again*
Maricel Alemania
Maricel Alemania 6 days ago
This is excited
RIKU 7 days ago
Bendy will have a voice yes or not
Fianeso De Sofiane
Sorry no
Fianeso De Sofiane
Fuck you vos mère les putes
anime geek
anime geek 7 days ago
Is it just me or does the voice sound like perfect alice angel from chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine
jhonel gamer
jhonel gamer 9 days ago
Holle yow
Magdalena Alv
Magdalena Alv 10 days ago
Marcin Gaming
Marcin Gaming 10 days ago
Please fix the Optimalisation from BatiM Modil. I can't play because it's lag to many.
Mat Chipoviskaya
Mat Chipoviskaya 11 days ago
When is chapter six coming out
Samuel Ray
Samuel Ray 12 days ago
Ah shit, here we go again...Pun Intended
RedBlooded Slayer86
Should I send this to my group chat/dad?
Gabe King
Gabe King 13 days ago
Me: *sees this Me: *plays funeral march on piano
Bendy DemonKid
Bendy DemonKid 13 days ago
Don't let the darkness take me.... Don't let the darkness take me.... Don't let the darkness take me.... Don't let the darkness take me.... Don't let...it take...me...
Rashid Alghanim
Rashid Alghanim 14 days ago
I never react that
Flint Lockwood
Flint Lockwood 14 days ago
BENDY GAMER97 15 days ago
Vova Антонов
Kike Quintana
Kike Quintana 16 days ago
Ya quiero que salga bendy y Machine 2
MythicalCrystal 16 days ago
Oh no
Danny Hren
Danny Hren 17 days ago
Christopher Alan Tan
I am an biggest fan to bendy
sofi Pakarati Muñoz
Degoboom tiene que ver esto!!!!
Eric Yeung
Eric Yeung 18 days ago
YAYYYYYYY BENDY AND THE DARK REVIVAL IS HERE!!!!! (Bendy and the Ink Machine 2) :))))))))))))
Cat man Company
Cat man Company 18 days ago
Its an amazing trailer for my new favorite game
Adriano Gamer 1243
Adriano Gamer 1243 18 days ago
Will it be paid? Will it also be mobile?
Oscar Williams
Oscar Williams 18 days ago
Aaaaahhhhh. I'm scared
Maria Tovar
Maria Tovar 19 days ago
How much I hope it arrives ...:v :3
SoMe OnE
SoMe OnE 19 days ago
Make the game for mobile!!
Lawrence Xiong
Lawrence Xiong 19 days ago
*Meanwhile* Bendy And The Ink Machine: Chapter 6! A.K.A. Bendy And The Dark Revival! Break The Cycle. *this fall* I can't wait to see this game!!!
ink wolfy animation
Ponganme en en juego características:(lobo orejas medianas corbatín en el cuello 1ala parte derecha izquierda con cicatriz sin ala 3 colas el final blanco panza blanca guantes hacha) demonio:(ojos rojos 9 colas negras todo el cuerpo negro y gafas afiladas) traducirlo al inglés
Mamang Idz
Mamang Idz 19 days ago
Ink Bendy
Ink Bendy 19 days ago
Baldi Real
Baldi Real 20 days ago
i knew bendy is rutruning thank you mealty
leena Barnes
leena Barnes 20 days ago
So cool
Brothers Gaming TV /BGTV
New Bendy trailer releases Everyone that played Bendy and The Ink Machine: Ah s*it here we go again
Eileen Mustus
Eileen Mustus 20 days ago
The new bendy game will be released in fall 2019
Rosangela Pacori
Rosangela Pacori 20 days ago
i want you joey create chapter one now joey derw studios
Mariam News
Mariam News 20 days ago
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