Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 9

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Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 2 947
Devin Cardillo
Devin Cardillo 7 hours ago
Just move into the house your custome buliding you home guys love it enjoy it come on that's a dream for most people
cami bu
cami bu 7 hours ago
came for the house renovation stayed cause i kinda fell in love
Tom Connally
Tom Connally 7 hours ago
the room is called a butlers pantry
Desislav Ilev
Desislav Ilev 9 hours ago
Keep up the good work, Matt! Buying an old house/mansion and renovating it is my dream and i absolutely love the series !!!
budgiebreder 9 hours ago
“Butlers pantry”
Travis Boorman
Travis Boorman 9 hours ago
Butlers pantry
Dominic Meyrick-Brook
Hi Matt, love your show 🙂. Looks amazing, the work your doing👍. Just checking, do you have "acrow props" in the US. Only the temp wall you put up to move the wall you could have used some boards and a handful of acrow props... The ceiling would been supported in 10mins... Looking forward to seeing the place develop over the coming months 🙂.
Ajaree 9 hours ago
that doesn’t look like a mansion
Al Is Up Outdoors
Al Is Up Outdoors 9 hours ago
07:50 LOL Happens all the time at my shop. "well it wasn't broken before when I ordered parts?" Almost every time the new parts get installed more more broken stuff is found.
Jamin Clarke
Jamin Clarke 10 hours ago
Fell off watching the whole ranch channels for a while and started going down the rabbit hole of negative USvid. Happy to say I am back to all three channels. Such positivity pours from Matt and what an inspiration to be a better husband/father/man. Thanks Matt.
Freddy G.
Freddy G. 10 hours ago
13:57 no ma’am
Dwight E Howell
Dwight E Howell 10 hours ago
You've turned that mansion into a nice lot...Ok, so I lied.
rchouser123 11 hours ago
You need to bury a shipping container for a real Bunker Brand bunker. Otherwise your pace will be totally lame.
rchouser123 11 hours ago
I'm out of work. I'd can do stuff. I'm a lab scientist dude but I can move heavy things.
MickiClick1 11 hours ago
Not much of the original house left.
ImNotScottySnow 11 hours ago
Honestly matt; whats not exciting to you is exciting to me and im sure alot of other people; its really nicve watching your videos while doing work and passing time. Love the vids; would love to see more time lapses of just random work
a71landcruiser 13 hours ago
I wish I had a grapple bucket. It'd work so well for my day job - attorney - "oh Mr. Attorney, I see the wisdom of paying you, now please let go of my underwear".... it would be so cool.
Rob Vazquez
Rob Vazquez 13 hours ago
What's a piece of shit and 💰 pit. I hope you and your family can find some happiness when this journey is over.
Шиллер Александр
Мэт, обведи границу участка на заставке! что было понятно какой большой твой участок) взлети на дроне и обведи на фото границы участка)
NWA CAD Services
NWA CAD Services 13 hours ago
I call it a "Butler's Pantry".
Dan Agado III
Dan Agado III 13 hours ago
What's the name of the song at 11:47 when he starts breaking the brick floor...
Austin Allgire
Austin Allgire 14 hours ago
In this episode Matt takes a knife to the face
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris 14 hours ago
"Don't half ass two things whole ass one thing!" Ron Swanson
Lori Dresser
Lori Dresser 14 hours ago
The room at the back of the kitchen is called the butlers pantry.
Obama2rich !
Obama2rich ! 15 hours ago
Everyone: planting trees This guy: 0:09
durun1224 15 hours ago
Subscribing in! I’m interested in the end result of what this mansion will look like
xXIBON3ZIXx 15 hours ago
Lmao to the knife flying back at you.
Donna Siegert
Donna Siegert 15 hours ago
Miss him showing his work at a vet
BrianBell4073 16 hours ago
Don't use OSB if you don't want to rip it out next time it rains
kiksten1316 16 hours ago
Butler's room
kiksten1316 16 hours ago
I mean butler's pantry
Its a Rome Thing Everyday
So much work
831vtc t2
831vtc t2 16 hours ago
we call the T'ed support studs strongbacks here in n.y
dman2010bch 16 hours ago
That’s gonna one of those 5-10 walks uphill in the winter for school kind of driveways.. how long is it?
sharon blubaugh
sharon blubaugh 17 hours ago
Get better music
N97 17 hours ago
your sons gonna watch this when hes older and think how much of a hard worker his dad is and learn that anythings possible if you put your mind to it... Top job
DuaneandKristi Crocker
It’s called a butlers pantry.
Cyndy D
Cyndy D 17 hours ago
butlers pantry
Chris Reese
Chris Reese 17 hours ago
If you are looking for the best wood countertops/shelves/mantels/bar tops etc.. In the industry for your house contact Grothouse @glumber.com. We are number 1 for a reason!!! Contact me at aer01027@gmail.com for more info
Carrie 17 hours ago
Butlers pantry
Brad Moore
Brad Moore 17 hours ago
Fire the dbag cutting a sheet of wood flat on the floor.
deleted44 17 hours ago
That "chef's kitchen" would be the butler's pantry. Tends to have another small sink, glasses, coffee maker and a fridge or small dish washer
Trailerpark Supersports
great work, cant wait for the next video
Kate 17 hours ago
butler's pantry not chef's kitchen lol
Catherine NELSON
Catherine NELSON 18 hours ago
Matt, regarding that gorgeous shower room: may I suggest that room might make a perfect plant and reading room, with the only door opening to the master bedroom? It could be a lush, private retreat!
pikkuhakki2 18 hours ago
Should just switch the renovation ranch back to demolition ranch and build something new and not moldy on that nice piece of land.
AL ROD 18 hours ago
Just a question: Do Americans have problems with termites because of their wood houses? I mean, I'm from Brazil and brick is the essential thing to be used to build stuff, not wood
Jacob Stilwell
Jacob Stilwell 18 hours ago
when he nailed all those knife throws
Austin Farrar
Austin Farrar 19 hours ago
ahh the breakfast table eating room... my favorite room of the house...
David Lee
David Lee 19 hours ago
I hadn’t seen this one yet and 2 of my girls said, “It’s so good!” When I watched it all I could think of was the Lego movie when batman says, “First try!” 🤣
Aaron 19 hours ago
13:09 Ouch? 🤕
johanna 19 hours ago
Butlers Pantry is the word you're looking for.
ColorWarrior 20 hours ago
This series should be uploaded to demolitionranch
Alfredo Lopez
Alfredo Lopez 20 hours ago
When are u getting mare for the pink truck
John Shull
John Shull 21 hour ago
Me: *starts watching Matt’s new video* Fiancé: Are you watching your other family again?
will kay
will kay 21 hour ago
Where’s the bronco
Ed Hunter
Ed Hunter 21 hour ago
Silly as£ you should of replaced both parts on the bobcat.
Yesenia Guerrero
Yesenia Guerrero 21 hour ago
So far nothing has been easy peasy lol.
Cassie Staszuk
Cassie Staszuk 21 hour ago
butlers pantry * not chefs kitchen
Martin Jimenez
Martin Jimenez 21 hour ago
Anyone know what he got his degree in?
Samantha Schuler
Samantha Schuler 21 hour ago
These are really cool, but I really want more Vet Ranch videos with Dr. Matt!
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