"Remember Me" from "Coco" wins Best Original Song

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Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt present Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez with the Oscar® for Original Song for "Remember Me" from "Coco" at the 90th Oscars® in 2018.


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Apr 17, 2018




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Comments 588
ohyeah 07
ohyeah 07 8 hours ago
I love This is Me more than Remember Me.. anyway congrats Coco and actually I love to watch Coco movie, it is really heart-touching and I almost cry
Sergio Blue
Sergio Blue Day ago
Alberto Diaz
Alberto Diaz 3 days ago
Am i the only one who find them annoying?a
Serrana Lugea
Serrana Lugea 4 days ago
💖🍑"Mystery of love" deserved to win. My eyes only fill with tears with listening seconds of this song. Nice song “Remember me” but this is what I think🤷‍♀️
Cheng Wing Yan Emmie
I would like when we’re together win lol
Paloma Rodríguez González
call me by your name deserved the Oscar sorry
Malcom Craig
Malcom Craig 6 days ago
Coco made me cry, i don't dare to watch it again
Ney Neys
Ney Neys 6 days ago
Goosebumps how perfect the orchestra sounds everytime!
LucasArg 6 days ago
Sufjan deserved it so much 😭
XYanayGirlX 6 days ago
Frozen 2. I don't win 💔 2020
The YouTuber without videos
This is me should of won
Dan Lopez
Dan Lopez 15 days ago
Honestly I expected the comments to be filled with a lot of anger about "This is Me" not winning but I'm thrilled to see most people agree that Remember Me deserved to win. :) This is Me is great but it's not as important to the film as a whole and feels more like a power ballad thrown in just to showcase Keala Settle. (Who did a fantastic job, mind you)
Jojo James
Jojo James Month ago
Let It Go & Coco
Emilio Xd
Emilio Xd Month ago
Where is carlos rivera ?
cyberlucy 2 months ago
The only ones of the nominees during the announcement of who won the award that don't look like they just had their dreams crushed were the two guys who won the year before.
Ali Azhar
Ali Azhar 2 months ago
Isn't this video to fast.
Aya Watanabe
Aya Watanabe 2 months ago
This Oscar should have been for This Is Me. It was hands down the best song.
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey 2 months ago
Man wish Mystery of Love won.
Pink_ Champagne
Pink_ Champagne 2 months ago
I'm lost ..I thought they were the composers of ' Frozen ' only ..I didn't know they were the composers of Coco too...that's amazing
MrGabeanator 2 months ago
i see a 3rd oscar in their future
QueenLioness2008 2 months ago
“ Remember me” is a much, much better song than “let it go”
QueenLioness2008 2 months ago
100% deserved it
José Correa
José Correa 2 months ago
Del Toro´s reaction!!
Derek Allan Official
I like rememberme but in Spanish is amazing !
Don Skiles
Don Skiles 4 months ago
Disney now are big guy in everything, long life disney I always love disney
TDItaly98 4 months ago
They wrote Let it go guys, this is epic!
悠羽Aile 2 months ago
and into the unknown is the next :^) they are too talented
murwanashyaka jacques
erick listyanto
erick listyanto 5 months ago
This song can explain the whole Coco stories
Manuel Orozco
Manuel Orozco 4 months ago
erick listyanto One thing that would have made the movie even more beautiful is if she had more screentime showing how she glues the plot together.
How the hell did this song win over this is me????
aj pat
aj pat 3 months ago
This is Me was f**king SJW dogs**t. That song was atrocious as s**t. It deserves to f**king lose and SHOULD HAVE NEVER been nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song. Evermore was WAY MORE DESERVING for that nomination than the f**king s**tty This is Me.
Mafoxy 03
Mafoxy 03 5 months ago
This shoul've been a tie
Surf Dude
Surf Dude 6 months ago
In my opinion remember me performance was not the best I don’t know why people are talking shit about this is me the performance was much better I still respect both but remember me did not deserve it based on how it was performance and how it didn’t really leave an impact
GoodNews Geek
GoodNews Geek 6 months ago
I love Bobby Lopez! Can't believe he's the only person to have a double EGOT in history!
A Girl and Three Cats
Unpopular opinion: “This Is Me” should have won. While “Remember Me” was a beautiful song and I relate to it on a personal level as my mother passed away a few weeks before “Coco” came out, “This Is Me” hits home even harder because this song is for the ones who are told they they’re not important or not worthy of love. As someone who deals with self esteem issues, it’s hard to stand up and say “This is who I am and I live who I am despite my flaws”. Kinda wish they could have done like a tie thing where they both won😏
aj pat
aj pat 3 months ago
Nope. This Is Me was dogs**t as hell. It deserves to f**king lose, for that song was f**king terrible. Coco's Remember Me deserved its win and that win served as a good payback for snubbing Evermore.
Adolfo Albornoz
Adolfo Albornoz 7 months ago
very well deserved definitely, in second place I would put "mystery of love" from "call me by your name" (greetings from Venezuela)
Jin Hee Oh
Jin Hee Oh 7 months ago
Do u hear the applause, the scream? It should be this is me, it just disney monopolize so they win
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 6 months ago
This Is Me sucks
OOF 7 months ago
Never enough from the greatest showman was a nice song i feel like it should’ve been nominated
aj pat
aj pat 3 months ago
All the songs in The Greatest Showman were f**king dogs**t and f**king dull, dull and dull.....
H Torres
H Torres 7 months ago
Loved coco but mystery of love deserved that award
aj pat
aj pat 3 months ago
Both were amazing songs.
Elwin Bu
Elwin Bu 7 months ago
i m quite sad *this is me* didnt wont the best song but i m also happy that *remember me* won it cause the movie was just so good
aj pat
aj pat 3 months ago
Coco was better than the dogs**t The Greatest Showman.
Manuel Orozco
Manuel Orozco 4 months ago
Elwin Bu Amen! Ever since my two brothers saw the movie, i knew i had to take my dad to see it. Because he was born in East LA but with Mexican blood and ancestry. Although i was at first skeptical about it because we don't celebrate Dia De Los Muertos. But Pixar has never let me down in the 26 years i lived on this Earth. It took me arund two weeks before Xmas in 2017 to see Coco. And when Miguel sang to Mama Coco, my dad let out a few tears.
TheTheBest 8 months ago
I love this song but “this is me” was worthy too
aj pat
aj pat 3 months ago
This is Me ain't worthy for it's f**king moronic as s**t.
Amanda Wong
Amanda Wong 8 months ago
'This is me' should win this☹️
aj pat
aj pat 3 months ago
No, it f**king doesn't. That song was goddamned horrible!!!!
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 8 months ago
Should have been Mystery of Love
yong gun choi
yong gun choi 9 months ago
I honestly wished This is Me won. The song is so strong because it tells it doesn't matter whoever you are. You're just you.
aj pat
aj pat 3 months ago
F**k you. This Is Me was s**t and it deserves f**king loses.
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 8 months ago
Was that the first time you've heard a song about that subject?
Cristi Monteral
Cristi Monteral 10 months ago
I loved this song(remember me)❤ .., but in this case think that "This is me" was more beautiful 💕
aj pat
aj pat 3 months ago
This is Me is horrible as s**t. Terribly generic....
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 8 months ago
It's the most cliche shit
Terry Spencer
Terry Spencer 10 months ago
And this song beat this is me from the greatest showman ?????? Seriously are they taking the piss
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 8 months ago
@aj pat Best comment.
aj pat
aj pat 10 months ago
Idiot. That "This is Me" was just generically terrible. Glad it f**king lost.
Jebaited 10 months ago
coco was trash :/
aj pat
aj pat 10 months ago
F**K you. It's no trash. It's the f**king The Greatest Showman that is the utter trash-s**t!!!
The SGK 10 months ago
El Santo❤️
Marvil Degayo Aquino
Marvil Degayo Aquino 10 months ago
Remember Me from Coco is the second Oscar win and second nomination for Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, they previously won in this category for the song Let it Go from Frozen!
Marvil Degayo Aquino
Marvil Degayo Aquino 10 months ago
Oscar nominating songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda presents the two time Oscar winning songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez for Best Original Song for Remember Me from the 2017 Disney and PIXAR movie Coco at the Academy Awards!
rez maknae
rez maknae 10 months ago
This Is Me was better
aj pat
aj pat 10 months ago
F**k NO!!! It's stupid and ret**ded as s**t!!!! That song was f**king insulting!!!!!
Marvil Degayo Aquino
Marvil Degayo Aquino 10 months ago
Songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez Winners: Best Original Song Let it Go from Frozen Remember Me from Coco
ALI 11 months ago
so It's not for coco also ... for his mom ! wow
aj pat
aj pat 11 months ago
This is Me is ONE OF THE WORST songs ever been nominated next to that rat-s**t Fifty Shades of Grey's Earned It. The two song were f**king garbage.
aj pat
aj pat 3 months ago
@Connor Webb They're both f**king horrible and should have been f**king snubbed.
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 8 months ago
Earned It isn't even as bad as This Is Me. Earned It is fine, it was just in a horrible movie.
Aarti Nain
Aarti Nain 11 months ago
This is me should have won
aj pat
aj pat 11 months ago
This is Me was generic and stupid as f**k!! Glad it f**king lost to Coco's Remember Me, as an utter payback for This is Me, stealing that well-deserved from Beauty and the Beast's Evermore.
Ema 11 months ago
fuck you academy
aj pat
aj pat 11 months ago
Like f**k off, d**k!!
Ema 11 months ago
my words
Elliot Baransky
Elliot Baransky 11 months ago
I just realize that Lin forgot to say the name of the movie that wins, like 2 seconds after he say Coco LOL
rosie. 11 months ago
stop saying mystery of love deserved to win. If it deserved to win, it would of.
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 8 months ago
That's not how anything works. You think the best shit wins or the most popular shit wins? You really think the Best Picture Oscar always goes to the best film? Every single movie that has won has been English language. You really think that there aren't foreign films that they ignored that were better than their choices?
Akhil Anil
Akhil Anil 11 months ago
Mystery of love should have won :'(
Lucas Moura
Lucas Moura Year ago
2019 - Shallow. ❤❤
Derek Allan Official
Liz b
Liz b Year ago
This couple seems to win every year didn’t they win for Frozen last year?
Angus Ng
Angus Ng 6 months ago
That is in 2014.
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